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PrintHoplophilia: Bang, Bang: Inside The Bizarre World Of Gun Fetishists – “While political pundits might use the phrase “gun fetishist” as an exaggerated insult to conservatives, for some folks, it’s actually a spot-on description of their love lives. These people are known as ammosexuals, gunsexuals, or just simply gun fetishists. Shocking as it may be, some men and women have come forth to talk about their sexual attraction to guns. Keep reading to learn more about the fetish, the people that take part in it, and more information right here.” To an anti-gunner, aren’t all gun owners ‘fetishists’?

What could possibly have averted this tragedy?:

If only there were an affordable, commonly available tool that women could use to protect themselves against bigger, stronger attackers.

Special Forces soldiers from the German Army are at Yuma Proving Ground testing a new G-29 sniper rifle (courtesy yumasun.com)

yumasun.com serves-up an excellent photo gallery of six German Army Special Forces soldiers testing a C.G. Haenel G-29 sniper rifle at the Yuma, Arizona Proving Ground. The super-heated snipers sending .338 Lapua Magnum rounds downrange put the potential replacement for Deutschland’s G22/G23 rifles through its paces. A grand day out, no doubt.

CL067 AK Cleaning System

Century Arms, North America’s premier manufacturer of the AK-47 rifle, has announced the introduction of new additions to the their Red Army Standard accessory line, the AK Cleaning System, the Deluxe AK Cleaning System and the Elite AK Cleaning System…. The AK Cleaning System is the standard kit that contains everything you need to clean your firearm and perform basic, field-level maintenance. The Deluxe AK Cleaning System features the same components as the standard, but includes additional AK-47 oriented tools such as a pin punch and gas tube brush specifically designed for use on an AK-47 rifle. The Elite AK Cleaning System has the features of both the AK Cleaning System and Deluxe AK Cleaning Systems with the addition of the Ripcord® and solid cleaning rod sections.

If You Like the War on Drugs, You’ll Love the War on Guns! – “A new argument has taken hold among gun control advocates, that gun control could reduce police violence. It’s a shameless attachment of a sectarian agenda to an issue that’s been in the mainstream for about two years now. The argument goes all the way up to President Obama. ‘Part of what’s creating tensions between the communities and the police is the fact that police have a difficult time in communities where they know guns are everywhere,’ the president said over the weekend.” The good news: the .gov is sure to be just as competent and effective in eliminating guns as they have been in ridding America of drugs.


Survey: 76% of Police Chiefs Say Armed Citizens ‘REDUCE’ Violent Crime – “While liberals call for more gun control to stop violence, three-fourths (76%) of the nation’s police chiefs and sheriffs say armed citizens actually ‘reduce violent criminal activity,’ the 28th Annual Survey by the National Association of Chiefs of Police shows. … Fully 87.9% say ‘any vetted citizen’ should ‘be able to purchase a firearm for sport or self-defense,’ while only 8.9% said ‘No’ and 3.2% replied ‘N/A.'” Winning. Even among politically appointed chiefs of police.

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HuntingLife.com‘s running a contest…you can win a trip to Montana to hunt buffalo with Tom Opre, from Eye of the Hunter, and a Henry .308 rifle. Click the image above to enter (not a Facebook page).

Is a portion of the firearms sales surge more than just the result of domestic politics?

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  1. That site for “Hoplophilia: Bang, Bang: Inside The Bizarre World Of Gun Fetishists” is more weird and bizarre that the fetish and BTW, great picks at the link.

    Regarding the short film or any anti-gun film — interesting that the Left likes to both use the stereotype and rail about the same stereotype of the poor little blond girl — especially when most of the women affected by violence by gun or otherwise are mostly Black or Minority and not white and blond. Don’t believe me? Look at the posters they put up for Domestic Violence Month this October — where is the white chick?

    • That hoplophilia article was just too weird. #5 looked like an attempted suicide.

      To me and most other active competition shooters I know, a gun is an item of sporting equipment. Just like a tennis racquet, golf clubs (silly sport in my opinion, and my son’s), surfboard, cricket bat (baseball on valium), mountain bike, sailing boat, etc.

      But a rifle can help put food on the table and keep evil-doers at bay. And it can even be the same one you use at the range.

      • If I were so inclined to have a gun fetish, that series of photographs did nothing to encourage it.
        Loved the first photo, but not so much for the gun. Really liked the thigh rig on those sexy legs. I have a thing for straps on womens legs. Garter belts, thigh holsters, whatever. She could have been carrying an iPhone in a drop leg rig and it would have turned me on.
        The other things were bizarre. Seems they have a suicide fetish to me. After the first photo, I clicked through to see more stuff like that. Click bait for sure. You mean to tell me that was a representation of gun fetish? I’ve seen sexier stuff on The Food Network or Fox News. I think the Hip Hop culture was grossly unrepresented in that piece as well. If anybody glorifies sex and guns, it’s the rappers.

        • I find women that are capable to be just plain sexy. Knows how to fix a car, build a house, hunts or a competitive shooter. It adds 2 to 5 points on the hot scale, where ever they start on that scale. Of course, a woman that carries a firearm for self defense, is a competetive shooter, and also wants to be a wife and a mother, that is definitely a 10, added to where ever she is on the scale.

          Where as, a women that is a ten, but that’s all she has, loses 10 points. I find such women completely unappealing.

        • Well, its hard to tell what a woman is capable of from a picture. And speaking of the ten point scale, I find it to be flawed. Let me explain.

          When was the last time you and your buddy debated whether a woman was a 2 or a 3? Why bother in a room full of 7s and 8s? Matter of fact, who cares about a 6 or less? So lets just throw those number out
          Another problem I see is the usage of fractions. My God man! If she is a 9 1/2, for all you care she might as well be a 10. If you are going to give half credit just use a 20 point scale. And then the guys that say “8.9”. What? Was a hair out of place?

          When a guy rates a girl based solely on appearance, what are we talking about? Sex. Attraction. Sex appeal. Sticking with that premise, I have developed my own scale that is in the fair use realm so feel free to use and share. It really simplifies the system and can be immediately applied to any woman on the planet. So here it is:

          The scale only involves the integers 0-4 with no fractions. 0 being the lowest to 4 the highest. For reference only in this introduction, the 4 is the old 10 or more accurately, the old 9 and 10.
          Applying this scale is easy by answering two questions. “Would I have sex with her and would I let my best friend find out?” That’s it. It’s that simple. Here’s the breakdown:

          Zero (0) This is a woman so hideous, not only would you answer “no…hell no!” to the first question, it sickens you to have thought about it. (Think Hillary Clinton, or the mom in “Throw Mama From The Train”)

          One (1) This is a woman who, under the correct dosage of fermented liquid, you might find yourself entangled with. Coyote Ugly. So now you have to address the second criteria. Would you let your best friend know you tapped that? No way. This is the girl you sneak out of the apartment before your roommate wakes up. (Think Debbie Wasserman-Schultz or Sandra Bernhard) BTW, you can never publicly rate a woman a “1”. You call Ones, Zeros but in your mind, you know the truth.

          Two (2) This woman is hot enough that you would not be ashamed if your buddies knew you picked her up. She’s the girl that approaches you at the bar or you go for after last call. (Think Brittany Spears…the overweight version)

          Three (3) Now we are talking Hot but not too “crazy hot” These are girls you ask for their phone number long before the lights come on. If you happen to get lucky, you don’t share that information to protect her reputation. Don’t mess up a good thing. You keep her number in order to call her for a date. That’s a real date, not a booty call. Booty calls are for Twos. (Think Brittany Spears…the fit one)

          Four (4) These are prime babes. Super models. You won’t get to first base with these. In her eyes, you’re not above a Two. “So you’re saying there’s a chance”. Theoretically it could happen. So if it does, you definitely tell your friends. As a matter of fact, you make a sex tape and leak your Cloud password. (Think…I don’t have to tell you).

  2. So let me get this straight. “Ammosexual:” bad.

    Guy with a boner under his dress draining the lizard in the girl’s room: good

    It’s a strange, strange world we live in, Master Jack.

    • From an anatomical perspective, the person you described is at least talented enough to pull off that feat. Not saying it is good, but I guess they found something to practice in their uh, spare time.

      Also, perhaps we should throw the SJW playbook right back at these clowns and shriek about “how dare they apply convential societal norms to someone’s sexual preferences” or some such rot. I’ve often found using progs’ logical-jerks against them to be highly amusing.

      • It’s easier if you’re doing a handstand, and that also solves the issue of the skirt getting in the way accidentally.

    • What a mad, mad, mad, mad world it is! But, welcome to the world of the bizzarre. Now, you and I are members of a minority and oppressed group also.
      Now we, too, can break laws and good sense at any and all times without consequence. Like the reporter in Cali. Now, all we have to is play the minority card whenever we get caught at any stupid and illegal activity. Where is the nearest moms chapter? I feel like some fun…

  3. Gun fetish! If you like your 12″ barrel you can keep your 12″ barrel. Very sad watching the reportage from France. At least Hollande calls it “Islamic ” violence instead of the pos in chief. Of course he’s turning France into a police state 🙁

  4. Hmm… Did the prohibition of alcohol increase or reduce violence? Did the prohibition of drugs increase or reduce violence? Would the prohibition of weapons increase or reduce violence? Shouldn’t take a rocket scientist to figure that one out.

    As much as I love my .30-30, lever guns with box magazines just don’t look right. https://www.henryrifles.com/rifles/the-long-ranger/

    • That looks a lot like the BLR. I’ve never used a Henry but I hear good things about them. I also liked the old Savage 99.

      • The Savage and Browning aren’t exactly ugly, but they still just don’t look quite right. Henry generally makes some rather pretty lever guns, but they need to go back to the drawing board with that one.

        • To my eye it looks pretty good.

          My question, though, is how are they dealing with the Spitzer point problem, and keep pointy (or even round-nose) rounds from touching off the primer of the round in front of them.

        • They didn’t deal with problem, they button hooked around it. It’s not a tube magazine, it’s box fed.

      • My buddy and I found a Savage 99 in .308 a few months ago. We both wish we could have picked it up, but It was out of state for me, and he didn’t have the money. It was in great condition and the price was decent. It’s a neat rifle!

        • In my youth the 99 was a fairly common rifle in a variety of medium game calibers. They carried well and shot well. And in those days they had the advantage of being a lever gun that could use spitzer type bullets safely.

          The Marlins and Winchesters were hazardous with pointy bullets.

        • I would probably never even hunt with it, but own it due to the novelty of the rotary style mag with magazine capacity indicator. Being in .308 you could shoot it fairly affordably.

          My first hunting rifle is a Remington 760 Gamemaster in .30-06. It’s been in the family since the 60’s and was given to me when I was 12 to start hunting with. It has a detachable magazine and they are 10 round mags available for it. I would never do it, but they do have 870 style furniture that fits the rifle so you can have an ultra scary pistol grip.

    • I kinda like it, but I hope they’re not sending it with the winner for him or her to use on the buffalo hunt. Their .45-70 would be much better than a .308 for that.

      • At close range the .45/70 would be better but even comparing the heavy Buffalo Bore stuff the .308 wins out by 150 yards in energy. Most .45/70 loads are downright anemic. I’d want 180gr. but I think I’d take the .308 myself.

    • Only four rounds of .308? Maybe okay if your only interest is hunting. I’d like to see that Henry set up to take an M-14 20 round mag.

  5. “A new argument has taken hold among gun control advocates, that gun control could reduce police violence. … The argument goes: … ‘Part of what’s creating tensions between the communities and the police is the fact that police have a difficult time in communities where they know guns are everywhere,’ “

    Well, I look forward to hearing the proposals from the President, the presumptive nominee, and their political allies on what they are going to do about Illegally-acquired guns, held by known criminals, used for criminal acts, way, way disproportionately in poor, urban, black and Hispanic neighborhoods.

    These are the places it is way easier to get a Glock than a book. So, let’s hear about how they’re gonna fix that, and “banning all guns, for everyone” really seems like a lot of wasted effort.

    While they’re at it, maybe explain how they gonna do that while reducing tension between citizens and police in those areas?

    • These are the places it is way easier to get a Glock than a book.

      Well, a book doesn’t do much good for people who don’t know how to read and are too lazy to learn.

      • Which probably explains the lack of bookstores in gang neighborhoods. Nevertheless, books cost a few dollars and an black market glock probably goes for a couple thousand or more, so just on the issue of cost alone, the pres is full of shit, by a factor of ten or more, assuming a rare first edition book. So, what else is new?

        • My understanding is that black-market guns can be quite cheap. Many (most?) having been acquired for free via theft, their price is often a reflection of how much money the current possessor needs to get his or her drug of choice.

          The rules of supply and demand are generally skewed quite a bit when the supply-side participant has a heroin or meth addiction…

      • Hmmm… That would explain the lack of trigger discipline, maintenance, holding it sideways, etc., that always seem to be present when “gangstas” show off their guns.

        In order to RTFM, you have to be able to R in the first place.

      • Well, a book doesn’t do much good for people who don’t know how to read and are too lazy to learn.

        Wanna save your money? Hide it in your books. – Chris Rock

    • The friction between police and Blacks is because Blacks have no respect for authority. For that matter, Whites are not that much different. Of course, Whites don’t go insane and loot and burn down the only businesses which will open shop in a mainly Black area. Whites don’t burn down their own homes in protest.

      And, who is to blame? The Democrats. Democrats, once the party which supported slavery and supported the KKK, have changed tactics and now woo Blacks, Hispanics, etc, in order to harvest votes to keep them in office and in power. They now seek to financially enslave all races.

      To that end they promise all manner of “free stuff”. Cell phones with data, HD cable TV. For Hispanics and Latinos, its selling homes with the promise of not deporting homeowners. Drivers licenses. Medicare. Education. For Whites its paying off their college loans.

      I understand those who accept such bribes. I can’t really blame them. If someone promised to pay off my mortgage, my car loan, help pay my utilities, cover my medical needs, erase my college loans, I would sure be tempted. Bummer for me, I have my pride, my ethics, my morals. I pay my debts. I can make a contract with a handshake and they know I will follow through. I paid back every cent I borrowed from my parents. I voluntarily paid child support. I’m proud of these character flaws.

      I’m proud that I have a religious grounding which has taught me to respect others, to follow good rules for having a safe society.

      We should be taking a lesson from Europe and how unvetted immigration has ruined those nations and cost lives.

      I watched a talk show in which a Black woman (from BLM I think) say that the police need to be disbanded and disarmed, and that communities should come up with their own ideas on how to fix community problems. I guess they want to hire the New Black Panthers as their “police” and Al Sharpton as their “police chief”. Maybe Obama as their mayor?

      • I’ve been out of work for three months. Thanks to a redundancy payout I’ve been able to eat, pay bills, make mortgage payments, travel to interviews, and even keep competing at the range (but at a reduced number of attendances). Things are getting tight, but I know how to live cheap. I did have contingency plans to sell or rent the house but luckily they didn’t have to be enabled.

        I have NOT asked for welfare, even though I could. Usually by the time they start paying I have another job. This time took longer than usual. In three months I made 270 applications. More than many will do in their lifetime. In this last week, from Tuesday to Friday I’ve had FIVE interviews. And today one of them asked for references. Here’s hoping!

    • Yeah, hot picture for sure. Select-fire Kalashnikov and a damn fine woman. But those gloves, I can get over it.

      • We are overdue for one of those too, but with a 400,000 year repeat, we could be off by far longer than civilization will last.

        OTOH, USGS is 1 in 10 for a 7+ quake on the New Madrid Fault in the next 50 years, which would make the damage incurred by Loma Prieta minor in comparison.

      • Oh my word…talk about triggering.

        If Gersh gets PTSD from shooting one of the mildest recoiling rifles in existence, I can’t imagine his response after an eruption on that scale.

        Of course, the rest of us may not fair all the much better, truth be told. That will be one hell of a day if any of us live to see it.

        And, just for the record, we are “overdue” according to the pattern of the timings of past eruptions. She’s building folks. Someday she’ll go.

        And, to put it into perspective about old Gersh…what did he write about after Hurricane Sandy?

        The loss of mice.


  6. If Century Arms is considered the “premier American AK manufacturer” then I weep for our country when the rest of the world, Second and Third World countries I might add, who built them for their armies did not have their rifles prematurely shear metal from poor specs, weak cast metal garbage, and shoot themselves out of headspace with questionable reliability and handguards that make Chinese chu wood seem indestructible.

    But hey the rifle “looks pretty” and ‘Murica. Can’t believe so many still give Century a pass. The ignorance about AK’s in this country remains strong. Hopefully DDI will make things right.

  7. That hoplophilia slideshow was appalling. Humans are a very strange bunch of creatures.

    On the other hand, the image featured in this post…damn. I love seeing a pretty woman who has a gun and knows how to use it. Like Thomas R. said above, women who are smart and capable get a huge desirability bonus in my book.

  8. LiF: The fact that he’s no longer the worst is probably the only thing I do feel sad abimJ.toumi: Thanks! Ordinarily, I’d agree about the Midwestern Guilt thing, but this is one case where I’ve suspended that obligation for myself. Even if I tried, I just couldn’t feel anything but glad.

  9. I am writing my condolences for Joy’s passing. Although we never met, (as far as know) she is my great, great aunt. Doyle Heller is my grandfather. (I revived the Elderkin name after my divorce). I am grateful to know of Joy and of her joys in life.May the family be held and supported.Blessings,AManda Elderkin


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