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How much does an illegal GLOCK cost in Germany? Prosecutors: Munich Shooter Paid Some $4,900 for Guns, Ammo – “German prosecutors say the teenager who went on a shooting rampage at a Munich mall last month, killing nine people and then himself, paid 4,350 euros (nearly $4,900) for his gun and ammunition. Authorities on Tuesday arrested a 31-year-old unemployed salesman who says he sold the Glock 17 pistol to the 18-year-old gunman illegally over the darknet. That connection surfaced as the suspected dealer was being investigated for other sales.”



We got this email from Firearms Training Associates. They need force on force role players if you’re in the Southern California area and aren’t doing anything Saturday.

We have some fun and exciting courses coming up and are in need of Role-Players at Firearms Training Associates / Surefire Institute!  Please take a moment to consider your schedule and let us know if you can make it!

CCW SCENARIOS is a brand new course for 2016!  It is an full day of Force-On-Force training with students in a variety of real-world scenarios one might encounter while carrying their CCW gun.  CCW SCENARIOS is taking place on August 20th from 9:00am to 5:00pm.  All sims gear, safety gear, and lunch will be provided.

If you would like to volunteer as a role player for August 20th, please email us at [email protected] or call us at 714-701-9918.

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Man’s ‘unusual fixation’ with Lebanese neighbors led to killing, Tulsa police say – “Police confirmed that Khalid Jabara had called 911 minutes before the shooting. Officers responded to a report of someone knocking on the Jabaras’ windows but did not question Majors and left at 6:40 p.m. — just eight minutes before the attack, Walker told The Post. The sergeant acknowledged that the killing raised questions about how authorities handled the neighborhood feud. ‘The Constitution allows for people to bond out,’ Walker told The Post. ‘That said, certainly, knowing what we know today, decisions would be made differently.'” He couldn’t legally own a gun at the time. Somehow that didn’t make a difference.


Preteen huntress receives death threats after posting pictures with the many exotic animals she’s killed – “Images posted to the Braids and Bows Facebook include a beaming Aryanna standing next to a dead giraffe and she holds the animal’s head up, a dead zebra, an antelope, a wildebeest and a bear – among others. Aryanna appears to use either a rifle or a bow when hunting. In one image with the dead giraffe, Aryanna proudly holds her weapon in the air while she rests one foot on the carcass. Each image has sparked numerous threats and angry remarks against the pre-teen.”


Judge orders two U.S. swimmers to stay in the country – “A Brazilian judge has ordered two U.S. swimmers not to leave the country, according to court documents obtained Wednesday. Ryan Lochte and Jimmy Feigen were ordered to stay in Rio three days after they said they were robbed. Judge Keyla Blank said there were inconsistencies in the testimony of the two swimmers, who said they were robbed at gunpoint after a late night out. Lochte has already left the country, his agent said.” Did someone cry wolf?


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Springfield Armory Daily Digest: New York Thinks Pink, The Times Gets One Right, and The BPD Wants Rifles">Previous Post
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  1. That girl has nothing to worry about. She’s got more backbone than the animal rights bozo’s making the threats. Wonder how many making those threats has participated in or faciliated an abortion?

    • My guess is quite a few. Infanticide is a badge of honor for progressive leftists. They believe animals have more rights than humans.

    • Killing animals for fun and sport is one step above torturing small animals. The kid is on her way to becoming a fine sociopath.

      • No love lost on my part for sociopaths, psychologists or psychiatrists (can you tell them apart?), but unless I miss my guess the sociopathic behavior in question is the love of TORTURING small animals to death, not of hunting large animals and donating their meat to local hungry villages.

      • Trophy hunting plays a large role in conservation, if the locals see the animals as well as the entire ecosystem as valuable to their economy, they will actively defend them from poachers/loggers/illegal farmers/etc. As vocal as animal lovers are, they aren’t exactly shelling out much money to preserving species and their habitats. Either way, you don’t need to understand people’s motivations in order to see their overall impact.

    • Save the giraffes! Save the whales!
      Save everything with fur or tails!
      Save the Earth from climate doom!
      And slaughter the baby in the womb.

      • agreed, It appears to be an attempt to get a viral post. Which was successful, it is to bad that a teenage girl had to be used for it. There are certainly better ways to portray the hunting community.

    • What has a giraffe done that makes it worthy of respect after being killed? While I would certainly want it to be harvested in a humane manner, once it’s dead, who cares if she poses in that manner? It harms no one.

    • What, did y’all cry during Dances with Wolves too? Disrespect? Really? Ever had a hotdog? That’s disrespecting the animal more than a teenage victory pose. How many chickens are respected while being turned into paste for nuggets? Just by being alive does not constitute respect. Torture, that’s bad. But celebrating after the kill has been practiced since man made a stick sharp.

      • Wow, she emerged ‘victorious’ over a generally passive herbivore that probably didn’t even know she was there before she blew it away with a rifle. Definitely need a victory pose for that.

        • It is my understanding that old, male, formerly dominant, giraffes are anything but docile and passive. They can be damned aggressive and dangerous to other male giraffes. It is highly likely that local officials had targeted this particular giraffe for culling and that is why he was shot.

          I’ve also heard that large giraffes are damned hard to kill. Victory away, girl, and thanks for all the meat. In a post I read elsewhere they said the giraffe dressed out at over 700 pounds.

        • Hanniabal, that is the idea behind hunting. ‘DON’T LET THEM KNOW YOU ARE THERE ! Other wise they will run off, this is your “DUHH !! ” moment.

        • So you’re a vegetarian, Hannibal? Or do you believe meat is grown in those plastic trays at the supermarket?

        • In other news, someone taking the nome d’ guerre of a legendary leader; who was aware of his place in the world, has demonstrated his complete and utter lack of knowledge about ecosystems, Africa, conservation, hunting and what it means to be an apex predator. When you hunt in Africa you’re also at a distinct risk of being hunted yourself. Everything in Africa bites; especially the herbivores. All predators kill herbivores for food and all humans are in fact predators (even if some are too sissified to admit it). It’s not uncivilized to admit you’re an apex predator nor is it uncivilized to celebrate a successful hunt nor is it uncivilized to provide tens of thousands of dollars to the local economy for each animal harvested which directly funds conservation and directly employs the local populations, nor is it uncivilized to feed the local population with the meat harvested. It’s certainly not uncivilized to act legally as they have.

          It is uncivilized to cry foul about shit you have no clue as to the realities of as Handiball did. It’s uncivilized to deliberately poison well with fallacies. It’s uncivilized to be a pathetic little troll that only detracts from the conversations ability to get anywhere.

    • I agree, especially since it’s a freaking giraffe and she took it with a high powered hunting rifle. No doubt a giraffe will get medieval on you if you’re threatening it or its young directly. But from 1,000 meters away? It was probably just standing there eating grass as docile and unaware as can be. She’s no mistress of the hunt and certainly not a sportswoman.

      That said, she’s broken no law, as far as I know. Threats against her or her family are moronic, illegal, and should be prosecuted in every instance where they can identify the probable guilty party.

      • 1,000 meters? Nonsense. Giraffes don’t eat grass, by the way, they eat trees leaves and twigs up to 22 feet up. That being the case, the giraffe was in savannah or open woodland and the shot necessarily was taken fairly close up.

    • Sorry Tom. Logical disconnect there.
      If she (or her adult mentors) had any respect for the animal she would not have put a bullet in it.

      I am not anti-hunting. I understand its role in the greater picture of wildlife conservation. But that giraffe was not a threat to her and she didn’t go halfway around the world to get some meat for her freezer.

      This was a trophy hunt, and respect for the animal is not part of the equation. If you’re going to go kill something just so you can say you killed it and hang its head on your wall, what the heck, you may as well celebrate.

    • Describing an animal as being “harvested” disrespects it as well. A giraffe is a sentient creature even if its faculties aren’t equal to ours. Plants and fungi are harvested, not animals. Fauna are hunted – located, stalked, and killed.

      • Merriam Webster’s Definition:
        Harvest : to gather, catch, hunt or kill for human use, sport or population growth. Please educate yourself or do not post your ignorance.

      • “Harvest” is used by hunters as a euphemism, in place of “kill.”

        I got nothing against hunters, but I hate euphemisms. We’re carnivores. Carnivores are killers. There’s no shame in that. As long as the meat is saved for consumption, there should be no need to sugar-coat the fact that we’re killing.

    • Who made the rule that you have to “respect” a dead animal? And if you give said respect, is the animal going to know you did? Or for that matter, did not? Also, there are many forms of respect. The respect may be in the form of a celebratory pose to show you conquered a large, powerful beast. Nobody poses over a dead mouse.

    • LOL! Refugees and immigrants in Europe have it made! Seriously. Being stationed in Germany for several years, it was always a sore subject for many of the non-immigrant community I interacted with. LOADs of taxes, all paying for new Mercedes Benz’s, and free room and board for Germany’s newest members.

      Germany has had a negative population growth for decades, the influx of refugees and 3rd world migrants was part of a broader plan to spur growth and subsequently the economy. Sadly, not much thought went into criteria for who was let in.

      Germany truly gets what it deserves in this regard. Their people signed off on it, they were just too ignorant to understand that the light at the end of the tunnel was a freight train.

    • When they said $4K for the Glock I thought it was going to be the tier 1 OAF model from Salient Arms….sadly only a factory Glock.

    • People can scrape money together if they’re motivated… especially if they don’t plan on needing money again after the one purchase because they’ll be dead or in jail.

      • Yep. I think about my monthly expenditures, and sometimes it’s a little astonishing – we don’t drink or smoke, don’t buy frivolous clothing or goods, eat out a limited amount of the time. Somehow, though, a fair number of pennies pass through our hands to others (well, mostly the bank for the mortgage and Costco for what seems like almost everything else). With some planning, $4k wouldn’t be too hard to put together if we scrimped and sacrificed. If I was single and no kids,even easier -job or not, especially the latter since off the books employment would avoid tax payments and still let me qualify for government assistance.

  2. So please tell me how does a MINOR and RARE incident in the European union compare to the numerous mass shootings everyday in the US?

    If germany or the rest of europe relaxed their gun laws, You can sure as best their murder and suicide rates would skyrocket.

    The nation of canada only suffered 8 mass shootings in 20 years while the US saw 8 mass shootings in one day.

    The nation of australia eliminated gun violence after the 1996 port arthur tragedy where prime minister howard enacted laws which in the end eliminated violent shootings and suicides by firearms. They’ve no mass shootings ever since.

    The nation of japan enacted strict gun laws after an american gun owner murdered a japanese citizen on halloween. They’ve no firearms deaths or spree killings ever.

    The nation of signapore has strict gun control and has no mass shootings or gun deaths ever.

    Ir’s easier to run or fight off a crazy nutjob with a knife or baseball bat than a gun.

    If germany relaxed it’s laws…you can sure bet yourself the killer would have had access to more deadlier weapons.

    I find it strange how you people equate these countries being “tyrannies” despite the fact these countries have very low violent crime, better economy, education and welfare systems.

    I refuse to fall for the heavily debunked scare campaign tactics or “statistics” the gun-lobby and NRA promote.

    • Totally agree. I also refuse to fall for “statistics”, no matter how true they are! Except for the one about how owning a gun makes you less safe cuz that’s totally never been debunked…

    • Just cause you keep changing your name, ‘concerned’, doesn’t make your trolling game any less lame.

      At least put in some effort. Why not bring up New Vermont’s loose gun laws again?

    • so stabbing 20 plus handicapped people isn’t a mass killing? They must have a different metric for that in Japan.

      • Don’t forget the trains…although not the most common method of suicide in Japan, its’ one of the most popular (ask any Japanese railway commuter). Japan was number one world-wide for suicides until just a few years ago – WITH strict firearms restrictions in place.

        @Nuzzo, you have no basis to make the claim that removing firearms restrictions in Germany would result in “their murder and suicide rates would skyrocket.” The supposition that people will suddenly become homicidal or suicidal simply because of a change in law is ludicrous. “Skyrocket I tell you! It’s the end of the world! Dogs and cats living together!”

        Statisticians can make statistics say whatever they want. However from what I’ve found it appears that, in countries that have instituted stringent firearms restrictions, homicides actually rose briefly before falling at a steady rate. A rate in parallel to the decline in homicides for the United States. Think of it; people might have stopped killing people because they stopped killing people. Wow that’s a mind-blower, huh? Just to be clear (because you seem to be the kind of person who needs it) the homicide rate in the United States has been steadily declining since the 90’s EVEN AS the number of firearms in US homes has dramatically increased.

        As for comparing the United States to Singapore; that’s as ludicrous as your Germany comment. Singapore’s population and social conditions are vastly different from the widely diverse culture and population of the United States. We also have relatively porous borders and a big target on our backs that terrorists find attractive.

        …And another mind-blower: “I refuse to fall for the heavily debunked scare campaign tactics or “statistics” the gun-lobby and NRA promote.” This comment from a person after quoting (made up) “statistics”. What, your statistics are unquestionable while everyone elses’ are bunk?


    • While Canada is more restrictive than most US states, it’s actually not that hard to get guns there if you’re not too fussy about what you get and have a clean record. A one day course and $200 will get you your “Unrestricted” PAL, which will allow you to buy, among other things, an IWI Tavor, a cheap Chinese SKS or a cheap Chinese M1A clone. OK, your mags will be limited to 5 rounds – unless you unpin them, which ain’t hard to do. There’s also a fairly robust trade in contraband guns.

      So from that one can conclude that it ain’t the guns, it’s the culture.

    • Thanks for comparing. We really don’t give a shit. As free people we’ve decided to protect our family and ourselves. You can call 911 as needed

    • Thank for Trolling ! Stop by again! Though your comments are more appropriate for CNN, or MSNBC! You won’t find anyone who’s “UNAMERICIAN” here ! If you are disturbed by your fellow Lawful US citizens having to many rights…Then maybe you should consider migrating to one of the countries you mentioned..Of course, after you renounced your American citizenship…May I recommend the PRC, *(People’s Republic of China. )*, I’m sure they and Uncle Mao can give you your envisioned version of a Utopian Society without any Bill of Rights to encumber anyone….You get what the “Government ” gives you….Good luck…And don’t let the door of the USA hit you on the way out……!

    • I like how nuzzo paints all these other countries as peaceful utopia Disneyland. Right until something bad happens. But he prefers to ignore that reality.

    • Ohh, about Japan and spree killing. What about the guy with the sword and the retards. That might be a spree killing.

  3. Oh Look a troll. Too easy to hunt. They just stand there spouting off steam from their ears. Using dem talking points no logic at all. And spew untruths. If the gun laws are so tough how does an immigrant in Germany get one? How does an unemployed 18 year old get a gun spending over 4000 dollars? Gots his euro from the welfare state.

  4. $4000 thousand for a Glock? Ridiculous!

    Last week, I offered to pay $4000 for a reverberating carbonizer with mutate capacity, but my FFL sold the last one to an unlicensed cephalopoid.

  5. Unemployed middle Eastern boy has nearly $5000 bucks for his GLOCK &ammo. Things that make you go “hmmm”… I agree on the girl hunter. Begging for online abuse. She needs better adult supervision. Got no problem with hunting. Or having the $ to hunt in Africa…

  6. There have been several mass killings before and since 1996 here in Australia. Other readers and myself have pointed this out before

    Biggest two were by fire 15 killed each time plus knife and gun. But these don’t fit the naritive of the antis. Anyway back to building bench in new shed so I can set up loading press

  7. I heard a rumor that the swimmers “fibbed” that report so’s their “girlfriends” wouldn’t know they were out late carousing. Not that I like to spread gossip or anything… aw, who am I kidding? I LOVE spreading gossip!

  8. That story from Tulsa really highlights how the police aren’t there to protect you, despite what the “911 instead of a gun” crowd would have you believe. That dirtbag had a previous assault conviction, confessed to a hit-and-run, appears to have been constantly harassing his victims, and still the police (who had just left the victims house minutes before the shooting) couldn’t do anything. What a shit-show.

    Maybe the victim was ambushed and it wouldn’t have made any difference, but if ever there was a case to be made for home carry, it’s one like this, where a drunk shitbag neighbor has decided to make you the target of all the irrational bullshit in his head.

  9. I would love to challenge these clowns that are making death threats against this girl. I`ll even give them my home address. They better bring a body bag and contact info for their next of kin. Most likely they will get eaten by my Malinois. Irony for an animal rights activist to meet their end at the hands of a animal.

  10. Training Company wants force on force volunteers? Lots of LA citizens with a lot of time on their hands. Why not re-live Katrina? You’d have to pull the Prez off the golf course, wake up the media, put 400k in a mayor’s freezer, be a bunch of evil (D) for political gain, say FEMA five batrillion times…

  11. I have no problems with hunters that kill animals for food, but a giraffe? What is the point? Such a beautiful creature. I’ll never understand that. Same goes for lions, rhinos, elephants, etc.

    • Theses animals are selected for culling and the meat goes to the locals. People living 5000 miles away know little about the process or reasons for the hunt and don’t have a horse in the race.

    • I’m curious, how do you think these animals die in the wild? Surrounded by their quietly mourning family, drifting off to heaven in a warm comfy bed after a long, distinguished life? Every last one dies of predation or disease. Torn apart alive by predators, stomach and entrails ripped out, or usually starvation or disease or of a broken leg as the result of fighting with the younger bulls. which, again, leads to predation or a long suffering death. Compare that to the hydrostatic shock of a high caliber round that blows the heart out, which, if anecdotal evidence of people getting shot is of any value, there’s actually no pain. just a solid ‘thump’. As for a bow, I have no personal information but I understand that a decent hunter goes for a heart /lung shot. no hunter wants to wound and chase and have to kill their prey while standing over it as it thrashes and fights. So stop feeling sorry for the old bull, the ones that are chosen for culling because of age, where the hunting fees and meat go to the village and in turn, are worth more than the value of the animal to poachers.

  12. Last time I checked, death threats were illegal.

    Also, how come it’s always the anti-gun, anti-hunting crowd that suggest murder? Isn’t that like dividing by zero?

  13. Hey Nuzzo aka Nutso so move! We don’t want you here anyhow.

    As far as Brazil goes worked there about ten years ago. Some of the most egotistical boneheaded and crooked people I ever met. their only goal was to fleece the investor. Now the clock coming back to twelve. Hope they like the new UN approved insect diet!

  14. The video of the swimmers returning to Olympic Village and going through the metal detectors shows them with their , watches, wallets and phones …..

    Phones being the number one item stolen in robberies there .

  15. So…

    Guns in Mexico are effectively impossible for citizens to get legally (despite their constitution.) An unemployed kid snags an illegal gun in Germany for his shooting spree, despite all the regs there. Meanwhile, CrazyPants McStalker kills his neighbor despite being a “Known …. ” what? “Known Wolf” is for terrorists they decline to stop or warch. “Known Weasel?” That works.

    What to do? Let’s see…

    Maybe watch the “Known Wolfs & Weasels”, since they are, you know, known. Then maybe catch them in the act and even stop them. We might have fewer shot-up Miami dance clubs or military bases if we kept an eye on self-declared cleansers of the corrupt world. Most people on a mission from god aren’t safe to be around. We’ve all seen The Blues Brothers.

    Meanwhile, maybe their prey could be armed. Its hard to carry a cop in yr pocket, or tape one permanently to known problems of whatever species. Maybe allow the people who #dontShootFirst the option to #shootBack? (Or is it better that they just lay down and die; endurance the only refuge we allow them, before the end we won’t let them oppose?)

    Meanwhile, maybe recognize that draconian restrictions stop the lawful people from protecting themselves, as in Mexico, and Germany, while not stopping the crazies, terrorists, thugs, and predators … as in Mexico and Germany. And here. Stalker-guy’s victim was not protected by the cops.

    Maybe try something else? Really, if it’s that bad, and you can’t be her constant on-site protection, why not offer her a gun before you leave? (Thought experiment: Upon issue of an ajudicated protection order, issue the lrotectee a gun, restricted carry authorization, some oversite and training. Why is this net bad? Discuss.)

    We are just gonna keep having more dead Germans, Mexicans, and poorer U S womwn who don’t have protection details. We know the arguments for why these people aren’t gonna be protected…

    – People are too dumb, crazy and reactive. Meaning Germans, Mexicans, and at risk women in the U S. (That seems a bit racist to me. Also, sexist.)

    – That ain’t how we do things. Now, go fill out your 27b/6 and we’ll decide whether to issue a permit so you can rescue drowning Lousianans, like yr already doing. Us? We’re “public safety.” See the badge? (They’re doing what you are paid for, so you gotta stop them. Making you look bad. Got it.)

    – Hey, it’s just German citizens, Mexican civilians, and a poor lady. Acceptable losses to fuel our smug. They probably had it coming: WW II, Drug Cartels, and who lives like that, anyway? (Some animals are more equal than others, it seems.)

    – There’s no difference between #shootFirst, and #shootBack. Had these victims arms, they’d be as guilty. The crime is the agency, not what you do with it. (Well, that’s backwards. One more time, GGs vs. BGs is all about what you do with the agency you have.)

    Tbe anti’s will never be “convinced.” It’s a racket. Drop the issue and they’d have to get real jobs.

    But the uninformed and undecided can be persuaded. Get tbe facts out. Make the arguments. And let the anti’s look like the schmucks they are (which ain’t that hard.)

    Every time. When we get in the game, we win.

    Which is why they have to run bunter-girl off the interweb. Can’t have the rubes see NOT an OFWG, not shooting up people, NOT insurrectionist or militia LARPer, having a hobby with a gun, harming noone.

    • I don’t have a problem with the giraffe hunt, but I think it should be pointed out that “lawful” does not always mean “right”. Just because something is legal does not necessarily make it moral. We should be careful about hiding behind “lawful”.

  16. These people that threaten hunters and other POTG always make me laugh. Like: you know we’re armed, go ahead and show up at my house. Uncle Sam taught me a few useful things.


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