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“Hillary wants to abolish — essentially abolish the Second Amendment. By the way, if she gets to pick, if she gets to pick her judges, nothing you can do, folks. Although the Second Amendment people, maybe there is, I don’t know,” – Donald Trump in Trump: ‘Second Amendment people’ could deal with Clinton [via]


Blue Force Gear Quote of the Day: It's Almost As If Big City Governments Want to Keep Their Poorer Residents Unarmed">Previous Post
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  1. Not sure why everyone is misconstruing this. Its his way of saying, if guns are important to you don’t vote for her. Of course, the left is screaming “Trump endorses the assassination of Hitlery!”.

    If the Left thinks its newsworthy, how legitimate could it possibly be…

    • If someone says a thing you don’t like FREAK OUT AND MISCONSTRUE IT. Pretty much standard political practice. Nothing to see here except an empty theater. And yet, still people are watching.

      • Trumps James Yeager moment.

        Soon trump will appear at the podium with his lawyer present.

        Imagine if trump used this same vague but curiously ambitious language with other countries. Throw a mistranslation in there and that’s how wars start.

        • Yeager was right. Trump is right. If you can’t protect 2nd Amendment rights with guns, what’s the point of the entire Constitution?

          Soap box…Failure
          Ballot box…Failure
          Jury box…Failure
          Cartridge box…???

          This is not a call to assassinate a tyrant. It is an acknowledgement that POTG have one last card to play. Provided we are brave enough to save the Republic.

    • There was a scandal in 2008 when Hilary mentioned the assassination of Kennedy in reference to Obama somehow, she basically did the same frigfin thing she is now accusing trump of, pathetic. Also, where is all the coverage of Mateen Sr. sitting directly behind HRC while she is pitching gun control and equal rights for gays at her rally in Florida recently?

    • It’s called projection.

      Imagine if there were somewhere between 80-130 million Ferguson protesters armed to the teeth rather than a similar number committed to the preservation of our Constitution?

  2. All I got out of what he said was gun guys/gals should get out and vote.
    Anyone who hears anything remotely close to an advocation of insurrection or assassination is mentally deranged.

    • There is a difference between the purpose and plain meaning of a statement. Yes, he was calling for opposition to Hillary on RKBA grounds (at last). Yes, by claiming only “second amendment people” could do something to stop Hillary should be elected, he is making a not very veiled threat/warning of armed violence. After all, arms are what separate us from other popular resistance Trump claims would be ineffectual, right?

      The real question is why he backed down from his statement.

        • Who’s this “we,” buster? You gonna saddle up & ride yer posse to DC with rifle in tow come an unfavorable election result? Trump is mob-speaking with plausible deniability just like Obama, pretending to be innocent of violence he incites.

      • An armed citizenry is a threat. It is supposed to be a threat. Threats keep the peace. Call the bluff and get your reward. There won’t be an armed march on Washington. Although I would join such a thing. The resistance comes after the unconstitutional laws sweep the entire country rather than just MA, NJ, NY, and CA. Noncompliance nation wide followed by arrests and yes, violent opposition in order to save the Republic. Whether or not it succeeds depends on the will of the Government vs. the will of the people. I trust the people just based on the reactions to any threat so far to gun rights. People are tooling up. Average people who have never owned a gun now have at least one fighting rifle and defense handguns and shotguns. They have dozens of loaded magazines at the ready. I went from unarmed to completely ready to defend the Constitution from tyranny in 3 years time. I am not alone. We are in the millions. At least 3,000,000. We do not plan to assault. We plan to defend and we plan to die or be arrested. In the end, we buy another 100 years of freedom for our descendents.

    • IMO, what he is saying is if Hilary wins and she does sign laws, do executive orders, and appoint activist judges that curtail 2A… 2A supporters should not follow those laws.

  3. The 2nd amendment does not exist to shoot deer or criminals. It exists to shoot tyrants and their lackeys.

      • I don’t see anything wrong with OC activism. My right to keep and bear any weapon I choose in any manner I choose is not subject to regulation, registration, legislation, or the democratic process.

      • Not that long ago in America (yes, THIS America) TV was full of westerns where the good guys, not always, in fact commonly, not law enforcement, open carried pistols and rifles as a matter of course. The Rifleman was a hit show from 1958-1963 and won two Emmies.

        And he NEVER went anywhere without his rifle.

        • But human nature has change in the past 125 years, oops, past 100 years, oops, past 70 years, oops past 50, oops past 30. No to be honest with you it has not changed.

  4. Not at all surprised that the left wing freakshows are spinning this to say he’s endorsing assassination.

    However, I would absolutely LOVE to see a presidential candidate remind his or her audience that they have not only the right, but the responsibility to take action against a tyrannical government, just as our forefathers did.

    Can you imagine a presidential candidate ACTUALLY giving that speech? Saying something like “You know the old saying folks, the tree of liberty must be refreshed from time to time with the blood of patriots and tyrants. That’s your responsibility. When the soap box and the ballot box cease to be effective, you have one box left.”

    That’ll be the day.

      • The courts are not on our side. If Clinton wins, the Supreme Court will be a lost cause. The cartridge box is the last box, well, then there’s the pine box.

        Many of us will die in opposition to gun confiscation. Hopefully it breaks the will of the soft tyrants and shows the independent voter the true evil of the Progressive leadership and full scale martial law and civil war can be avoided. I put the death toll at 300 patriots and 30-50 agents of the State in separate skirmishes before the sleepers awake from hunting Pokemon and rally for the people. This is best case scenario.

        Worst case can take one of two paths. One, we lay down our arms and lose the Republic forever with no violence. Two, we resist and are systematically exterminated to the tune of 100,000-500,000+. The Democrats are counting on #1 but they have to be preparing for #2.

        • I will not die in opposition to gun confiscation. Who knows, I may lose some in a tragic boating accident at some point. (wink wink) By the way, Trump’s offhand comment about “Second Amendment people” was indeed a “wink wink” reference to “Second Amendment remedies” to her gun grabbing ways.
          The best way to defend the RKBA in the short term is to hold on to Congress. Armed insurrection would not be a good first move and might hasten what you wish to prevent.

  5. I saw this quote yesterday on BBC. I consider myself reasonably intelligent and open minded, but I really don’t get how that is a veiled attempt by Trump to call for Hillarys assassination. Maybe I’m missing something.

    I won’t vote for him since I live in a state where my vote doesn’t count, but I certainly hope he wins in Florida, Ohio, and Pennsylvania. Americans are tired of status quo and are starting to ignore the media, large industries with huge lobbies (like insurance) and Wall Street types that support things like “free trade.” They’re the ones that put us here after all.

    • Not Hillary, that is fabrication. It is a poorly veiled suggestion of armed uprising should Hillary be elected, though, from a man respected by half the country.

      • Bullshit.

        Only you and the braindead MSM and the Clinton campaign staff are interpreting it that way.

        Everyone else is seeing it as the 2A People are a voting block, and saw it that way before he went out to ‘clarify’ that’s what he meant.

        Good grief. I really wonder how some people successfully get out of bed in the morning.

    • “I won’t vote for him since I live in a state where my vote doesn’t count …”

      No one can know the outcome of an election before it happens. For all you know, a LOT of people that would normally vote Democrat will vote Republican in this election.

      And think about the overall numbers. It would be better if Trump won with 61% rather than 50.2% of the popular vote. So, even if Trump cannot possibly win your state, your addition to the popular total is still relevant.

      Disclaimer: as I say with every comment about the election, I am NOT a Trump fan-boy and I did NOT vote for Trump in the primaries. I am simply voting for the candidate that is least likely to enact policies that will screw me/us.

      • ” I am simply voting for the candidate that is least likely to enact policies that will screw me/us.”

        Yep,me too. But I don’t believe that is Trump.

        • Trump is less likely to purposefully screw us. But screw us he will, in an even more insidious way.

          Everyone who doesn’t already have conservative or libertarian principles thinks Trump is the quintessence of what we are — and the longer that orange clown stays in the limelight, the more irrevocably he’ll damage the credibility of the Right side of American politics.

          Hillary will probably damage the republic (already has). President Trump would damage the republic AND discredit the people who want to keep it alive.

        • Ing-

          Great statement. Too many people are hitching to Trump because he says nonsense that they like to hear and can’t see the forest through the trees. This man will violate every piece of the Bill of Rights and he’ll sell it to you by saying “Oh, I respect THIS one”. He’s made his fortune conning Americans, this election is no different.

    • The most rabid Progressives are trying to spin this as a suggestion that someone should assassinate Hillary. In context, however, it is obvious that he is talking about a president pantsuit nominating Supreme Court Justices, which would mean she was already elected and the damage was done. The damage control being alluded to here, IMO, is to hold SCOTUS accountable for any unconstitutional rulings.

      I doubt anyone would have to take out more than two before the message got through, however.

      And all that assumes the worst case and that he was not just calling on POTG to vote for him and keep Hillary unemployed.

    • Hey Cooter, how can you not be from Florida with a name like that?

      Are you saying that you aren’t voting for Trump because it doesn’t fit your principles, but you think that I as a resident of Pennsylvania should vote for Trump regardless of my principles? Do you think my principles matter less than yours? If you expect me to vote for Trump because you want him to win, aren’t you really lying to yourself.

      For the record I am voting for Trump. I didn’t vote for him in the primary, I would have liked to vote for Rand Paul. There is no candidate supporting my principles including Gary Johnson. But at least Trump finally said something that didn’t make me cringe and had a shred of truth to it, and needed to be said. I just wish he would have said it better and not let the media get the upper hand with it. It comforts me to know that he is actually aware enough to see the real meaning of the Second Amendment.

      Trump will at least be impeachable if he gets out of control. With Hillary you will never know half of her crimes and you will never see a vote on it.

  6. Where was CNN’s outrage when the professor called for someone to kill everyone at the NRA’s headquarters?

    • Professors are all geniuses and know everything about any given subject they talk about. So if a professor advocated something like that, then obviously it is the intelligent and correct thing to do.

      Side note- I once had a history professor who was a Canadian from Toronto, who wished he was English and wished he lived in England, yet was teaching me in Greenville, NC. Talk about insufferable.

      • How does that matter? He was openly and publicly calling for the mass killing of Americans for no other reason than they held political opinions opposite to his own. The Progs are more than willing to put everybody on the secret Terror Watch List on the “No guns for you!” list and fvck the Second Amendment and Due Process, but you point out someone openly advocating mass murder and they are mum if the person is in their Liberal camp.

        Abortion of 50+ million babies is fine with them, Q.E.D.

  7. His statement could be considered a call to action against the judges Hillary appoints, which will, unfortunately, play into Hillary’s plans. It will give her the justification for her actions. Because guns, for the children. It would be best to make the actions look like an accident or a home-invasion that got out of control.

    Donald, is it time to open your mouth to change feet? At this rate you will guarantee Hillary’s win.

    • Trump has been saying stupid things since he declared his candidacy, and every time he does, his poll numbers go up.

      • Hmmm… Last I heard (yesterday), the Great Trumpkin was down by 10 points on average. It’s possible the polls are wrong, but it’s also possible that every time he says something really stupid, more people concede that he is actually a dumbass.

        • Vox Day did a mathematical analysis of the efficacy of State Polls (not the national ones) in predicting election outcomes.

          Punchline: They don’t even BEGIN to mean anything until mid-late September and many not even until mid October.

          The polls right now are just ‘white noise’ in the news cycle. And yes, Day mentioned this is important to keep in mind even when the polls showed Trump ahead.

  8. He’s calling for, albeit tongue-in-cheek and not seriously, violence against Hillary and the Democrats. He’s just being very cutesy about it because he doesn’t want to risk an actual crominal charge, or worse, someone doing something stupid and claiming this jackass as his inspiration and marching orders source.

    For everyone taking it seriously, get over yourselves and go find a real controversy.

    For everyone pretending it’s merely a get-out-the-vote exhortation, grow up and quit insulting our intelligence.

  9. It was a threat of armed rebellion against Constitutionally elected and appointed officials of government, thinly disguised as a joke.

    If you value the Second Amendment, then you have to respect the rest of them as well. If you don’t like a candidate, then vote. I myself will vote for a candidate that respects the Constitution. Trump ain’t that person.

    • Who then? Gary Johnson and his gun-grabbing running mate have no more respect for the Constitution than Hildebeast.

    • Constitutionality elected? How exactly did Clinton get that nomination? Or did you miss the content of those (illegally) released DNC emails?

    • That would require a serious suspension of logic and assume that the only way gun owners can affect political change, even with the second amendment, is through violence. Could just as easily meant an armed march on the Capitol. Civil disobedience. There are ways to exercise the 2nd Amendment without firing a shot.

  10. I noticed that no one except Breitbart has pointed out John Kerry’s comments about killing George W. & Dan Quayle. I guess it only counts if you’re a Republican.

    • John Kerry who was not running for office at the time making an idiom on a comedy show is not the same as a presidential candidate using words that can be interpreted as inciting violence. You can pretend it’s the same but it’s not.

      • Have you even read the Declaration of Independence?

        They may have hoped that King George and Parliament would read the document and say, “Oh, well, they really do have some valid points here.” and just called all the troops home, but I rather doubt it.

  11. His poll number are not going up. They’ve been going down. now has him at only 15% chance of winning. GOP needs to dump him or Trump needs to drop out before Sept 1 so someone else can get on enough ballots.

  12. So Trump stands up and says, hey if the second amendment is abolished, then Americans should refer to the Declaration of Independence for their guidance.

    Sounds like he gets it.

  13. Meh. Take it however you want. The 2nd ain’t about duck hunting-King George. Many millions of armed Americans need to get their shite togetther,hold their collective noses and vote Donnie…or exercise that 2nd.

  14. As much as some of you don’t want to admit it, if Hillary gets elected, there is a high probability of an armed civil unrest.

    If it is OK to promise to shoot someone that tries to steal or threaten you and family, why would it not be OK to promise to shoot Clinton?

    • No there isn’t. 2nd amendment supporters are about as spineless as it comes when it comes to using the right we cherish so much for the purpose it was intended for. You’re kidding yourself if you think Americans would take up arms.

  15. I thought it sounded like Trump was calling for the assassination of Supreme Court justices after they were appointed.

    The cartridge box should only be utilized after an Article V convention is tried. If that fails, or the Government chooses to ignore the new Amendments, then use the cartridge box.

    • We don’t need to amend the Constitution. We just need to insist that it be followed and those rights acknowledged, in the Bill of Rights be respected.

      • I think we need an amendment requiring the courts to apply strict scrutiny of the Bill of Rights to restrain activist judges. Our rights under the 1st, 2nd, 4th, and 5th Amendments are being eroded very quickly due to a very divided country and most of the judges don’t honorably uphold the Constitution over politics (even thought they are appointed for life) anymore.

        It would also be useful to have an amendment that provides a strong tool for individuals to defend their unalienable rights from government infringement. Currently, there isn’t any punishment to serve as a deterrent against lawmakers or regulators that infringe.

        The other amendments that would be useful would be one that puts the brakes on the regulatory state by requiring Congress to hold hearings and vote on all regulations and one that limits the use of eminent domain to true public uses only.

        • How can one delude themselves so much?

          The government regularly abrogates the Constitution and Bill of Rights and they have been doing so for decade upon decade. Government and its apparatchiks (that’s the whole body of gov-employees and both the democrat left-wing and republican right-wing of the single globalist-collectivist party) have proven beyond any doubt that they will NOT be restrained by the Constitution and any limitations on govt size, scope and power.

          How can one be so delusional as to believe that in adopting ‘new Amendments’ that government would abide by any amendment even in the remote eventuality that any new amendments would actually end up being pro-liberty and being restrictive of government (lo f’ing l)?

          Seriously, how deluded does one have to be?

          A constitutional convention opens up the direct likelihood that the controlling-cabal will utterly rewrite and gut the textual Constitution that we have, leaving no ‘constitutional-grounds’ or ‘lawful-argument’ at all when tyranny openly marches into totalitarianism.

          Rhetorically, what the hell is wrong with the reasoning and assessment process of so many people that such obvious stuff escapes them?

          Gear up, ruck up and get your mindset squared away because there is only one inevitable result of all this when all is said and done…an individual’s choice to accept slavery under totalitarian control or to revolt regardless of the odds of success or of survival.

          It really is that simple.

        • JB Karns:

          Not delusional at all. If a shooting war starts without exhausting all other means, we’ll surely lose just like Trump is going to lose the election (unless something drastic changes current conditions). We won’t have enough popular support and that will cause more moderate 2A supporters to shoot for the opposition. In order to win, we must be united and on the side with the most trained and skilled combatants. That won’t happen unless all other means are exhausted first.

          An Article V convention, as you indicate, is a high risk option that could be worse than a civil war (or simply turn into a civil war) but it would be a step that needs to be taken unless we can stop Hillary and the Dems in November and get originalist judges on the SCOTUS.

  16. Frankly we as a people should have been executing tyrants and wannabe dictators the minute they reveal themselves from day one.

  17. No matter what Trump meant exactly (if even he knows), I found some of the reactions to his comment ironic. Particularly this one: 

    Robby Mook, Clinton’s campaign manager, issued a
    two-sentence statement in response to Trump.

    “This is simple — what Trump is saying is dangerous. A
    person seeking to the be president of the United States should not suggest
    violence in any way,” he said.

    I wonder if Mook ever heard of this guy:

    Thomas Jefferson to William Stephens Smith, Paris, 13 Nov.
    1787 – Sourced from…(Quotation)#_note-1

    “What country ever existed a century and a half without a
    rebellion? And what country can preserve it’s liberties if their rulers are not
    warned from time to time that their people preserve the spirit of resistance?
    Let them take arms. The remedy is to set them right as to facts, pardon and
    pacify them. What signify a few lives lost in a century or two? The tree of
    liberty must be refreshed from time to time with the blood of patriots and
    tyrants. It is it’s natural manure.”

  18. He is obviously talking about organized political power (AKA lobbying). If Trump loses, “the 2nd Amendment people” could still stop Clinton by putting political pressure on Mitch McConnell to never confirm a Clinton Justice like he is doing with Obama’s appointee this year. It would be pure hell because the Senate would need to constantly stay in session to prevent recess appointments. Also, it seems unlikely that Mitch McConnell would hold out indefinitely.

  19. Here’s the thing…the media will do everything they can to destroy Trump. They will sift through every speech looking for anything they can use to keep him on the defensive. They understand that if the election is about BHO and HRC, she may lose but if they can make it all about Trump, she will likely win. Since the convention, they’ve successfully defined the campaign as a referendum on Trump’s qualifications rather than HRC’s many failings.

    Trump is clearly not a seasoned politician…which is exactly what he should say…that he’s not spent the last 40 years saying only what he thinks others want to hear. He needs to be careful knowing that most media outlets are NOT his friends.

  20. The media has been blasting him for the comment and so what?

    Trump knows the medias game and exploits it. They’re now airing his claiming that Hillary wants to take your guns away over and over for free.He won the primary doing it with the wall building.

    • Exactly.

      All the Trump haters can say what they want, but he’s quite adept at playing the media. They spend an awful lot of time giving him ‘free publicity.’

  21. If more “Second Amendment people” actually gave a crap about anything Donnie wouldn’t have been the candidate in the first place. Everyone is too worried about Mexican’s picking crops for minimum wage taking their jobs while this dickhead comes in to either screw you all over if he gets elected or let Hillary walk away with the election. But you all just keep blindly following him because he has an R after his name this year. He doesn’t respect any other part of the constitution, what makes you think he’ll REALLY protect 2a?

    He’s either too stupid to know that what he said is wrong to say or has completely jumped off the deep end.

  22. Apparently the USSS has made contact with the Trump campaign for clarification. The message is obvious to everyone except for the most moronic viewers, i.e. “if you value 2A, don’t vote for HRC…” but from what I gather, the USSS takes even the slightest threat seriously, so they’re probably making a visit just as a courtesy to shut people on the left up.

    Why Trump is denying such a visit is beyond me though…

  23. I might just be a green card holder and thus an outsider to American ways…but isn’t that exactly what the Second Amendment is for?

  24. As an independent constitutionalist , who doesn’t own firearms. But wholeheartedly supports the 2nd amendment as written. Do not listen to DNC trolls, falsehoods, misdirection, lies, deceit, or emotional trickery. These are tools of the Communists/Globalists . Divide and conquer is the oldest trick in the book. There is an unprecedented amount of bias aimed Trump. The Left-wing actors are afraid. They will cause as much voter disenfranchisement and disinformation as possible.

  25. Well I didin’t think TTAG had so many dumbass liberals, more than I thought. It all boils down to Trump vs h. c. All the other is B.S and is just B.S. please get it straight, Jeb is not a good guy, nor is the Ohio gov, nor is Flordia he is a has been, and please include all others that pledged to support the winner. Ryan is an ass,Trump won and anybody that cannot stand up to except there pledge, are people that I cannot trust, and I don’t give a rats ass about how much money they have either. Character is all that matters, they pledged to support period….

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