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There is a great deal of repetitiousness to gun blogging. I spend a lot of time fisking the same old arguments.No biggie. It keeps me amused and stops anti-gun agitprop from going unchallenged. In this case, I don’t feel the need to rip apart her “arguments” point-by-point. Suffice it say, I eagerly await a musical reply from one of our Armed Intelligentsia. Send the link to

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  1. The link in the article is just a href back to the TTAG home page. Did you by chance mean to create a mailto: link?

  2. She was to horrific looking for me to click on that video! These kind of articles need trigger warnings and not safe post eating disclaimers

  3. I zipped over to the Uboob page and contended with a couple of dopes. There were a lot of mentions of Hillary’s love for Australian-style “buybacks.”

  4. She’s ugly, she’s not a good singer, she’s not a good guitar player and her arguments revolve around insults when she says she wants to convince people to come over to her side making her both stupid and an asshole.

    The only people she’s winning upvotes with are other ugly, talentless, brain dead assholes who already agree with her and delight in insulting people they don’t agree with.

    This is why “Moms Demand Action” exists. To engage in tomfuckery in the hopes of getting laid by some guy who’s willing to say what they want to hear to get his dick wet and forgot to bring a large paper bag.

  5. There’s just… wow. So easy to refute every single point in this video.

    “No one’s gonna take away your friggin’ guns so there’s no need to carry on like scary huns”

    What’s a scary hun? Never mind, doesn’t matter. Quite sure there’s enough quotes from your favorite politicians like Mrs. Clinton and Pelosi about 1/3 of the federal government being wrong about an individual’s right to bear arms and desiring mandatory gun-confiscation a la Australia. Not to mention actual, ongoing gun bans across the country in places like California, or the statistically useless assault weapons ban that didn’t improve anything for a 10 year sample size.

    “And we’re fed up with your fictions that all sensible restrictions are a plot to confiscate all of your guns”

    Not outside the realm of possibility for this to be a fair presumption. Except that the AR15 (for example) is the most popular, widely owned and demonized rifle in the nation. Please don’t ruin your propaganda by dishonestly claiming that you don’t wish to ban or confiscate them.

    “Background checks won’t take away your friggin’ guns. Even NRA members support them, by the tons”

    You forgot to mention that what you’re advocating is UNIVERSAL background checks, something not explained in the misleading exit polls you’re referring to. A system which could easily (and likely) be used as an illegal firearms registry to track every firearm owner that’s bought or sold a gun after the law takes affect. But while similar programs have been used throughout modern history to subjugate freedom-starved societies, we’re probably just being paranoid…

    “Closing loopholes doesn’t trifle with your right to buy a rifle, it just keeps criminals and creeps away from guns”

    Right, because closing loopholes is the most efficient means to stop criminals from making straw purchases…

    “The answer to gun violence is not to have more guns, though that’s how their rote response usually runs”

    The most obvious issue with this statement is that those who oppose the right to self defense seem to constantly quote only firearm-related violence while ignoring overall statistics around the world. Anyone capable of critical thinking should realize that violent criminals would regularly be deterred by victims bearing defensive tools that equal the playing field.

    “The risk of casualties is greater if everyone in a theater says ‘I’m a good guy’ and starts shooting off their guns”

    When has this ever happened? The only theater shooting I can think of is the one that took place in a gun free zone in Colorado. She’s assuming that there would’ve been more fatalities if half of the people in the theater were armed, irresponsible, and fired at anything with a muzzle flash. You’d find more logic and reality in a Hollywood action movie, which when considering the setting of this mass-murder, makes sense I suppose. If your version of reality is that every law-abiding gun owner were like Yosemite Sam… smh. Go look up statistics on how often concealed carry license holders commit crimes (including negligent homicides) compared to… any demographic you can friggin’ think of.

    “What kind of idiots think guns belong in schools”

    The same kind that ignore your parroted hyperbole and realize that gun free zones, like schools in particular, are often targeted by mass murderers. The quote in this video is talking about some teachers being licensed to carry on campus. We’re not talking about allowing imbalanced, depressed or hormonal children to carry on campus, but maybe it’d be okay if some teachers who volunteered to protect their students were allowed to help prevent more mass-shootings?

    “Though it makes ’em go ballistic every actual statistic proves that guns would just make warzones out of schools”

    There’s a statistic on this??? I must’ve slept through history class when they taught about the bloody intellectual wars that took place before the Gun Free School Zone Act of 1990. So glad I didn’t begin kindergarten until shortly after. I can certainly attest that every time someone suggests that school zones were not war zones before this law took place, I do go ballistic and murder a few people.

    “And manufacturers shouldn’t have immunity from lawsuits if they market irresponsibly”

    Actually, they don’t have that immunity. What they do have is immunity from frivolous lawsuits from people who are ideologically or politically opposed to the 2nd amendment. As for families of the victims of the tragic event in Newtown suing Bushmaster’s parent company for marketing a rifle as one that might be used by members of a military, consider this: One would have to assume that Adam Lanza considered kindergarteners at the local elementary school to be wartime enemies of the United States in order for him to logically decide that a Bushmaster ad justified him killing his mother and using her rifle to murder those children. Which is more likely?; He believed that he was patriotically destroying the enemies of freedom, or he just wanted to fuck shit up as much as possible because he hated himself? If Bushmaster sold rifles marketed as baby-killers, then I say let the currently unlawful lawsuit continue.

    “Why be gun company coddlers? They ignore the fact that toddlers have been shooting guns off way too frequently”

    If by “too frequently” you’re referring to the handful of times that actually happens and the media spends a disproportionate amount of time covering the story, yeah I can’t argue that. Once is too much. Consider this though: gun manufacturers and pro-2nd amendment organizations do more to promote actual gun safety than anyone else. Unless your idea of gun safety is no guns ever again. That makes sense too, even if it doesn’t account for the imbalance of power between criminals and their weaker victims…

    “When people fetishize the weapons they adore it makes you wonder what they’re compensating for”

    Ok you got me here. I can’t reach orgasm unless I’m stroking my 3 inch penis with an 8 inch barrel. Us POTG will always be ashamed by this irrefutable fact, no matter how many times it’s hilariously repeated.

    “Meanwhile every other nation has effective regulation while our rates of suicide and violence soar”

    We could learn a thing or two from places like Japan, Mexico, Brazil. Imagine how much safer we’d feel if we lied about crime statistics like the UK while suppressing the government controlled media to hide that fact?
    Wait no, my bad. Mexico and Brazil aren’t considered civilized nations by the UN. They don’t have nice civilized things like airports, public schools, universities, hospitals, cell phones, TV or the internet.
    I will, however, admit that I must’ve imagined an FBI statistic or two about how violent crime and murder rates have been consistently declining over the past 20+ years or so. I should go to one of those unbiased Bloomberg sponsored sites and re-educate myself.

    • “What’s a scary hun? Never mind, doesn’t matter.”

      A WW 2 slur for ‘German’.

      Like ‘Gook’ or ‘Slope’ in Vietnam…

  6. Ok, TTAG, please enough with this……I made it halfway thru, couldn’t finish, can the site focus on meaningful ways to preserve what remains of the 2A instead of giving airtime to the egregiously misinformed propagandists? This just doesn’t seem a good use of time.

  7. I keep saying it- liberals love writing and singing songs thinking that somehow that changes peoples’ minds. Maybe they think that when songs break out on shows like Barney and Sesame Street (you know about sharing your toys and stuff), it applies to the real world, perhaps?

  8. What kind of idiots think guns belong in schools

    The President of the United States, when it’s schools his children attend and his people who have the guns.

  9. My only response to this (which I could not even get to the half-way point of): You are entitled to your opinion – you are NOT entitled to your own facts.

  10. I don’t need to counter-argue with a tune
    To show this lady that she’s a buffoon.
    But since she likes to fling it
    She may as well know how to sing it
    When I spell out why she doesn’t have a clue.

    See, we don’t just read some headlines and agree.
    We do our research and we think critically.
    For us it’s not just moral outrage
    When guns end up on the front page
    ‘Cause the fallout hits us each personally.

    You think we’re gullible to messages of doom.
    But these restrictions–they are “sensible” to whom?
    They might seem good on the surface
    But they’re really worse than worthless
    If they won’t achieve what they purport to do.

    You think that background checks stop creeps from getting guns?
    Then how did those mass shooters manage to pass one?
    You just reach up in your poophole
    And you claim it was a loophole
    As you pass the blame and try to call us dumb.

    You seem self-righteous and indignant as you sneer
    About how confiscation is a baseless fear.
    But that is not what we envision–
    It’s called incrementalism
    And we’re smart enough to see it ‘fore it’s here.

    If you care about the violence you should pause
    To learn a little bit about guns and our laws
    Then use your imagination
    To predict some situations
    Where the thugs and criminals exploit the flaws.

    The only thing that stops a bad guy with a gun
    Is not your wishful thinking in the song you sung.
    But if you think you’ve got a stanza
    That could shut down Adam Lanza
    Then by all means take the mic back, ’cause I’m done.


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