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“Let’s put it in perspective. There is a group that has proven itself to be far more deadly (than refugees) on American soil. A group that has killed someone once a week for the last two years: Toddlers. That’s why we’re fighting to ensure guns are kept safe from kids.”  – Gabby Giffords in Toddlers with guns more dangerous than refugees [via]

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    • she literally has no idea what she is saying when she speaks. Her husband and others are exploiting her and writing things for her to struggle to read and say. She it basically a 2 yr old who repeats what an adult says. I feel badly Giffords was shot, I’m disgusted at how she is being used as a prop by her husband and others.

      I doubt they even consult her before they issue a statement in her name.

        • Definitely the part that bothers me. This country is full of people to say the same shit as her, but the vultures use her as a sympathetic, profitable prop.

        • George Soros was convicted of Insider Trading in France in 2002 and lost his final appeals in 2011. A convicted criminal like Soros has no business working in the US financial industry, yet the Obama Administration did nothing to ban him, probably in return for favors of some sort. So much for the”Most Transparent Administration In History”.

  1. He’s as good, if not better than Jeff Dunham. It’s hard to see his lips moving. He needs to rig a remote so he doesn’t have to keep his hand up her ass.

    Dammit. Martin types faster than me.

  2. And she’s married to an astronaut… He must beat his head against a wall whenever he hears her speak. God help them if they ever had any dangerous children! How did they wver survive?!?

    • Her “husband” (pronounced puppeteer) is just as bad as she is. He’s one of those “guns for me, but not for thee” REMFs.

    • After checking his bank balance, he only wonders aloud, ‘Why didn’t we think of this sooner?!?”.

      Besides, between the being a former astronaut and having a veg-all wife, he’s getting plenty of mercy sex from the horny moms with waaay too much free time contingent.

      • Is anyone else thinking that astronauts, like military pilots, are chosen more for their desire for servile obedience than for creative thoughts?

        • It’s more or less the standard for staff officers. If you don’t tow the political popular line, you’ll never make it past O4.

        • Hey! I resemble that remark! I didn’t choose the Staff life- I was ripped off my tank and shoehorned into it…

        • The exceptions are always a pleasure to work with. Fortunately, this tends to, for whatever reason, be far less of an issue in the Corps than in the other branches. Maybe it’s the fact that we have a statutory limit on our total numbers of officers which makes us a hell of a lot more picky, maybe it’s just that the paper pushers look at USMC OCS and decide to go the route of least resistance.

        • “If you don’t tow the political popular line, you’ll never make it past O4”

          I call MAJOR bullshit (pun intended). I retired an O3 (as a pilot), you can’t even make it *TO* O4, never mind past.

        • My brother made it to O-5 as an AF pilot (C-130s), was the executive officer for his unit. He didn’t say it, but I think he retired because he knew he’d never make O-6. Now he works at the same base as a civilian DOD employee.

    • The words are not from Giffords, she really doesn’t have the ability to create thought anymore unfortunately. This statements and stuff she reads are things written for her by her husband and handlers. Have sympathy for Giffords, she was shot and now being used as a prop by those who are suppose to love her. She should be trying to recover as much as possible, instead her husband has her on a non stop tour as a living prop to promote his agenda.

  3. Well I guess the Tsarnaevs, Pulse shooter, San Bernardino shooters and all the terrorists that infiltrated Europe were once toddlers. Solid point Gabby.


  4. 1) A big chunk of those toddler shootings seem to be the toddlers of negligent cops, shooting themselves and family members with service weapon that Daddy negligently leaves lying around.

    2) My kids aren’t toddlers any more, so I am pretty safe from the miniature menace.

  5. I didn’t know toddlers could build bombs and storm into theaters to engage in mass shootings, those damn toddlers!

  6. I never knew how dangerous my 1 year old is. Free child to anyone who wants to assume the murderous risk! Will include a bag of dog food, a 5 pack of diapers, and a blanket that smells like her mom

  7. “That’s why we’re fighting to ensure guns are kept safe from kids.”
    “But wait!” she continued, “we also want to ban, like, pretty much all guns, so there’s that too. But studies have shown that ‘toddlers’ seem to have the greatest leverage when it comes to manipulating you idiots, so that’s what we’re going with for now.”

    • Yeah… for now. Desperately searching for some way to return to relevance. They simply cannot understand that slogans, platitudes, and propaganda no longer work on this society. They have too long been allowed to run amok by simply muttering; “do it for the children!”. After spending your entire life getting what you want just by mouthing useless platitudes, I guess the brain cells just go all non-functional. It appears that this is a one way street with no way back.
      Or maybe she had no functional brain before the bullet hit it. That would explain the lack of damage. If the head is already empty, there’s not much left for a bullet to destroy.

  8. Does anyone have satistics they can point out for accidental shootings involving children under the age of 4? I can’t find them.

      You might note that this is all the times that toddlers have pulled a trigger. Only five times did they actually injure anyone else, which gives away the lie to this spin. This is the typical plan, insinuating that injuries, deaths, and the times that somebody got scared are all one and the same thing. Much like “casualties” are not now reported, only combat deaths. As if only a dead guy is a casualty.
      Very like ‘confusing’ suicides and homicides by constantly lumping them together. It used to be easy to get low information brains to believe whatever they wanted, simply by overwhelming them with bulls**t. It seems that doesn’t work anymore, and the Statists cannot figure out any other plan. Lies got them where they are, and now they’re addicted.
      I don’t think actual stats exist, because minors are usually just defined as <18, which will include most all gangbangers. Even the various news items refer to "at least" numbers, meaning to me that someone compiled a few incidents, but ofc they know they didn't find them all…

  9. Let’s put in into perspective. How many Muslim immigrants from wartorn countries are in the US vs toddlers?

    How many of you CCWs are going to blow a toddler away because he has a gun and is a danger?

    2 different scenerios, completely.

  10. I have been warning people of the danger posed by toddlers for years. Only now do they see that I was right and this short menace must be stopped.

    Seriously though, dear God.

  11. Three point is to keep it that way. Isis claims to have gotten operatives in the stream of refugees already and is trying to get more into the U.S., I’m told some refugees have been convicted of attempting to carry out terrorism plots but none have succeeded yet. The fact that none have yet successfully executed terrorist activities is totally meaningless.

    If this EO hag had been written last year it would be supported as unfortunate but prudent considering the times.

  12. Huh… my 3-year-old nephew is visiting next week. Guess I better head to the hills until that “dangerous toddler” leaves. LOL!

  13. I’m another one who is less than impressed by astronauts. It is such a rare fraternity that the selection process would be interesting to see what qualifies you.
    A few years back we had that one crazy astronaut that drove across country wearing diapers to murder the ‘other’ woman in some kind of weird astronaut threesome and this highly intelligent, highly educated, highly screened and vetted astronaut was batshit crazy……..

    • Well, space travel is pretty dangerous. Even if statistically less so than driving a car, still, the perception is there and it must be overcome. So I’ll give them some credit for that alone.

      The training is pretty intense, too. Simulating weightlessness in the “Vomit Comet” over the Gulf of Mexico could be rough going, or fun, I’m not sure.

      You’re right, though, some of these people clearly were selected more for PR terms than their scientific chops.

      • Well, I for one would have *loved* to be selected to fly that C-130 over the gulf several times a week, so much fun I wouldn’t be able to see straight, even if I did have to be belted in.

  14. So she’s starting a new billionaire-backed, astroturf activist group? Moms Demand Action Against Toddlers? Give it a rest, girlie.

  15. Should someone tell her that Mini Me, and in fact the whole Austin Powers series, isn’t real or is continuing to laugh at her expense socially acceptable?

    Mean as it is I would love it if she started talking about keeping lasers safe from sharks.

  16. Gabby Giffords and James Brady: both proof that you can shoot a liberal in the head and utterly fail to hit anything important…

  17. “That’s why we’re fighting to ensure guns are kept safe from kids.”

    I approve. There’s no reason these passive precision devices who never hurt anyone, should be subject to the rampages of murderous toddlers. Or their sticky fingers. Seriously, what is that stuff?

    As for kids accidentally hurting people using guns, that’s a pretty good example that making it illegal, doesn’t stop it, and there’s no fixing stupid. (Or being toddler-crazy.)

    If they really want to keep guns safe from kids, the first thing is to teach kids not to mess with stuff they don’t understand, and if they mess with something, whatever happens next is on them. Imagine the trauma, a peaceful, precision machine is sitting there, quietly proud of its capability, and it’s role in keeping people safe. Along comes a toddler; random, flailing, covered in goo, grabbing the gun and forcing it to discharge some random way. Then, being the moral cripple s/he is, the toddler runs off, crying about the eeeee-vil gun, that went boomey-bang, crunching up something useful where it was pointed. And all the midget in body and mind did is pick it up the gun, load it, and fiddle with it randomly, until it went boom, ignoring where it was pointed.

    Toddlers are moral cripples, along with being intellectual midgets, and little balls of spasm and snot. Noble guns should never be exposed to them.

    Wait, what?

    That’s not what she meant? But that’s what she said?

    She meant toddlers being exposed to guns, not guns being exposed to toddlers? That’s crazy.



  18. The truly sad thing about toddler violence, is that most of them are just in the process of turning their wee lives around.

  19. Wow. Tone-deaf squared.

    “That’s why we’re fighting to ensure guns are kept safe from kids.”
    – Gabby Giffords

    Say what now? What are we trying to protect from whom here? ?

  20. “A group that has killed someone once a week for the last two years: Toddlers. ”

    Observed elsewhere: This explains Democrats fondness for abortion.

  21. As much as I’ve like to see guns kept safe from children, much more than that I’d like to see all adults kept safe from children.

    Have you seen what sort of plagues and diseases those twerps carry around with them? They’re like adorable little biological warfare agents, rubbing their disease-ridden little fingers all over everything in sight.

    I think every home with children should have a 55-gallon drum of 10% bleach in water outside the door. When leaving the house, Mom or Dad should grab each child by the legs, and dunk them head-first into the drum of 10% bleach water, swishing up-and-down at least once to make sure the child is thoroughly wetted down with the disinfecting solution. Then, and only then, are children ready to be brought out into public.

  22. Statistically she’s right. Refugees have not killed as many people on U.S. soil as toddlers. Can’t really deny that given the data. I personally think that laws aren’t going to do much about that. Its already against the law to recklessly allow children access to firearms and is clearly child endangerment which is also illegal. I also think the whole immigration ban is also stupid and likely to cause more problems than it is trying to solve. Many defense, intelligence, and counter-terrorism experts also agree with the latter. I can attest to children being reckless homicidal maniacs. My 2 year old smashed a bowl over my head just a few weeks ago and laughed about it.


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