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Springfield CrossCannon_2016 smallHunting in Pink: New York Adds Another Color for Safety (and to Attract More Women) – “The law previously required junior hunters — 14- or 15-year-olds — and their adult mentors to wear a shirt, jacket or cap with at least 250 square inches of solid or patterned fluorescent orange visible in all directions. The change allows them to wear solid or patterned fluorescent pink instead of the traditional blaze orange. The new law, which went into effect on July 21, was part of a broader movement to get women involved in hunting, said Bill Gibson, legislative vice president for the New York State Council.” The New York Assembly is always on the ball. This should bring out the Empire State women in droves.


Apple’s Emoji Gun Control – “Apple, Microsoft, Google and other ‘big tech’ companies should not be placed in a position, which they themselves do not want, of having to decide which words or emojis do and don’t represent their brand. Apple should be no more responsible if someone uses a gun image in the abstract than if someone happens to type the word ‘gun.’” Even The New York Times a stopped clock is right twice a day.


Father ‘utterly terrified’ after trooper points gun at his 7-year-old during traffic stop – “In his Facebook post, Walton said he believed the traffic stop might have ended differently had he not been a ‘scrawny, 48-year-old white guy’ wearing a Mickey Mouse T-shirt, cargo shorts and hiking boots, as he was at the time.”

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Is Newsweek having a libertarian moment? Want to Reduce Gun Violence? Halt the War on Drugs – “If concerned citizens want to get serious about reducing gun violence, they should be encouraged to focus less on policies that are ineffective—’assault weapons’ bans, gun buyback programs and outright confiscation—and focus more on ending our failed, four-decade-long, overly militarized, trillion-dollar battle against narcotics.”


More rifles for police? Boston can learn from New York – “As unions representing Boston police push for more protective gear and powerful weapons, New York offers an interesting case study. Like his counterparts in Boston, (Patrolmen’s Benevolent Association president Patrick) Lynch has been calling for more rifles and ballistic helmets and vests that can stop a rifle round. The New York union has been demanding better gear since the Mumbai terror attacks in 2008.” Can you blame them?


Law prof: Investigate NRA for ‘profiting from dead children,’ not PP – “’In recent years, the Constitution has become an article of faith in the worst possible sense,’ Franks told the university. ‘It is increasingly invoked to justify irrational and destructive agendas in a way that strongly resembles the way religious extremists use the Bible to advance fundamentalist views.’ However, she blames both political wings for the “oversimplified interpretation” of the Constitution, claiming that conservatives are obsessed with the Second Amendment, while liberals are obsessed with the First Amendment.” Yes, taking the Constitution at face value is terribly dangerous. Better to let it mean whatever anyone in power at the moment would like it to mean.

Springfield Armory Daily Digest: The Swedish Solution, Sisyphus in Cali, and Gun Control's Sugar Daddy">Previous Post
Springfield Armory Daily Digest: A $4000 GLOCK, Threatening a Teen Huntress, and Did Someone Cry Wolf?">Next Post


  1. Yep. War on drugs is at the very least a huge waste of money. It would be cheaper and no doubt make the streets safer simply to provide the addicts what they need free and give them a couple of old military bases to house themselves in.

    Recreational users can buy clean, safe drugs from the 7-11. It’s a win win for us all.

    • The war on drugs (how does make war on inanimate substances) is a jobs program. Our society would look much different if every substance was made legal (again). As far as drugs at the corner store . . . that use to be the case! Drug stores sold drugs. Your coke dealer used to wear a bow tie and call you sir. Prior to the Harrison Narcotics Tax Act of 1914, all substances were legal (at least in America) including explosives. Prohibition is for the historically challenged.

  2. Anybody who watched the aftermath of the Boston Marathon Pressure Cooker Bombing knows that Boston PD is not suffering from a lack of military equipment.

    • They apparently do have a problem with self control and shooting straight.

      I wonder if the PC pansies at Gofundme would allow a “buy AR’s for ______ police dept”?

    • Not only that…But as a New Englander, I also remember the linked Watertown, Ma shootout for the Bombers…And Police throughout The Area went off the rail…Because “a cop was shot…” Not because civilians were injured….Police in MA. were “illegally and Unconstitutionally” performing house to house searches without warrants! Storming into homes. Taking unrelated MA.citizens into custody, and seizing lawful firearms, and weapons from citizens. Those MA.citizens who protected themselves against Unconstitutional police invasion had seen what was happening throughout their neighborhood, and “Armed ” themselves with video cameras/smartphones /cameras, and streaming video live to “you tube–*(which you can see still to this day of what really happened! )* When all was over, State of Massachusetts was sued by Libertarians representing Massachusetts citizens and homeowners who suffered unlawful police incursions, and property seizures . The Massachusetts state government, and Liberal court stated ” exigent circumstances” and that no one would be charged for any crimes for property or guns seized by police…By claiming “exigent circumstances ” everyones civil rights magically disappeared into the ether….Nothing wa ever done…..

      • So, let’s see if I get this right, if 5 cops break down my door and run screaming hate and murder into my living room, and I drop all of them dead as posts, there will be no charges due to “exigent circumstances”? I suppose I could live with that, though it would seem more fair if I were at least reimbursed for my ammo. Still, common sense would dictate punitive damages against the PD unless there was some *reason* why my home was invaded.

  3. Blame the NRA because. I observe every time there are dead children the anti types wave the bloody shirts causing pro 2A folks to donate and buy more. Talk about not knowing the difference between cause and effect.

  4. Dan,

    Did you not read the article? The reason for the stop was “stolen vehicle” alert. The procedure used by the trooper were normal “felony stop” type of tactics. He initially didn’t approach the vehicle, when he receive no response he made a passenger side approach, he ordered the drive to roll the window down and then exit the vehicle after seeing the child. If you read what the driver said and what the agency said, it’s pretty easy to imagine what probably actually happened by removing the inflammatory description of the driver and the robotic report articulation of the agency.

    • On a felony stop the officer doesn’t wait for backup? If that’s their procedure they need a review.

    • “Cecil confirmed that Villegas pointed a gun at the 7-year-old, but did so unintentionally,”

      Oops. I accidentally pointed my gun at a seven year old girl strapped in a car seat, but you can absolutely trust everything else I say or do. Because I’m a professional.

  5. “In his Facebook post, Walton said he believed the traffic stop might have ended differently had he not been a ‘scrawny, 48-year-old white guy’ wearing a Mickey Mouse T-shirt, cargo shorts and hiking boots, as he was at the time.”

    Based solely on this line, I hereby nominate Mr. Walton for The P*ssy Magnet of the Year Award.

  6. Mass police should be restricted to what the state “allows” it citizen subjects to own. No ARs for them

    • As a New Englander, I say 1000+ thumbs up! Massachusetts draconian gun laws, where local/State police have absolute control over a Massachusetts residents 2nd amendment rights through an arbitrary and capricious licensing system. With many hurdles to maybe receive a permit *(FID card for low-capacity longarms . LTC for pistol /self-defense /lots of other restrictions, constitutional waivers, suitability clauses ,etc…Through your kind and friendly local police department…LOL)* What’s good for the MA citizenry, is good for all types of Massachusetts police….

  7. If AR15’s are weapons of war and too dangerous, why do the police need them? If the police need them to stop the bad guys, why is it bad for our citizens to have them for the same reason?

      • Or they should be as encumbered as we are. Let them use those goofy ass stocks, 10 round magazines, bullet buttons etc. too.

        Then again, if the police use it to defend THEIR lives against a threat, maybe it has some value in defending MY life too?

        • Well , it’s because the Massachusetts local and state police are in full control over a Massachusetts residents 2nd amendment rights through an arbitrary and capricious licensing system…May issue…Many restrictions–*like Hong Kong !* licensing required to purchase, posess, own, and to carry. So you can’t exercise your rights without multiple police permissions! So , no …I have no sympathy for BPD crying to be “Paramilitarized” like Sandinsta-police commandos ! Futhermore, as far as I’m concerned, as a New Englander ….None for me… None for you! No special privileges for government personnel….With all the political and police corruption in Massachusetts…All local/city/and state police should be disarmed! Privatize it with “lightly armed township security officers. No guns..Only US citizens have rights! Need armed police response. Judge issues special warrant, and sends regional SWAT teams! Just a thought!

        • Try another thought. No guns for LE. City, county, state, or federal, no firearms for LE within our state. Each officer, including the chief, must apply to the citizenry for approval to carry a .38 revolver, with additional votes for any more advanced weaponry. Watch the screaming! Listen to the outrage, how DARE you citizens presume to judge the abilities of those who you employ!?

    • A great question and one which anti-gunners aren’t able to answer. Unless of course they think that police actually have a lot of training. We only shoot about 240 rounds / year from our ARs as a work requirement. That’s not exactly a lofty standard. I think our qualification is shooting 8 rounds in a 6″ group at 50 yards, possibly in shooting, standing, kneeling or prone, mixed with some reloading and advancing exercises. I honestly don’t quite recall because it’s so ridiculously simple.

  8. ‘…the way religious extremists use the Bible to advance fundamentalist views.’

    I think she’s got her religious texts mixed up. She clearly must have meant ‘Koran’.

    • She’s a sock puppet liberal, so, what do you expect? Muslims can come close to exterminating all of the horrid infidels and the left will still regurgitate the same old tired bullshit that is expected from people at their level of intellectual ability. It’s sickening seeing liars such as herself even getting a podium to further rot the minds of the human race. But, when you see Hillary able to prance around during her circus conventions to the mindless clapping of the seals, I suppose you don’t get surprised at the rampant idiocy any longer. Still unbelievable, though.

      • “….mindless clapping of the seals,…..”
        I f*c#ing love the mental image I just got from this…….Thanks, WhiteDevil.

        arr arr arr, slap slap…………..

  9. If they really want to attract women, they need to make like 500 different styles of hunting shoes.

    • Ooo! And purses! Hunting purses. One for every different critter. Now there’s a seller.

  10. 1.2 million deaths of children by abortion vs 30,000 deaths total from guns, with a majority of those being suicide. Yeah, IF the NRA were the responsible party in ALL of those deaths they would have to increase it 40 times to catch up to Planned Parenthood. Or maybe Planned Parenthood could start to claim that 800,000 abortions per year were self inflicted by the baby.

    • There are far too many facts and way too much logic on that argument for the left to pay any attention to it.

    • That’s almost double the actual statistics. A total of 699,202 abortions were reported to CDC for 2012. I couldn’t find more current stats. How many of those unwanted fetuses would have been born into single parent households in inner cities where they were unwanted, unloved, and abandoned to the streets at an early age, becoming the next generation of gang bangers? Further, as the world rapidly approaches 5 billion people, there are two or three ways to reduce the environmental overload: birth control, including abortion, a global pandemic of epic proportions, or war. Take your pick.

      • Oops, make that 7 billion. Had it right and then changed it. Actually we are passed that mark. We could reduce the world population by half and still have too many people. Whose up for a tasty glass of Soylent Green?

        • Maybe so, but if I had the choice I would choose against being aborted. We can’t realistically ban abortion, because it will clearly exist on the black market. However, I don’t think I should have to pay for it with my tax dollars. A separate non-gun related issue, but there it is.

        • A81, I agree completely with your desire to not have your tax dollars used to empower women to make their own decisions, I agree completely. We just *may* differ on the extent of that feeling, since I believe my tax dollars should not pay for *ANY* medical procedure, for any man or any woman, under any circumstances, just let them die. Many may express objections to paying for cutting off the dicks of traitors, funding Octomoms, or whatever, just stop it all! I have never found the “right to transsexual surgeries” in the Constitution anyway. The least expensive of all of these is abortion, and I would step right up to fund a few dozen each year just on general principles, and I’m certain most would simply pay without requesting assistance, and it would take a really heartless bastard to deny a little help to a woman in crisis. Voluntary contributions to the needy is fine, collecting my tax dollars at the muzzle of a gun and then paying somebody else’s medical expenses is patent bullshit, whether for fertility services, abortions, or sex changes.

  11. I really wish my state would allow florescent pink for hunting. Pink is a combination of red and white pigments of course. As it turns out, deer cannot see red. (They do not have red cones on their retinas.) That means deer would see pink as a shade of gray — a very natural and common color in the woods. This is a big advantage over florescent orange because deer see orange as pale yellow color — a very unnatural color in the woods outside of a two or three weeks of Fall colors.

    After all the leaves have fallen off the trees and there is nothing yellow in the woods any more, I have had deer pick me out at amazing distances when I am wearing orange since its pale yellow appearance to deer sticks out like a sore thumb. I sure wish that I appeared to be a medium gray color to deer rather than yellow.

    • That girl is wearing a really cute jacket, I love it! But, you are telling us that you would become the proverbial girly-man, wearing such a jacket simply to more effectively murder Bambi? What are you THINKING?

  12. The MA Attorney General just decided rifles were illegal. Therefore, the BPD has nothing to worry about.

    Or perhaps this is a better argument: “They’re civilians just like us, and should be bound by the same laws.”

  13. 4) Duh.

    5) OK BPD. You can have all the rifles your little hearts desire. Right after you publicly condemn your AG and publicly come out against “assault weapons” bans and in favor of the 2A. Until then fuck you, no. You’re paid by the people of Boston to try to maintain law and order. You’re not paid to be their overlords.

    • 2+2=3

      It has always equalled 3. It shall always equal 3.

      Until we are told that it actually equals 5. And then it shall always have equalled 5.

      (With apologies to Mr. Orwell. I do wonder what he would have made of the social justice warriors…)

  14. >This should bring out the Empire State women in droves.

    How fucking misogynistic can you get?

  15. Another case of “Where was the body cam?”

    I’ve owned my Jeep Grand Cherokee for 19 months and I still have trouble with the power windows because of the f-ing placement of the window controls. I miss the manual crank windows in my old truck. I can buy in to that part of his story.

  16. If the officer believed Walton to be a dangerous felon in a stolen car then why did he go at it alone? Instead of being lone hero cop he should have waited for backup. This is the fail that the will cost the taxpayers big bucks when Walton sues.
    With more officers his precious life is protected. And we don’t have only 2 stories.

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