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Man steals NYPD officer’s gun, fatally shoots Bronx deli clerk as second cop’s return fire fells attacker — all over $2 – “A crazed Bronx panhandler yanked a cop’s gun from its holster and opened fire Tuesday, killing a bodega worker in a 15-shot fusillade shortly after the victim refused to give him $2. Oft-arrested Efrain Guzman, who swiped the officer’s service weapon, was shot and wounded by the unarmed cop’s partner after gunning down Wali Camara, sources said. Camara — an immigrant who supported his mother in Mali with his salary — was shot to death mere minutes after chasing the killer out of N&A Food, police said.” Really? No retention holsters for New York’s finest? Apparently even scumbags like Guzman can negotiate those 12-pound triggers. Meanwhile, elsewhere in Gotham . . .


Cosplayer Arrested For Bringing Fake Gun On Train – “Cosplayer William “Billy” Morris was on his way to a movie premiere in NYC on Saturday when, planning to cosplay at the event, he hopped onto a train. He probably shouldn’t have taken his fake rifle with him. Dressed as Suicide Squad’s Col. Rick Flag, Morris had the very real-looking modified air rifle (pictured above) out and in the open when he got on the train, a move he immediately regretted.” Next time, may we suggest a Wonder Woman get-up? Magic bracelets and a lasso of truth should be much less alarming to the other subway riders.


Tune in to the Outdoor Channel Wednesday, August 10 to watch the Texas A&M Corps of Cadets Marksmanship Unit in action at the SASP Nationals 2016 covered by ShootingUSA. Teams from all over the Nation will be competing for the number one spot. Follow them on Facebook here.


Facebook Shuts Down Law Enforcement/Veteran-Based ‘Tactical Sh*t’ – “On August 7, Facebook shut down ‘Tactical Sh*t’–an online community for military, veterans, law enforcement, and supporters of the Second Amendment. Tactical Sh*t took years to build and had recently reached the point of attracting approximately 59 million viewers a month.” We’re going to have to start a new feature…Facebook Gun Page Ban of the Day.

“I wouldn’t say I’m a gun enthusiast. Operated correctly by, you know, sane people, they’re fine. But to be able to, in the state of Washington, go into the gun store, hand over my license and fifteen minutes later walk out with this, it’s not, you know, exactly the best system to allow people to purchase these willy-nilly. That’s why I think the smart gun concept is important.” OK then. Please explain how a smart gun…no matter how it’s actuated…would change that at all?


Man charged with breaking into ex-girlfriend’s home using sledgehammer – “A man ordered to stay away from his ex-girlfriend after being convicted of assaulting her twice is now charged with trying to break down her door with a sledgehammer. Justin Douglas Sipe, 30, appeared Monday in Yellowstone County Justice Court and was charged with burglary for attempting to break into his ex-girlfriend’s house while she was sleeping.” Yeah, that order should do the trick. Time for the ex to buy herself an 870.


Springfield Armory Daily Digest: Peaceful Open Carry, a Quieter Bronx, and 'Assault Rifle Camp'">Previous Post
Springfield Armory Daily Digest: Abysmal Police Procedure, USA Shooting Shoots Back and It's Still All About Shannon">Next Post


  1. “Donald Trump said Tuesday that if Hillary Clinton gets to pick Supreme Court justices, there’s ‘nothing you can do, folks … although the Second Amendment people, maybe there is.”

    So, all of a sudden now, the media finally realizes what the 2A actually means?

    That it’s not for hunting deer? 🙂

    They ought to think very carefully about the laws they intend to pass…

    • Agreed. I wonder if the press will ever get around to reading the federalist papers and actually get the meaning and intent behind the Second Amendment.

      • I assume you mean that it was intended for the male citizens of this country to all serve in the militia and for use to have no standing army.

        • U.S. Code Title 10, Section 311
          (a) The militia of the United States consists of all able-bodied males at least 17 years of age and, except as provided in section 313 of title 32, under 45 years of age who are, or who have made a declaration of intention to become, citizens of the United States and of female citizens of the United States who are members of the National Guard.

          That’s was written in 1904, long after we had a standing army

    • Yes, yesterday I heard all this vexing in the media over “what did he mean?” . It’s about damn time someone said what it means, even if indirectly. Finally Trump said something that didn’t make me cringe. I wish he wouldn’t walk it back, even though he will, he doesn’t really need to.

      I guarantee you Hillary knows what it means.

  2. There is something hard pipe hitting 2A’s can do…VOTE and send Hillary of packing with her 140 million to a private island in China.

    • Yes! Good idea! Maybe that artificial Island the Chinese military built. The one that’s been the point of contention of an international territorial dispute.

    • Seriously. This is being flogged all over the Internet. If the guy could just put together a coherent sentence there would be nothing to talk about.

      • Oh please, the MSM will always find a way to take something a non-Democrat says out of context and make them look bad.

        Look at Romney (not a great candidate mind you) who actively tried to hire competent women and got crucified for “binders full of women”. Yeah, the ones he was trying to fucking hire. Did the MSM talk about that? No they went full retard about how he was a sexist.

        Trump could play his cards perfectly and they’d still find something to trash him for. That’s how they roll. Haters gonna hate.

        • Look at the way they edited out the booing and anti Hillary signage from her speech at the convention.

    • Fun’s fun and all, but we don’t have to help these freaks. Trump did not even MENTION violence, every such mention regarding his remarks has been made by a Dem, or by the media. Somebody should be continuously pointing that out!

  3. The Trump comment is a headache in a lot of ways-not the least of which is giving anti-gun-rights folks another opportunity to use the broad brush on POTG.

    “See? Those gun nuts are out to shoot Hillary and the judiciary!”

    • Ahhh, No…If the Trump camp is to controversial. Maybe stick with Hillary ” Benghazi ” Clinton. Or try the Green party…If not…The same as I said above. Trump 2016!

  4. Re the NYPD cop story: note the unusual NYPD gun involved–not the usual Glock, but a 5900 series stainless Smith & Wesson (as can clearly be seen in the NY Daily News photos). DMD

    • Not entirely unusual. I believe NYPD officers get to choose between that, a Glock, and an S&W revolver. One of the few departments that give any choice of duty weapon at all.

  5. Um yeah Donnie. I don’t think he “misspoke”. And it was BRILLIANT…so did Tactical Sh#t get canned for continuing to use THAT word? I know my wife complained when sh#t popped up on her page-I had to unfriend…

  6. TTAG and ‘The Daily Digest’ missed the real hot tamale of the day.

    While campaigning in Orlando, the father of the worst mass shooting in Orlando (and America’s) history has a prime seat right behind Hillary Clinton.

    That was NOT accidental. Those seats are prime seats, saved for the ‘special people’ the campaign wants to honor:

    “Orlando shooter’s father attends Hillary Clinton rally in Kissimmee”


    • The hildebeast’s “handlers” claim they had no idea he was Omar the Slaughterer’s pop Geoff. It’s slightly possible with the profound clueless Clinton camp…besides it’ll probably show up HERE on the morrow. BTW the bloodiest day in Chiraq yesterday in quite awhile…

  7. …nothing you can do, folks … although the Second Amendment people, maybe there is.

    When a constitutional republic turns to tyranny, Second Amendment people still get to vote.

    • I spent 3 years as an ROTC instructor at A&M. The shooting team from the Corps is fantastic. One of the better groups for a cadet to join.

  8. Boy what could go wrong with a gun that only operates via a radio signal…me thinks radio signal jammers would become really popular really fast among a certain segment of the population were that sort of technology required in legally purchased guns.

    • Hell! If that was the future for LE duty sidearms. Then criminals could just buy a bunch of DIY kits, and cobble together some “jammers”. Placing them around a city or town…Just like some of the private businesses have done in the past with “cellphone jammers.” Or better yet, a portable version of “stingray—for smart weapons. ” Receive all it weapons operating instructions. Cause it not to discharge, malfunction, misfire…etc…

    • Another issue would be commercial RF interference by other transmitting devices. Say bluetooth for instance. I’m a big audio enthusiast, love my portable Bluetooth speakers. But sometimes, depending on the device, I get interfere, and my bluetooth connection sometime goes down. My JBL Flip 3 – sounds great, but is more susceptible to interference. Where as my UE Booms–also sounds great. Isn’t effected by commercial interference. Nor my excellent pocket Archeer a309–good bass from a pocket unit…10w speakers.

    • Come on, you can do better than that! Where’s the redneck in ya: “I lahk muh gunz lahk I lahk muh wimins, stupid and always willin’ to go a round or two with jes’ a leetle squeez.”

  9. Not a Trump fan but after watching the video I don’t think he was calling for an attack on Clinton. The Democrats are the ones promoting and engaging in violence this election cycle. It is mere projection.

    • Thank you! I feel like this quote is being blown way out of context. All this crap about “trump wants to kill Hillary” is just letting the opposition control the narrative.

    • sorry, but i dont give the NYC Slickster enough credit to think on his feet quick enough that he was implying “2A” reaction as it relates to federalist papers (doubt he ever read them) – i think he was in fact implying “the 2A people” have guns and will go after her and her appointees. I am convinced, without his daddy millions for real estate fun, he would have failed in business and life. Trump and his ego is THE reason the 2A will be fleeced as he is not enough of a team player, nor humble enough, to admit he has no idea what he is doing, that there are much better candidates out there (like his VP), and step aside as it would be best for the country. He was raised a spoiled entitled prince douche, and that is what he is today – only seeking more money for himself and his family in the end. He had a scam “university” to sucker dumb people into giving his family money for christ sake, and welched on Vet charity payment until called out – great guy. He will get my vote as i am voting 2A – not for this rude spoiled loudmouth.

  10. “…it’s not, you know, exactly the best system to allow people to reproduce, willy-nilly. That’s why I think the smart parent concept is important”

    Dumb guns are not the problem, dumb people are, especially the dumb ones that reproduce and raise dumb children. It’s a cycle of stupidity.

  11. It may not take a “Second Amendment” solution to undo HiLIARy. There are several stories on various Conservative Websites and a bunch of videos on YouTube saying/showing that the Hildebeest is really ill and suffering from complications of her brain injury some years ago. She and her Staff are hiding it as best they can, but videos and insider leaks are fulfilling the old adage that “The Truth will out”.

    Here’s a link to a Breitbart article:

    You can see videos on YouTube by searching “Hilary crazy”

    They are talking about this on Sean Hannity’s Show tonight and saying she is displaying symptoms often seen in people who have had a major stroke.

    She might be calling Donald Trump “unfit” to be POTUS, but it’s looking like the Hildebeest is the one we should really be wondering about. This might get really interesting as the Campaign gets more stressful.

    I would have to join those wishing Trump would stop making the off the cuff “unfortunate” (to be charitable) remarks.

    • So, what you are saying is there is hope. Sadly, hope is not a plan and unless she goes toes up I am not holding my breath.

      • Hillerites will vote her in even if she has to be carried up the White House steps in a gurney stretcher with an oxygen mask attached–all while snacking on live babies !!! DMD

        • I do pray longer and more strenuously that she is never carried into the White House.
          Especially upon a gilded throne carried by SS agents.

          Oo… SS agents.
          Kind of fitting, eh?
          (Ya gotta love a good double entendres.)

      • Well, I am not saying “there’s hope” and certainly do not see “hope” as any sort of plan, but I may be inadvertently implying it. In the past week I have seen and read several videos/articles talking about The Hildebeest’s very questionable health, and was surprised by the information. So, yeah, don’t hold your breath.

        Truthfully, though, it pisses me off that Trump put that “Second Amendment people” thing out there. We get enough of that kind of spurious cr*p as it is don’t need any assistance from The Donald.

  12. To all the more intelligent commenters here on TTAGS. You obviously realize the Truth that the DNC, The DemoCRAPS, RINO’S, Political Left-wing news media, DNC collaborators, lesser DNC Internet Trolls, and our own Low-information voters have been assisting greatly in what I consider to be an incredible amount of bias unseen in America history ! The amount of Agitprop, Left-wing political propaganda, deceit, out right lies, falsehoods, misdirection, and emotional trickery is unbelievable. I feel like I’m in a country getting ready to become a borderline “Authoritarian police state. ” Trump didn’t misspeak, nor was his words misunderstood. Actually these were direct threats by the DNC/DemoCRAPS with their fingers on the Martial law button. Falsely claiming assassination threats, insurrection, or domestic terrorism by right-wing /nra /gun owning American Patriots. Come people! These anti-freedom politcians are afraid of Trump. They are pulling out all the stops to try to interfere with the US elections through disinformation, and disenfranchisement of the US voters. All the while, the DemoCRAPS and their ilk have been having a free- for -all passing or attempting to pass anti-freedom intuitives against the 2nd Amendment, 4th amendment, 5th amendment, 6th amendment, 14th amendment, etc…. We the people must decide if we’re going to draw a line in the sand and prevent further deterioration of America and it’s US Constitution Bill of Rights! Like Trump said, it time to Unite, and vote 2016 !

    • So, what you are saying is 100% of all the polls are false? There are no conservative pollsters?

      Yes, we most vote but that does not mean the polls are wrong. It should instead be a wake up call for Trump but the his ego is to big to see what is happening.

      • 100% of polls miraculously discover precisely what the person or organization who is *paying* for the poll wants it to. And that is very rarely the truth.

    • The Romney team was saying the same thing 4 years ago and the vast number of polls ended up being spot on.

      I’m voting for him but I’m under no delusions.

      Big picture, the Koch folks were planning on spending 500+M$ this year (like they did 4 years ago) and that all went Poof! with Trump at the top. I’m just praying we don’t lose both houses.

      • I am no more fond of having the Koch brothers owning the US administration than I am in having little Mikey Bloomberg owning it. I would just love to see all the money back out due to threats of bribery charges. Blagojavich (sp?) is bitching about his 14 years in prison for trying to sell favors, and he did not make 200 million dollars doing it, like Hillary has. Why in the world is she not in prison?

  13. When Trump said the US elections were being “rigged”! He wasn’t kidding! Just look at al the so called news articles! Hillary ” Benghazi ” Clinton can do no wrong, and $#!ts rose pedals! Remember vote!

  14. Long story short: I’m against seriously overweight middle aged guys who want to implant things into me.

    Call it a phobia if you will.

  15. Liberals always invent new things to get offended about. If Trump said “I like lamp”, they’d say he was discriminating against the couch.

    Seriously. They’d complain if they got hung with a new rope.

    • As long as the state and federal tax was paid. And the rope was within proper federal and state regulation for certified rope length. Now all one has to do, is find an environmentally friendly forest with renewable trees added… bon voyage !

    • Trump only has one enemy and it is himself. He has no filter and no concept of when he has misspoken. It is Trumps campaign to loose, and since the DNC convention, he has been doing a great job of not “winning”

      • He’s so dumb that he thinks the niche-market 3% of the country that voted for him in the primary is going to translate to 50%+ in the general. He 70 year old billionaire that hasn’t been told no since his teenage years and he isn’t about to start taking direction now when he thinks he knows it all.

        But I’m gonna vote for him because a leftist SCOTUS for the next 40+ years will be the end of Liberty as we know it in this country. The Left cares not about the legislative or executive branches, they just want the courts to make laws to their liking.

  16. If Trump is good at one thing…(and that is about all he is good at) its saying what we are all thinking but are too smart to actually say out loud.

  17. How did this even happen? Most police officers need at least two levels of retention, which alone is difficult to take from someone.
    Officers in highly populated areas with elevated crime levels should always be carry level 3 holsters.

    • I have seen retention holsters break\fail. I have heard that some offenders know the super secret methods of such holsters as well and\or practice defeating them.

      But bad luck or some complacency (not using all the retention… i.e. hood not in place or snaps not quite secures) is often the best bet.

      He’ unarmed… until he ain’t.

  18. The book-o-face continues to hold people by the short & curlies because people let them and only have weak excuses that keep that tool of despotism firmly planted as a monkey on their backs.


  19. In regards to the smart gun b.s. Why would you even buy a smart gun if you can turn off the reader by “fail safe” mode or whatever the idiots call it where anyone can now shoot it? Smart guns will never take off and if they do make them the idiots will be bankrupt before they know it. I’d never waste my money on that kind of b.s.


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