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Voxen: Fudds of the world, unite! Sweden may have the answer to America’s gun problem – “Being in this new setting that was much like and yet so different from Wisconsin got me thinking about hunting in new ways. I began to think more about the responsibilities of gun owners rather than gun owners’ rights. I also learned that it was possible to maintain a lively hunting culture along with mandatory gun registration and required safe storage. As we face a firearm crisis in America today, it’s time for hunters to stop hiding behind the Second Amendment and claim the moral high ground as our nation’s responsible gun owners. The nation demands some action, and we, more than 13 million gun owners who hunt, are in a unique position to lead the way. Firearm registration as part of our normal licensing process could both strengthen our hunting tradition and at the same time help break the national logjam of inaction.”

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What happens when you hold an international sporting event in a third world country with famously ungovernable favelas where even cops won’t go? U.S. Swimmer Ryan Lochte Robbed at Gunpoint in Brazil – “U.S. Olympic swimmers Ryan Lochte, Gunnar Bentz, Jack Conger and Jimmy Feigen were robbed at gunpoint while in Rio de Janeiro overnight Saturday, NBC News has confirmed. Following conflicting reports — including the IOC denying any incident took place — Lochte himself confirmed with TODAY’s Billy Bush that he and the other swimmers were robbed at gunpoint. ‘We got pulled over, in the taxi, and these guys came out with a badge, a police badge, no lights, no nothing just a police badge and they pulled us over,’ Lochte said.”


Shazam! The McPaper suddenly notices a disconnect between Hollywood’s product and its employees’ anti-gun advocacy: Guns, politics and Hollywood collide – “Not that violence is hurting the box office: Billion-dollar franchise Bourne handily won the box office its first weekend and has pulled in more than $120 million to date. Meanwhile, Suicide Squad raked in over $200 million its first two weekends. But the big picture is complicated by Hollywood’s politics. Republicans bristled at the sight of Bradley Cooper at the Democratic National Convention last month in Philadelphia. The actor, a Democrat, became an iconic figure to some on the right for his patriotic portrayal of Navy SEAL Chris Kyle in 2014’s surprise box office smash American Sniper.” It’s almost as if there’s a double standard at play here.

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An up hill battle, to say the least: Pro-gun group petitions to overturn Calif. control laws – “The group Veto Gunmageddon began circulating petitions Friday at gun stores and firing ranges across the state, seeking enough signatures to put the seven bills to a popular vote. On Sunday, more than 200 people trickled into the Sacramento Armory in Citrus Heights to sign the petitions, according to co-owner Nick Kress. He said people came from as far as Nevada County and Kern County to add their name to the list. ‘Everyone’s just afraid of losing their rights,’ Kress said.” They need 366,000 signatures by the end of September to get this on the November ballot. Good luck.


Gun control’s sugar daddy goes shopping.  NRA: Michael Bloomberg Resorts To ‘Buying’ Gun Control – “Gun control initiatives pushed by Michael Bloomberg-funded Everytown for Gun Safety are on the ballot in four states this November. The NRA sees this as evidence that Bloomberg is simply buying the gun control Congress has repeatedly rejected. The four states with gun control initiatives are Washington, California, Maine and Nevada. In Washington, the initiative would expand bans on gun ownership by changing language tied to domestic violence and “extreme risk protection orders.” This push comes just two years after Bloomberg’s Everytown donated one million to secure universal background checks in Washington state.” When you can’t win the argument in the court of public opinion, open your (bottomless) wallet.


    • Survival Lily did not come to mind for me … probably because I read “… Syphilis in Cali …” and was confused trying to figure out why The Truth about Guns mentioned a sexually transmitted disease in an article.

  1. Firearms crisis? I highly doubt that. After my state’s largest city just had their own riot, joining Ferguson and Baltimore, it isn’t the firearms that are the problem. Nor the po-po. Nor the Constitution.

    When people are told over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over, that if their life isn’t easy, then Da Man is unfairly screwing them, and thus bad behavior is justified, that’s a problem.

    When you encourage indulging the animal instinct because you don’t want to be judgmental, thus you get more animalistic behavior and then excuse it because “feelings”, that’s a problem.

    Grow up, sheltered snowflake. Take NATO away and let’s see how long Sven lasts in the face of Russian aggression.

      • Russia takes a very strong military interest in Sweden.

        Their proximity to the Russian Northern Fleet submarine pens means Russia uses Swedish waters as ‘training area’ for Russian submarine captains.

        Sweden has very robust anti-submarine capacity and gets to practice with it more often than it cares to.

        And for those who the think the United States is some kind of a submarine combat God, a few years back in the south China Sea, a Chinese submarine surfaced a few miles from a US aircraft carrier, well *inside* the defensive screens of the carrier.

        That was the Chinese saying to the US, “We damn sure could have sunk your precious carrier if we wanted to”…

        • A modern diesel boat can put any surface ship down. Takes a lot more planning to be in the right place at the right time. CVN is not a quite ship, puts a lot of noise into the water, sure it can be heard for miles if the boat is above the layer. But she can also out run most I am betting. Just cause the sub closed within a few miles does not mean it was not detected.

          Let’s see S_itty Kitty stole part of a Victor’s prop in 1984, sure everyone on the Soviet boat crapped themselves. Bumping into a carrier’s bottom would mean there are 4 screws about to, well screw you.

          1981 Sweden enjoyed a Whiskey on the rocks for a little over a week.

  2. Yeah actors are notorious make- believe hypocrites. Take that check acting violent. Somehow little Matt Damon just pizzes me off more than most of the others. Who’s everyone’s favorite azzwhole?

    • When this piece of crap, Matt Damon, gave a speech in Australia pushing is new violence & weapon filled movie, he said that the U.S. should confiscate EVERY firearm in the country & follow the lead of Australia in gun control. I do not contribute any of my $ to Hollywood shit bags that are surrounded by armed guards & say that we do not have a right to firearms or self protection.

      • When ever somebody claims that Australian gun confiscation “caused” mass murders to stop occurring in Australia they suddenly get very quiet when they are told that less then 20% of Australians turned in their guns.

        • Australia is on the verge of implementing “Report & Reward” to improve compliance.

          The US government will make insurance companies, mortgagers and utilities do their dirty work.
          Gun in the house ??? — sorry, that’s too dangerous, your homeowner’s insurance just got cancelled.
          No insurance ??? — sorry, your mortgage just got called, foreclosure follows.
          Gun in the house ??? — sorry, too dangerous for utility workers, your power,water and communications will be severed asap.

          The police will only get involved if a misdemeanant burglar discovers a felonious weapons cache while he’s”working”.

        • “Report & Reward” sounds like 1930’s NKVD. Rat your neighbor, remain anonymous, and get rewarded by the state.

          Got a beef with your neighbor & know he has a gun? Sweet revenge is just a phone call away, mate.

      • Then there is the unfortunate example of New Zealand. While Austrailia has had a couple of mass shootings, New Zaland has had none.
        Both nations have similar culture and populations. Both nations once had similar gun laws.
        You’d expect that when Australia confiscated guns, New Zealand would have continued to have mass shootings. That didn’t happen.

    • I’m currently boycotting the Libtard elitists movies after his anti 2nd amendment rant in the EU. When he shouted out that big government should go door to door to collect weapons! No! Not watching Jason Borne. I through out all this guys movies from my video collection! No more! Other Hollyweird D-bags involved in this….Are JJ Abrams —*star war mind you! About armed rebellion against an authoritarian Government! Dooshy Broad, Jennifer Lawrence…Another one..*She obviously started in a Scifi movie about apocalyptic future, armed gladiatorial games, and rebellion against a big government! * The irony… Nope…Screw these members of Every town for gun safety–*Authoritarianism! *

  3. 1) I read this article last week when another commentor posted it.

    It’s beyond retarded. Someone, please, for the love of everything that’s holy, tell me how a license prevents bad behavior? I driver’s license doesn’t prevent drunk driving or a lady from running over some guy she caught cheating on her. It doesn’t prevent a guy or gal from running into a crowd at speed. It doesn’t prevent anything.

  4. “As we face a firearm crisis in America today,”

    The only crises is the one that has been manufactured by the media.

    • I totally agree. Obama even says everything is rosy and violent crime is still at all time lows. The only exception to this is some major cities with large numbers of inner city poor. We don’t have a gun problem or crisis. We have a poverty problem and lack of hope problem in our inner cities.

  5. What does hunting have to do with the 2nd Amendment? A gun registry was “banned” in 1986 with the Firearm Owners Protection Act.

    I will agree with mandatory safe storage. I don’t know how you would enforce it. Gun owners are responsible for making sure their firearms are safely stored. It should be up to the gun owner to make the determination on what steps need to be taken. Not some all powerful government.

    This guy is only looking out for hunters, not gun owners or individual freedom.

    • The mandatory safe storage thing probably doesn’t mean what you think it means. It doesn’t mean you have to keep your guns in a safe at your home. That would almost be reasonable. Rather, it means you have to keep your guns in some sort of armory, and only check them out for the range or hunting trips. Sweden doesn’t allow citizens to keep firearms for self defense. It’s quite pathetic.

      • In several countries the ‘safe storage’ area is a police station. You need a verifiable reason just to touch what you own. All of my stuff is in a safe, which I think is the best way. At least get some type of lockable storage cabinet.

        • Yeah my idea of safe storage is definitely not the same. Storing your property at a police station is nuts. I have a 500lb fire safe and that is my idea of safe storage.

          Going door to door checking on gun safes is NOT EASY!

        • Even in Australia you can keep your guns if the storage is adequate. In fact, the regulations even say what the standard is (materials, thickness, bolt dimensions, etc) and the police just check for compliance. It is in all our interests. Our local sporting shooting group even has an open-ended campaign: Secure your gun. Secure your sport.

          While in theory you can be inspected at any time, I have been inspected TWICE in 16 years. Once at my former residence, and again after I had moved. In both times I was given several MONTHS between notification and the inspection to make sure everything complied with the regulations. The inspection consisted of checking if the safe had any movement when force was applied (with 6 dynabolts into rebarred concrete, the safe didn’t budge a millimetre), confirming the serial numbers of my rifles against the registry list, and checking my ammunition storage.

          Put bluntly, the police have better things to do with their time than harass law abiding citizens. There are a few asshole officers, but by-and-large the rank and file police have no issues with people who comply with the law and enjoy a safe and non-violent past-time.

          And if you can’t store your guns at your place of residence, such as those who rent the property and cannot drill holes into walls and/or floors, you can have them stored at a friend’s place or even in specialised firearms storage at many self-storage facilities.

    • “I will agree with mandatory safe storage. I don’t know how you would enforce it.”

      Pffftp. Simple, son.

      The police can knock on your door at ANY time of the day or night, and you can take them to your gun safe. You then open the safe and show them they are stored safely.

      The safe had BETTER be in the location their records say it is, and if your guns aren’t there, you go directly to jail!

      See? Storage laws are EASILY enforced…

      • That is exactly how it is done in Australia. Furthermore, every single one of those guns stored in that locked safe damn well better be unloaded, or they are subject to seizure and your license subject to forfeiture, as I understand it. I read that a farmer got into trouble for keeping a loaded rifle in his safe for the varmints that would come around. Silly.

    • I would never register anything. To quote Adolf Hitler, 1935, “This year will go down in history. For the first time a civilized nation will have full gun registration. Our streets will be safer, our police more efficient and the world will follow our lead into the future.” After every firearm was registered & they knew where they were, all of the them were systematically confiscated. It certainly made the police more efficient; no armed resistance when they came to drag your ass to the Concentration Camp. A disarmed populace is a helpless populace.

      • FYI, that Hitler quote is a made-up internet myth. There’s no historical evidence of him making any statement like that. It wouldn’t make any sense, anyway, because Germany didn’t pass any firearm registration laws in 1935. Registration was part of the “reform” laws passed in 1928, but that was before the Nazis were in power, and I doubt Hitler would have been crowing about a law passed seven years earlier by the Wiemar government.

    • Yeah, and don’t forget to lock your car doors…Take any spare keys from it…It might get stolen and used by the drunk driving criminal ! The question is whether you will be charged for the criminals crimes….Did you provide enough safe storage for your vehicle…Would police chare you for any deaths he caused? Guilty by association? !

    • Just look to San Fran’s laws on “Safe Storage” to see how intent vs implementation can differ. In San Fran you have to keep the firearm disassembled, unloaded, and in a safe of some sort to be in compliance. I am sure our lawmakers can come up with some even more invasive stipulations, if given the opportunity on a wider scale.

    • Vegan cricket-eaters are working hard on hunting bans.
      Hunting will be banned long before general firearm ownership is.

  6. “Wally was walking down the nearby White City logging road with Dick at his side when his .30-30 lever-action rifle fired unexpectedly.”

    So not only did this nitwit have his finger on the trigger, he had the hammer back. The perfesser’s crew isn’t as savvy as he claims.

    • Yeah I got that feeling too. “My friends are retards so you must be a retard too”.

      Um… no you just have dumb friends and that doesn’t reflect well on your own intelligence.

    • So our totalitarian statist who wants to ‘lead the way’ to gun safety has to pull the usual liberal “the gun did it” with his pal’s negligent discharge? And he thinks he speaks for me??!! Bite me, pal. You lost me at ‘vibrant hunting culture’ as if that had anything to do with the 2nd Amendment.

  7. I also learned that it was possible to maintain a lively hunting culture along with mandatory gun registration and required safe storage.

    No. Freedom is superior to your FUDD/hunting nonsense or your statist licensing/registration/permitting nonsense. We are the culture of freedom – not the culture of hunting.

  8. “…stop hiding behind the Second Amendment and claim the moral high ground as our nation’s responsible gun owners.”

    It’s called the moral high ground for a reason. “…the right of the people…” and all that.

  9. re·bel·lion
    an act of violent or open resistance to an established government or ruler.
    “the authorities put down a rebellion by landless colonials”
    synonyms: uprising, revolt, insurrection, mutiny, revolution, insurgence, insurgency; More
    the action or process of resisting authority, control, or convention.
    “an act of teenage rebellion”
    synonyms: defiance, disobedience, rebelliousness, insubordination, subversion, subversiveness, resistance
    “an act of rebellion”

  10. In Australia the police can inspect your storage on 48 hours notice during normal business hours. If you forget to put things away with that much notice you make things easy for the police.

    The big panic for the antis now is that there is officially more firearms now than before the buy back. About 10% of people have a licence and numbers going up. Estimates vary of 20 to 30% of firearms being handed in.

    The government was very generous with tax dollars. I got rid of non working .22 pistol for four times what I had paid for it and bought another 9 mm for IPSC. Lots of people cashed their cheques at nearest gun shop

    • This adds to the importance of the notion that another commenter stated: there are more firearms and owners in Australia now than before the buyback and Australia has still not experienced another Port Arthur event.

  11. “As we face a firearm crisis in America today, it’s time for hunters to stop hiding behind the Second Amendment and claim the moral high ground as our nation’s responsible gun owners. The nation demands some action, and we, more than 13 million gun owners who hunt, are in a unique position to lead the way.”

    We have a firearms crisis. It is lead by the ATF. The crisis is that the right to keep and bear arms has been infringed. The gang banging criminal with a handgun and the rare mass shooter hardly qualifies as a crisis. The crisis will come when the tyrants try to further prevent the citizens from being armed.

    And if there are 13 million gun owners that hunt, that leaves another 90 million that don’t hunt. That is a figure that states: 9 out of 10 gun owners understand the 2nd Amendment. Add to that, the majority of hunters that understand the Constitution as well. If he is counting on the remaining Fudds to sway gun rights, he is as lost as any Progressive reaching for Utopia.

  12. I registered my AR when I bought it in MA in 2010. The AG has decided through “re-interpretation” of the laws that I actually committed a felony when I bought it, even though I did not know it. I have her word as a gun grabber she won’t prosecute me and tens of thousands of others. Unless she changes her mind. So now, never though I don’t live there anymore, I have that threat and that fear hanging over me. So professor Fudd can take his registration and shove it in a location that receives no sunlight

  13. I also learned that it was possible to maintain a lively hunting culture along with mandatory gun registration and required safe storage.

    Well, I’ve found it’s possible to make love in the back seat of a compact car, but it’s difficult, and generally unnecessary. It’s almost as if mere possibility weren’t a sufficient condition for good public policy.

  14. Gun registration leads to confiscation and on to mass killingsalways by the confiscater, see historical record.

  15. I began to think more about the responsibilities of gun owners rather than gun owners’ rights. I also learned that it was possible to maintain a lively hunting culture along with mandatory gun registration and required safe storage.

    Just remember, FUDD, today’s scoped hunting rifle is tomorrow’s “military grade sniper rifle.”

  16. “As we face a firearm crisis in America today”

    You want me to say it, don’t you? Then I’ll be the heartless monster you can ridicule then dismiss? OK, I’ll say it:

    Uh…..what crisis? You mean a few spree shootings? Those were committed either by people who complied with the firearms laws, so more laws wouldn’t help, or who ignored the firearms laws, so more laws wouldn’t help. You mean the black-on-black drug gang murders? Bangers gotta bang. What does hammering on peaceful, law abiding firearms owners have to do with that?

    “…it’s time for hunters to stop hiding behind the Second Amendment”

    Uh…nope. it’s time for the statist, totalitarian-wannabe government to stop hiding behind public safety, counterterrorism, and anti-crime charades to conceal their zeal for confiscation and civilian disarmament.

  17. “Voxen: Fudds of the world, unite!”

    Yes, well, during WWII there were Jews how outed other Jews with the idea that they could protect themselves. I bet that generally did not work out well for either party, in the end.

    Survive united, or die separated. No compromise with the enemy.

  18. “As we face a firearm crisis in America today, it’s time for hunters to stop hiding behind the Second Amendment and claim the moral high ground as our nation’s responsible gun owners.”

    Saul Alinsky would be complimentary of that move.

  19. “I also learned that it was possible to maintain a lively hunting culture along with mandatory gun registration and required safe storage.”

    To have a lively hunting culture, with gun registration or without, one needs first to consider hunting, and citizen gun ownership as legitimate. That’s not the case among gun-banners in the US.

    The US is doing pretty well: exemplary when you exclude the free-fire zones where the laws in place are not enforced on people illegally owning guns, doing illegal things. Perhaps our Swedish friends could take note. Their registration and safe storage impositions seems to be unnecessary. Or maybe it isn’t about “violence” and “safety.”

    In the US, proposals of registration & etc. are bans by other means. Given that the various advocates of “safety” all routinely state that “nobody needs a gun”, that their goal is reduction of citizen gun ownership, and that there’s no way to allow guns among citizens safely, it’s more than fair to call these proposals the Trojan horses they are. It’s more than fair to understand that Candidate Clinton, Bloomie’s paid flying monkeys, Mothers Against Only One Kind of Violence, and the rest of the astroturf banners — but, I repeat myself — will pursue disarmament by other means, every chance they get.

    The latest example: the US State Department has just published a “regulation” (based on an international arms treaty, not domestic law) that redefines anyone who’s ever taken a wrench to a gun as a “manufacturer”, subject to $thousands in annual “fees.” Banning by other means. Every chance they get. Every way they can manage. Every time.

    You’ll get a conversation about “sensible” gun safety measures any time it’s legitimately about “sense” and “safety”, vs. banning by other means. Convincing anyone of that in the land of redefining what’s banned, selective enforcement, “the AW ban didn’t reduce violence, but let’s do it some more anyway”, discretionary permitting, and slamming through fast-track stupidity to address the “emergency” that firearms have been around for >500 years, might take some work.

    “As we face a firearm crisis in America today,…”

    The only firearm crisis in America today is the anti’s getting surprised that their civilian disarmament agenda (by other means) has been stymied. And firearms ownership among citizens has been going up, steadily in recent years, much explicitly for self-defense, increasingly licensed for concealed carry, so decidedly not about hunting. Plus this increase in gun ownership is not corresponding to an increase in violence, so there’s the crisis of that false flag argument falling down.

    The firearm crisis in [the US – ed] today is the anti’s having a crisis that their rolling ban has been stopped.

    “Violence” and “safety” are the real issues here, right? Maybe not. Having a “firearms crisis” vs. a crisis of violence or crime suggests the issue isn’t citizens’ safety or well being. (In the end, it’s about agency. Guns need to be registered because we, the overlords, need to know who has that agency, however they use it. Sadly, we can’t license walking because feet come standard issue on humans, but we’re working on that.)

    So, let’s talk about the “violence crisis” in the US lately.

    – There is no “violence crisis” in the US lately. Violence, and gun violence have been going down, statistically, for decades.

    – There is a backward correlation between “violence” and peaceful, responsible citizens lawfully owning guns. As citizen gun ownership, explicitly for self-defense, has been exploding over the last few years, violence in general, and involving gun owners fails to increase.

    – Any “crisis”, short term increase in violence, including with guns, is localized to thugs, predators, crazies and terrorists, to areas where they congregate, and among peaceful, responsible citizens stuck in those areas, mainly financially. Disarming the peaceful people who have to live where the thugs are, by making protecting themselves harder and more expensive, is victimizing them twice.

    I say “the US” not “America” because there could be some confusion. The US is doing pretty well, in general, and outside areas of general lawlessness. In contrast, both Mexico and Brazil have violence, and gun violence problems well in excess of the US, along with their much greater restrictions on citizens owning guns.

    Since they all have greater restrictions on citizen gun ownership than the US, we should maybe look at Brazil & Mexico vs. Sweden to understand what leads to more violence or less, vs. comparing the gun laws in the US and Sweden.

    Unless the point is just having more laws.

  20. In Sweden, women don’t have edc pistols to protect themselves from muzzy rapists. They have the second highest rape rate in the world, second only to Lesotho, an enclave country in South Africa where 48 percent of women have been raped at some point in their lives.

  21. “Being in this new setting that was much like and yet so different from Wisconsin got me thinking about hunting in new ways.”

    Wait…what? “Hunting”? “Hunting”?!

    Ah. Red herring. End of discussion.


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