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California DOJ doxes gun safety instructors . . . CA DOJ’s Willful Disclosure of Firearm Safety Instructors’ Private Information was Prompted by a Local NPR Reporter – “(T)he California Department of Justice began mailing letters like this one to Certified California Firearm Safety Instructors in late December. Those letters ominously warned that that DOJ had ‘inadvertently’ revealed vital private information of instructors, including instructors’ names, dates of birth, driver’s license numbers, and other information that could be used by identity thieves.  DOJ’s letter simply states that the information was released to an unknown ‘requestor’ pursuant to a Public Records Act request. We now have more information on how many people are affected by the privacy breach and to whom the information was provided.”

The west coast infection continues to metastasize. . . OreGunPocalypse Bills Introduced – “You can’t say we didn’t warn you: OreGunPocalypse is starting with new and extreme anti-gun bills coming out of Salem even before the legislative session starts in earnest. Oregon, like her neighboring states, is about to be hit with some of the toughest civilian disarmament measures ever introduced. We are already tracking nearly two dozen  gun and gun owners related measures and we expect more to follow.”

BLACKHAWK!, an industry leader in tactical products, will launch several new products to dealers at booth 14551 at the 2017 Shooting Hunting and Outdoor Trade (SHOT) Show in Las Vegas, January 17 to 20. …
The new Knoxx AR Pistol Grip improves shooting accuracy and precision with the ability to manipulate the firearm. Offering premium comfort and stability for the AR platform, the improved grip angle and palm swell offer an intuitive fit, and the grip is further improved by the textured surface.

Good luck Houston, he’s all yours now . . . Interesting photo of Houston Police Chief Art Acevedo with Moms Demand Gun Controllers – “Chief Acevedo which from what I could gather likes to associate with BLM and throws fellow officers under the political bus, had a photo moment with some local Mom Demand ‘activists.’” And yes, that really is a Gonzalez flag over Chief Art’s shoulder.

TSA finds record 3,391 guns at checkpoints in 2016 – “Transportation Security Administration officers found a record-setting 3,391 guns — more than nine per day at airport checkpoints nationwide, the agency announced Thursday. The results represented a nearly 30% increase from the 2,612 found in 2015, TSA said. About 83% of the guns found last year were loaded, TSA said.” More concealed carriers = more guns showing up at TSA.

Want To Shoot Guns While You Eat And Drink? Here’s The Restaurant For You – “A former CEO of Smith & Wesson is hoping to attract investors to fund the expansion of his novel restaurant concept, combining alcohol, food and shooting guns for an evening of entertainment. At Modern Round, which opened its first location in Peoria, Ariz., last June, customers use laser technology-based replica weapons to fire at a 16-foot-wide screen. They can choose between games or live-action police and military scenarios, while seated at plush lounge tables.”

New from CapArms: NIJ Level III+ Ballistic Plate Set, $199. Included are front and back plates, with plate carrier. 10×13 plates, with shooter cut and curved. Because real plates have curves (our competitors upcharge for it, but we include it). Plates are constructed from MIL-A 46100 armor plate, and NIJ III+ certified to withstand multiple (6) strikes of the following (at 15 meters). Curved plates, with shooter cut, make for a better fit, and a 1/4″ built-up layer of chemical resistant anti-spall coating helps contain fragments from bullet strikes. While these would be upgrades elsewhere, we include it in our base package.


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  1. I haven’t worn a plate carrier since I worked for Dyncorp but at 200 bucks for level 3 protection is an amazing deal. This may convince my wife that I’m some kind of nut but I’m going to get a piece of that action.

  2. We used to all believe in “Don’t Californicate Oregon”. Now we may as well be a California colony.

    Now I know how the Mongolians feel about the millions of Chinese moved in by force to take over their country.

    • Years ago I would have told any gun enthusiast in California that they got what they deserved for still living in that communist cesspool. But one day I woke up and realized that I could take a walk around my small southern home town and hear more New Jersey accents than anywhere else outside of New Jersey. At first their nasally Yankee accents were little more than annoying so I put it out of my mind. Then a nearby city council passed a little ordinance that would have made all businesses within the city limit remove all of the signs for their bathrooms so that way the five trannies that live their wouldn’t get triggered.

      Then I began to worry.

    • Other than time in the military, I lived in Oregon for 46 years. I watched as Liberal Fascists from California gradually invaded Multnomah County and overwhelm Oregon and its native inhabitants. They changed a once independent and free people into subjects using extreme intimidation against those who disagree and sometimes violence. Three years ago, I packed up my family and business then left Oregon, and I have never been happier.

      • I’ve said it here dozens of times and will continue to do so:…. you can run from california but california will find you. Stay and fight.

        • I will think on it when I go to the range tomorrow with my Ruger SR556 and Sig Sauer 320 to unload 30-round mags of 5.56mm and 21-round mags of 9mm. Seriously? The only way to win in Oregon is to force it to honor the Constitution at the federal level or nuke Multnomah County from orbit. Portland has become a Mecca for the most rabidly Progressive bastards in our society. They have infected every corner of government in Oregon, and flooded the courts with judges’ that routinely overturn any amendment the people vote for that the left dislikes. To believe that conservatives can funnel enough voters to overtake the California migrants coming across the border into Oregon is pure fantasy. If this new conservative movement had happened 8 years ago, we would have had a chance.

      • That’s just how it was for me (and many other native Californians) as we watched liberals move here for their retirement years, and others because, at the time, California paid the highest rate of welfare. As their populations grew, I saw their liberal influences grow and spread. They demanded more and more resources be devoted to them, and that reduced the resources for programs which had been created to assist native Californians. Once we had excellent and free education through college.

        I live in the far north end of the Sacramento Valley. We were country with ranching and farming. Shopping was a bit slim unless we travelled to Sacramento. Then the city folk decided that this was the place to live. We had low taxes, clean air, no gangs, no traffic congestion (two cars at an intersection could be there for hours while being polite to let the other go first). Mom and pop businesses had been the norm. You could walk in and the employees knew you by name. We had miles of forests, crystal clear lakes and streams, rivers… fishing for salmon in the middle of the city. The new arrivals increased traffic congestion to the point that we turned a 4 lane underpass to 6 lanes. Pollution has reached LA proportions. They demanded shopping and the big companies arrived and drove the Mom and Pops out of business. We have major problems with the homeless, gangs, crimes, and so much more. Many of those who moved here had sold homes in the south for mega-bucks, came here, paid cash for a new home, furnished it, with lots left over, but they refuse to support the growing infrastructure, saying they already raised their families and have no reason to support school growth and such. We have empty strip malls, but we have great new edifices for city and county agencies. To help with shortfalls, the county contracts with the state prison system to house prisoners. Of course, wherever those prisoners come from, their families move here to be near, and their criminal associates came here and soon branched out. Conservatives are resisting as much as we can.

        Oregon, Washington, Arizona, and the rest of you… FIGHT BACK NOW if you still can!!! Don’t let it reach the point where the numbers prevent you from being able to do anything to protect your rights! Don’t give them an inch for they will certainly take a mile.

    • It’s a shitty deal. 21 lbs for just the plates is absurd and they come in a shitty carrier. Save your money, get something that you might actually train with enough for it to be useful.

      My entire carrier with pouches, IFAK, plates and wrap around level IIIA soft armor barely comes in at 20 lbs. A plate carrier is just like any other piece of kit. If you don’t train with it, it will do far more harm than good if you ever have to actually use it.

      • Um, there’s a pretty big difference performance wise between IIIa soft plates that stop handguns and III+ steel plates that can stop anything up to 308 AP. Comparing the two as equals is quite foolish.

        • Go back and read that again. My vest has wrap around soft armor AND plates. (The plates are lvl IV but I didn’t mention that.)

        • He has the helium buoyance option.

          If plates weight 10.5lb each then that is what they weigh. If your plates weight 1lb then PERHAPS there is a difference in the plates dimensions/capability?

        • Nope. Level IV composite / ceramic medium SAPI at 4lbs 10oz each. (Just weighed one since I wasn’t sure.) It’s amazing what you can do with modern ceramics and polymers.

      • Hehehe…you said “train”….surely you jest, mall ninjas buy stuff, out it on, show it to their friend, etc. But train? Rarely. ..

    • I with serge on this one. I don’t trust that carrier and the plates are damn heavy for what they are.

      You can get level IV armor from AR500 for about $100/plate and three pounds per plate less. You can find it lighter if you’re willing to pay a bit more. In fact if you’re willing to go up about $50/plate and spring for the side plates you can get all four in level IV armor weighing in at just a bit over half what these guys have for two level III+ plates.

      • What most people don’t realize is that weight of plate makes a HUGE difference. To put this into perspective, the difference between my plates and this shit is about the same as the weight of a full size rifle. What’s more, the plate carrier they sell looks like shitty Chinese crap that’s going to last about a day of hard use as the plates abrade their way out of the plate pockets and your MOLLE webbing starts to tear out from the weight of fully loaded magazines.

        Add to that the fact that your MOLLE area is severely limited, it reduces your ability to carry useful secondary gear like IFAKs, administrative pouches, smoke, coms, etc…

        In all honesty, this looks like something that will give you a false sense of security without serving any practical purpose and worse, the weight means you will put it on once and never train in it to build up the appropriate muscle groups to let you actually fight in this shit. There’s a reason why I shoot all my competitions in my emergency gear. It’s a great way to get used to the equipment and learn to use it properly.

        • One of the most painful weeks of my life was the first time I had to more or less live in my interceptor vest. (One of the reasons I’m so thankful that modern armor is so much lighter.) Wearing armor is not like carrying a backpack or any other form of exertion you’re used to. It uses different muscles and those muscles will HURT.

  3. In the 50 American states someone had to be first. I’m sorry it’s California, as I was born and raised there.
    California is teaching the rest of the country on all the many ways you can loose your civil rights.
    The fight for liberty is never ending. You can never rest.

    You can trade your guns for the security free from arrest to smoke pot. Get free hypodermic needles so you can shoot up your favorite drugs. Get free condoms. Have sex in public on government designated dates. Walk around naked, legally, in San Francisco, and other cities.
    Your teenage daughter can get an abortion at her public school and the parents will mever be told.
    California has or did have the largest state funded welfare programs in the country. They make sure single mothers never get married, by giving them money, while they live in gun free public housing projects. But they made sure gay marriage was safe.
    And you get a lot of other”free stuff” too.

    The state of California will make your liberal libertarian dreams come true. Soon you will have your utopia.

  4. I haven’t lived in Oregon for 15 years. I love to visit and had hoped to relocate there with the family someday. Bookended by CA and WA and the recent passage of UBCs in OR have concerned me about the future for firearms owners there…. and now this crap.

  5. You see this? This is why we need federal preemption of gun laws with violations punishable by summary public execution.

    • “You see this? This is why we need federal preemption of gun laws…”

      I’m with you on the concept, but what is the downside on it?

      As I understand it, ‘back of the bus’ laws in a hypothetical state would rightfully be slapped down *hard* by the Feds as unconstitutional.

      How could it potentially backfire on us?

      • Because then it is regulated, everywhere, at the federal level. Which is fine if the party who embraces your beliefs about something happen to be in power. If not, well … Mr. Obama could have had far fewer regrets from his 8 years in office re firearms.

        • Sorry bro, but that’s already the case. That’s why the 94 AWB was a thing. A state doesn’t have the ability to “ignore” a federal gun law.

          Anybody who claims that there is a down side to taking this to the federal level doesn’t know how the government works.

        • “Anybody who claims that there is a down side to taking this to the federal level doesn’t know how the government works.”
          I hate to say this, but it would seem you are the one who doesn’t understand how our government works.
          We elect people to the top spots in our government. For the last eight years, we have had an elected man who has tried very hard to remove our rights, not just our 2A rights.
          Clinton won the”popular vote.” There are a LOT of people out there who want to remove our rights. With the wrong people in charge of the government, those rights can be gone within a few weeks.
          There is a definite downside to vesting all the power in our federal government. That’s why the tenth amendment exists.

      • Backfire on us?

        Fedgov already dictates speed limits to the states so I don’t see that kind of thing getting much worse.

        The way it could backfire is if, at some point, the feds pass a bunch of very restrictive gun laws that the states are no longer able to ignore. Of course, the feds can already do this if they choose to the same way the dictate speed limits and educational stupidity: by withholding funds for non-compliance.

        Actually I’m kinda surprised that Obama didn’t do something along those lines with guns. It doesn’t take Congressional approval to do. The fed DOT does it with speed limits while the fed DOE(ducation) does it with education. Other agencies do it with other topics and have for decades. Had he really wanted to he could have called it a “public health crisis” and used NIH and other granting agencies to withhold money from state university research programs and he’s have had at least 25 states fall into line immediately. Combine that with DOI/BLM and he’d have had most of the West over a barrel. After that you just look at the remaining states and hit them where it hurts. Presto: de facto national regulations on whatever you want in terms of guns.

        • Technically, the feds do not instruct the states on what speed limits to set, that would be a violation of state sovereignty. Instead what they do is use blackmail–“set the limits at no higher than such and such or you won’t get federal highway funds.” Same result, but without constitutional ramifications.

        • Sounds awfully similar to mob strong arm tactics. We need to stop the per-paycheck payments of fed income tax. Let the states collect it, so they have the same stick to beat the fed with. “Stop infringing on us or we don’t pay your taxes, ya big bully.”

        • I’m aware of how it actually works. The point of my post is the effective result.

          Besides, every time I actually explain something some asshole like [the most recent dick that doesn’t need to be named] gets their panties in a wad and starts throwing out insults and accusations because their personal beliefs and/or feels were harmed by my stating of facts.

          Mostly I couldn’t give a fuck less what these dickless fucksticks think, let alone how their feelz were hurt, but they do take up valuable space and time in the comments so I’ve been trying to minimize what I say that might attract them because they annoy me and I have pistachios to eat, a wife that requires attention and no fucks to give about their “but muh [insert whatever here]!” happyday horseshit.

  6. Inadvertently? As in unintentional? Accidentally? How do you “unintentionally” release personally identifying information in a Public Records request? Must be well qualified…enough to work for the feds…

  7. “California DOJ doxes gun safety instructors . . .”

    Hmm, since many instructors are current and former police officers, wouldn’t releasing that information be highly illegal?

  8. That Blackhawk grip looks like an exaggeration of the Glock grip (which already sucks).

    The S&W restaurant idea seems interesting. They ought to have Old West scenarios with Schofields though..

  9. Given how well TSA does when tested by tiger teams, you gotta figure there are ten times that amount of guns aloft every day.

    Which explains our nearly daily hijackings, and associated bloodletting.

  10. So Art Avocado is out in Austin and his personal butt-boy, Brian Manley, is in as interim Chief. Good luck, Austin. You’re going to need it.

  11. Meanwhile, the NRA and CRPA, through attorneys Chuck Michel and Paul D. Clement, filed their petition for certiorari with the United States Supreme Court today in Peruta v. San Diego et al. In this case, a three judge panel of the Ninth Circuit court of Appeals ruled that there was an individual right to bear arms, and that since California bans the open carry of firearms (loaded or unloaded) in all incorporated cities and towns, California’s requirement of “good cause” for the issuance of a concealed weapons permit equaled simply the desire to provide for one’s own defense, as requiring a particularized need greater than the average citizen resulted in the maority of citizens being deprived of their Constitutional right. An en banc panel of eleven justices reversed, concluding, based on a long history of such bans, that there was no right to carry a concealed firearm. By “clever” reasoning, it “deftly” avoided the issue of the California open carry ban, despite the fact that the issue was squarely presented by the case on appeal.

    The issue presented to the Supremes is the next step post-Heller, “whether the Second Amendment entitles ordinary, law-abiding citizens to carry handguns outside the home foe self-defense in some manner, including concealed carry when open carry is forbidden by state law.”

    Now we get to see the effect of a Trump presidency on the decisions of the highest court.

    • “Now we get to see the effect of a Trump presidency on the decisions of the highest court.”

      For that to happen, we need another Progressive to retire or expire during Trump’s term in office.

      Scalia was properly conservative, replacing his seat with an actual conservative leaves us right where we were at the time of Scalia’s death.

      As Ralph has noted a while back, for all practical purposes, Kennedy can’t be trusted with the fate of the 2A.

      So we will sit, and wait, praying to God he that he will answer our prayers (with the answer we want)…

        • Sure, why not? If it’s good for the second most disgusting scumbag to sit in the Oval Office, it’s good enough for us to turn it around and use it against them.

        • “Or we can pass an act of congress to expand the court to… say… 15 members.”

          Has Trump made *any* noise on expanding SCOTUS?

          That can work both ways, I’m sure you’re aware.

          The next Progressive Prez can expand the court even more and scuttle the 2A…

        • A better idea based in respect for the Constitution and the rule of law.

          Return the Court to the original 6 members with seats to be filled in order of seniority. Good bye to Barry’s bimbos. If the old dingbat Ruth Buzzi or Breyer wants to relinquish their seat, then one of the idiot gals can stay.

          And reduce the budget by 1/3.

      • My vote goes to Ginsburg for early retirement. Wasn’t she ‘promising’ to move out of the US if Trump was elected? Time to put up or shut up–along with some many Hollywierdos. Pack it up and get the hell out!

        • Ginsberg’s comments about Trump’s candidacy made me wonder if she’d truly gone senile.

          “I hate Trump. If he becomes President I’ll quit my job as one of the ten most powerful people in the country and make Trump replace me with one of my enemies”
          -Yeah, you go ahead and do that, Ruthie, I’m sure President Trump will be devastated.

        • I see that as being hot air, FedUp.

          The ‘Notorious RBG’ damn sure knows what will happen to the direction of the court if she bails.

          She’ll stick around and wait Trump out…

      • Agreed. The fact that Kennedy is squishy on 2A issues is probably why we haven’t seen them grant any 2A cert petitions for the last few years — neither side can be sure which way he’d go.

        Best hope is that Kennedy decides to retire while there is a GOP president/senate. I think that’s a decent possibility after this term is over. On the other hand, he clearly enjoys being the most powerful jurist in the country (assuming a conservative replacement for Scalia, court would be split 4 conservative / 4 liberal / 1 wildcard (Kennedy). That kind of power results in a flavor of black robe syndrome that is usually incurable.

        I think it extremely unlikely that Ginsberg or Breyer will voluntarily allow Trump to appoint their successors, because that would trigger a truly seismic shift on the Court. Only way they’ll be replaced is if they die or are incapacitated.

      • Another progressive needs to retire or expire…

        …if something happens to one of our female Justices, especially if it’s Ginsberg or La Racist, would it be in poor taste to sing a song from a Judy Garland musical?

  12. I’m late to the party but I felt the need to address this…

    If you fallow the hyperlink to said Oregon proposed laws, the numbers sighted are old and related to none gun stuff. If you look at the current 2017 Oregon bill tracker, the only bills being submitted are expanding prohibited person to stalking. A bill expanding on domestic dispute cases where the judge has to force an individual to surrender firearms. My favorite…Total hypocritical here for sb941 being shoved down our throats but if a person is in Address Confidentiality Program, they can be exempt from private party BG checks.

    What is true from that article but not named correctly, is a bill to make gun stores carry suicide awareness booklets.

    Thought I would share my findings…I’m not sure if the article had typos but it was mostly incorrect.

    • They also had some bills wanting counties to regulate pawn sales and private transfers I believe. Also a bill requiring business to post a sign if they are OK with carry or not.

  13. we don’t need the SCOTUS to pass new, positive gun legislation. We need our local and federal congressmen to start a “convention of states” per article V of the U.S. constitution, we could then permanently change our gun laws for the better, we have republican control of all but 1 of the 2/3rds of states required to start it. if we could get this off the ground we could circumvent the entire B.S. process of the arguing of our right by people who live thousands of miles away as well as remove the ability for SCOTUS to dictate what our constitution really meant.

    • Opinion follows…
      In a constitutional convention, the entire constitution is open to change, not just those parts cited as the reason for calling one. The constitution, although it is not perfect, is pretty damn good. A look at the laws being passed these days is evidence that there are not very many people in positions of power that match the founding fathers in either education, or dedication to a free state.
      The amendment procedure has worked well, and provides for a lot more feedback by the citizenry.
      A constitutional convention is extremely risky. Remember, Clinton won the “popular vote.”

  14. I knew Gov. Brown(Shirt) was going to go full R once she was sworn in. I haven’t lived in Oregon for 13 years. If Brown gets her way with the laws she wants to pass, I will be sure to not return. I feel sorry for my family that will have to endure the B.S. laws that may get passed.


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