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Wait, you mean the Civilian Disarmament Industrial Complex has been lying to us all along? . . . Just one in five Americans obtains gun without background check, survey finds – “Just 22% of current gun owners who acquired a firearm within the past two years did so without a background check, according to a new national survey by public health researchers at Harvard and Northeastern universities shared in advance with the Trace and the Guardian. For years, politicians and researchers have estimated that as many as 40% of gun transfers are conducted without a background check – a statistic based on an extrapolation from a 1994 survey. Gun rights activists had decried that estimate as outdated and inaccurate.”

California gun owners brace for shortages, price hikes under new ammo regs – “Several of the new laws specifically target ammunition purchases. Among the changes coming as of January 2018: Californians who want to buy ammunition online or through catalogs will have to ship their purchases through a licensed dealer. And for the first time, state residents will have to undergo a background check when buying ammunition. Although the restrictions on ammunition purchases don’t take effect for another year, retailers say gun owners have been buying more ammo amid uncertainty and confusion over the new laws.” Or they could just move east to a more rights-friendly locale. Just be sure to leave your politics on the coast.

Fake news . . . The Media’s Dishonest Reporting on Firearms – “The best course of action would be for reporters and copy editors to commit an act of journalism and actually convey some accurate, relevant information about what is being discussed. The most straightforward way to do this would be to describe firearms by their caliber and action: .223-caliber semiautomatic rifle, .308-caliber bolt-action rifle, 9-mm semiautomatic handgun, .44-caliber revolver, etc. If the brand name is known and seems relevant, there’s no reason why that couldn’t be included, too: 5.56-mm semiautomatic Colt rifle, .40-caliber semiautomatic Glock handgun, etc. That a crime was committed by a man wielding a “high-powered Bushmaster” tells us almost nothing; better to tell us that a crime was committed by a man wielding a .223-caliber semiautomatic rifle with a 15-round magazine.” Don’t hold your breath.

What gun for a Tegu lizard? Lawmaker calls for hunting tegu lizards in Everglades “The hunts would occur in the Everglades and the Francis S. Taylor Wildlife Management Area, along with other commission-managed areas where the lizards are breeding, according to the proposal. The lizards, which can grow to 4-feet-long and threaten small wildlife species, are believed to have arrived in South Florida as an exotic pet around 2002.”

Magnum Research® Introduces Combo Caliber Package for the Desert Eagle®

Presser: “If you have 15 seconds, you can swap out a Desert Eagle .44 Magnum caliber barrel for a .50 AE caliber barrel. Next, swap out the magazine from a .44 Magnum to a .50 AE magazine and you are ready to launch .50 AE rounds down range. Magnum Research is proud to introduce their brand new DE44WB6 combo caliber package.”

‘Real Housewives of Atlanta’ star Kenya Moore pulls gun on three suspects who trespassed onher property – “Kenya Moore gave intruders a dose of reality. ‘The Real Housewives of Atlanta’ star whipped out a gun on what appeared to be two men and one woman after she spotted them trespassing her home. ‘If you come over here, you are going to get a motherf–king cap in your a– … I will shoot and I will ask questions later,’ the 45-year-old warned the public in an angry Instagram video following the scare.”

‘Insecurity’ Drives Soaring Number of Belgians to Apply for Gun Licenses – “The number of Belgians applying for firearms permits has skyrocketed, with applications in one major province more than doubling in just five years, according to the authorities. ‘The trend is clear, the number of applications we’ve received for gun licenses has more than doubled in five years’, said Divisional Commissioner of the province of Liège, Thierry Brasseur.” The question is, how many of those applications will be approved?

You may have seen Jeremy’s full bore review of the new Tailhook brace. SHWAT’s done a great quick and dirty overview of the MOD 1. Enjoy.

Police: Gun Range Employee Accidentally Shot Himself In The Hand – “A gun range employee was hospitalized after police say he accidentally shot himself in the hand in New Jersey. It happened around 4: 30 p.m. Monday at the Garden State Pistol Range located in Lakewood. Police say the 61-year-old employee accidentally shot himself in the hand while retrieving a rental gun from a storage cabinet.” How many of the four rules did he break?

The Last Gun from Made in Constantine on Vimeo.

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  1. .22 for the lizard if you want the hide. Shotgun if you don’t.

    Gun control lovers lying? This is my shocked face. Without hillary in the whitehouse they got nothing else to do but lie.

      • Someone who isn’t interested in having to deal with the smell of converting it from dead reptile into a handbag… 🙂

        • If lizard tans anything like snake it’s just equal parts glycerin and rubbing alcohol for a few days. Easiest hide to tan out really. Or at least, a lot easier than brain tanning a large mammal.

  2. About a month ago it was reported that an assault rifle was delivered to the wrong house in NY. Some outlets called it a semiauto .50 caliber rifle. Well the rifle was a bolt action Barrett m95. These news outlets are filled with ignorance and bold face lies. As one article stated the police said it was a Barrett m95. But they still called it a semiauto assault rifle! They couldn’t just google it? It is a bolt action. Anything black with a pistol grip is an assault rifle to these idiots.

    • Well, what about the journalistic pinheads who reported the shotgun used in the navy base shooting a couple years ago as an “assault rifle” or an “AR-15”? Most “news” outlets are controlled by, or sympathize with, the leftist politicians and lobbyists. Therefore, they will use the most inflammatory buzzwords they can to try to rally other idiots, as well as the merely uninformed, to their cause. When, as in the above mentioned case, they are shown to be WAY off-base, it is merely shrugged off and swept under the table.

    • Journalists, like politicians are about as knowledgeable about just about everything else as they are about fire arms.

      • The firearms knowledge of journalists and politicians about firearms would rival my knowledge of Meso-American pottery shards. Which is about zero.

    • “About a month ago it was reported that an assault rifle was delivered to the wrong house in NY. ”

      I thought guns had to be delivered to a FFL. I can’t get one delivered to my door. (Of course, I do live in ill-annoy…)

  3. “The question is, how many of those applications will be approved?”

    Not a one, I imagine.

    But they’ll approve of every African/Middle Eastern “refugee” who wants to come in. I’m sure there’s no correlation between the two.

    • A more fundamental question is what will Belgians do after their applications are denied. Will they, for example, turn against the political establishment (e.g. Trump’s victory and Brexit) and support politicians who really represent their interests. Support is growing all over Europe for right wing, nationalistic parties. The last time this happened, eighty years ago, it got very bad.

      • You may be right, the political pendulum tends to swing farther back each time. It’s been way too far left for far too long in Europe. Correction could be ugly. Of course this time the enemy is within. Why invade a neighbor to redress long-standing grievances? The ghettos of urban Western Europe have all the Saracens and their co-religionists you’d like. No need for a Tours or Vienna (x2).

        • Funny, since you mention the 1529 Siege of Vienna, I was just thinking yesterday that Niklas Graf Salm, Philipp dear Streitbare, Wilhelm von Roggendorf, and Gottfried von Kalmbach must be rolling in their graves right now.

  4. Planning on a magnum soon but I don’t plan to go the Deagle route. I’d like to hear more on that reproduction of the .44 auto mag. Way out of my price range but I’d like to read about it to tease myself.

  5. That new pistol brace does look dam cool and usable! I’m planning a .300 blk out pistol build if the Hearing Protection Act looks like it may actually happen. This will be the brace for it!

  6. Where can I get the CZ 75 with the left side ejection port and right side controls in the picture of all the “Glocks”? I want one!

  7. 50% of my purchases last year…
    we’ll sing with calif…
    media is half stupid and half stupid like a fox…
    the kids want a lizard… bet a four pounder would be tasty.
    a two caliber deagle is twice as good…
    they’ll be back…
    brussels. sheesh. nothing but turks thirty years ago. go to brugge. (and watch “in brugge”).
    clamp it on a tree…
    that thing is magnafluted. sounds like an ivory billed woodpecker.

  8. So someone figured out a use for a ported shotgun.

    Does it play those tunes when you shoot a rounds of clays?

    • Wolf Blitzer was on CNN yesterday talking about how it’s legal to jump from Chicago to Indiana and buy a pistol without a background check.

      I just LOLed.

  9. What’s the deal with all the new braces?

    If you’re gonna pay the money those “pistols” cost in the first place you might as well just SBR the damn thing. There’s really no point in NOT SBRing it. Obviously you’ll want to shoot it while awaiting ATF approval for slapping a stock on that thing, but they generally come with a brace so why waste the $100 on a “better brace” when you’re just gonna take it off anyway?

    • Perhaps they live in iowa where common folks like you and me aren’t allowed certain guns just because they are less endowed than others. The guns that is, not the common folks.

      Also, I’d like my wife (and when they are old and responsible enough, children) to have access to all my firearms without having to get a trust setup with them all on it.

      • Iowa, Minnesota etc I can kinda understand.

        As for the trust issue, I’d just set up the trust rather than will my family an overpriced oddball gun with very little practical use and which is only one ATF ruling away from being illegal anyway.

        Once it’s SBR’ed and on the trust those issues disappear.

  10. Dang that’s one nasty lookin’ lizard…I expect NOTHING from the lamestream. Funny but I’m watching Hannity interviewing Julian Assange. A notorious criminal hacker has more moral fiber than the leftards.Oh BTW just watched Magnificent Seven. Wonderful movie!

  11. My biggest wish for journalists is that their industry goes totally out of business and that they have to do an honest days work of digging a ditch.

  12. So, did Kenya Moore get arrested for assault with a deadly weapon, since she pointed a gun at people who did not present a deadly threat, or did she get a pass because she’s a celebrity?

    • I suspect the victims didn’t call the cops. I also suspect she’s immune to arrest/prosecution for crimes that don’t leave blood evidence.

      But I’m with you, if they were simply trespassing outdoors, you tell them to leave, and if they don’t leave when you ask them to, law enforcement can cite them for trespassing and make them leave. (generally if some jerk won’t leave when ordered by the property owner, he leaves when he hears the property owner make the 9-1-1 call).

      If you see uninvited guests wandering around in your front yard and you wave a firearm around in a manner intended to alarm them, it’s brandishing. If you deliberately point the firearm at them, congratulations, you’ve just committed assault with a deadly weapon.

      • “Trespassers will be shot! Survivors will be shot again.”

        Three trespassers on private property. I think the fact that she was outnumbered was enough to make brandishing justifiable. Firing the gun, maybe need something a little more blatant.

        • If I were home carrying, I’d confront them with my holstered sidearm.
          If I didn’t have a holster on me, I’d grab something before going out to greet them.

          But simply holding it wouldn’t meet the legal definition of brandishing, although I’m sure they’d describe it otherwise if they called the cops on me. And they would call the cops. They know better than to say “We were stalking Kenya Moore at her mansion and she pulled a gun on us”, but they won’t mind saying “we were walking on Cliff’s grass and he pulled a gun on us”.

      • Check your local laws.
        Out here in the Wild West(©) (Arizona), “brandishing” is legal.
        In some areas, brandishing can also be legal if you are on your own property or place of business.
        Before it became legal, I experienced several “gentlemen” stealing the battery out of my truck one night. I exited my front door, explained that they were stealing my battery, and that I didn’t appreciate that, three of the “gentlemen” approached me, and explained that they didn’t particularly care whether or not I appreciated it.
        One shot from a Ruger Super Blackhawk reload (kinda hot) convinced the “gentlemen” to reconsider my feelings, and they left; the three closest to me probably semi-blinded by the muzzle flash.
        The resulting conversation with the police resulted in a “no harm, no foul” decision, despite brandishing being illegal. They concluded that being on my own property, and being approached by three “gentlemen” with malice in their hearts, was good enough reason.

  13. Statistics are funny… The number of gun owners does not have any relation to the number of transactions. This study is another meaningless study. The fact that academic A-holes are relating these two figures is perplexing. At the end of the day, they are both meaningless.

  14. For curtis in Il. Ms Moore is in Atlanta my guess is Ga. laws are a lot different than Illinoise law. She was probably applauded
    for using good judgemnt

  15. The 94 statistics were taken when there was no federal bc. Now that there is, a certain number of owners with foids no longer have to repeat the bc at every sale. Could they be tricking folks by including them in the new 20%? I mean, if they think only a handful of people are buying all the guns, wouldn’t this just about explain the entire statistic for them?

    I’d bet the real numbers, of NEW gun owners who bought private, are vanishingly small.

  16. I call BS on both sides on this “gun statistic”. Even the article calls it an “estimate”. No way to know for sure how people got their guns. The article even uses the broad term “acquired”. 3D printing and garage gunsmithing are on the increase so many of those procured firearms were not even purchased but rather were made.

  17. Shotgun flute, definitely the strangest thing Ive seen this morning. Wouldn’t mind if it played Ecstasy of Gold though.

    I may get one of those tail hook braces for my next “pistol build waiting on a stamp”, still not sure on the price though.

  18. Shotgun for the lizard, odds are you won’t see it till it runs, and like most lizards in Florida, they can run pretty fast.

  19. A snake is the natural predator of a lizard, so I would suggest one of the Colt ‘snake’ guns (Anaconda, Python etc).

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