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The cleansing power of sunshine . . . Under Trump, ‘Fast and Furious’ probe will expose truth – “During the Michigan presidential Republican primary in March of 2016, then-candidate Donald Trumppromised both Kent Terry and Michelle Terry-Balogh, siblings of Brian Terry, if elected he would get the truth and answers regarding both Fast and Furious and the murder of Brian. He also gave his word to hold those responsible accountable for their actions. Rep. Jason Chaffetz (R-Utah), chairman of the House Oversight and Government Reform Committee, said during the committee’s Tuesday meeting that President Trump instructed him and the committee to pursue every government investigation they deem appropriate.”

Brownells & Lou Ferrigno Partner in “Big Green Dream Gun®” Sweepstakes Giveaway – GRINNELL, Iowa (February 7, 2017) – “It’s not every day the general public gets a chance to win a gun crafted from the dreams of a bona fide celebrity. However, Brownells and Lou Ferrigno have turned that idea into a reality. Unveiled at SHOT Show 2017, Lou Ferrigno’s Big Green Dream Gun® is a sight to behold. Working off of the Fightlite MCR-103 belt-fed AR-15 platform, the Brownells crew outfitted the fire-breathing beast with an Elcan optic, Keymod™ handguards and an Atlas bipod for supreme stability.”

N.Y. Lawmaker Wants To Repeal SAFE Act For All Of State But NYC – “A state senator in upstate New York is working to do away with the anti-gun so-called NY SAFE Act for all of the state except New York City. ‘The SAFE Act hasn’t done anything to save anybody,’ Republican state Sen. Rob Ortt, author of the Senate Bill S879A, told WXXI. ‘I dare anyone to show me a correlation between a reduction in gun violence in New York State and the SAFE Act.'” Hope he’s not holding his breath on that one.

Counter-intuitive? . . . Let Mentally Ill People Buy Guns – “When the GOP-controlled House voted last Thursday to overturn an Obama-era regulation that prevented some mentally ill people from purchasing firearms, anti-gun Democrats howled. They mocked the Republican Party for being such lapdogs to the National Rifle Association (NRA) that they would do something as plainly stupid as giving guns to people who are unstable and unpredictable. It may sound counter-intuitive, but in this particular controversy allowing mentally ill people to purchase guns is the side that saves lives.”

What are you getting your significant other for Valentine’s Day? Click image above if your love is as strong as steel.

BNTI ARMS LLC, in Jacksonville, Florida, is the U.S. headquarters for the manufacture of small arms intended for export to vetted African Armed Forces, Police and Para-Military units. BNTI is pleased to unveil its new .308 BNTI ARMS Battle Rifle. ‘Our USA made firearms are of the highest quality and we build each firearm with the knowledge that it needs to be reliable, durable, and accurate as it will be saving lives and defending the freedom and way of life of the countries and people who depend on it,’ said Jim Pledger, President of BNTI ARMS.”


Democrats continue to push gun-control lie – “Looking to gin up gun-control activists, Democrats on the House Ways and Means Committee tried to use a Tuesday hearing on Social Security to lament a noncontroversial vote last week to do away with an Obama-era rule designed to get certain beneficiaries’ information into the national gun-purchase background check system. Their complaints were all fear-mongering and separated from reality — undoubtedly designed to catch the ear of a sympathetic, and naive media looking to advance its gun-control narrative.” In other breaking news, the sun rose in the east this morning and is expected to set in the west.

Why It’s Wrong To Compare Terrorist Attacks To Generic Gun Violence – “Statistics about terrorism are often accompanied by the number of gun deaths that occur every year. This is a typical tactic of the Left. Whenever Islamist terrorism comes up, they change the conversation to guns and gun control. There’s no doubt that gun violence in America is out of control. But comparing terrorism to gun violence misses the importance of intention, and how strongly it affects peoples’ sense of security. This is at the root of why terrorism frightens people so much.” There’s no doubt about that?

Austin police receive new armor to handle high power rifles – “The Austin Police Department started distributing new body armor to officers on Monday. The heavy vests are supposed to stop ammunition from some high power rifles, like AR 15’s. Senior Patrol Officer, Robert Furbush, was glad to get his. ‘You know everybody carrying assault rifles, assault rifles nowadays,’ said Officer Furbush. ‘I got two layers of protection for my body. Hopefully, I never have to worry about it being utilized as far as someone shooting me.'” Everybody?

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  1. Well, I have plates. I’d want LEOs to have the same level of protection against a rifle threat that Joe Citizen can buy for a few hundred bucks, especially given the recent anti-cop insanity instigated by the left.

    • Well, true, but we can’t exactly wear them outside of paramilitary exercises out in the woods. Try walking down the street with a plate carrier, full complement of magazines, and a rifle and sidearm and see how long it takes for the boys in blue to, at best, arrest you at gunpoint (and given the expertise cops repeatedly demonstrate with their weapons, anyone should be nervous with a cop holding them at gunpoint), and at worst, straight up murder you.

      • Respectfully, I live in a smaller military town. I regularly do training ruck marches alone with my son in a stroller, all around town. The only times I’ve been stopped were by soccer moms thinking my son and I were stranded. About half the time I’m wearing my plate carrier in addition to my ruck and LBV. About half of that I pair a helmet with it. Even tho I live in an open carry state, I don’t carry a rifle for safety and I need my hands to push the stroller. No doubt I get some serious looks, but I’ve never been stopped by a cop. They usually just nod n wave back, as most of them are Vets and/or Military Retirees. Oddly, the only ones who look at me concerned are females, in and out of uniform. Males generally nod and wave with a knowing glint of the self-imposed suck; I guess they’re Vets most of the time. Then again, my three y.o. is a pretty good giveaway I’m not there to cause trouble.

        • I’ve heard multiple reports dating back as far as Vietnam where a woman could appear to be pregnant or carrying a baby that turned out to be various forms of anti-personnel explosives. For that matter, we’ve had VBIEDs used on US soil- Oklahoma City. Fortunately, that has yet to become a common reality here, and hopefully it never will. And good guess on the potty training- he does drop some mighty impressive bombs tho…

    • I think this will get a few officers killed. Getting cops to wear soft armor is relatively easy (except possibly in the hottest parts of the US). Getting them to wear rifle plates and keep them on? Not so much.

      • Possibly.
        Here in the Phoenix area, there’s at least one department that offers (not requires, to the best of my knowledge) both, and I know for a fact that some officers wear both; they seem to value their lives more than their laundry bills.
        Yes, it’s uncomfortable, and yes, hydration is an absolute necessity.
        I even take a frozen bottle of water to the gun shows I visit during the hot months for the officer manning the gun check station; believe me, it’s appreciated!

  2. an Obama-era regulation

    Wow, when they say it like that, it makes a three-week old executive order passed as a last “screw you” to gun owners, sound much more like an established legal precedent.

  3. First off who makes that stock on that AR-10 or LR 308 in the picture above? Second who is this police officer talking about AR-15 Tsar assault rifles? You need tactical SWAT armor to be a patrol officer give me a break. Is it true that a lot more people own AR-15 today than 20 years ago will yes of course it is it’s the new American Rifle. But how many officers or crimes. Are committed every year with a AR-15 or AK-47? Not very many at all it’s a bunch of propaganda hype BS. Statistics prove that modern sporting rifles and fully automatic assault rifles are used in less than 2% of all violent crime. So you’re going to be running around in that 35 pounds of body armor in the Dead Heat Of Summer and probably die of dehydration before you get shot with one of those so-called assault rifles. Ridiculous Diaz gag me.

    • Maybe the donut-addicted fat bastards on the force will retire when they can’t lug around rifle plates, or maybe they’ll actually work out and get in shape. We can only hope!

      Just kidding- the fatties will just have the police union lobby to allow bulletproof vests to be reclassified as “optional equipment” they can leave in the trunk, then when officers get shot and die the inner city departments will push gun control some more. It’s a vicious cycle, I tell ya.

  4. Yeah get those Fast and Furious bastards. Starting with a certain Kenyan freak…yay Lou Ferrigno! Saw big Lou compete in the 1971 Teenage Mr. America. He got 4th. I was in the weightlifting part(I sucked). Defying the antigun Hollyweird puzzies. I believe he’s also a reserve cop too…

      • LA County Sheriff Reserve Deputy (2006), Maricopa SD (as stated) and more recently (2012) San Luis Obispo County SD and Delaware County SD (2013) special Deputy. IIRC, he has been very involved as a deaf/ hard of hearing & sign language expert with SD’s. Awesome guy & a “real person” who doesn’t pull the celebrity cord.

  5. Terrorism is an attack on everyone because it can happen to anyone. It does not take a lot of attacks to change people’s behavior. Most American’s murdered by guns are gangbangers and other criminals. If you don’t live around them it is a who cares sort of thing.

  6. ““A state senator in upstate New York is working to do away with the anti-gun so-called NY SAFE Act for all of the state except New York City.”

    Hmm. That might be the sort of ‘compromise’ that could actually be reached. Normally I’m not in favor of anything like that but in reality there’s not much the SAFE Act does that NYC doesn’t already do anyway… the SAFE Act was basically taking NYC’s BS and shoving it down the entire state’s throat.

  7. Fast & Furious was a POS (D) gov’t plan to export a large chunk of transferable examples of full-auto firearms. If the came back across the border they could be destroyed. If the firearms were used in Mexico, there would be a “war zone” there that the average dumb as sh_t (D) voter in the US could be compelled to accept refugees from there (regardless of country of original citizenship) so that the (D) could claim all the votes [whether those “refugees” voted or not]. Further it diluted the US’s country’s borders and citizenship so that satan’s evil minion POS (D) AND MANY RINO REPUBLICANS, attempt to do POS globalist UN “sustainability”.

    • “Fast & Furious was a POS (D) gov’t plan to export a large chunk of transferable examples of full-auto firearms.”

      Precious few full-auto firearms were sold during Fast & Furious. They require the purchase first, then a very thorough background check, during which it would be discovered that the buyer wasn’t eligible to actually buy one.
      Most of the guns sold during F&F were semi-auto, with a few bolt action long range sniper rifles thrown in (these got the bulk of the press coverage because they are the most “spectacular” guns involved).
      F&F’s downfall was the complete lack of follow-through with the Mexican government.

      • There were full-auto firearms allowed to walk, including former U.S. Military to Police then remanded weapons and weapons systems. Further, the FFL’s reported to the Fing broke-di<k Justice Dept. (under Ohole, who tried to paint the whole Fing thing as business as usual, you know, "just like under Bush with Operation Wide Receiver" that many of the semi-automatic weapons were going to be delivered to a place, inside the U.S., where they would be converted to full-auto.

        This is just the sh_t that "we know of" so to speak. But the Ohole admin. was clearly pushing for a hard clamp-down on U.S. gun ownership as it was "contributing to the IRON RIVER" in "unregulated" cross-border weapons transfers that are so abhorred by the U.N. in its purely C O M M U N I S T

        FTW, the UN, satan's evil blue house of (D), all of their progeny, and everything that they care about.

  8. “‘You know everybody carrying assault rifles, assault rifles nowadays,’ said Officer Furbush.”

    “Everybody”? I think he overestimates how many “assault rifles” are out there. Also, a bit liberal in using the term “assault rifle”. Mislabeling and exaggerations will not gain this Senior Patrol Officer any credibility.

    • He must be patrolling a different city of Austin than the one I work in. I can’t name the last time I saw “everyone carrying assault rifles” outside of open carry marches a year or two ago. Yes, quite a few people own MSRs, but that’s a well-established fact at this point. The amount of crime being carried out with them? Completely different story.

  9. God I think that “high powered rifle” term is even more annoying than “assault rifle.” Especially “high powered rifle like the AR 15.” No you retard. Just no. You deserve a smack on the nose with a rolled up newspaper. And, I’m taking your bed away too. You sleep on the floor.

    • To be fair, it’s safe to say that ALL guns are high powered. Even the lowly .22 is designed to generate thousands of PSI pushing a projectile near or above the speed of sound with enough force to reach vital organs (although the .22 struggles compared to most rounds). The problem is these liberal politicians only say “high powered” when referring to the guns they want to ban (today the assault rifle). And their “eye dee ten tee” voting block that doesn’t know fuckall about guns gets scared.

    • A .223 cal. (5.56 mm) with an approx. muzzle velocity of 3100 fps is “High powered” as compared to a pistol round, say a 9mm with a muzzle velocity of approx. 1100 fps. I’m assuming this decision is based on the attack by Micah Johnson in Dallas back in July ’16. Johnson was using a semi auto rifle and a ballistic vest with plates. While I don’t think a rifle is an Officers primary threat, some Officers may feel safer wearing rifle plates, because you never know. As the old saying goes, ‘It’s better to have it an not need it, than need it and not have it”.

  10. there’s hope that the committee, is not stone walled in its efforts too purge the anti American ATF, BLM, IRS, start prosecuting these people in Federal agency’s that break the law, then hide under the law and Union Rules saying they are Federal employees and untouchable!

  11. “There’s no doubt that gun violence in America is out of control. But comparing terrorism to gun violence misses the importance of intention”
    The OP mentions Islamic terror, which is significant. BUT, I’d like to make the point that the riots at Berkeley over a speech were as terroristic as and denied more people their first amendment rights than any single instance of Islamic terror in the US since 911. Those people were not largely identified as Islamic, nor any particular race. However, they were identified largely as a much more untrustworthy bunch: american college students. I can’t think of a group more delusional and demonstrably affected by the massive degree of cognitive dissonance in which they exist. To the credit of most Islamists, their position is at least consistent.

  12. I have doubt that “gun violence” in America is out of control.
    It may be out of control in certain cities but in the rest of the country isn’t crime on a downward trend?

    • Only if you consider a consistent pattern over the course of a couple of decades a “trend”…

      So, yes. Very much so. And if you look at the last time crime was this low – at the start of its previous upward trend, you discover that violent crime hasn’t been this low since the mid-60’s.

  13. “… an Obama-era regulation that prevented some mentally ill people from purchasing firearms …”

    “… [Republican Party] would do something as plainly stupid as giving guns to people who are unstable and unpredictable.”

    The Obama regulation affected EVERY Social Security recipient who elected to have someone handle their financial affairs. Electing to have someone manage your financial affairs is NOT “mentally ill” or “unstable and unpredictable”.

    Thus, those statements from the source are flat-out lies.

    • I have to wonder how many of those “celebrities” who are so vocal about how deranged Trump is have their financial affairs handled by someone other than themselves. Most people who have a lot of money do.
      Does that make them mentally ill? Unstable and unpredictable?

  14. “small arms intended for export to vetted African Armed Forces, Police and Para-Military units”

    In this case, I think that “vetted” means treated by a veterinarian.

  15. Everyone is carrying an AR15, in Austin? Go home officer, you’re drunk.
    The number of officers shot with an AR15 in Austin remains at zero. Austin is continually listed as one of the safest large cities in the country.

  16. I got businesses and citizens to donate to a fund to purchase level IV over-vests and ballistic helmets for all officers from the Chief on down. All officers are required to wear soft vests when in uniform and carry their level ?V and helmets with them at all times. They are there for those times when they go out on a sketchy call of any sort. Overkill? Possibly, but I’d much rather be accused of that than the gear not available and now I’ve got to go knock on the door of a loved one and tell them their officer isn’t coming home again.

  17. Democrats are lapdogs to Planned Parenthood and others who believe they have the right to take a knife and carve up a fetus (a baby) for any number of excuses. Just proves how full of blood-lust they are.


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