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The dumbest thing you will read today . . . Is Donald Trump Going to Take Away Your Gun? – “From November 8 (the day of the 2016 Presidential Election) to November 11 (the end of the week of the election), shares of Sturm, Ruger (NYSE:RGR) stock fell 26% while Smith & Wesson (NASDAQ:SWHC) stock fell 25%. Which kind of begs the question: What the heck is going on here? Are investors in gun stocks afraid that Donald Trump will take away their guns?”

Show Me constitutional carry . . . Concealed carry permit no longer required in MO – “Effective January 1, 2017, most people will not need a permit to carry a concealed weapon. Lawmakers passed the measure last year, before Gov. Nixon vetoed it. Then, the Republican-led legislature managed to override that veto.”

In Southeast D.C., a project is turning confiscated guns into art – “In his young life, Ronnie Phillips, a 17-year-old native of the District’s Woodland Terrace neighborhood in Southeast, has known six people who died in gun violence. The teenager himself nearly became a victim one night, he recalls. While walking alone, a man approached and stuck a black handgun in his face, he said. ‘They pulled up and whipped it out,’ said Phillips, a senior at Friendship Tech Prep. ‘I’m used to it. You live around it every day.’ But Phillips doesn’t want it to always be that way.”

It just went off . . . Dakota Ball on losing finger: ‘No messing around’ with guns – “‘It’s completely gone,’ Ball told reporters. ‘I shot it at the knuckle and blew it off. I was tying a rope around the barrel and around the stock to keep the shotgun from falling out of my lap. I was tying rope around the barrel, and it just went off. I didn’t have my hand on the trigger. … I think I forgot to put the safety on, but I didn’t have a finger on the trigger. But that doesn’t matter. … I love guns, but I’ll take a break from them for a little bit.'”

Arion Compact Ported Pistol Suppressor Introduced –  “New for 2017, ARION LLC has introduced the Compact Ported Suppressor for pistols 22 to .45 caliber. This innovative device is tiny: only 3.5” by 2.2, and weighs just 11.8 ounces. It’s fully CNC machined from 6061 T6 aluminum and utilizes an ingenious patent pending design to direct the gases exiting the barrel down into the internal baffles and out the front port.” Compact? Seriously?

Waffle House waitress loses job after firing gun during robbery – “A Waffle House waitress in Georgia says she was fired for shooting her gun at three fleeing robbers. Heather (Shorty) Burkinshaw-Stanley said she was only trying to defend herself and her co-workers, The Newnan Times-Herald reported Sunday. ‘I was in fear for my life, my co-workers’ lives, and I did what I thought was right,’ she told the paper.” She ran outside and fired a warning shot in the air as the robbers drove away. Don’t do that.

Remembering a very bad year . . . March remembers the nearly 800 victims of Chicago’s gun violence in 2016 – “Hundreds of people marched on Saturday on Chicago’s Michigan Avenue carrying crosses representing murder victims in the city, CBS Chicago reports. On the crosses were the names of nearly 800 people lost to street violence in 2016.”


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    • Far from it. It bothers me as much as seeing classic cars get wrecked for movie stunts.

      The bench is in DC. If you’re gonna build it be realistic, build it out of Hi-points and Jennings if you’re goal is to get them off the streets.

      • “The bench is in DC. If you’re gonna build it be realistic, build it out of Hi-points and Jennings if you’re goal is to get them off the streets.”

        Perhaps someone with welding experience can chime in here on this, as far as I know you can’t easily weld zinc-alloy potmetal crap. Liquefy and cast, I could see, but weld?


        • Could possibly if you welded to an aluminum frame, but the globs would be huge. Look at a welded AL chair welds & then welds on a steel chair, the AL welds are huge.

      • That’s what broke my heart watching the bonus features to the movie Vanishing Point. Though they weren’t classics at the time they destroyed five or six 1970 Dodge Challenger R/T’s to make the film.

  1. You’re not defending your life if you fire a shot into the air as the bad guys are fleeing.

    As for the investors in gun company stock. There’s no more threat of guns going away so the buying surge is over. Makes sense to move your money to something else.

    • Exactly. These guys may no stocks, but they don’t understand second amendment politics. If Hill had been elected, the stock would have shot up because demand for their product would have gone through the roof. With Trump being a safe bet not to take anyone’s guns, there was no buying frenzy, and thus no mobility in the stock. It is still a safe stock, but just not as much of a mover in the market anymore, so savvy investors dumped it.

        • JK, yep that was a the Motley Fool has run many similar articles in the past outlining the seemingly counterintuitive behavior of firearms-related stocks when new firearms restrictions are being touted in Washington.

      • ” These guys may no stocks, but they don’t understand second amendment politics.”

        When the Hearing Safety Act passes, I’m willing to bet most American gun company will start tooling up for integrally-suppressed hearing safe guns, and suppressed bedside handguns will probably be the big sellers…

      • Adding my two cent’s worth here:
        I was at the large Phoenix gun show in December, and t here were a LOT of what appeared to be new buyers, and a dearth of “operators.” And high prices (prolly because of the new buyers who didn’t know what prices should be).
        I commented on that to my friend, and we came to the conclusion (possibly wrong) that the new buyers felt it was now safe (politically) to buy a gun, while the “operators” knew the prices were too high, and will come down before too long.
        The owners of large blocks of stocks have their advisers who probably came to the same conclusions, and they sold out while the selling was good.
        I think that when things settle down, stock prices will rise again, as this business is usually a good one.

    • People with a lot of money to invest are not stupid. With all the Liberals now out buying guns to protect themselves from us evil Conservatives who were only waiting for the opportunity to round them up and put them in concentration camps, the investors have obviously moved their money into the companies providing cheaper pistols.

  2. Dumbest statement-dumbest dude…hey I really don’t stockwatch Ruger but I helped with the Ruger SR 9E I put on layaway today. It seems like a great gun for the$ ?

    • Fabulous gun, you will love it. Register it with Ruger & you get a 20% off coupon; I got the 2 pack of mags for hardly more than a single.

      • Thanks for the info! It seems lots of folks like the E more than the SR…I heard the trigger pull was great too.

        • I’ve had mine since this summer, love the fact that he E doesn’t have all the “pokey” things on it like my SR9c :-)) and yes, the trigger pull is great!

        • The trigger is amazingly great; for me I even like more than the new American. I also have the SR9C & the triggers are equal, but I picked the 9E over SR9 for a full size because it was more cost effective; could care less about a hard case that I have boxes full that will only be used if I ever sell something off. Also the 9E is going to be used in some tough, dirty environments & kept loaded with 124 gr JSPs. Up to 12 Ruger handguns & all have worked perfect out of the box & remained so. I am extremely hard on stuff, guns included. I always said that a manufacture only had to give me their stuff to test to find out just how good it was or wasn’t.

  3. It would be absolutely hilarious were the SJWs carrying 95% of those crosses, to have had those ‘victims’ over to their house for dinner before they were killed.

    That might give them a bit of perspective….

  4. If you get one of those Arions, you won’t have to tolerate that old joke, “is that a suppressor in your pocket, or are you just happy to see me?”
    They say that this thing reduces recoil more than most brakes. Who puts a muzzle brake on a pistol? Also, at 11+ oz., the shear weight will keep muzzle flip and recoil in line, so who’s fooling who?

  5. If I owned a restaurant in Georgia, I would give that woman a job, some lessons on gun safety, and a lecture on the lawful use of deadly force.

  6. Clearly, the “Fools” went long on gun stocks, expecting a Hillary win. They were wrong. They’re just trying to reduce their losses by convincing people to stop selling their holdings.

  7. I suppose having a knife stuck in your face and stabbed multiple times would have been a morally acceptable alternative. Also, remembering the majority of the ‘victims of gun violence’, who are most likely gangbanger scum themselves, is a beautiful thing. You got to be shitting me.

  8. That muffler scratches a serious itch of mine.

    I’ve always wondered what my pistols would look like with a miniature Borg Cube on the front end of them.

  9. Waffle Houses are gunfree zones. The ones in Ohio don’t post signs afaik though. Also, were they able to reattach that guy’s finger? I’m no ‘bama fan, but I feel bad for the guy. He ought to know not to mess around the muzzle of a gun unless you’ve visibly cleared it (locked back/open/disassembled).

  10. The muzzle break aspect is the only thing “ingenious” about that monstrosity they call a suppressor.

    You’d have to give me the stamp before I’d disgrace a pistol with it.

  11. “I was tying a rope around the barrel and around the stock to keep the shotgun from falling out of my lap. ”

    A+ for safety!!!

    • My question is, once he used the rope as a sling for his shotgun, what was his plan for keeping his pants from falling down?

    • If only gun makers would invent some kind of a device for conveniently attaching some kind of line or strap to a long gun, perhaps as a permanent feature, to help secure the gun for carrying. We could call it a “sling”.

  12. To be completely fair, Donald Trump has flip-flopped on gun control, and I probably could even dig up some TTAG musings worrying about about Trump’s 2nd Amendment bona-fides. So the Motley Fool article really is not so dumb at all. Trump has already changed “repeal and replace” Obamacare to “repeal, replace, or amend,” along with some other changes since Nov 9th. “The wall” is going to be more like a double border fence, because its cheaper, maybe with a door people can come through legally.

    As far as I am concerned, the jury is still out. I prefer actions over words from politicians. If Trump and the GOP do not deliver, the Motley Fool article may be prescient, not so dumb at all.

      • Some of us will never forget Bush 1 in his 1988 presidential campaign and him stating “No new gun laws!” only to watch him ban more guns than any other president up to that time only a couple of months into office with the 1989 import “assault rifle” ban which is still in effect. Bush was also an NRA member. Trump was saying that “assault weapons” should be banned along with ” hi cap” magazines just 4 or 5 years ago – don’t count on any politicians to protect your rights. I hope Trump is who everyone in the gun community thinks he is but remember even “conservative icon” Ronald Reagan was anti 2nd Amendment.

        • I wouldn’t go so far as to call GHWB an NRA Member. He bought a life membership, probably with campaign funds, and the campaign started referring to him as a “Lifetime NRA Member” in hopes that we’d forget he had a history as a gun grabber (more such history than Trump for example).

          When the NRA started getting serious about government overreach and BATF thugs, GHWB denounced the NRA and renounced his Membership In Name Only.

          I don’t remember President Reagan being an anti, but Governor Reagan sure was. OTOH, a substantial majority of politicians were antis in the latter half of the 1960s.

        • “OTOH, a substantial majority of politicians were antis in the latter half of the 1960s.”
          Having observed politics for a lot of years, I can say, with little fear of being proven wrong, that politicians will say whatever they think will get them elected; if they win that election, they may or may not remember what they said. There are very few politicians above the local level who run counter to that observation.

  13. TO FedUp:
    your statement: “I don’t remember President Reagan being an anti, but Governor Reagan sure was.”

    You are either too young or didn’t/don’t follow 2A issues of the past that well. President Reagan signed the Gun Owners Protection Act in 1986 which outlawed future production of machine-guns for civilian sales. He also supported Bush the 1st’s import “assault weapon” ban in 1989 and in 1993/94 he wrote to Congress asking them to ban all domestically made “assault weapons” and “hi-cap ” magazines as well as supporting the Brady Bill and general gun registration.

    As far as Bush the 1st campaigning as an NRA member in 1988, some of us also did not trust him as in 1988 (or 1987), he suggested that very small concealable handguns be banned when he held up a Freedom Arms (or possibly North American Arms) .22 mini revolver up at an FOP meeting (the anti-2A FOP was stating that cops can get killed as these small guns can’t be found easily when a criminal is frisked).

    • I seem to recall he was holding the NAA which was mounted on a belt buckle, looked inoperable, but was not. “Hiding in plain sight!”

  14. Don’t really understand the purpose of a suppressor on a pistol; it instantly makes them big, heavier, long, impossible to holster and un-concealable, the opposite of the pistol’s purpose.

    • Good point, but you forgot to mention the fun factor. Very long ago, I moved away from rifles toward pistols because shooting with rifles (.22) was too easy to hit what I was aiming at, my new Python .357 was much more challenge. I also fired a couple boxes before I got any hearing protection, a muffler would have been very welcome! And before you give me too much crap, I should advise you that back in the mid ’60s, 19-year-olds seemed much more intelligent than today. At least to me.


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