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Why do gun lovers delight in seeing a 7-year-old firing an AR-15 rifle like the Sig Sauer used in Orlando? – Gun wimp Gersh Kuntzman doesn’t get it. Again. Still. “Gun advocates want to normalize the tools of violence by making happy kids-and-gun videos. But the result is another generation of voters and elected officials who think war is not a horror, but just another test of manhood, a geopolitical game of poker where the actual ramifications of weaponry are never considered. Because, you know, real men aren’t pussies. And, hell, if a 7-year-old can do it, how bad could it be. To stop the cycle of violence we need to stop the cycle of violence.”

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I recently wrote some Random Thoughts About Brexit and Guns. Now that Britain has Brexited, there’s still precious little hope that The Land of Hope and Glory will see the light on gun rights. But there’s some. Inside the EU, the country was chained to the forces of Euro-statism. Outside, Britain can determine its own destiny. Which is at least a start on the road to individual liberty. The longest journey and all that.

Part of that journey? What fun!

Baseball team’s handgun open carry night promotes 2nd Amendment rights – “Handgun owners have been invited to bring their sidearms – openly carried and holstered with a concealed weapons permit – to the Battle Creek Bombers minor league baseball game on Friday evening.” Tonight at C.O. Brown Stadium in Battle Creek, sponsored by Freedom Firearms. Frickin’ awesome.

Guns, games and violence: The real questions you should be asking – “What sort of impact does violence in a game have on a person who plays it? Can violence in games have a positive impact? Here’s the question I often wonder about: What sort of impact do gun games have on children in terms of their future support of gun ownership?” I wonder about the last one too . . .

The Terror of Our GunsThe New York Review of Books’ reviewer David Cole reviews not one not two but three recently released anti-gun rights tomes. And reckons they’re all pissing in the wind [paraphrasing]: “What all three of these books fail to confront is that the most important factor in the state of our gun laws is not the Supreme Court, the Second Amendment, or the gun industry, but the NRA. Without effective countervailing engagement by those who favor gun control, guns will continue to be a central feature in American political life, and books like these will continue to be both tragically timely and ineffectual.” Result!


Boxer Tactical Daily Digest: The Culture War, Gawker Gets One Right, and More Than Simple Ignorance">Previous Post
Boxer Tactical Daily Digest: The Chicago Way, Hunting With a GLOCK 43 and Peruta Redux?">Next Post


  1. Does kuntzman(man, school must have been hell for him) actually believe that he can bring about world peace? It takes a special kind of retard to think that .govs and people are ever going to live in harmony worldwide.

    We never have and we never will.

    • Maybe he was a runner up in a Ms. New York pageant and “World Peace” is the only answer he knows to every question.

      I felt a bit of pity for Kuntzman early on this “exchange of wits” between him and The Internet. But not anymore. He’s cast his die, he can live with the crap heaped upon him.

      Vox Day’s Rule 2: SJW’s always double down. And this is Kuntzman’s SECOND doubling down…


    • “stop the cycle of violence”

      Cause I’m sure all those gang bangers in Chi-town were taught how to shoot by their fathers. And having a strong male role model who was there and provided for their child is why they joined gangs.

      • Can that little girl legally carry concealed in California? If not, I hope her Daddy is a prison guard. Or antique dealer.

      • I agree. Our political jackasses can cry and have sit ins all they want. Until someone has the integrity to address the real problems our society faces, single or no parent homes, drug addiction, gangs, etc., NOTHING is going to change. Just continue the spiral downward.

    • Having been in Vietnam I totally understand the horror of war. But I guess I’m mentally ill since I still love to shoot, at least at targets, usually paper. Has nothing to do with proving anything, other than putting a small object in a bullseye.

    • I had a professor named Slutski, pronounced like a loose woman doing a downhill snow sport.

  2. Oh lawd KUNTsman-just admit yer a weenie. I wish MY granddaughters were doing THAT(instead of soccer). Daddy’s a bit of a hoplophobe ex-military in Maryland…

  3. Something tells me Gersh has little to no experience with the “horrors of war” between his “journalism” and stage work. He needs to stick to subjects h has actual knowledge of like…umm…something that’s not guns, combat or general man stuff.

    • He does seem to be very skilled at digging. His first article created a nice hole for him to shout out of the bottom of…and each of the next two trying to ‘justify’ his position, and tell everyone how ‘mean’ people were being to him, have just kept making it deeper.

      I’d like him to keep writing and justifying. It just keeps getting worse

  4. Mr. Crowder is awesome. That was some good video.
    And I call BS that there is no security at Sky News.

    • Yeah I’m sure there was security there. The guy is a complete libtard so if his mouth was moving, he was lying. Laws of the universe and all.

  5. It’s not that we’re trying to pretend that the horrors of war are good clean fun, it’s that we know, as an indisputable fact from direct experience, that a range outing is not the horrors of war, that it is in fact good clean fun.

    • I’m not so sure it’s “clean” even if you aren’t getting into prone shooting or black powder. What about gun shot residue?

    • Excellent point, DaveL. Excellent.

      Kuntzman is drawing a false equivalency between “fun” shooting and war, crime, terrorism and atrocity.

      It’s a common tactic of the Proggie Anti’s. Assume everyone agrees “crime = bad” and “gun owners = criminal” therefore “gun owners = bad.” Ipso Facto Dumbass.

      Logic and living the real world are clearly not Kuntzman’s strong suits.

      What a shame…he went to the range and shot a fun rifle. He probably had fun but won’t admit it…and all this angst in public and shaming us is just his own Cognitive Dissonance keeping him up at night.

      Rule 3: SJW’s Always Project.

      • Yeah, his “PTSD” for a few hours after shooting the rifle was most likely all one giant adrenaline dump. He probably just didn’t realize it since he’s probably never done anything exciting in his life.

        • More likely, his “PTSD” after his range trip was entirely fictional. My bet is that he shot the rifle and the experience was probably a big let-down for him. He was probably expecting the “bazooka” he wrote about and got a lightweight poodle popper instead. But admitting that the AR-15, in actual real life, is kind of a mild, easy, unexceptional shooting experience wasn’t on his agenda, so he had to craft the story about how it’s a terrifying, barely-controllable mayhem machine that left him bruised and shell-shocked.

        • The PTSD bit may well have been an outright fabrication, but I think the adrenaline dump hypothesis may have some merit.

          It’s an intriguing alternative that gives Kuntzman the benefit of the doubt of not being an outright liar.

          Even if so, calling it PTSD is just pathetic. And insulting.

        • I suspect his PTSD may have actually been the adrenaline dump PLUS remorse over secretly enjoying himself at the range. He couldn’t reconcile his enjoyment with his beliefs.

        • “He couldn’t reconcile his enjoyment with his beliefs.”

          Yep. Cognitive Dissonance strikes again…

  6. “[…]Here’s the question I often wonder about: What sort of impact do gun games have on children in terms of their future support of gun ownership?” I wonder about the last one too”

    The Vegas gun rental ranges focused on tourists (both those from abroad and those from communist states) already say the majority of their business is driven by video games.

    It seems reasonable to believe Americans are also influenced to own firearms by video games based on that.

    • Correct. Many of the Vegas ranges that rent full-auto guns set them up in package deals related to the types of weapons found in particular video games. Devotees of those games can then experience what their favorite weapons feel like in the real universe.

      These ranges are a HUGE hit with foreign tourists.

  7. I’m really starting to hate people thanks to this mindless regurgitation of lies. It’s disheartening to see how ignorant and fearful people have become thanks to the greater ease for them to post their opinions.

    • My hatred is mainly directed at the main stream media. They knowingly seek to misinform the viewers. They are propagandists, plain and simple. They are Bernie Madoffs of information. It is sickening. You could clearly see from the Crowder interview, ole Nigel had his propaganda talking points and got very peeved when Crowder called him on his false information.

      • Hear, hear! Well said.

        Willful manipulation is not “Freedom of the Press.” If that manipulation is done to favor one political ideology over another, it’s the very opposite of “Freedom of the Press.”

        State control of the press does not necessarily mean the State literally “owns” the tv stations and printing presses.

  8. Clearly in the last ten years, gamers playing shooters have been transitioning to the real world shooting sports. I RO as a volunteer on a club range three to four times a year (out of ~120 public range days). In CA you have to be SERIOUSLY motivated to take up shooting if you don’t have dad/uncle/grandad (being sexist here) to get you started.

    In the last ten years, especially the last five, the numbers of YOUNG adults, male and female, I see at a range day have increased significantly. Not from a dozen in four days, but to five or six dozen. We’ve had range days with 28 rifle benches populated and people standing in queue to take their turn. A fellow I met seven or eight years ago as a new shooter is now bringing friends and relatives to the range as a surrogate dad/uncle (he’s way too young to be a grandad).

    Given the hurdles and bureaucratic obstacles in place to prevent gun ownership in California, I have hope the next ten years of political process will begin to reflect the interest of these smart, savvy, game playing, employed and pro-active kids who want to teach themselves what it means to be citizens, not just subjects.

  9. Another liberal liar. Thousands of kids do not die each year in a “gun incedent”. “Our best experts don’t know what causes some kids to become violent”…our must mean like minded idiot liberals. The thousands he is talking about are 16-24 year old rabid gangbangers. The reason is that they did not have parents around to take them shooting, to feed them, to give them direction, etc. It’s like half the country has been taken over by aliens. I ttruly is us against them. I do not want to share space with people like Mr. Cuntman.

  10. Kuntzman is the alpha male of the ilk progressives being reared up in Universities.
    Marshmallows are tough to chew, ketchup is too spicy, Vanilla is overwhelming, etc. etc. he’s their leader.

    • The concept if Kuntzman as “alpha male” of any group is difficult to wrap my brain around, but I am certain, in his heart, he knows some animals, like himself, are more equal than others.

  11. Fvck! Ignorant British television hack.

    You can have a semi-automatic assault rifle, which was used in the Orlando shooting, that can spray bullets in a matter of seconds.

    A SIG Sauer MCX, is a semi auto rifle. It doesn’t shoot any faster, any faster at all, liberal tards, than your run of the mill pistol or revolver, or semi auto ranch rifle. One squeeze of the trigger, discharges exactly, exactly one round. Another round cannot be fired until the operator lets off of the trigger to reset it and can then squeeze again to fire another. For the love of God, educate yourselves. Most guns in America are semi-automatic.

    Secondly, you Libtards coined the political term “assault weapon” – at least figure out what it is and use it consistently. An “assault rifle” was coined by nazis for full auto, light weight, rifles. An “assault rifle” is not an “assault weapon.” An “assault rifle” was not used in the Orlando shooting.

    Congratulations, your ignorance allowed you to fall in line exactly where American freedom hating democrats wanted you to.

  12. Except for that the UK actually has much tighter gun regulations than most of mainland Europe, so what you say there actually doesn’t make any sense.

  13. Everybody is trying to tie Brexit to their own hobby horse. Brexit isn’t about immigration, or free trade and certainly not about guns. It is about whether Britain will be ruled from Brussels or Whitehall. Immigration may be the issue de jure but it is more fundemenal that that.

    Margaret Thatcher said it best in 1990:

    • Absolutely. There’s essentially zero chance that the Brits are going to back off on their gun control regime, Brexit or not, and it’s pretty ridiculous to suggest otherwise. The UK’s gun laws are pure homegrown hoplophobia, not diktats from Brussels, so why would leaving the EU precipitate any increase in liberty on that front?

        • Perhaps, but I think it’s a bit premature to say that the Brexit vote had anything at all to do with liberty. Both pro- and anti-exit campaigns swirled a lot of issues into the mix, and there are a number of possible reasons why people could have voted to leave the EU, but still support the oppression of their own government.

          The bright side is, the UK is free to set their own policy on issues like guns (and immigration, and lots of other pies that the EU likes to stick its fingers into). The dark side is, the last few decades of British history give one little hope that the policies they do adopt on those issues will be any less corrosive to liberty than the EU ones.

        • “Perhaps, but I think it’s a bit premature to say that the Brexit vote had anything at all to do with liberty.”

          But by your own admission, it had everything to do with liberty. Liberty as defined by different people, of course, but ultimately it was about “self rule” for the British.

          As you said…

          “The bright side is, the UK is free to set their own policy on issues like guns (and immigration, and lots of other pies that the EU likes to stick its fingers into). “

          The self rule pie can be cut into a lot of pieces, but it lies there like a gleaming, shining, wonderful foundation.

          What the British citizens will do with their no found ‘sovereignty’ as they gain it back (over 2 years, I understand) remains to be seen. But the door of opportunity has been opened, and we can’t necessarily judge the outcome of this by the last 20-30 years of LEFTIST / PROGRESSIVE influence their nation has been subjected to.

          We’ve had the same subjugation here, and the push-back has started (first the Tea Party, then Trump). What WE will do with it, if we gain ground, remains to be seen as well…given we have pretty much the same crappy track record of letting ‘them’ take over for the past 30 years.

    • “Brexit isn’t about immigration, or free trade and certainly not about guns.”

      Immigration most certainly is a spice in the mix, and that insight comes from folks in the not so soon-to-be- United Kingdom (especially when Scotland bails on them shortly) who I’ve been in contact with over the last 15 years or so. They are not at all happy with what they see their towns evolving into with the ‘refugee’ communities.

      Scotland is going to be an interesting power play, especially since the Highlands don’t have much to offer the EU fiscally, except the North Sea pet-chem resources, I suppose…

  14. Crowder is amazing with his calling people on their BS. His debates on his podcast are extremely well done and very respectful to people of opposing views. If you BS though, he doesn’t hesitate to call you on it.

  15. “To stop the cycle of violence we need to stop the cycle of violence.”

    Wow, some real philosophical meat on this one. We’re way out of our league, guys.

    • Here’s some more pearls of wisdom from our good buddy Kuntzman:

      1: People who live in glass houses have dwellings made of glass.

      2: If it looks like a duck, walks like a duck and quacks like a duck, then it looks, walks and quacks like a duck.

      3: A penny saved is a penny you chose to save.

      4: A bird in the hand is worth a bird you are currently holding in your hand.

      5: As far as serendipitous humor goes, a wimpy, nebbishy guy named “Kuntzman” is the gift that keeps on giving.

  16. Brexit was about a State (Britain) deciding to secede from a union that had overwhelmed its ability to make local decisions regarding its citizens (subjects) desires and welfare.

    The great fear in this country is that Britain’s secession from the EU will legitimize the idea of U.S. States seceding from the federally dominated government the Founding Fathers tried very hard to avoid, for the same reasons.

    Concept: The people create the State, the State creates the Federal government. The Federal government is our servant, not our master. That’s why the Constitution specifies what each branch of government is allowed/expected to do and the Bill of Rights states categorically what the Federal government is prohibited from doing.

    It is truly a shame that the persons appointed to the Supreme Court do not seem to understand this simple concept, or choose to ignore it for their own partisan reasons.

    • Actually not. The EU is not a government. It is a bureaucracy in Brussels and a currency union for some of its members. As a political entity it is weaker in many aspects than the Articles of Confederation. Unlike most of the pre- Soviet collapse members the UK retains its own currency has independent monetary policy. Another major difference between the EU and the US is the European nations have a history sovereignty that no US state has ever had. So Brexit has no internal political analogue to any state wishing to seccede.

      For those of you who want see Texas seccede again ponder this. Can Austin or any other part of the state choose to remain in the union? Is seccession from Texas allowed? I suspect most of you will say no just as Virginia said no to what became West Virginia. In fact, the Confederacy did not allow for secccesion. Succession is alway for me but not for thee.

      • Personally, I think any group of people should have the right of self-determination. If a government is working against the interests of its people, a pretty smart guy once said “it is the Right of the People to alter or to abolish it, and to institute new Government…”

        In the real world, though, there are practical limitations to that, mostly concerning borders/geography and sustainability. If the population in question is too small to form an effective independent political unit, it simply isn’t practical for them to secede. Likewise, if Texas were to secede from the US, but Austin wanted to remain, the reality is that, physically, a tiny U.S. state consisting of a single city, geographically surrounded by an independent nation, hundreds of miles from the nearest U.S. border would be unmanageable. Now, if Texas were to secede, but some East Texas or Panhandle counties that bordered the U.S. or the Gulf coastline wanted to form a state to remain in the U.S., that could probably be made to work.

        In general, I think secession is an absolute last-resort sort of thing, but it should remain an option in any political union. I’ve always been a bit puzzled that the U.S. Constitution doesn’t include provisions for that eventuality. Is it because the Founders expected the union to be a permanent pact, or is it because they intended that the States would retain their sovereignty (a concept long lost in American culture and politics) and as such, membership in the union would always be at the discretion of the member states, who could leave the union at any time with nothing more than a jaunty wave and a hearty “Smell ya later!”? There has been a steady erosion of state sovereignty since the Constitution was originally ratified, so secession seems more radical today than it did at the country’s birth. We’ve veered a long way from the original vision of the Founders, I think.

        • Here is where the recent talk of succession fails the logic test. A vote in Texas for succession won’t be 90-10, 80-20 Or even 70-30. It will be at best 55-45. You will have nearly the same amount of people in “remain” camp. That is recipe for fragmentation and/or civil war. The seccessionist will claim “we won, you lost” while at the same time succeeding because “we lost, you won” at the national level. This why in the American context succession is illegitimate. To have any legitmacy the threshold for a leave vote would have to be set so high that it couldn’t be met.

        • I tend to agree, but then I think any system that is simply “most votes wins” has questionable legitimacy. If 50.00001% is the threshold (or even less if all that’s needed is a plurality, as opposed to a majority), you often end up with as many losers as winners. That’s divisive and corrosive to the social fabric, as the “losers” end up sniping and backbiting and undermining. I think that’s going to be a significant problem with the Brexit vote, as the “remain” camp has a lot to gain by sabotaging the exit process and making their dire predictions come true.

          I think a higher bar should be set for governmental action – if your bill can’t get the support of more than 50.1% of the people, it’s probably not a very good idea. Of course, I’m of the “the government that governs least governs best” school, so from my viewpoint, government inaction is generally preferable to government action.

          In the case of a U.S. secession, simply setting the bar high enough (66%? 70%?) should alleviate questions of legitimacy. It’s a very drastic action, so requiring a high threshold seems appropriate. Much like amending the U.S. Constitution, it should be difficult, to ensure it’s not done for trivial reasons. That means that something like a “Texit” wouldn’t pass today, which is probably how it should be – the abuses of the Federal government, while substantial and real, probably haven’t yet risen to the level that separation is the only remedy. But to say that such a situation could never arise, and that states are bound by a suicide pact no matter what the Federal government or other states do, and that secession could never be legitimate, seems shortsighted.

  17. I had to send Kuntzman an email explaining that I think he’s full of it and people thought he was a bi– because they failed to recognize what lying sack of sh– he is.

  18. For those who don’t know (but probably deduced), Polygon is the gaming “journalism” equivalent of Vox, Salon, and other used toilet paper publications. Just wanted to provide context.

    • It’s not easy to wipe your ass with a laptop, but sites like these make it worth considering sometimes.

  19. “With all of the controversy that seems to be surrounding this event, if the anti–gunners are correct in their assessment of firearm owners and firearms in general, nobody in that stadium should make it out alive,” Fulton said. “In contrast, what I think you will find is whoever attends that game is in the safest place in Michigan tomorrow night.”

    Amen, brother.

  20. I don’t think “Gun games” have all that much of an impact politically. I was ten and my brother was seven when DooM first came out. Through the years we played DooM, Golden Eye, Counter Strike, Half Life, Team Fortress, Left for Dead ,and on and on. (that was by no means an exhaustive list) We both still play “Gun games” but he is all for European style gun control and I am a card carrying member of the NRA. It took many more profound events in our lives outside of gaming to reach our differing opinions.

  21. The KuntzMan seems hellbent on proving to everyone that he’s both a moron (“to stop the cycle of violence we need to stop the cycle of violence”…circular logic much?) and a pansy. He’s doing a damn fine job so far.

  22. It should be noted that the Bombers are part of a summer college league, not one of the MLB owned farm teams.

    The Midwest League’s Battle Cats have been gone for 14 years now, but I’d like to see somebody suggest the Lansing Lugnuts or West Michigan Whitecaps have a 2A night just to watch the wailing and gnashing of teeth.

  23. I read Kuntzman’s article and emailed him, and stated that, “although he has talent as a writer, according to his curriculum vitae, his talent is exceptional in its ability to display a heretofore new level of hysteria and fear unseen anywhere on the internet”.

    On the video game violence guns connection article, the only thing I have seen change in kids who play games is a far deeper knowledge of swear words, unknown combinations of racial slurs, sexist remarks, homophobic rants, and clear and pure anger fueled gibberish that quite simply leaves me in awe.

    Kuntzman is a grade A troll who peddles in purified bullshit, he knows less about guns now that he got bruised by one, and sadly reveals himself to be a Beta male who lacks sufficient grit and balls to be called a man ever again. I weep for his kids and wife, if he has either. Great comments all, keep em goin.

  24. It’s nice of the euros to stop by occasionally to remind us that the next time things go sideways over there we should just sit it out.

  25. Crowder is a chickenhawk coward and his name should not be used in polite society. He is all for endless war, but he was too gutless to ever sign his name on enlistment papers.

  26. “Gun advocates want to normalize the tools of violence by making happy kids-and-gun videos. Kids just want to have fun and should learn to master an important tool.
    But the result is another generation of voters and elected officials who think war is not a horror, but just another test of manhood, a geopolitical game of poker where the actual ramifications of weaponry are never considered.
    So why are the most violent and oppressive regimes in history, are the same regimes which ban private gun ownership?

  27. the most important factor in the state of our gun laws is not the Supreme Court, the Second Amendment, or the gun industry, but the NRA.
    Alot more than the NRA as far as 2A supporters go.

  28. Kuntzman missed the point, these videos aren’t showing how tough these young ladies are, they’re showing how big of a pussy HE is.

  29. He doesn’t get that he was traumatized by a gun that a 7 year old girl could operate. What a pussy!

    Also, Mr Cunts-man has no idea that a bazooka is a recoil-less weapon. It fires a rocket out the front end, and out the back end it fires a countermass containing a cesium formate solution. Sum of forces is zero, and the launch tube stays put.

  30. Cycle of violence? War?

    Yes, let us end this cycle of violence against the English language. Children growing up without fathers, exposed to gang violence, are in a cycle of violence. War is, considered as such, repulsive and tragic (which makes those that go to war justly and fight justly for their country honorable).

    Shooting a gun at a gun range is only violent if one means by violent the old-timey notion of violent, as opposed to natural, motion. But in that sense, me picking up a sandwich is a violent motion (whereas it falling to the ground is natural). In the normal notion, violence means some injury or attempt to do the same against another. Unless he is standing up for the right of paper not to have holes punched through….

  31. Kuntzman is a total wuss. Maybe Katie Francis could give him some pointers. Then again, maybe she would just point at him and laugh.

  32. Only a leftist loon completely disconnected from reality could look at that young lady’s smile and call her part of a “cycle of violence.”

    Disgusting human being he his. Gads people like him make me sick.

    He was funny for a while, but now he has crossed fully into sickening.

  33. Crowder might end up in jail here… because he clearly murdered the British Journalist in this interview, LOL!!

    Finally someone that actually speaks what I always thought when watching this kind of stupid interviews.

    Way to go Crowder!

  34. “Gersh Kuntzman doesn’t get it. Again. Still. “Gun advocates want to normalize … “

    Well, that’s half right. Gun “advocates” don’t so much want to “normalize” citizen with guns, as preserve it. Citizens with guns is normal. The people who want to change things are the anti’s. (They hate when you point that out.)

    …if a 7-year-old can do it, how bad could it be.

    Well, yeah.

    While that’s intended to be mocking, that’s exactly the point. ‘”It” isn’t that bad. A 7-year-old can do it. When bad stuff happens involving guns, or any other powerful tool, it’s because bad or stupid people doing bad or stupid things.

  35. David Cole in NY Review of Books:

    “What all three of these books fail to confront is … not the Supreme Court, the Second Amendment, or the gun industry, but the NRA.”

    Well, a membership organization representing the majority of households, that have something like 300,000,000 guns, might be politically effective in a representative democracy. *People* who want what they want are darned inconvenient.

    Occasionally, the anti’s accidentally say something true. From time to time the government finds itself wanting to create a new electorate. This is one of those times.

    “Without effective countervailing engagement by those who favor gun control, guns will continue to be a central feature in American political life…

    Well, yeah. People who use guns as part of their lifestyle are pretty engaged with this issue. Other folks, not as much.

    Maybe we should make some room for diverse lifestyles?

    Really, I think they have it backwards. Why not start with what the people want, and try to make that work, vs. deciding what you want for the people (who aren’t you), and trying to inflict that on them.

    Just a thought.

  36. Where the hell does liberal Kuntzman get off slut-shaming empowered women in his follow uo piece?

    So some attractive women like to wear Daisy Dukes and a 90s style baby-tee while shooting their AR on their youtube channel with a porn music soundtrack? So what?

    She’s enjoying her hobby, has confidence in her body, and is maybe making a few bucks in the process. Rock it out, girly, I say. Do your thing.

    If you exchanged the rifle for a didgeridoo, but kept everything else, the same woman would be hailed as a feminist icon.

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