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PrintSAF Sues Illinois Over Foster Parents’ Civil Rights – “The Second Amendment Foundation today filed a lawsuit against the State of Illinois on behalf of two foster parents, alleging deprivation of civil rights under color of law . . .  Mr. and Mrs. Schults have been denied their rights because IDCFS policy substantially prohibits foster parents, and those who would like to be foster parents, from possessing firearms for the purpose of self-defense. This violates their constitutional rights under the Second Amendment.” Do foster parents give up their civil rights when they take in a child who needs help?


Sending the mixed signals: Enemies see America as vulnerable prey – “After the attacks by radical Islamists in San Bernardino and Orlando, Americans did not rally together as they had after 9/11. Instead, almost immediately, the country was torn further apart. About half the nation saw the terrorist killings as a reason for stricter gun control rather than a reason to fear the continuing spread of radical Islamic terrorism. The other half worried that political correctness and the president’s refusal to even mention radical Islamic terrorism are eroding the ability to deter it. America’s enemies draw their own conclusions.”

Shootings Bloody (sic) a Rite of Summer in Black Neighborhoods – Ban barbecues!

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Crimson Trace adds the new Laserguard Pro LL-803 light/red laser combo for you GLOCK 42 and 43 owners.

Anaheim police amass 676 guns in buyback, a record haul – “The weapons, which include rifles, shotguns, semi-automatic handguns and revolvers, are kept in an evidence warehouse at Anaheim police headquarters. Among them are several sniper rifles, sawed-off shotguns, SKS assault rifles, and an M1 Garand, used by U.S. troops in World War II. Blackburn said he was particularly glad that several subcompact .22-, .25- and .380-caliber and 9 mm handguns were collected, because they are easy to conceal and are favorites of street gangs.”


Supporting Politicians Who Battle Guns and Champion Gays – “Pride Fund is working with other gun reform organizations to mobilize the LGBTQ community and our allies, raise funds to counter the robust financial power of the National Rifle Association and gun manufacturers, and elect candidates who will be champions of these causes.” If they really wanted to champion gay Americans, they’d sponsor Pink Pistols chapters and memberships in all 57 states.


Rep. Coleman (D-NJ): 2nd Amendment Only Covers Muskets – “’This is something as a non-lawyer that I have had trouble with from the very beginning. When the framers of our Constitution considered the Second Amendment, they were talking about muskets,’ Coleman said Tuesday at a news conference outside of the U.S. Capitol.” We suspect that’s not the only part of the Bill of Rights that troubles Rep. Coleman.


1. No one needs a commercial truck this large.

2. The Founding Fathers never envisioned large commercial trucks, and did not intend for people to drive them.

3. These “assault trucks” are designed for killing large numbers of people quickly, and that is their only use.

4. We need a “no truck” list immediately, one that does not require due process to get on or off.

And so on . . .

(courtesy factcheck.org)

Obama on Access to Guns – “White House spokesman Eric Schultz told us that the president was ‘simply making the serious point about the lack of opportunity and ready access to guns in way too many places.’ Schultz provided us with anecdotal evidence, mainly links to news articles where people spoke about how easy it is to obtain a gun illegally in urban areas, such as Chicago.” ‘Nuff said?

Matt Damon, protected by armed policeman, doesn’t want to answer questions about “gun violence.” I wonder if his bodyguard is packing. That said, “Do you think the Dallas sniper was influenced by your movies?” is a low blow. Yes?

Texas Firearms Festival Daily Digest: Hoplophilia, Turning Back Time and Loving the War on Guns">Previous Post
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      • The NRA wasn’t actively involved in politics until the 1970s. Before that all they were concerned about was their marksmanship programs (which was the reason the NRA was formed). It took the draconian GCA to start an uprising at a NRA Annual Meetings where people that wanted the NRA to get involved in politics usurped the leadership of the NRA.

        LEOPA I am not sure what you are getting at with citing this law. As far as Duty to Inform, sometimes that is what it takes to get concealed carry laws through the legislature. Would you rather not having the ability to concealed carry at all?

        • The NRA publicly supported the NFA and the GCA. They also supported the LEOPA (which creates a separate class of citizens because of their job) and bans most AP ammo from being imported or sold by FFLs (a defacto ban as the supply dwindles). And in several cases Duty To Inform laws were shoved in bills for CC at the last minute not so that they could pass the legislative process, but because an NRA hack thought it was a good idea. These are the reasons I find it hard to support them despite the good they have done for gun rights.

        • “Would you rather not having the ability to concealed carry at all?”

          It certainly would separate the men from the boys, now wouldn’t it? Many of us carried concealed before licensing in our state. It was common before 2000 so most of us didn’t run into problems. We didn’t need permission slips. By allowing concealed firearm licenses to stand, we lend the air of legitimacy to infringement and we divide our forces. Even now, some of the sheep among us believe that a test and a licenses is prudent before someone can bear arms. The longer the licenses stand, the more people will believe that bologna.

        • “Many of us carried concealed before licensing in our state. It was common before 2000 so most of us didn’t run into problems. We didn’t need permission slips.”

          Well said.

          I can neither confirm nor deny that I have personal knowledge of people concealing before “permits” were a thing.

          But, I’m confident to say it happened. 😉

    • ‘…what the rest of America call bolt action, scoped deer rifles?’

      Until we need sniper rifles…

    • What I find most fascinating is how the mainstream media treat SKS rifles. The SKS is the textbook definition of a
      ‘California Compliant’ rifle. It has a 10 round non removable magazine. It has no pistol grip, folding/collapsing stock, or muzzle device. It is not a derivative of any fully automatic weapon and cannot be readily made to fire like that. It meets literally every silly rule they’ve created about not being an ‘assault rifle’, and yet THEY STILL CALL IT AN ASSAULT RIFLE!

      • It’s a semi-automatic rifle that a lot of people (outside of California) stick a black stock on, it comes with a bayonet, and larger cap magazines are readily available, and (unbeknownst to libbies) if the firing pin is still in its original commie junk “floating” configuration and not cleaned properly and regularly, it can jam forward and slamfire all the rounds in the magazine.

        • Quite an adventure there with the train… and so i found out that you’re from BM, almoast 2h drive from me(now)… i’m from Dej 😀 small world how we end up in Bucharest. Enjoy your days home, I sure am, even though i only have till the end of the week 🙁

        • I’m glad you wrote about these top 10 space facts. This way people will learn more about our planet and about space. Will how can you not know that the moon is moving? How could you think that it remains in the same spot?Thank you for posting these top 10 space facts so people can learn some things they already should know.

      • I didn’t see the SKS called an assault rifle until the Dallas shooters weapon was misidentified as an SKS. Then it was a fully semi-automatic SKS assault rifle. A totally ridiculous description. If the SKS is an assault rifle, then why wouldn’t they consider the M1 Garand one also?

  1. “When the framers of our Constitution considered the Second Amendment, they were talking about muskets”

    Hmmm…and at that time, slavery was legal and almost totally accepted. I suppose we’ve come a long way haven’t we? ARs for everyone and abolishment of slavery.

    Wait, are you suggesting we go back to muskets and slavery? The muskets sound like fun to me but I’m gonna guess that other part will suck pretty hard for you.

    • That’s it! Ban the internet! The founding fathers had no idea that any idiot would be able to spout their stupid opinions on Twitter when they wrote the First Amendment.

  2. Under the “musket” logic of Ms Coleman, the 1st Amendment “…freedom of the press” would protect only quill-pens, parchment, and Gutenberg presses!! DMD

  3. I would like to say something about Rep. Coleman (D-NJ) but I am afraid it would be seen as an ad hominem attack — that said, how can you misconstrue the simplest of amendments — is it a reading comprehension issue? Did she bother to read the Federalist papers. Where is the word “musket” in the constitution and does she even know what a musket even is? I am not sure what being a non-lawyer has to do with anything.

    She is a D in a deep D district but come on.

    It scares me how laws are made when people read things that do not exist in the way this person does. How can they be trusted to make larger decisions?

  4. So much here. I’ve been to a south side of Chiraq BBQ. Didn’t get shot-coulda’ been.The hot black women I was with(ex-wife)announced to the brothers “we’re getting married!”. Ms. Coleman is retarded. Little Matt is retarded. If gay folks want to be disarmed-life’s rough and then you die.I’ve known some foster parents-some were wonderful folks-some were in it for the check. But I support their gun rights …and finally our “enemies” aren’t the only one’s who see us as prey. With president’s like Bury Soetoro…

  5. I see nothing but sheep in that picture about the anti-2A gay group. They just don’t seem to understand that hating conservatives and happy-happy thoughts won’t save them from getting butchered by terrorists.

  6. I never got shot at a BBQ, but I got heartburn once and buzzed a couple of times. Okay, more than a couple of times.

  7. We were foster parents in Kalifornia. ..guns had to stores unloaded and ammo locked up in a separate location. …since they only did an inspection every few years, it wasn’t really an issue….and all 13 of kids we had learned to shoot…

  8. Matt Damon.
    Lucky you can act
    You’re not worth even $ 15.00 an hour at Burger Doodle.
    They would replace you with a robot.
    What an ass.
    Hollywood should stay where they are – in Kalifornia.

  9. Yep, from all sides the hypocrites scream to take our guns while condescendingly proclaiming that no one is out to take our guns. If Coleman wants to get REALLY strict in interpreting the 2nd and other Amendments, then freedom actually refers to men, of a Caucasian complexion (just following her example of reality, not an implicit finger pointing at anyone), who own land, and happen to mostly own slaves.

    If she wants to live in that bubble, okay, but the framers also didn’t envision clothing made in China, Mexico, or India, so no more underwear, no lingerie, no clothes made anywhere EXCEPT the United States, no food imports at the scale of modern trade levels, etc etc etc…

    I have had enough of people of any color or sexual orientation or political ideology telling me what the framers intended when I can read in plain English EXACTLY what they said, or I can read their life time of correspondence on the 2nd Amendment. Respectfully, F YOU Coleman and the horse you rode in on.

  10. Every “War” these people declare they lose…. their “War on Guns” wont be any different…

    The only thing they cant beat will be consistency. Mark my words,

    the chi.coms will be mining their bones

    for calcium supplements.

  11. If the EPA get their way…yes they will ban BBQ’s…..emission house gases and all that you know…..right Obama (wink wink)

  12. “When the framers of our Constitution considered the Second Amendment, they were talking about muskets…”
    and swords and cannons and rifles and……and…..and whatever else the people might use to protect themselves and their communities. The framers were not ones to shy away from new technologies, they surely knew they couldn’t win a war against England by throwing rocks.

  13. …but that deadly menacing and horrid SKS is the only rifle I know of that has a permanently-affixed bayonet—the horror of it all—every SKS in creation must be both immediately banned and confiscated to save our children from this current ghastly plague of horrible drive-by bayonetings!!!! DMD

  14. The more important point to make about Matt Damon’s and his movies is that in many of them he is using guns and violance to fight against oppressive government and or government origanzatuons. I.e. The Bourne Series and Elysium. In other movies he plays a gun carrying lawman on True Grit. He also played in Saving Private Ryan. Does he think any of those characters in real life would be anti 2nd Amendment? Is not the 2nd amendment there to protect citizens from the exact government oppression that his charecters fought against. If the governments in the above mentioned movies have anti gun laws for its citizens (they did) where did his charter get the guns from? The Black market perhaps.


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