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“It’s hard to believe that Woody Harrelson, the actor who played a sociopath in ‘Natural Born Killers’ and smashed zombie heads in ‘Zombieland’ once feared for his life after being held up at gunpoint,” reports. Yes. Yes it is hard to believe. Here’s his story:

The two-time Academy Award nominee and Emmy Award winner said he was walking to his brand new Porsche, a gift he’d treated himself to just after getting his breakout role on “Cheers,” when he was confronted by a robber who put a gun to his head asking for money and the keys to his new car.

“A guy came up and robbed me,” Harrelson told The Hollywood Reporter. “Put a gun to my head. That was really an uncomfortable night.”

Harrelson, who was only 23 at the time, wasn’t able to find the car keys. The man said he was going to count to five and needed the keys before he got there.

“He got to four and I said, ‘I’m going to die now,'” said Harrelson.

Fortunately, someone entered the garage and scared the man away.

They say that truth is stranger than fiction, but this sounds a lot like fiction to me. In any case, Mr. Harrelson is pro-gun. So where was his gun? Assuming this took place in California, there’s your answer.

Of course, it behooves me to say that if someone holds a gun to your head, that may not be the best time to draw your firearm. The best time to do that is before he puts a gun to your head.

Situational awareness people. Situational awareness.

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  1. Considering that Woody Harrelson’s daddy was a contract killer who assassinated a United States federal judge (John Wood) at the behest of a Mexican drug lord, one would think Woody would know better.

    And no, I’m not kidding. Look it up.

    • LKB,

      Woody Harrelson’s father is concrete evidence of at least one incident where someone exercised coercion over a federal government employee in a key position. Can you imagine how many more such cases have happened and are ongoing that we do not know about?

      It is enough to make me wonder if all of the key positions in the federal government — and thus the entire federal government — is compromised.

      Seriously, think about it. How hard would it be for an entity with $4 million dollars at its disposal (whether that entity is a foreign government or business tycoon) to have an assassin send a crystal clear message to any key government employee? I don’t care who that government employee is, if a skilled assassin has a $2 million dollar operation budget and 12 months to put together a plan and execute it, that assassin will succeed.

      Now, sweeten the deal with an offer for a $2 million bribe immediately following the assassin’s crystal clear message that “I can get you if I want” … and who isn’t going to take the bribe and keep their mouth shut?

      Of course this scales up rather nicely. If an entity has $40 million at their disposal, they can “own” 10 key government positions. And after that entity delivers enough “messages”, their reputation will proceed them and their assassin won’t even have to deliver a “message” to future government positions … instead only having to offer the $2 million bribe. (Only having to offer the $2 million bribe means the entity who sent the assassin no longer has to spend an additional $2 million for the assassin to develop a plan and execute it to deliver their “message”.) Thus, an entity with a spare $200 million could easily “own” 100 key federal government positions … after spending the first $40 million on the first 20 key positions.

  2. How many people know his estranged father was tried for three murders; acquitted of the first, convicted as an accomplice on the second, and put away for life for the murder of a Federal Judge on the third. Died in custody at a Supermax in Fremont, CO in 2007.

    —edited —
    Well, not as obscure as I thought. y’all beat me to the post.

    • And, as if that isn’t enough, in a standoff with police he claimed responsibility for the assassination of JFK (though he later suggested he was bluffing to save his life).

  3. Oh give Woody a break…he was probably high tokin’ on a joint. At least he didn’t pizz and moan when this went on years ago. And parking garages are hyper dangerous places.

  4. Walking back to his car, but couldn’t find his keys?

    It sounds like Mr. Woody was about to drive home drunk as a hockey player who just won the Stanley Cup.

  5. A TV tough guy who rolls over when someone shoves a gun his face? NO!!! My world is shattered!! President Martin Sheen and VP Glen Close need to get director of the CIA Han Solo (or was it admiral darth vader’s voice?) to send pro assassin Matt Damon to do something about this!!!!!!

  6. I would point out that if the age cited here is correct that would be 30 some years ago. Didn’t Californians have some freedom back then or has that place been a complete commie state since before I was born?

    • It is also fair to point out that in Los Angeles County (and many other counties in California) celebrities get special treatment if they want to exercise their 2nd amendment rights.

      • Newly minted TV stars, not so much. And one with his family history? Gimme a break! Today would be different–he’s a big star now.

  7. More like shit happens. If someone has the drop on you not much you can do. Even with good SA a well placed determined bad guy can still gain the advantage, not to discount being prepared

    • Quite right. The only solution is to alter your lifestyle such that a perp never gets the drop on you. That’s a tall order which requires advanced defensive tactics and restrictive lifestyle changes.

  8. cheers, fucker.
    zombieland, ok. hard to get past a late night talk show where he acts like a ding dong. his interviews were pure arrogance, along the lines of jason alexander.

  9. It is not possible for most civilians to maintain constant situational awareness when out and about.. criminals know that and simply wait until their victim lets his guard down. Civilians, therefore, need to apply a more advanced level of defensive tactics to counter this reality. This involves reduced exposure to any possible criminal approach.. that’s a life-altering commitment most of us are not willing to make. The very rich know what I’m talking about here—they know that one slip-up could be ‘curtains’ for them!

    • Yeah, see… what you’re talking about there is “Situational awareness” and it’s not a huge commitment.

      • “It is not possible for most civilians to maintain constant situational awareness”
        See, what he means here is; “It is not possible for ME to maintain my SA while…”
        Fixed it.

  10. Agree with the last paragraph, if the guy already has the drop you then it would be pretty ill advised to pull. To me that’s just asking to get shot.

  11. “Mr. Harrelson is pro-gun. So where was his gun?”
    He was probably a gun hater back then. Remember; a gun hater is only a person who has NOT been mugged…yet. After that, they like to become gun owners.
    This incident might well be the reason that he is a gun rights supporter today. And being a holyweird celeb that stance must be very difficult for him too. Ever wonder how much that costs him, even just in holyweird snowflakes talking behind his back alone?

  12. Woody Harrelson is a self described “anarchist” who loves Obama and Hillary. LOL that he “supports gun rights.”

    Just another overpaid leftist Hollyweird freak who hates America.

    Come on people, basic google searches. Just because these snobs wave guns around in their gore fest movies doesnt mean they want you to have them.

  13. “In any case, Mr. Harrelson is pro-gun.”
    So, pro-gun guys tweet stuff like this?

    The dems have passed gun violence reduction bills and sent them to the senate… but none can even get a vote in the senate because moscow mitch won’t even allow them to come to a vote… why? Because then all these republican senators would have to go on record voting against common sense reform! A lot of us scratch our heads and wonder when change will come… not while moscow mitch is the nra’s bitch!

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