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Maryland county stun gun ban prompts Second Amendment lawsuit – “A nurse is challenging a Maryland county’s stun gun ban on Second Amendment grounds. Leah Baran sued in federal court after stun gun manufacturer Taser International refused to ship the device to her home in Howard County last month, Courthouse News Service reports. Baran says she wants a stun gun becasue she fears for her life after her ex-boyfriend broke into her home, raped her and tried to kill her in 2012.” It would be nice to see a suit like this one reach a newly reconstructed Supreme Court.

Hands off those Huggies . . . Shopper with gun kills suspected diaper thief at Florida Walmart – “The shooting happened at the Pine Hills Walmart Saturday morning and the shopper opened fire out of fear for his life, Fox 35 Orlando reported. ‘What we have at this point is that the individual felt threatened — one of the suspects reached for something [and he] thought that it was a weapon or firearm,’ Orange County Sheriff’s Office spokesman Angelo Nieves said, according to the station. Deputies told the station the person killed was 19 and was shoplifting diapers with three accomplices.”

A Gun Maker Reveals What Trump’s Presidency Means For His Business – “At Daniel Defense, a Black Creek, GA-based manufacturer of AR-15 semi-automatic rifles and accessories, founder Marty Daniel saw sales spike last year when it looked like Hillary Clinton would win the presidency. Though he supports Donald Trump, his customers aren’t buying as many firearms now that they have a National Rifle Association supporter in the White House. But Daniel, 54, sees a promising long-term future for gun makers.” There’s plenty of business out there for everyone.

This was probably just an oversight . . . Lose FOID card, keep your guns: Crystal Lake lawyer’s story case in point – “After allegedly finding a loaded weapon in the possession of a Crystal Lake attorney during a drunken-driving investigation, police said they made a bigger discovery when they searched the man’s home: a cache of 56 handguns and rifles and thousands of rounds of ammunition. Authorities apparently had not confiscated the weapons earlier from the lawyer, Donald F. Franz, despite the fact that his arrest in January marked the second time in about nine months that he has been accused of carrying a loaded gun in his car after his firearm owner’s identification was revoked, court and police records show.”

Man fires gun after New Salem bar refuses alcohol, cops say – “A York man fired a handgun several times in the air after a New Salem bar refused to serve him alcohol Saturday night, according to charging documents. Carlos Josue Rivera, 32, of the 200 block of Lena Drive, faces two counts each of simple assault and recklessly endangering another person, and one count of terroristic threats, documents state.”

Mayhem in the midlands . . . Ex-army sniper jailed for using high-powered air rifle to shoot five people in Day of the Jackal-style attack – “former Lithuanian army sniper caused chaos in Britain’s most segregated town when he used a high-powered air rifle to shoot five innocent members of the public as “target practice”. Ruslanas Solovjovas, 39, took aim at passers-by and shoppers from a third floor window in a scene reminiscent of the Frederick Forsyth classic The Day of the Jackal.”

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  1. The gal in Maryland who wants to shock her attacker already has a HANDGUN. She doesn’t want to kill him-just SHOCK him. Duh…but how hard is it to drive a few miles to Virginia or Pennsylvania? I doubt they needID for a Taser.

    • She may have applied for a gun carry permit but the chances of her getting it in MD, even with what we would consider need, is slight.

      Aside from that, some people are unable to use deadly force. They should be afforded the ability to try something less effective without some idiotic law getting in the way.

      • Read about her on Yahoo news. According to them she has a gun. But she “feelz” bad about shooting scum…

        • She has the gun, but not the permit. The two are separate in MD. You can buy a gun without TOO much hassle. Getting a permit for carry is almost impossible.

      • Some people do have a moral compunction against taking someone else’s life, regardless of the circumstance. People end up emotionally scarred even if they were legally in the right. I don’t blame those people. “Thou shall not kill” and such. These are the kind of people who should not have guns, because they will hesitate and get the weapon taken from them.
        Personally, I would kill the POS rapist. I could blow a hole in his face and then go inside and sleep like a baby. But many, maybe even most people, would have a hard time dealing with the fact that they killed someone. Just my 1.5 cents

    • Yeah, but in Fairyland stun guns or ranged stun guns might be banned by their stupid laws, so if she did use it in self-defense she would be in deep doodoo. For that matter, I’m not sure people in Maryland have a right to self-defense under state laws, so if no matter if she shot him dead or injured him in any way she might be facing jail time even if it was morally justified to put the POS down.

  2. There’s more to the diaper story than they’re letting on or the police would likely have charged the shooter with something. The car was stolen in a carjacking sure, but no way the shooter knew that.

    Also, you find someone who’s been shot and you sit on the grass with them and hold their hand telling them it will be OK? Seriously? Jesus lady, playing patty cake isn’t a form of First Aid.

    • The police don’t have to charge him right away. Assuming he’s not a flight risk they might as well do an investigation first. I can say that I’m not going to be drawing down on people trying to steal diapers from a multinational corporation, but different strokes and all.

      • The story lacks details but it doesn’t sound like he drew because they were stealing diapers. He thought they were armed and reaching for a weapon.

        Honestly, I don’t know what the Wal-Mart employee was thinking. Getting killed for $12/hour sounds dumb to me but once the thieves become a threat to that guy or someone else it’s open season on their asses.

        • I understood reports to say the shooter was a passerby in the lot, and he felt threatened when he saw one of the perps reaching into his clothing as if for a weapon.
          Police consider this a reasonable shooting (they do it often themselves), and will *probably* not recommend charges.

    • The fucked up part is they probably killed some teenager baby daddy who couldn’t afford diapers for his kid. Diapers aren’t exactly a hot commodity on the black market.

      • Sadly that isn’t true. Diapers, infant formula, and most other consumable baby supplies are indeed very sought after black market items. I lived in some fairly questionable neighborhoods as a young man because of the low rents found in these areas, and I can’t tell you how many times I’ve been propositioned by someone selling baby supplies in the parking lots of convenience stores.

      • My first impression was the same as yours. Given the inclinations of the press, unfortunately we have to automatically question what we are lead to think on initial report in these kinds of cases.

        Of course, we must acknowledge that it could be as bad as it looks. Reserving judgment on this until all the facts come out.

  3. Having several high powered air rifles, I say let the general public plink a few into Ruslanas Solovjovas and see how he likes it. I bet he won’t be shooting at people again.

    • What is the threshold for a “high powered” air rifle?

      I know they make some crazy ones but even a Gamo 1000fps seems like it would hurt pretty bad.

      • They’re plenty good at killing small animals, to start. And what caliber are we talking about? .177? .22? Air guns have been used for killing humans before so I wouldn’t want one aimed at me…

      • There are muzzle energy standards which make them illegal in some venue (cough UK cough) but anything pushing 1000 fps .177 with the right pilet design could be lethal, especially a head shot. These things will perf a steel trashcan on both sides and make it through a telephone book.

  4. His only option was a bass guitar, because there’s a five-string capacity limit on electric guitars. 😀

    • Good point. Those 5 and 6 string basses are clearly a threat to old-school double bass players.

      • zOMG!!1! I’ve got a 12-string so the F Troop SWAT team must be on its way!

        Is an acoustic an NFA item same as a suppressor?

  5. That guy’s picking skills are nowhere near his slap technique. I was the other way around. Slap & pop was something I never could do for some reason (damn showoffs anyway), but I could play the hell out of a bass with a pick. I could even *almost* make it sound like I was doing slap-pop without doing the actual thing. Just hammering those strings with a 1mm hard polymer pick.

    The machine gun shape is definitely appropriate — bass guitar is best played like a weapon, if you ask me. (At least that’s the way I did it back in the day.) It’s like the Ma Deuce of musical instruments.

  6. I have not read my Constitution this week but pretty sure there STILL is no “FOID card” mentioned.

    From the committrib drivel “backers are looking for a way to make it practical to seize weapons from dangerous offenders without unfairly jeopardizing gun owners’ rights.”

    • “…a cache of 56 handguns and rifles…”

      Why is it a cache? In any other case it would be a collection.

      Citizens should not have to ‘produce their papers’ to keep and bear arms.

    • 1) People think signing it puts them on a watch list.
      2) People sign it but don’t verify email so it doesn’t count.
      3) People don’t believe White House petitions get results.
      4) People who own NFA items don’t want the NFA repealed and see their investment lose value.
      5) What’s the NFA? Didn’t they merge and become the NFL?

      I signed it.

      • Heh.

        I own several NFA items and want the NFA repealed. I want more, cheaper, and no $200 tax. Now those who own pre-86 autos…well, they would definitely be a bit sore in the pants.

        Whatever the list is, I’m sure I’m already on it 😉

  7. Heh, the fact that the dude fired his gun after the bar refused to serve him pretty much proves that the bartender made the right call.

  8. If anyone cares for an update about the Crime Hills shooting, here it is:

    The prep had a lengthy criminal record and reportedly a gang banger. The car was carjacked last month. And the mom is playing the Trayvon race card right now.

    Btw, the shooter that came to help the Wally world employee is a 50 year old Arican American CCW holder who believed that the now expired prep was going for a weapon.

    I take the side of the 50 year old dude.

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