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Ray Donovan is an awesome series (not the least reason being that he drives a Mercedes CLS). In the excerpt above, the Hollywood fixer is none-too-happy about his son’s firearms possession. He worries that a kid could find it. I wonder why Ray didn’t train his son properly on gun storage, but that’s me.

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  1. Is this kid supposed to be over 21 and legally possessing this gun… Is it really dad’s gun that the under 21 kid just happened to get. Hmmmmm

    • He plays a high schooler. So nope, not 21. But it’s just a tv show! And silencers go pew pew.

      • I have to comment that just heard a suppressor for the first time this wknd.
        My friend finally rec’vd his stamps and off we went with his new 300blk SBR w SilencerCo suppressor.
        D u d e…!!!
        It WAS for real, movie specials effects quite!
        I kid you not.
        With reg 300 ammo and the suppressor it was as loud as a 22mag.
        With sub 300 ammo and the suppressor IT WAS pew pew.
        The P I N G from the round hitting the steel was louder than the fire.
        I was stunned to say the least.

        Carry on…

  2. It’s Hollywood doing what it does best, I’m not exactly surprised. “Safe storage laws” are the proverbial camel’s nose in the tent, just like “universal background checks.” Both require thorough freedom-shredding practices to be enforced. My parents taught me never to mess around with objects I didn’t know how to handle/operate safely as a kid. Anyone who refuses to do this is setting their kid(s) up for a blind date with natural selection. I’ll keep my freedom and live with that reality, thanks.

    • “A blind date with natural selection” I am going to use that one later… You’re exactly right though. Training and safety should start as soon as they can understand. My son was 1 when he knew the stove was hot, he’d randomly point and say “Ouch HOT!” And he knows guns can be the same.

    • Sigh. The gun-foibles of modern families. I had my own gun by the time I was 10 (an old .22 Remington bolt-action). In my rural red-neck family if you owned a gun you were expected to know how to care for it and how to use it. In my generation, all male children learned how to shoot at an early age. Responsibility came with that learning. This kind of disconnect simply didn’t happen.

      • I had a .30-06 hunting rifle at age 12 and a little .410 NEF single shot shotgun for graduation. I didn’t get into pistols until 9 years after high school. I of course was taught about guns as a young child so I knew not to get into the gun cabinet when my dad was not around except in an emergency.

  3. With the neighbor coming over, there is the suggestion that sonny boy stole the gun, especially with the denials that he had one. But that’s just me; I can’t think of another way a teenager could lawfully come into possession of a “gun.” (But then, I am assuming that it is a handgun, not a rifle.) So who ratted the kid out? Was he showing it off to his friends? That’ll come back to haunt you every time.

  4. The show lost me during the pilot episode when the main character authoritatively advises a woman to (paraphrasing) “Get a dog, not a gun – they’ll take it away and use against you.” I can usually separate artist from art but the sexist, blantantly anti-gun vibe made me stop watching right there. Looked up Liev Shreiber and he’s, unsuprisingly, one of the most enthusiastic gun grabbers in the business.

  5. Never heard of this show before and I don’t know what it’s supposed to be, but from the 1:36 I’ve seen of it, it looks pretty stupid. Pass.

    • Was it one of those BS Wal-Mart gun safes that can be popped open in under a minute?

      Even if it wasn’t, I can see the main problem here:

      The parent failed to raise a kid that respects boundaries…

      • No it took him awhile with multiple tools to get it open.

        One of the story lines in this show is that Ray’s kids are going off the rails because they’re spoiled by the money he’s made and don’t understand that he works his ass off to make it. Ray’s been on the cusp of going completely straight for a number of seasons but something always manages to derail his plans, usually his career criminal father Mickey (Jon Voight). As he has to spend more and more time away from home trying to fix various problems and get back to the straight and narrow his family is falling apart.

        This season he’s starting to realize what his priorities should be because his wife Abby (Paula Malcomson) has just been diagnosed with breast cancer but he has to juggle that with not letting his whole family get killed because Mickey went full retard last season.

  6. Just another reason why I will not subscribe to “premium” cable. As if I need another one.

    I would prefer it if people who I pay to amuse me would refrain from insulting me to my face.

    I used to be an ESPN junkie. I haven’t watched it in a year. Happily, it’s tanking.

    • “Just another reason why I will not subscribe to “premium” cable. As if I need another one.”

      Hell, yeah.

      If one has a touch of larceny in their hearts, broadband and BitTorrent (or a digital storage locker) will get what you want from ‘Premium’ cable.

      So I’ve heard. *cough*

      (Internet porn: Putting the ‘Broad’ in broadband…)

      • Actually, piracy is the ethical way to watch media.

        Think about it; If you pay for media you are then paying for anti-gun propaganda like this series(the pilot had a “get a dog, not a gun; the bad guy will just take it from you and use it on you”).

        Starve the beast!

  7. I don’t watch premium cable. But now we can add Liev Schreiber to the gun grabber list. What a shame. If you ever can find it, please watch him in Defiance, a wondrous bio pic about actual Jewish partisans in WW2. Schreiber was the protagonist. The movie began with him wielding a Mosin Nagant revolver against a fifth columnist policeman after the cop murdered his family, which gun had been his service pistol when he was in the Polish army. That old revolver began a locally successful guerilla war against the Germans. It is unequivocally the most poignant portrayal of the positive value of civilian gun ownership against the face of tyranny ever done by any media. Shame on Liev Schreiber for joining the rest of the Hollywood set and viewing his characters as nothing but fiction, even when he portrayed a real person, a real hero who never asked for the role, and truly was the good guy with a gun.

    • This isn’t an anti gun message. You can’t get the context from this clip.

      Conner broke into his mother’s pistol safe and stole her handgun so he could play at being a gangster.

      No parent in the entire world WOULDN’T be pissed if their kid stole a gun from a proper storage container so they could play with it.

  8. If you actually watch the show Connor stole the gun from his parents because he wants to be a “gangster” like Ray. He then proceeds to show it off to try to impress people. Clearly in the next episode he goes even farther.

    He expressed his wish to be a “gangster like my dad” to Avi who told him he’s retarded, Ray’s not a gangster and that he (Avi) only uses guns and violence so that his kids won’t have to. Later in that episode Connor found Abby’s (his mother) pistol safe, got it out of their room and spent time going to work on it with tools to get it open.

    If my kid busted into my wife’s pistol safe and stole a gun so he could play at being a gangster, I’d be fucking pissed too and I’d do a a hell of a lot more that just pin him up against a wall.

    Both of Ray’s kids are retards. He slaves to make money and provide a good life and they do nothing but shovel shit his way and take their cushy life for granted. Conner is definitely the bigger retard. Bridget might get knocked up by her high school teacher at some point in the future, but Conner’s going to get himself and possibly the rest of his family killed with his misplaced moto bullshit.

    Methinks RF should watch the show and not take a 90 second trailer to suggest that the show is anti gun. If anything it’s even handed about firearms and most of the characters are deeply flawed because of personal abuse in their life.

    • A show that tells a female character to not get a gun because ‘it will just be used against you’ is cribbing straight from the Bloomberg media playbook and should not be trusted.

      • Wow. Watch the show. There are many MEN and WOMEN who shouldn’t get a gun because it will likely be used against them. The reason is the same: they’re too pussy to use it and you never bring a weapon you’re afraid to use into a fight.

    • This Connor seems to be determined to piss off and disrespect his father, by any and all means possible. Stealing the gun was just one method. This will not change until his relationship with his father changes. Obviously, the father will have to do the work to make this happen. Either that or kick the little bastard out of the house and make him fend for himself.

  9. S o a p
    O p e r a

    ‘Nuff said.

    Schrieber as gun grabber… Real life.

    ‘Nuff said. Still.

  10. My son, now 18, has his own guns. At 15, he had a rifle, but no ammo for it, bought only the day of shooting at the range. He was also told that if he messed up just once, at anything, all guns could/would be sold. We’d all sell our guns. So far, so good. Not even a speeding ticket, yet. That isn’t something that would make us sell, though.

    • I grew up in a rural farming area of California along the coast. Santa Cruz and Watsonville back in the sixties. I was driving tractors on the road hauling apples to the cider factory at 11 Y/O.

      I was also given a .22lr rifle at 11 Y/O that I kept on my gun rack in my room that I could take out anytime I wanted to go shooting with my friends without asking permission from my parents. My friends, also about the same age, also had .22lr rifles given to them by thier parents. We would carry our rifles in the open along the roads going to different areas too shoot, with people driving by that we would wave at, rifle in one hand. When young kids were expected and trained to take on adult level responsibilities, and where those young kids acted with that level of responsibility, such as an 11 year child being trusted to handle a fire arm responsibly, without an adult being present.

      Think about the reaction now to a sight of 3 or 4 eleven Y/O kids, rifles in hand, waliking down a road, in public.

      Sigh. That really was the good old days. What a corrupt and degenerate, childish and irresponsible culture we have become where children are never really allowed to grow up to take on adult level responsibilities. (Otherwise known as being Liberal/Regressive)

  11. Defiance was a great movie!
    All my fellow Jewish Americans should be required to watch it
    The only way to stop the Nazis from putting you on the trains to the death camps is with a gun
    Go ahead and call the police… They are allied with the Nazis!
    As for kids and guns, I take my kids to the range when they reach age 10
    Before that they know not to touch a gun and to call and adult if they find one

  12. typical anti gun hollywood nonsense, i havent been able to stomach tv or movies in a long time. Its all liberal propaganda

    • For the character I think it was very appropriate. How can you say it’s gun grabbing? The main characters wife trained with her pistol in multiple episodes and then shot an intruder no muss no fuss. This show has been excellent.

  13. Dad gave me my first shooting lesson at age seven. We watched him try shotgun chokes later on, with ears well covered, and I fired my first shotgun at age thirteen. Sadly, my poor eyesight stopped me from progressing further. But after a double cataract operation I have perfect vision and I love shooting!

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