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Enter the best caption for this photo in the comments by Sunday at midnight and you’ll win a Timney trigger for the Remington 700.

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  1. Say “You damn dirty apes, damn you all to hell!” one more time! I dare you! I double dare you!

  2. After the cancellation of B.J. and the Bear, Greg Evigan and his costar’s lives took a turn for the worst.

  3. This is how Planet of the Apes should have ended…with Caesar and Franco taking down a meth lab straight out of Miami Vice.

  4. When it was apparent that Harambe’s head being transplanted was a success, PETA sent in an assassin team to insure the secret to how it was done would never leak out…

  5. APB: two new classifications of mall ninja identified, example A: monkey face distinguished by monkey like facial features a pendency for claiming front sights are always fuzzy and length of pull on rifles are too short. Most of the time equipped with a backpack full of bananas and gloves because the grips on his 1911 are to rough for his hands.Example B: underwear nose distinguished by the use of the second grade gas mask has a pendency for complaining that his acog won’t cowitness with his crooked from sight on his windham ar22. Usually equipped with 1980s driving gloves and a tacticool belt for his pokeball holders.

    • I get it. You don’t like Obama. He’s anti gun just like the rest of the liberals. No matter what you think about him, racial epithets are not an acceptable part of the gun community nor is it what America stands for. I hope you feel like your “joke” accomplished a big enough laugh to compensate for the ignorance and racism that you’ve displayed. I trust that you’ll become a better person as you mature.

  6. With an infinite number of monkeys given an infinite amount of time, a monkey will almost surely win a 3 gun match then celebrate by cooking bacon on his barrel.

  7. “You’re a gunsmith, right? My little friend and I need you to do something completely inadvisable and stupid to a couple of guns! And no, we aren’t giving you a choice!”

  8. Don’t worry, Barry! After the inauguration, your security clearances will take our security company right to the top!

  9. Here at the NRA Museum, our “Evolution of Man” exhibit illustrates the primitive tools our ancestors used, and how they evolved into the modern tools used today.

  10. Coming up next on “Sick Sad World” – Has Travis Haley been playing too much GTA 5 online? Stay tuned after a word from our sponsor!

  11. As i looked on with piss soaked jeans i could only say….”lets get down to brass much for the monkey?”

  12. Guy on right to guy on left, “I thought you said this guy is your brother. No, it’s just o’bama.”

  13. And then came a sound. Distant first, it grew into castrophany so immense it could be heard far away in space.
    There were no screams. There was no time.
    The mountain called Monkey had spoken.
    There was only fire.
    And then, nothing.

  14. ”The only purpose for a monkey with a pistol is to fight your way back to the rifle you should have never laid down.”

  15. I have my serious face on.

    We mean business.

    You know I am secretly smiling under this.

    Shock and Awe

    It ain’t me you should be laughing at.

    Sorry, I got caught short.

    This is all I could grab at short notice.

    Still partying.

    Life should not be taken so seriously.

  16. I thought you said Tacticool, not Tactical.

    So its not Tacticool day.

    Fake it til you make.

    Some of us are living the dream.

    Nightmares are made of this.

  17. Never wanting to be caught out in public unprepared Dave always packed a AR and a trunk monkey trained to do Mozambique drills with a 1911. This is the day they stumbled upon a frozen banana stand robbery and stood up to tyranny. As a side note do you know how hard it is to train a chimp to toss lead instead of feces?

  18. “Well I’ll be a monkey’s uncle, this thing only holds 7 rounds! I’d go ape for a simian-automatic with a banana clip right about now.” “Shut up, Carl.”

  19. I see you two are real professional operators, you don’t monkey around with finger control like cheap chinese knock off trunk monkeys or mall ninjas. Here’s Bloomyberg’s account’s passwords, please don’t shoot me, I have an AK under my bed at home, I voted for TRUMP!!!!

  20. “They tried to put him in front of a typewriter expecting Shakespeare… they got something else instead.”

  21. Behind the scenes and off camera with the crew and cast of Rise of the planet of the apes (2011)

  22. 2500 dollars for a 1911. 1500 dollars for an AR. 500 bucks worth of lbe. And they buy their masks at the dollar store.

  23. Seeing Tweeter and The Monkey Man had the drop on him, Bob Dylan felt inspired to write a song….. (Dan, if not your generation, look at the album “The Traveleing Wilburys.” It’s a great listen also. Paul)

  24. Finally, photographic proof of evolution!
    Give a monkey a gun….
    Even a monkey knows that a 1911 is the better choice!

  25. The mask?…. Not anywhere near as stupid as you putting my old underwear over your face.
    Wait… what?!

  26. Bobo received a relatively light sentence for his role in the armed robbery when the jury bought into the extenuating circumstance that ‘Monkey see, monkey do’…

  27. “because he can hang from a ceiling fan and fire four guns at once. and do reloads with his feet.”

  28. You’re right Monkey,… He did just say “Clip”.
    I know what you meant,… just shut up!
    And yea! His name is Monkey!

  29. Great post, Tanner. Well written and thought provoking. Pretty much spot on. I would only add one thing. Sometimes, and I think this is especially more true for men than women, we must “do” because “we have to” rather than because “we want to”. That is to say sometimes obedience isn’t easy and we may not feel like it. Oftentimes, I know this to be true in my own life, the feelings of “wanting to” have come after the hard work of “doing” and stepping out in obedience has been done.
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