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Let’s get this out of the way: Ooltewah is a town in southern Tennessee, not a sound a Samurai makes when he stubs his toe. A town of some 687 souls — go Owls! — its most famous resident is Maci Bookout of the MTV show Teen Mom. And just in case you thought being a teen Mom was irresponsible, a neighbor put Ms. Bookout to shame . . .

At approximately 4:20 a.m., the Hamilton County Sheriff’s Office responded to Blanche Road for the report of a person shot.

When authorities arrived, it was found that the husband had been sleeping in the bedroom and was awakened by his wife who had been downstairs in the kitchen working.

When the wife returned to the bedroom the husband was awoken, startled, and accidentally fired his weapon believing she was an intruder.

Fortunately, the bullet grazed the wife’s ear and caused no serious injury.

As a man who’s been divorced twice, I’m not sure I’d take that account at face value (so to speak). If nothing else, I’d check the couple’s insurance policy.

Still, the incident teaches us a valuable lesson: know your target and what’s beyond it. That said, and not to go all existential, can anyone really know someone else? Just a thought.

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  1. I remember reading in “Gun Week” just several years ago a paranoid Cop shot and killed his own Son who had come home early from College one night. He had a gun with Tritium Sights and instead of simply using a flashlight or turning on a light he just started blasting away at a shadow moving in his house with tragic results.

  2. Another important question – what sort of paranoia results in people waking up at home, safe in their own bed, grabbing a pistol and randomly shooting at shapes in the dark?

    I might want to be investigating just who this guy thought might be sneaking up on him at night, and why.

    • too many folks spend their waking hours reading internet blogs about self defense. Then they go all hollywood at the first bump in the night.

      Bet there was some alcohol involved…

      • “too many folks spend their waking hours reading internet blogs about self defense.”

        Do you mean like this blog? 🙂

        Actually, I find reading blogs educational and entertaining. Sometimes, It is a good source of stories about what not to do. Most people who do stupid things with firearms are those who take near zero training, read next to nothing on use of force laws, and believe all the myths they grew up hearing about self-defense.

  3. Wow, goes for the headshot on the first try. She’s lucky he didn’t shoot center mass first.

    Hopefully this guy isn’t a vet who had a bad dream and was awoken from it or something. PTSD is already thought by a lot of the lib-tards to make you a dangerous nut and you might remember there has been talk of taking guns away from vets who have PTSD.

    I dunno how serious those discussions really were but when CNN runs headlines like “Should vets with PTSD still have access to guns?” (02/04/13) I assume that some people meant it as a serious discussion.

    • The means already exist. While passed in the aftermath of Virginia Tech, there’s good reason why the “NICS Improvement Act of 2007” is also known as the “Veteran Disarmament Act”.

      Before I got my DD214 in ’09, the Army “Warrior Transition Unit” and VA head shrinkers were riding us hard about claiming PTSD for a higher disability rating. And guys were jumping at it as a way to make an easy %50 rating at least. I told them all on a regular basis that they were effectively throwing away their rights in the name of a free ride…. and nobody believed me.

  4. Now I’m thinking of the scene from Pineapple Express where Seth Rogen is trying to put his ear back together.

  5. Buy a dog as well as a gun (says a dog owner). Dog, if upstairs, would not have responded to wife working downstairs. Dog would have gone crazy if there had been an intruder coming in, long before the intruder got upstairs.

    • Unless of course the intruder brings a pound of bacon, then a typical untrained dog will be too busy to bark at his new friend.

  6. This guy was lucky, and I hope he and his wife rework their home defense strategies.
    If you have a likely ‘aggressive when awakened response’, you should take that into account when sleeping with a loaded firearm readily accessible. It’s good to be prepared to defend your family against intruders in the night, but you have to take into account your own response reflexes lest you become a greater danger to your loved ones than any possible intruder.

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