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This spoof ad starts pretty well — comedically speaking — until Freddy Scott deploys the “gun owners have small dicks” shtickAd nauseam. 

The idea of an object as phallic compensation is often attributed to the makers of the Chevrolet Corvette. Sorry, Sigmund Freud. Because guns are phallic and the cocaine-sniffing father of psychoanalysis was deep into psycho-sexual pontification, complete with archetypal associations.

Gun rights advocates counter that supposedly Freudian notion with a quote misattributed to the Austrian analyst: “A fear of weapons is a sign of retarded sexual and emotional maturity.” As well the equally non-Freud derived remark “Sometimes a cigar is just a cigar.”

Freud said neither. In fact, he wrote this about guns, well, weapons and male phalluses (phalli?) in 1958’s tome Dreams in Folklore:

The representation of the penis as a weapon, cutting knife, dagger etc., is familiar to us from the anxiety dreams of abstinent women in particular and also lies at the root of numerous phobias in neurotic people.

Which tells us not a whole lot, really. Especially as Freudianism is a crock and the cocaine-sniffing doctor never cured anyone of anything ever.

Anyway, the basic idea — that gun owners as a class of people are sexually under-endowed compared to, say, gun control advocates — is scientifically undocumented. Factually challenged, if you will. And just plain stupid.

Which is entirely besides the point for advocates of civilian disarmament. They want to promote the idea of gun owners as mentally challenged deviants. So they’re dicks about it. Denied any factual basis for any of their arguments, they resort to ad hominem attacks on those fighting for firearms freedom.

Suffice it to say, there’s another meaning to the expression “well hung.” Let’s hope it never comes to that.

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  1. The anti-gunners all seem to be mighty obsessed with my equipment whether it is my rifle or my gun!

    • Funny, you never hear them mention that the most popular “small penis compensator” (the AR15/AR10 platform) is most often BLACK.

  2. I can’t believe that I watched all the way through.

    At least the comments section was open.

  3. Funny. The problem is a lot of people will believe this to be a real add for him, and believe all of us of the gun are this way. They just have no brains.

  4. I’m not altogether averse to showing these pinko-commie scum the other meaning of “well hung”… Though the balkan side of my family makes me a bit partial to a nice sharp stake over a noose as the appropriate method.

  5. If gun owners have small penises… does that mean anti-gunners are eunuchs? (Gersh Kuntzman, I’m looking at you)

    • Kuntzman. Best name ever for a guy that’s afraid of a gun mastered by little girls worldwide.

      • That name has now been forever immortalized in verb: “Boy you really Kuntz’d that up. Stand up straight and do it like you’ve got a pair!” and “Stop being a Kuntzee-man and hit that nail with some authority!”

  6. “Scientifically undocumented,” or not, the compulsion to demonize and antagonize armed adversaries, whether or not armed oneself, bespeaks a certain degree of detachment from common-sense, much less reality.

    And a cigar is usually just a cigar, unless wielded by a Democrat in the Oval Office.

  7. How dare those panty-sniffing nancys resort to ad hominem attacks on us! Why, if they had any balls I’d kick them.

  8. So when facts are not on their side, when their ‘studies’ are debunked, and childish protests yield no results their answer is penile obsession?

  9. Aw… The widdle prog snowflakes are jealous of other men’s penises. Isn’t that just preshioush?

    Yet more proof that most gun control freaks are sexually unbalanced and insecure, with delusions of grandeur, and can’t help but project their shortcomings onto others. Truly pathetic.

  10. Nothing new. Liberal statists talking about cocks rather than anything remotely in the form of a serious or rational argument. Nope. Cocks.

  11. IF someone were to invent an effective self-defense device that was oval and flat, and POTG accepted it and used it, The antis would start calling us all p*ssies. Sometimes you just can’t win so you gotta laugh.

  12. Turning pages in his book with the AR15 was funny.

    That being said, liberal default to something that has nothing to do with facts and data. Pretty typical unfortunately.

  13. Off topic. I have been trying to digest the new format with just subject line and no lead in. It really sucks and wastes my time. Most of the topics I open then dump without reading more then a line or two. My reduction in time spent on this site and less frequent visits reflect that. Since you don’t have a feedback link I dumped it here.

    See you around, maybe.

  14. The only real dickless wonder in this scenario would seem to be our eunuch potus who doesn’t have the balls to fight terrorism, only to push his own agenda.

  15. What is he saying about Women who shoot AR’s?
    That they have penis’s?
    Isn’t that sexist?
    Isn’t that misogynist?
    He is nothing but a pervert.

    If I had a little girl and she snot AR’s and this jirk said such things about her I might be inclined to sew his lips shut into a labia of some sort and wipe that sarcastic smirk off his face.

    Here is a cute little girl shooting an AR.

    • What is he saying about Women who shoot AR’s?
      That they have penis’s?

      In fact, in the warped world of Leftism, chicks in fact can have dicks…i.e. “Woman of the Year.”=Caitlyn Jenner

      There’s some of that famed obedience to science that the Left claims it has.

      • It is never chicks with dicks. After many years of……….ahem “research ” it is never chicks with dicks. It’s always dudes with tits. ?

        Like Archer says ” There’s an extra $10,000 a piece if you are genetically female “.

  16. Dang, I showed this to an anti-gun friend, and fake laughed at points to try and get her to laugh.

    She didn’t think it was funny at all! She said, “Who wrote this? a 12 year old boy who missed the school dance?”

  17. You know, if the lefties got more sex, I bet they’d be less angry at everyone. ‘Cause the only people talking about their junk are the one’s who are likely not making use of it.

  18. If there was a direct inverse relationship, I would have bought a 50 cal by now! As it is, it’s probably closer to a direct 1/1 relationship…

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