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CBS: Mexico Murder Rate 5X Higher than U.S. Despite Strict Gun Control – “Mexico has ‘restrictive’ gun control — including comprehensive background checks — and a homicide rate over five times higher than the rate in the U.S. According to the University of Sydney’s Gun Policy center, Mexico has “restrictive” gun controls. And while there is ‘a right to private gun ownership’ in Mexico, it rests on a ‘conditional guarantee’ that can “limited by statute law.” Such law means Mexican citizens are limited to owning rifles of .30 caliber and smaller, revolvers of .38 caliber and smaller, and semiautomatics of 9mm and smaller.” When did Fox Butterfield start writing headlines for Breitbart?

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Gov. Cuomo launches review of Port Authority’s chaotic response to Kennedy Airport shooting scare – “Gov. Cuomo is demanding a top-to-bottom review of the Port Authority Police Department’s botched response to an active-shooter scare at Kennedy Airport. ‘Obviously, the whole incident was unfortunate, but we can actually learn from these situations,’ Cuomo said Wednesday. ‘I want a full review of what happened, and I’m putting together a multiagency team of state officials who will review the response to see how we make it better.’” Nothing is more productive or effective than a government multi-agency task force.

“Two new models of Heckler & Koch’s VP striker fired pistol have been added to the company line-up this summer. New Flat Dark Earth (FDE) colored frame variants and threaded barrel ‘Tactical models’ join the renowned VP family of 9 mm and .40 caliber pistols.” The tactical models have threaded barrels.

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Wizard World Chicago Fans Are Not Happy About A Gun Maker’s Booth – “According to The Comics Reporter, D.S., which specializes in U.S. and foreign small arms weapon systems, was originally scheduled to ‘[present] imitation, costume Star Wars and other movie/comic type weaponry,’ but when Wizard Entertainment realized the company was a manufacturer and dealer of actual weaponry, they ‘elected to not retain them as an exhibitor at the event.’ Fast forward a couple days, and outlets were reporting Wizard had changed its tune once again and D.S. would be at the show.” DS agreed not to have any actual firearms at the show, but that didn’t mollify some of the bed-wetters.


Massachusetts Attorney General Maura Healey rules out run for higher office – “Most recently, Healey interpreted the state’s ban on assault weapons and copies of assault weapons to broaden the definition of a ‘copy.’ She has drawn the ire of gun owners, and one national group intends to sue to overturn her decision. Healey spoke to Fox 25 about the gun ban, and her comments came in response to critics who accuse her of expanding the gun ban as a way to further her political ambitions. Asked about those comments, Healey said her reason for enforcing the gun ban is, ‘I’m trying to do my job.'” Apparently gun rights still mean enough in Massachusetts to convince her she no longer has a chance at higher office after this stunt. Go figure.

Never mind the at vapid and at times woefully ill-informed discussion that passes for analysis by the MSNBC ESPN panel. Educating NFL-ers on responsible gun ownership can only be a good thing. Right?


Why so shy? Trump blasts M-4 rifle at targets before meeting police – and even hits two bullseyes – but refuses to release a photo of himself armed at the range – “Donald Trump fired off an M-4 rifle on Thursday as he took his ‘law and order’ appeal to a gun range at a North Carolina police lodge. But his campaign team wouldn’t release a photo he took with police officers who joined him at the shooting range, and individual officers weren’t allowed to shoot their own pictures with the presidential candidate, an officer told DailyMail.com. Early reviews are that Trump was right on target when he aimed and fired.” Photo or it didn’t happen.


Springfield Armory Daily Digest: A $4000 GLOCK, Threatening a Teen Huntress, and Did Someone Cry Wolf?">Previous Post
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  1. “Massachusetts Attorney General Maura Healey rules out run for higher office”

    Because there’s nothing quite as gilt-edged or iron-clad as a politician’s promise.

    • I have to tread lightly in my house-both sons are movie geeks. One is writing screenpays.At least one of them likes guns. And what’s up with Donnie? Ted Cruz proudly shot a bunch of guns and publicised it.I’ve tried to get my kids to read your reviews Ralph to no avail:)

    • You should the the fuss I’m getting in pushing back on the CC ban at PAX South in San Antonio. The convention rents out the whole facility, and apparently that gives them the right to ban firearms, even though the convention center is government owned property.

      • PAX is the brainchild of two guys from Washington that genuinely fear guns. There was a Penny Arcade comic after Sandy Hook that says “it takes a strange sort of Patriot that would destroy the first Amendment to protect the Second”, which nonsensically conflates gun rights with censorship.
        I’m not surprised they don’t allow CC at their events.

        • @LarryinTX: PAX is a con(vention) for and about video games. It was created by the authors and creators of the webcomic Penny Arcade, which is by, for, and about the online gaming community. It started with a single PAX, then PAX East for the east coasters, and now there are four or five of them.

          If I haven’t completely lost your interest, here’s a site with more info: http://south.paxsite.com/what-is-pax

  2. I’m officially calling the owner of that tweet a plant. Nerds are some of the biggest weapons buyers in America. Not necessarily guns but they’re usually not anti gun.

    • Use to work for the worlds largest computer company, and we would have range days two or three times a year. Not company official of course, but not unusual for fifteen or twenty of us to show up from my office at this outdoor range. Dedicated and well armed bunch of techies willing to drive more than an hour to get to that range. Now there may be issues with techies in Chicago, but the only ones I knew that to conventions were almost as likely to be armed as I am.

      • Even in IL there’s quite a few of us. Hit up some coworkers a few weeks ago and did trap/skeet. We were undoubtedly a motley crew but certainly were IT guys that were well armed.

        Need to get a pistol/rifle get together going.

    • I’m not so sure about that.

      Remember that TTAG article a while back about what happened when a ‘Steampunk’ maker whipped up an impressive looking Steampunk Gatling gun?

      His fellow geek makers practically disowned his ass…

    • Nerds maybe, but not necessarily geeks. I have a few gun-loving geeky friends. Low-grade weebs however especially seem prone to being big-gubmint manchildren. Of course they have no problem playing violent video games and reading and watching violent media like The Punisher, Spawn, Sin City, Watchmen, etc, but they all seem to think they live in Gotham (NYC), London, or LA, where legal gun ownership has to be “registered” with a “license” and advanced vetting. Of course the heroes of those series never have “licenses” or give a darn about weapons control laws, and the cops are generally incompetent and corrupt, but they’ll still spout that “only cops should have guns.” Also, have fun pointing out that in the past only knights and samurai had access to swords, and they used that privilege to go around killing commoners willy-nilly.

      • I always imagined that Gotham was a democrat-controlled city. Now if only they’d let their citizens carry, hopefully someone would finally off Joker, and make the city safer for everyone. But of coarse, Batman will just keep dropping him in Arkham, only for him to keep escaping, killing dozens of people, and on and on.

    • I’m a member of the group Mandalorian Mercenaries, a star wars cosplay group affiliated with disney that does charity work while dressed as bounty hunters. Most of the members locally are very very pro-gun. At our meetings, there is often a show and tell with members showing off their new firearms acquisitions. Then again, I am in Arizona, so that’s basically normal for any group here. YMMV in other areas.

  3. Here is the link to Gun Owners Action League blog about AG Healey announcement today of her CLARIFICATION of her original re-interperation of the 20 year old AWB. It is chock full of contradictory statements and outright rediculousness. For example:
    Does she not know the AR15 shoots the .223/5.56 which is a .22 caliber round? Tons of moronic lunacy inside, read on!

  4. “Trump blasts M-4 rifle”

    I’d hope Trump repeals the NFA so we can have those, but I doubt he’ll ever bring it up unless someone ambushes him with the question (maybe if it gets to his desk. Certainly more likely than McCain or Romney).

    Then again knowing the Dailymail it was just a 10/22.

    • People bash Trump but he has a carry permit, carries, and his kids are no FUDDs. Contrast him with RINOs like Bush, Romney, and McCain. Maybe he can pass a hearing protection act so suppressors become cheap and easily available.

    • “Certainly more likely than McCain or Romney”

      How does that fit with Hillary? Pretty close? Wouldn’t be a reason to choose to vote for one or the other, right?

  5. Oh and on the Comicon thing. Everyone that goes there is a hipster now. The current atendees look for a safe space FROM geeks.

  6. Maura Healey meet Al Gore, Al…Maura. Perhaps AL can relay a personal experience pissing gun owners off. Not that it mattered, Soros paid him millions to chatter about climate change changing.

    • Brings up MARVELOUS questions I had not thought of! So, shall we guess, who is now richer, the Gores or the Clintons? From government “service”, I don’t think any of them ever had an actual job?

  7. Just took my daughter to Comic Con in Boston last Sunday. No REAL weapons allowed stated on their website. It was not posted at the site itself so I always regard that as a “suggestion”. I have taken my daughter to the event for the last 5 years and have Conceal Carried each time. No frisk, no metal detector, just keep it tucked away in the 4 o’clock position.
    Damn nerds.

    • As mentioned above Comicon hasn’t been for real nerds in a decade. It’s all been taken over by hipsters so they can talk about how much more inclusive they made “nerd culture” by kicking everyone except themselves out.

  8. Geeks against guns? Depends on where you live and what geeks you hang out with. A good friend of mine used to frequent cons open-carrying a .huge 44 Mag revolver and a two-handed sword. I don’t remember anyone ever freaking out or making a problem out of it. He doesn’t do it anymore, the law has changed for the worse and we have to conceal-carry (open carry of swords is still okay, though) but nobody’s complaining even if there’s a working muzzle-loading cannon on premises, not to mention people *known* for carrying a piece or two.

    Then again, I live in Czech Republic 🙂

  9. Comic book collector, web coder, PC builder, gamer, and gun owner. And most of the people I know that are into those first four things are also okay with the last.

    Unfortunately the SJW crowd started playing mobile games on their phones, and then started calling themselves nerds and gamers. Then, as Nanashi mentioned, they tossed out everyone they didn’t like and suddenly started calling “nerd culture” mainstream.

  10. Why would Healy run for Governor? The Governor can only sign into law what the legislature sends to his desk.
    Healy on the other hand can make law out of thin air. Hmmm, Chancellor Healy, it has a nice ring to it. /sarc

  11. “Apparently gun rights still mean enough in Massachusetts to convince her she no longer has a chance at higher office after this stunt.” This leads me to believe DZ has no clue what the political landscape in the Bay State looks like. The über-liberal moonbats who make up the majority of the inhabitants in Massachusetts actually support Healey’s unilateral enforcement memo.

    • It’s more the Eastern part of the state. Like many liberal states, the largest population center tends to set the tone for the rest of the state. Boston, for MA, NYC for NY, LA for CA. Outside of those cities and suburbs those states tend to much more conservative, but the numbers are against the conservatives from the outset. NY has about 18 million citizens, half of those live in NYC. If even 25% of the rest vote like the city the liberals win.

  12. Healey said her reason for enforcing the gun ban is, ‘I’m trying to do my job.’

    Negative. Healey stated she didn’t want law abiding gun owners to define what was a “duplicate or copy.” So her and her office decided, unilaterally, what a duplicate or copy was – for the people of Massachusetts. The law didn’t define what it was, so she defined what it was for us, and her decision was to take a stricter stance to reduce the freedom of American’s in Massachusetts for a crime that has no victim.

  13. Chris Cuomo should run for NY governor when he tires of carrying water for Democrats on CNN. Might as well finish off NY.

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