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“The 2008 (Heller) ruling opened the door to mass gun ownership, and the NRA and the gun industry it represents came crashing through. They carried with them a childlike vision of ‘good guys’ with guns killing ‘bad guys’ with guns, a ‘slippery-slope’ belligerence that sees any sensible restriction as a threat to the Second Amendment, and the will to reshape American life around the Second Amendment. It’s as if the right to bear arms trumps all other rights, including the right to life for more and more Americans every day.” – Rich Cowles in On guns, fear, justice and empathy in the wake of Philando Castile’s death [at]


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    • Let’s be fair vhyrus, The police in certain publicized and un publicized instances have been involved in shooting and mistreating examples of just about every type of social group that can be imagined. minorities have no special status as the only ones who have been abused by the police.

    • Skimmed through the article and it’s like his argument is that a) the 2008 Heller decision had something to do with the Right to Carry movement, which it most certainly did not, b) that cops are racist and c) we should enact ‘sensible gun safety nonsense’ so that cops stop shooting black people. He doesn’t come out and say it but it seems like he’s insinuating that blacks should be disarmed for their own safety. Pretty racist stuff.

    • OK… Maybe I’m being a little ‘nit-picky’ here… But isn’t it illegal to posses a firearm while you are under the influence of alcohol/drugs??
      The driver recorded more than just her boyfriend after he was shot… There is also a recording they took of themselves smoking weed in the car…(with their 4 year old child in the back seat)

      • Yeah, a lot of things are illegal that shouldn’t be. Gotta maximize revenue for the state somehow.

        Also, breaking the law is not automatic grounds for Barney Fife to panic and engage in summary execution. As a gun owner, it ought to be obvious to you by now that the laws and the cops are presumed to be the enemy unless they demonstrate otherwise.

        • I can’t agree with you on that.. And calling the deputy Barney Fife is way out of line… I wonder how they can record each other passing a doobie but the camera doesn’t start rolling until after the shot(s) are fired…

        • You’re right: Barney Fife was a coward and fool, but deep down he was also a decent human being. I apologize for associating his character with the brain dead bureaucrat-with-a-gun who murdered Castile.

        • Got it. You and Obuma are potheads. Rationalize the law around the lowest denominator of stupid.

          a lot of things are illegal that shouldn’t be What else is on your list? Barry reportedly was (and rumored is) alos big on cocaine). Should that be OK too?

        • While I agree with you on the legality part of it, that flies out the window when they’re (allegedly) operating a vehicle WITH THEIR INFANT INSIDE while partaking in cognition altering substances. We call that a DUI/DWI and endangering a minor.

          Of course this is the first I heard of them doing anything like that and even so it’s not a death warrant, so I’ll assume it’s hear-say and take it with a big ol’ grain of salt

  1. The blame lies squarely on legislators. They create the malum prohibitum statutes which created the confrontation. Why do we allow officers to write tickets for things such as broken tail lights to begin with? Eliminate these petty revenue laws and you’ll nearly eliminate these types of situations along with the accusations of driving while black.

      • I still have not heard the “description” which he “matched”, so I choose to not believe that.

    • 2A broken tail light is a legitimate public safety issue. You’re operating a vehicle on public roads with a hampered means of communicating your intentions to other drivers, which can lead to collisions.

      Now, I’ll agree that the basic traffic cop is largely a tax collector for the welfare state, enforcing ridiculously low speed limits, mandatory seat belt, and unreasonable “sobriety” roadblocks. These are things that affect only the driver or else assume some guilt prior to any evidence, though. A broken tail light falls into a different category.

      If you really want to follow the Five Why’s path, I expect you’ll find that being a pothead scofflaw with 42 traffic stops had more to do with the outcome than traffic laws themselves. Besides, that broken tail light bit I’ve only heard from the girlfriend’s video.

      Do we know for a fact that was the reason for the stop? I’ve read mention made of the vehicle matching the description of criminal suspect in the area. If that’s the case, tail light laws are irrelevant.

      • It’s a public safety issue, but is it worth pulling people over for? Particularly if it’s going to result in a police officer executing a “civilian” by the side of the road?

    • The police are asked to do too much — period!

      Why are they being asked to go into schools to deal with disciplinary action?

      And yes, the police are all too often used as the tax man. After the financial crises many towns in my area ramped up speed enforcement and police would go into commuter parking lots to find vehicle violations so they could give out revenue generating tickets. There have been stories of the police going to a home and arresting people for late library books — where does it stop?

      People have to get involved and push back on government and/or vote out the lifetime politicians.

      Finally, we the people have to stop the other people who are loud mouth and have nothing better to do who are always screaming “something must be done” — No, no something must not always be done. Shut the F UP. Most people want to be left alone, but then they have no voice because the loud mouth jerks are always lobbying to “get something done’ and there is NO other side to push back.

      Close to 1MM gun owners in my state and yet when it is time to go to Hartford to fight, it always the same handful of people who show up. Imagine the message if at least half showed up to protest and thousands signed to testify.

      We have stupid laws forced to be enforced by poorly trained police who have been turned into tax collectors and nanny’s because the good people do not get involved — period!

  2. The 2008 (Heller) ruling opened the door to mass gun ownership, and the NRA and the gun industry it represents came crashing through.

    Did this guy just step through a portal from an alternate reality? Minnesota passed liberalized concealed carry in 2003, 5 years before Heller. And isn’t gun ownership supposed to be in decline, according to the gun control lobby?

    • “And isn’t gun ownership supposed to be in decline, according to the gun control lobby?”

      I guess that depends on which breath they answer you with

    • Gun ownership is in decline when it suits their agenda to say so. Gun ownership is rampant when it suits their agenda to say so.

      • Gun ownership is “in decline” only because gun owners no longer answer questions from strangers concerning their guns.

        And on one liberal site a commenter ranted, “Not answer a pollster truthfully!!? That’s unpatriotic! That’s not being a good citizen!”

  3. It’s been a good week and a half since both shootings. Castile is still being held up as a pillar of the community, despite reports of his criminality and gang affiliation. This guy apparently has no idea about any of that. Maybe the paper sat on his editorial for a week, but there is really no excuse to begin the article repeating the myth of Castile as an upstanding citizen, aside from plain virtue signaling.

    • Unless he had felonies or serious domestic violence/drug/alcohol violations there is absolutely no reason to believe he was a danger to the populous.

      • Would matching the description of an armed robber, and being the spitting image of the suspect from said robbery, count?

        And if my kid was in this guy’s cafeteria, and I saw his social media, I would certainly consider him a threat to my populous.

        • Unless he was proven to be the armed robber, then no it wouldn’t. The stop was justified, the shooting (at least based on my evaluation) probably wasn’t.

        • For FUCK’S SAKE, people. The word you are groping for is POPULACE. “Populous” means something totally different.

    • Multiple outlets confirming he had a legitimate permit to carry in MN. His criminal record is made up of petty traffic crimes and two minor drug charges, which were dismissed. Where are you getting gang banging hardened criminal from?

        • So do you have any legitimate news outlet sources confirming your claims? Because all of the actual news sources cited by the link under the youtube video you posted confirm what I said, that he had multiple traffic offenses (around 3-4 a year on avg) but nothing more serious and had a valid permit to carry in MN.

        • Im sure theconservativetreehouse is a reputable news source that has very little bias, yet they offer nothing other than the fact that he looked like a robbery suspect and unattributed image grabs that may or may not even be the deceased. And it links back to the same bogus “news site” from all of your other “proof”. Do you honestly believe if there was even a shred of proof to any of those claims that Fox News (or really any other news agency because that would be quite the story) would not have picked it up and run with it?

        • At best, you’ve proven he was a wannabee gangbanger poser. Not exactly Al Capone we’re dealing with.

          You wanna know how to tell a real gang member from a fake one? Real ones have criminal records. You don’t get to 32 as a banger without something on your sheet. Hell they won’t even let someone that clean join a gang.

        • I just knew based on ruester’s wild theories and unsupported accusations he was going to link to The Conservative Treehouse or Gateway Pundit, two of the most disreputable sites in existence.

          Sure, the MSM lies. That doesn’t mean that paranoid cokehead non-MSM “journalists” like Jim Hoft are automatically credible.

        • To put this in perspective, had he not been shot, he would have been brought in for questioning, sat down and shown the tape, and denied it was him. Then, the police would build a case against him based on the tape, and his resemblence to the robber. And he would probably be convicted of it, based solely on that. It happens all the time.

          And it certainly IS a shame that a cokehead could figure this all out on his own, without the help of a major news outlet.

        • I have to say, having examined their “evidence” for castile being a gang member to be rather… underwhelming. More innuendo than evidence, really.

        • Yes, the police state convicts people on flimsy evidence all of the time; I’m not sure what your point is. I’d certainly rather be wrongfully convicted–and able to take revenge on my accusers–than murdered.

          However, since you are such an enthusiastic booster of the police state and since, like all of us, you break laws every single day, I happily look forward to the day the when the cops target you and I can say “Well, he broke a law or two.”

      • Sorry this is so late but…WHERE did anyone SEE a CCL license??? Hearsay and rumor until we(like the whole world) see a copy of A CCL!!! End of rant…

        • Sorry brahiem, dead guy’s ccl is not public domain. You’re gonna Hafta take general consensus at face value.

          That said, what difference does it make if he had a permit? We’re always on here harrumphing that we don’t need no stinkin permits and suddenly a black guy gets gunned down and we DEMAND it? What utter hypocritical bullshit.

    • Minnesota law states that if you’re a MN resident, you must apply to the Sheriff of your resident county for a Permit to Carry a Pistol. Non-residents can apply at any MN Sheriff’s office
      That Sheriff is on record saying that Castile never applied with his department, and so, no permit was issued. I don’t know if MN residents can carry on an out of state permit in MN.
      Also, MN requires training documentation, and I haven’t heard of any instructor coming forward to say Castile took a CCW class from him. There’s also a requirement that you can’t be listed in the gang investigation database.

      Most law abiding gun owners keep their handgun in a holster, not perched on their thigh, straddling their crotch, just saying.

      All we have is “Lavish/Diamond’s” word, and I find her as credible as Dorian Johnson. Why didn’t she fire up the camera as soon as they were pulled over???

      “Lavish” has stopped talking, on advice of counsel, and Castile’s family isn’t making a big stink to release the dashcam video. All I see are politicians and agitators making claims, while the Minnesota BCA is quietly doing their investigation, and making no statements. The only reason we know he was a robbery suspect, is because a private citizen recorded the police scanner audio, and made it available to the press.

  4. What to say, what to type that can cut through the copious amounts of text already written about this mans death?

    I don’t blame the Heller decision for this man’s death, if you follow the “logic” of Cowles, then Castile would have died even if he was packing a banana, I blame asshole’s like Rich Cowles, the anti-gun dream team members of congress, the state houses, the mayor’s, governors, Presidents, representatives, newspaper editors, columnists, and big name media mouth pieces who keep spreading fear of firearms, and the constant bloody shirt waving used to talk ad nauseum about gun control.

    I praise people like Mark Hughes, and Brandon Francis, who showed that good guys with guns can be us too, not just police officers. Every death is an opportunity for President Obama, or some other political leech to stand on the dead to proclaim the immediate need for more laws, eroding our rights as a people further and further.

  5. That right to “life” should really be interpreted as right to “defend life”. Heinlein said it best —-

    What ‘right’ to life has a man who is drowning in the Pacific? The ocean will not hearken to his cries. What ‘right’ to life has a man who must die to save his children? If he chooses to save his own life, does he do so as a matter of ‘right’? If two men are starving and cannibalism is the only alternative to death, which man’s right is ‘unalienable’? And is it ‘right’?

  6. When threatened yes the right to protect your life and lives of your family do trump the right to life of the person trying to take it

  7. Funny. People think there is an increase in silly behavior in the US. I don’t think that’s the case. I think it’s simply more accessible and easier to catch on video.

    I think the internet, social media, and the fact that the majority of the population now have a camera in their hand and aspirations to be the next idiot in a video, this is what you get. 10-20 years ago, you had to find a news crew to get on TV. Now you can just upload your stupidity to Youtube no questions asked and you WILL get views.

    So long as America celebrates and rewards stupid behavior with headlines, notoriety, and airtime, it will always be readily consumed and sought after.

    It’s a culture / maturity / media problem.

  8. The numbers are getting close to 57 MILLION abortions. Where was the right to life. Margret Sanger was a racist who spoke at Klan rallies. Yet she is held as a hero.
    No amount of good, bad, or accidental shootings by Cops, CCW holders; or crims kiling each other is EVER going to get close to that number.
    The rhetoric that is spewed against POTG and the NRA and the hate that comes from the DEMs is what should be banned, common sense restricted.
    Against conservatives, Patriots (yeah us people who love America) We have Harry Reid on the Senate floor lying about individuals, lying about the TEA Party, and the NRA. The hate comes from the left yet they blame the hate on everyone else.

    Attack Chick Fil A see what happens. If they keep pushing We WILL puch back. Chick Fil A should scare them. Because after they came out and tried a boycott you had to take a day off work if you wanted a sandwich. Wait until we deicide as a whole group to finally stand together in the streets.

    When the gun guys who aren’t worried about the AR’s just want their shotties and bolts and you don’t need more ammo than a lever gun can hold, get the message that they too are included that it IS about ALL guns they will finally open their eyes. About 13.7 million hunting licenses issued country wide in 2011.
    These control freaks and anti’s should be worried, Besides we have all the guns.
    We outnumber the cops, and all the branches of the Military. And most of them ARE with us and ARE also us.

    • So? If the demtards hadn’t aborted all those illegitimate black babies “we” wouldn’t have room for all the Mexican/Central Americans and Somaliam/Syrian/misc Moslems they are now importing? Their imported special interest coolies being “better” than home grown?

      • No, he was correct: the right to bear arms is the right to life. The single most driving force behind all life is the struggle for survival. Humanity’s means of survival is tool, i.e. arms.

  9. witness the expression on richie’s face just before he touches the secret brick in the wall that opens the portal to the chamber filled with kitty porn. rat meow!
    ad hominahominahomina to the moon!

  10. So it’s the same as— Blame Detroit’s auto industry and Ford for my daughter being killed by a drunk driver??
    I’d like to beat this so called journalist with a wet noodle… Moron

  11. The cop may be as pure as the driven snow but since he is member of a department that isn’t using body cams in the year 2016 I’m going to assume that he and his whole police department is a bunch of scumbag rotten cops.

    In 2016, there is no excuse not to be running with bodycams except to avoid responsibility. Period.

    • If I were a cop today I would have my own body cam. Anyone who does not is strongly suspected of being involved in criminal action. Soon, we’ll have the capability for live feed body cams, monitored at the station, with loss of signal being a reason to stop what you’re doing and report to the station for repair. There is simply no excuse. Universal body cams will not solve every question, but it will sure help, and even if the picture is useless, the audio will still be important.

  12. “Every indication is that Castile died because he was a black man with a legally owned gun who followed the gun-safety protocol he was taught.” Castile was following the wonderful (for cops) Duty to Inform provisions that the cop suckass element of the NRA crowd actually cheers in concealed carry laws. According to the rednecks, “we’re on the same side” as the cops, and you won’t get executed without trial like Castile if you are “one of the good guys” (white guys) that Wayne LaPierre blathers about.

    The ONLY Reps. that opposed Duty to Inform with criminal penalties in Illinois 2013 concealed carry bill were “Chicago Machine” Black Caucus Reps. LaShawn Ford, Chris Welch and Will Davis. The NRA backed sponsor of the concealed carry bill Rep. Brandon Phelps debated Rep. Will Davis toe to toe for 30 minutes in the IL House floor debate, and Phelps refused to take Duty to Inform OUT of his carry bill. Phelps stated, “it (DTI) hasn’t been a problem in other states”!!! NRA state lobbyist Todd Vandermyde already cut a deal with the anti-gun Chiefs of Police back in 2010/2011 to put DTI in the NRA bill. Great work!

    Phelps and Vandermyde knew that Duty to Inform would only be used to stop, arrest, set up and kill black and brown people in Chicago and Cook County, so who cares? Not the racist hick losers from southern IL who vote for traitors like Brandon Phelps.

    • Wow demo boy(?) just stop. I’ll get ahold of Todd and get him to give you that 20bucks he borrowed for you. Or did he defile your little sister? No one in Cook is getting pulled over for CC.

  13. “a ‘slippery-slope’ belligerence”

    Been studying Alinsky, eh? Trying to use “slippery slope” against us?

  14. So there was not mass gun ownership before 2008? So even though the 2A was ratified in 1791 it didn’t take affect until 2008? Does this guy study history?

  15. “Mrs. Cowles, I dropped the baby. I don’t know why.” – The maid explaining to his mother why young Rich seemed a bit off. (Acknowledgments to Robin Williams)

    One of the cornerstones of Jim Crow was disarming Black people…

    • Absolutely, and it cannot be repeated often enough, until baiters like Osama, Jackson, Dullton, etc get on board.

    • See this quote from Mr. Cowles

      Add to this the fact that our country has discovered — over and over again — that simply turning its back on slavery and Jim Crow doesn’t end the virulent racism that was their fuel. Every time we try to turn the page of history, we find the previous pages have bled through. Systemic racism continues both blatantly and in subtle ways that many of us white Americans don’t even see, resulting in persistent gaps in income, education and health.

      So Cowles has no problem with gun control laws being enforced in a systematically racist manner?

      Or do racist cops suddenly become racial egalitarians only when enforcing gun control laws?

  16. Liberal….
    Can’t lay blame at the individual.
    Must lay blame at political opponents.
    Always hypocritical when mistakes are made by his comrades, but generalizes when political opponents make a mistake.

  17. Minnesota has been shall-issue since 2003, so Heller had exactly zero to do with this.

    Gun-grabbers never let their ignorance in the subject stand in the way of their opinions.

  18. Laws are the reason Castile was shot. More laws beget more violence on the part of the authorities since they have more laws to enforce.

  19. In 2008, Barack Hussein Obama took office, and this cadaver Cowles blames the NRA for all of society’s ills. I suppose the NRA also caused the economy to tank in 2008. And let’s not forget global warming, the Zika virus and ebola. Yup, the NRA did that too.

    Y’see, according to Cowles — see if you can follow this tortured logic — it’s only because of the NRA that people are allowed to carry firearms. He cites the Heller case as the manifestation of the NRA’s animus, ignoring the fact that the case was sponsored by the libertarian Cato Institute.

    Then Cowles claims that if Philando Castile wasn’t allowed to legally carry a gun, he wouldn’t have been carrying, I guess because nobody carries a gun illegally. Then he further claims Castile wouldn’t have been shot if he wasn’t carrying, and further claims that he was shot because he was black.

    Which one is it?

    And then Cowles complains about black men who were unarmed and shot by raaaacist cops. Because of the NRA and raaaaacism.


    I’ve read some stupid crap before, but Skeletor’s bloviating screed takes the cake.

    • That’s not skeletor. Is Stephen Hawking, he’s hard to recognize with out the chair.

  20. 1.) The Writer has the I.Q of a Fruit Bat ! His “Police Department Issued 1st amendment Press Credentials ” should be immediately suspended and revoked ! He should be immediately adjudicated as a Mental Defective, and classified as a “Prohibited Person. ” Removing his ability to further harm society by eliminating his “civil rights to the 1st amendment and his ability to vote !” This man, like other men and women who associate with the DNC/Demo-Erratic party…All suffer from a highly contagious forms of mental illness. Caused by political group contact. All “Demo-Erratics ” should be forced to submit to an Expanded Obama-Care Mental Healthcare screenings and criminal background checks ! For signs of Mass hysteria, schizophrenia, bi-polar mania, Hysterical housewive/soccer mom syndrome, chronic repetitive hand-wringing , etc…
    2. ) I agree with one of the comments regarding not enough good people partake in government! *(+100)* Nobody goes to sit in at townhall. Until one of the Tassel-loafer tyrants suddenly develops a Hilter complex and thinks it’s a good idea to have local police roadblock the main drag and stop residents with the welcoming tone of ; ” Papers please !!!”
    3.) I agree with some of the posters. Not all police are bad…But unfortunately we have a severe trust factor now a days… And if you venture to the East Coast. You find PD/PO’s very unsympathetic to your US constitutional Bill of Rights. I also blame the heavy Militarization of local/state police. My dad is a retired security chief of an armed security detachment for a gated community. And even he’s say its way out of control. As he said, if militarize something…The personnel will develop the “Navy SEAL/Commando Mentality” that comes with it…And suddenly, the freedom loving citizens find themselves living in San Salvador with Sandinsta police-commandos instead of guardians of the Constitution.

  21. So Heller has opened the flood gates, permissive carry laws have spread like wildfire, and homicides, gun related and otherwise have…

    …hit historic lows.

    Keep going, antis! You’re banging on all cylinders!

  22. I blame Richie for his nanny state voting habits on Philando’s death. If he hadn’t voted for a police state then maybe Philando would still be alive.

  23. “It’s as if the right to bear arms trumps all other rights, including the right to life for more and more Americans every day.””

    Uhh… duhh. Without the right to defend my life, without the right to defend my freedoms aka other rightsI don’t have those other rights.

  24. Breaking news: NRA comments on the shooting death of Philando Castile – “We have determined that while Mr. Castile was a licensed gun owner he was not registered with the NRA nor was he a “Good Ole Boy” so there will be further comments on this case. Thank you”.

    • Understanding the degraded racist good old boy mentality is key to understanding why Chris Cox & Chuck Cunningham at NRA/ILA employ lobbyists like Todd Vandermyde in Illinois, and let him put Duty to Inform in NRA backed bills.

      Illinois’ first concealed carry bill sponsored by Rep. Brandon Phelps failed in May 2011. Vandermyde put Ohio style DTI with immediate notification in Phelps first bill because the police unions wanted it. When the U.S. Federal Court in Chicago totally overturned IL’s weapons statute in Dec. 2012, 2nd Amendment patriots had a once in a lifetime opportunity to pass a decent carry bill. Again Vandermyde sold out to the police unions and again he placed DTI in Phelps “NRA backed” bill. The ONLY Reps. who opposed DTI were Chicago area Democratic Black Caucus Reps.!

      To this day Vandermyde claims to the retarded hicks that “DTI hasn’t been a problem” and, “we haven’t heard of a single instance of a license carrier being proned out on a felony stop.” No matter how many people like Philando Castile that the police execute without trial, the racist retards who idolize traitors like Vandermyde and Phelps actually believe that they will never be killed by cops because they are white. That’s Klan law.

  25. I have a deaf 10 month old Bull Terrier Mix puppy and he won’t stop biting me. He isn’t trying to be mean, he just uses biting as a means of playing. He obviously doesn’t respond to &#;0#28no&28221; so any ideas on how to get him to stop would be great!

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