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Bellefontaine shooter (courtesy

“No good deed goes unpunished,” Oscar Wilde famously opined. In this case, the Korean-born owners of a beauty shop in Bellefontaine Neighbors, Missouri opted not to press charges against a pair of teenage thieves not once, but twice. And then paid the price. According to, the first time the pair boosted hair extensions . . .

“The couple got the items back and kicked the girls out warning them to stay away. They did not report the shoplifting to police. Later, the girls returned to the store and the couple called police, reporting a disturbance.

Police responded, spotted the girls on an adjacent parking lot, and took one of the girls into custody on a previous juvenile warrant. The other girl was released on a formal warning for trespassing, with the couple’s approval, [Detective Lt. Shawn] Applegate said.

Authorities believe that the girl who was released on a warning later returned to the store and shot the couple.

A witness saw her enter the store, “then less than a minute later came running out, swinging in her right hand a revolver as she ran,” Appelgate said. She was last seen in the area carrying the pistol and items believed taken from the store. She was running in the direction of the Castle Point neighborhood.

The couple are in critical condition. The parents of the shooter convinced their darling daughter to surrender to police. Friends of the couple — whose business was looted during the Ferguson riots — have set up a GoFundMe page to raise money for their medical and other expenses. Meanwhile, know this . . .

Leniency towards those who hurt you or your loved ones — financially or physically — may make you feel better, but it’s not likely to make the perpetrator change their ways. Or prevent a subsequent “revenge” attack.

And if you face an imminent threat of grievous bodily harm or death, don’t let your “better nature” prevent you from attacking your potential or actual assailant with every bit of speed, surprise and violence of action, no matter what.

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    • No I live in the area and would shoot anyone who tried to harm anyone around here….so that wouldn’t be good….nor is your comment

      • Yeah, because letting animals like this run around without meaningful consequences is clearly working great.

        • Who said anything about letting people like this run around? Not I. Obviously the police got her so she isn’t running around.

        • Do you appreciate it when people call you a “White Devil”? I didn’t think so, so stop calling other pepole “animal”. Thank you.

        • You just did. An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. The solution proposed by the OP would prevent animals like this from going on their rampages in the first place.

          Oh, and if you can find a better word than animal to describe this particular pile for fetrid sum, I’d appreciate it. Savage comes to mind, but even savages have some shred of honor or gratitude.

        • “… stop calling other pepole “animal”…” sez “Me”.

          Right- animals deserve more respect than any BLM member/supporter.

          However, don’t burn down the city, just those “select” neighborhoods… let them taste their own medecine.

      • Weird, you didn’t seem to do much shooting during the riots that ruined the area. Or do you just do all your shooting over the internet?

        • The best example of fighting back was during the LA riots. A family owned jewelry store (Koreans) brought rifles to the store at the height of the riots and fired back several times. They also set up guards using family and saved their business and way of life. If you cherish something fight for it. So to anyone who what’s to know what they could do here you go.

  1. Well that’s incredibly shitty.

    Even shittier is that the perp will likely get a slap on the wrist for 2x attempted murder.

    • I never understood why the penalties for being an incompetent murderer are less than those for a successful one.

        • Nicely done.

          Let’s send a nice big “Thank-You” to the Marxist infiltration for that accomplishment. It’s straight out of the Manifesto.

        • Yep. Just finished reading “Atlas Shrugged” by Ayn Rand.

          As a Jewish girl, she directly experienced the overthrow of the Czar of Russia by the Bolsheviks, then Communists bloody takeover, and the insanity that followed.

          For those that don’t know it’s premise, “Atlas Shrugged” is about what happens to the United States in the future when the communist ideology takes over the country, or it’s spawn called liberal/progressivism.

          She fiction she wrote back in the fifties, what the nightmare the US would become, is the reality today.

  2. “potential or actual assailant with every bit of speed, surprise and violence of action, no matter what AGE”

    • Comon’ serge, deep down you gots the feelz that this girl’s gonna grow up to be a useful and productive member of society.

      Heck, maybe she can be the DA for Baltimore!

        • Her attempted killing of those who showed her kindness is indeed sad.

          She will either be handed a slap on the wrist and sent forth to commit other crimes or be put in the system until the age of either 18 or 21 where she will learn nothing other than how to be a better, smarter criminal. That training will last 5-8 years and at the end of it she will be released back into society where she will be more violent and likely at least somewhat harder to catch when she commits her next crime.

          In effect, our criminal justice system will train her to be a better criminal and then release her to do whatever she happens to do.

          A worst case scenario is that she becomes so good at hiding her criminality that she becomes like Mosbey and is elected to office and hailed as “reformed” and therefore an expert in how to reform others and apply the law in a manner best suited to do so. Therein lies the gallows humor.

        • strych9, Exactly why folks who actually analyze the data, have no problem with the death penalty for ‘children’ above say, around 8.

          By 13, they have developed into pretty much whatever they’re going to develop into. I remember the neighbor kid who killed small animals and shoved them down the basement drain at 10. He was a sociopathic attempted murderer by 20. Or the borderline violent retard who somehow got ‘mainstreamed’ into public school instead of prison. Killed a man with a roofers’ hammer in a hotel room around 19 if memory serves.

          It’s a great thing that we pretend that “anyone can be anything” and such frippery. The reality is that some percentage of the populace is genetically hardwired to be completely effed-up. When we see such things from a 13 year old, the real answer is terribly distasteful, but crystal clear. Kill it, there is no redemption, or lock it up forever if that’s all one can stomach. No human being is so callous about the value of human life by age 8, let alone 13.

  3. seriously. either that girl is a born straight sociopath, or well I can’t say the rest. mentioning the lack of father in the home would be raciss

  4. This perp should be prosecuted as an adult and dropped into prison for 15 to 20 on consecutive sentences. The reality is that she will only get a slap on the wrist and her record will be automatically wiped clear when she turns 18 because only BlackLivesMatter.

      • This is the correct answer. One obvious indication of our society’s implosion is that it isn’t self-evident to the vast majority of our citizens.

      • If only the Koreans understood the hardships the blacks faced, despite generations of handouts and preferential treatment.

        • Somehow, the word “handouts” doesn’t quite adequately convey the $5 trillion+ dollars we’ve poured down this particular rate hole since the 60’s and the start of “The Great Society.”

        • How about “largesse that we should have spent on infrastructure which would have yielded decent jobs for all of you and might have kept you on the right path”.


        • Both Dyseptic Gunsmith and 16V get it!

          Imagine what we could have done for infrastructure in our country with $5 Trillion!!! This has been my beef with government freebies all along … at least get solid work out of the people who get the “free” money. (Of course the money is not free: government stole that money from productive people.)

          So, you claim that you cannot find work that produces a living wage (potentially a legitimate claim) and you want money from government? Fine: you can have $3,000 per month after you WORK 40 hours per week (and I mean really work) building bridges, roads, parks, municipal water water systems, municipal electrical distribution networks, etc.

        • uncommon_sense, We used to have exactly what I believe we all are looking to have happen – The WPA (Works Progress Administration). We have the money you need, we have a job for you to do to earn it, we’re going to build infrastructure that benefits us all.

          A brilliant idea, and it actually, you know, worked

  5. The editor opines “no good deed goes unpunished” but the fact of the matter is the failure to press charges led to;
    -Failed to get the one girl with an outstanding warrant arrested
    -Failed to adequately punish the girl with no warrants (I’m not going to assume she had no record)
    -Failed to secure the two of them against future crimes in the interim (sounds like they lurch from one crime to the next)
    -Failed to remove two extremely rotten apples from the community (majority of crime in an area usually stems from a meager handful of feral beasts)
    -Failed to legitimize the proper channels of authority & justice in handling these matters
    -Failed to document the incident which contributes to misallocation of police forces

    It truly is cruel to let a crime go unpunished, and this is the result. The narrative frames this as two mischievous kids nipping candy from the store who got carried away, but the events before & after reveal these two were likely every bit as scary & ruthless as big Mike Brown. The shooter was most likely directed by the local captain to go get even for the disrespect of getting a sister arrested.

    • This is why I believe in shitty people being put in jail for their crimes. Culling of dishonest people keeps them from doing even worse things.

    • Nope. Koreans don’t qualify for Progressive outrage because they are an insufficiently oppressed minority, ignoring the past, oh maybe, 1,000 years of East Asian history. The irony is that Chinese and Japanese have long treated the Koreans as the Blacks of Asia.

      My but Progressive sensibilities are fickle, aren’t they?

      • No, no, Koreans are the Jews of Asia (because they have lots of money, see themselves as “special,” and get pushed around by the larger countries), Chinese are the blacks of Asia (because there’s so many different kinds who quibble among themselves, and the vast majority of them are brutally oppressed by dictators hailing from their most prevalent ethnic group), and Japanese are the Germans of Asia (because they were, and in many cases still are, Nazis).

    • Or it could be that 2 non fatal shootings is about the most mundane thing ever in american news and that’s why this was only covered on small regional outlets. Seriously, the only outlets that picked this up are tiny regional branches and far right sights fixated on her race, sorta like the comment section here seems to be for some reason.

      But yes, i’m sure it’s all a giant conspiracy lol.

      • So yeah, the media is reporting that twice as many whites as blacks are shot and killed by cops every year, yes?

        That blacks are far more likely to commit crimes, and therefore interact with police, yes?

        That black interaction with police is far more likely to involve resisting arrest and struggling to get a weapon, yes?

        Please, go back to climbing rocks. Your bullshit is seen for what it is here.

      • “… fixated on her race, sorta like the comment section here seems to be…”

        Baserock, you might want to go back and re-read the comments here because you’re way off base…rock.

    • These two victims weren’t the “right” kind of minority. They actually came to the country (legally one may assume- I don’t think there’s a huge influx of illegal Korean immigration) and are self-reliant, small business owners.

  6. Do adult crime-do adult time. Like the savage 15year girl who murdered (stabbed to death) the elderly white woman in Gary,IN. She fed and helped her too. Man when she got a death sentence(since commuted) you’d think she was a saint . Trump’ll fix it(groan-watching this blowhard live). We are sooooo screwed…

  7. I guess it’s Open Hunting Season on the Shoplifting Shooter.

    Is there GoFundMe for the bounty of this little creaton?

    • We just need to totally ban guns, melt them down, throw them in the ocean, and then enact responsible sword laws. Then we’ll never see crime or violence again.

    • Ghetto black, that’s what kind. May as well have been raised by wolves.

      Not civilized blacks. Ghetto trash, not that Bellefontaine Neighbors is really the “ghetto” – lots of work-a-day folks in that neighborhood, white (in precipitous decline) and black. Most of whom pay their mortgage, taxes, and bills. It’s hardly a horrid hood, it just that the residents have a good number of ‘undesirable’ friends/relatives who do bad things. And they come to visit…

    • Because this behavior is just as common with white 13 year-olds.

      Oh wait. Exactly. That’s why people are “fixated on her race”.

      All over the world, regardless if the entire country and government are black, this sort of thing is common place – for blacks.

      Stay uninformed and stupid my friend….

    • You do realize blacks commit crime at much higher rates than any other race, don’t you…

      Choosing to ignore the elephant in the room doesn’t make you “classy”, friend.

  8. I don’t think that we can really blame mental illness or charge her for being black in the 1st degree. Except being black, that shit’s legit.

    Rather, why not social conditioning? Constantly being taught The Man!(TM) is keeping you down!
    You gots ta make em respcet you, bowa!

    Having nothing but one flavour of kool aid means you stop thinking that there could possibly be any other. The same narrative from every direction from birth creates the same result. Niggas gon’ nig. I’m not white, so I can say that, ha.

    The only kids that I ever met growing up who had shoplifted were, ironically, the privileged white kids whose parents never said no. Far as I could tell they were trying to gain some measure of petty control. The joke was all the little shops, usually at petrol stations had a sign with ‘No Shoplifting’ on them.

    My grandfather, the man who raised me in how2man, squatted down with his hands trying to pry the wall of the shop up. The cashier assuming a heart attack, ’cause dude was old says ‘Oom, are you alright?!’. My pa says ‘Ja, ‘Ja. I was just trying to shoplift, it’s very hard you know.’

    Heavy embarrassment, that’s how you do it.

    Also, why do guns come out for every little thing? Whenever there was a large crime committed such as large bank robbery, mass murders and such shown on TV we would have a question and answer session.

    How and why did they fail and what should you have done to do it right. Great parenting, mummy. Other kids were taught how not to do crime, I was taught how to do it right. Also, if I did it right I didn’t do wrong, but if cops show up at the door she’ll find me in the next country and cap me herself and then take my corpse to the police to confess. And go to jail.

    Somehow your mother in jail taking responsibility for you is worse than ‘ma respect homies’.

    Ah, youth.

    Not don’t it, don’t get caught; especially not by me. Don’t take chances on small fry. Hide like a bitch, die like a bitch. I ain’t no bitch, therefore I have never committed a crime.

    Not because I can’t, because it’s not worth it. I knew this at age 5, c’mon kids, really?

    • We all can say it, just that the race privilege card allows you to do so in public without fear of shame, ridicule, or losing you livelihood. Unlike us oppressive whites who run everything. /sarc

      Regardless, glad you had decent parents/family who raised you to be a decent human being. That’s what the country is really about, and if these race baiting idiots would surrender their gravy-train, we could get on with actually getting back to not caring about color, or some perceived oppression from hundreds of years ago.

      I could have a beef with most of the civilized world, as someone’s relative having tried (or succeeded) in killing one of mine over the last 600 years that I know about. Instead, I’m sane.

  9. They start “bangin” young in the Lou…what a shit hole. The company I used to work for opened a huge technology center there and was transfering employees there. The company also has a huge presence in every major drug cartel controlled city in Mexico. They can really pick them.

  10. I’m from Bellefontaine Neighbors, not too far from where this happened actually, and it can be a pretty nice place to live. When White Flight happened in the 1980s-1990s, thanks to liberal Democrats flooding the area with Section 8 and HUD, is when things went to Hell. Now those same idiots want to bring that crap out to the more affluent parts of town. They’d better take a long look in the mirror and realize what their white privilege, white guilt mentality is going to be inviting.

  11. Yooz gots to looks at dis from da chilrens point of view. How dey gonna gets dey cloze and weave for skool?

  12. This is the result of Libs/Dems/Left/Progressive policies. In the 50 years since LBJ declared war on poverty we have spent an inflation adjusted $20 trillion. What have we gotten for such sweeping “compassion”? 73% black illegitimacy rate, generations dependent on welfare, entitled to take hair extensions, destroyed inner cities and a substantial percentage of the population that will never contribute.

    Good thing we have 150+ government agencies to administer said compassion.

  13. This is happens far more often than an unjustified police shooting of a person of any race. Does anybody doubt that if this 13 year old “child” was shot by the police while she resisted arrest while armed that the mob, including our anti-police faction, would be screening for the officers head?

  14. Even having read this story, I can’t help but think that the storeowners did the right thing. She’s a 13 year old, there’s no sense in ruining her future over 20 bucks of hair.

    Even her parents did the right thing, convincing her to go back to the store to apologize, which makes me think that the problem isn’t at home.

    We’re missing part of the story, still. Who gave her the gun? Who lathered her up into such a rage that she decided to ruin her own life and engage in murder?

    Will we ever know?

    • You are not being compassionate. You are reinforcing anti-social behavior. She should have been forced to face the legal consequences of her actions. Juvenile records go away at 18. Now her life is truly over at the young age of 13.

      Where did she get her weapon? From one of Obama’s sons.

  15. Dey dindu nuffin yoos raysiz!

    God fucking damnit, I hate when Colin Flaherty calls it; this is just another in a very long streak of black on asian violence. Goddamnit, black people, you don’t need white racism to get you down — you ruin your reputations yourselves. What on earth makes people not only unrepentant thieves, but also try to murder people who have shown them kindness and mercy more than once when they would have been fully justified in keelhauling them the first time?

  16. I have been saying this here before
    I will say it again
    I blame it entirely on the rap/ghetto/hip hop/ black culture
    Everything these girls see on tv, music videosand on the radio glorifies violence and crime
    There is not one word about finding a mate, raising a family, helping other people
    Only ho’s, playa’s, killaz, stolen money etc
    There is no counter propaganda to that hateful message
    This is what happens when the youth are raised only hearing and seeing this junk

  17. The store was burned down during the Ferguson riots? Interesting… Mike Brown also assaulted an Asian store owner. I have always thought that he had some sort of arrangement whereby he would regularly steal from that store without consequence, since it was an anonymous customer who had to call it in. In any case, the community seems to be holding the threat of another looting over their heads, and scoring free weave as a result, until they finally got tired of it. And the community made good on it’s threat.


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