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The exodus continues apace . . . More gun jobs in Gallatin: Beretta supplier uproots HQ from San Diego – “On Jan. 11, Axem Distributing Inc. announced that it is moving its corporate offices to Gallatin and planned to break ground this year on a facility in the Gallatin Industrial Center, near the Beretta plant, which is 35 miles northeast of Nashville. … Axem’s move will immediately involve 15 jobs, according to the Gallatin Economic Development Agency. The company expects to employ as many as 50 people when its new facility opens. Certain details were not immediately clear on Wednesday, including the amount Axem intends to invest and what types of jobs it would generate.”

Ready for anything . . . Trump’s ‘Cadillac One’ limo will have tear gas cannon, shotgun: report – “Donald Trump’s new presidential limousine will be fully stocked with weaponry, bullet-proof windows and doors, and even bottles of the president-elect’s blood type in case of emergencies, according to new reports. The ‘Cadillac One’ limousine, set to debut on Inauguration Day, will replace a fleet of nearly a dozen limos that have served President Obama since 2009, Autoweek reported. The new presidential limousine, also known as ‘The Beast,’ will cost as much as $1.5 million, the New York Post reported.”

The Performance Center® By Smith & Wesson® Unveils Innovative Lineup for 2017 – The Performance Center by Smith & Wesson announced today a number of new products including pistols, rifles, revolvers, and slide kits for 2017.  Performance Center fans have always appreciated the blending of world-class precision machining with the hand-work of Performance Center Gunsmiths.  In 2017, fans will be happy to see that tradition continue with the launch of a number of new products.

The soft bigotry of low expectations . . . CBS News Awed by ‘Relatively Reliable’ Smart Gun – “On January 12 CBS News was awed by a smart gun that is unlocked by a smartphone-style fingerprint reader and is ‘relatively reliable.’ The gun is a .40 caliber Glock that MIT freshman Kai Kloepfer altered by making it inoperable unless activated by the swipe of an authorized user’s finger across the reader.”

But she already has so many in the running for the title . . . ‘Dumbest tweet of all time’? Gun grabber Shannon Watts’ latest warning is ‘pure ignorance’ – “Gun grabbing head of the Michael Bloomberg-funded group Moms Demand Action is at it again, and this time the ‘silence’ is golden in its stupidity.”

Gobble, gobble, BOOM . . . MOJO® Outdoors, announces a re-designed and improved Tail Chaser Max Turkey Decoy to be unveiled at SHOT Show in Las Vegas next week. MOJO® revolutionized turkey hunting in the last few years with the introduction of the MOJO® Scoot & Shoot style of turkey hunting by use of the Tail Chaser and Scoot & Shoot Decoys, both developed to facilitate the most aggressive and exciting style of turkey hunting where they come to you instead of you going to them, often called fanning. The Tail Chaser was a convenient method whereby the turkey fan (decoy) was attached to the shotgun barrel. The new Tail Chaser Max contains the basic original barrel clamp and support legs which allows the hunter to set the shotgun on the ground while it remains erect and to remain hidden without holding the gun.

Looks like 30 Cal Gal is is destined for bigger and better things . . .  Gun TV out of ammo after less than year on air – “The closure of Gun TV is not surprising, considering the fledgling home shopping network had been troubled since before aired. Gun TV was envisioned as a 24-hour channel but launched with six hours of programming from 10 p.m. to 4 a.m. PT. The channel also faced a lukewarm welcome in a nation where gun-law reform advocates argue people already have too many guns, not too few. One late-night talk-show host, Samantha Bee, teased the channel for being ‘dedicated to gun fondling.'”

IWI US Introduces the DAN .338 Tactical Precision Rifle to the US Market at the 2017 SHOT Show – IWI US, Inc., a subsidiary of Israel Weapon Industries (IWI) Ltd., proudly announce the arrival on the US shores of the first IWI bolt-action tactical precision rifle in the DAN .338. Manufactured to the exacting qualities that define all of the Israel Weapons Industries (IWI) products, the DAN delivers the highest standards of performance in reliability, ruggedness and sub-MOA accuracy in the .338 Lapua Magnum caliber.

Dash Cam Catches Chilling Shootout with Georgia Sheriff’s Deputy – “In the video, (Deputy) Hockett is heard yelling at the suspect, ‘Drop the gun now!’ Moments later he’s seen running away as the armed suspect chases him. Hockett jumps a fence and the suspect begins firing at him. Hockett returns fire, hitting the suspect in the shoulder. Hockett was also hit in his forehead, elbow and waist by pellets from a shotgun blast during the shootout. Both Hockett and Edmondson survived.” The action starts at about the 9:20 mark when the suspect drives up.

In ‘open carry’ Florida, more guns could mean safer citizens, advocates argue – “Proponents of Second Amendment rights say both the Fort Lauderdale shooting and the Pulse nightclub massacre last summer in Orlando are examples of why restrictions on permitted gun owners don’t help prevent tragedy — and why Florida’s gun laws should be opened up to afford more freedom for people to defend themselves.”

God bless free market capitalism . . . Manufacturing Machine Guns by the Thousand, 1917 – “Strikingly typical of ‘impossible’ things made possible is the story of how a group of American businessmen, appreciating the importance of the machine gun in modern warfare and foreseeing the coming big demand for this class of weapon, conceived a giant industry devoted entirely to the manufacture of machine guns.”

Sentry Product Group introduces new packs and cases with 1080 Technology – SENTRY Products Group will release a series of bags and cases at SHOT Show 2017 incorporating newly developed 1080 technology the most flexible molle mounting system in the industry.

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    • Another liberal troll crawls out from under her rock. Someone, please shine a flashlight into her empty head and enlighten her!

      • I hear the new Obumer Caddy is a SmartLimo, in order to turn to the right you have to make 3 left hand turns and go around the block.

      • There have to be more than one, they’re flown all over the world and there are always several so that it’s difficult to know which one he’s in. Notice, nobody is mentioning how much the moron-in-chief’s fleet cost. Probably similar. And I seriously doubt that either Trump or Obama had any say in the design or equipment.

  1. Samatha Bee shouldn’t talk 1st she was on mondays now on wednesday…you know where the next move is going….saturday nights (dead time TV)

    • I don’t think she’s in any danger of being canceled. By TBS standards, her show gets great ratings. With Stewart and Colbert off the political beat, the snarky college kids and smug liberals have to have someone to feed their undeserved egos, and Bee fills that niche.

      • Colbert off the political beat? Pah-leez. Have you even watched his late night show? It, like the majority of “comedy” out there nowadays, is just thinly veiled preaching to the toon of “republicans are so stupid”.

    • Haha, I noticed that as well. It’s never a good sign when they are moving your show. No surprise, she’s like a more obnoxious, condescending female version of Jon Stewart. She’s a Canadian who claims she voted in the most recent election (I’d presume that means she’s become a naturalized US Citizen, but given the likely millions of illegals who voted with Democratic approval, you never know) and she doesn’t even attempt to conceal her contempt for America and it’s values. That being said, she’ll probably wind up as an anchor on CNN after her weekly TBS hatefest goes belly up.

  2. Good going Beretta! Ya’ know it sometimes takes 5 tries to unlock my simple phone. And woe to me if my finger gets wet. Gotta’ love our future president. “The whole world wondered after the Beast”?

  3. Its sad we were freer in 1917 then in 2017, progressive marxists kill everything good in this world…

  4. Can someone please explain why that cop ran ALL THE WAY back to his car before engaging a guy CHASING HIM AND SHOOTING AT HIM?! While we’re on the subject, why is an armed cop literally begging for his life? Not only that but he called in that he was hit and still managed to drive for over 5 minutes without any backup assisting him. Somebody has a hell of a lot of explaining to do.

    • Can a police officer legally jump a fence, as in the video, without an invitation (or a warrant)? If he wasn’t allowed to be there, maybe he was trying to get off the property before returning fire. Its weird, but the best explanation I can think of.

      Edit: I just read that it was a welfare check, so I guess the cop was allowed to enter the property. I got nothing…

      • So the criminal can’t break into the cop car and shoots at it while the cop is in the property, and the cop identifies himself but doesn’t draw his gun or shoot? Wtf?

        The second I heard somebody shooting and saw them perforating my car, I would have taken cover, drawn a bead, and let ‘er rip.

        Guess I have to practice more 25 yard shots. Or 50. Or buy a G17L.

      • WTF is a “welfare check”? Something you claim to be doing when caught breaking and entering? I smell a rat.

        • Uh, no.

          A welfare check is usually when a relative calls and says “my grandpa hasn’t been answering his phone and I’m too tuckered out to drive the 2 hours to check on him, can you do it?”

          Then you go there and either find that grandpa answers the door drunk as hell or you go and you can smell the decay from outside the home.

    • About half way through his drive to the gas station I figured he must be bleeding badly and headed to the hospital.

      Then he pulls into the gas station while talking about making sure he’s not being followed and I had a “What the actual fuck!?” moment followed by a *facepalm* moment.

      He did get over the fence better the second time though!

      • I had the same thought! First I thought he was heading out, maybe a back way to “head him off at the pass” but he goes the wrong way, so I’m thinking he’s driving himself to a hospital, but he stops at a gas station???

        Some people fight when attacked. Some people run. This guy guy ran.

      • “He did get over the fence better the second time though!”

        Visiting my grandparents at age 8, my sisters and I went a field over to pick blueberries. Sis found a hornet nest. There was a four foot high rock wall separating the properties. I managed to launch myself over that wall in one bound with room to spare.

        The next day, while sis was recovering from about 30 stings, I went back to that wall and tried to leap back over it. Tried a few times. Wasn’t happening.

        Adrenaline and motivation are powerful things to behold…

  5. @ gunctrl, @samanthaB, @I’mwithHer,@crickets, @QueenCankles, @QuietDignityandGrace,

    Youze Sock, Youza Lhoyst. Ichant spehl


    good job for breaking away from Californication and retreating to a better place. + Trump needs an apc, like the Bearcat or maybe a Star Destroyer.

  6. “It will also reportedly be plated with military-grade armor, making the doors so heavy that President Trump won’t be able to open them from the inside.”

    Well, that defies physics, but okay. If a the door is light enough that a human can open it from the outside, then a human can open it from the inside.

    Also, is it 1920? Are we still storing blood in “bottles”? Makes it sound like a couple of 12-ouncers of Trump blood are rattling around in the mini-fridge.

  7. A few words of advice for the Hysterical Mother…

    When in danger, when in doubt, run in circles, scream and shout.

  8. Sentry Products Group? But not the same Sentry Group that makes Sentry® safes?

    I smell a trademark lawsuit coming. Also maybe a bad choice of name, because the name is associated with a generation of low-quality budget safes that a child can open, thanks to YouTube.

  9. “Donald Trump’s new presidential limousine will be fully stocked with weaponry, bullet-proof windows and doors, and even bottles of the president-elect’s blood type in case of emergencies…”

    So… just like the current presidential limousines? All that stuff is sourced to be in the current models.

    Or did they just take the old unclassified specs and release them as if they are new?

  10. So how does one MIT student complete work on a smart-gun unmolested, but another goes to jail just for owning a dumb one?

  11. If you can’t hear the gunshots, how do you know a shooter is coming?
    Does it help if you can hear gunshots and know a shooter is coming, but you are disarmed?

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