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“This is the right time to start owning guns and protecting ourselves and families. We have schools, mosques and community centers that need to be protected.” – Abdul Yusuf in Minorities are joining the rush to buy guns in Minnesota [via]

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    • There are about 23,000 (23 thousand) already, nation-wide, if not more. And people are still rushing to buy them!

      Maybe we ought to start repealing them? Go back to basics, like the 2A, and stay there?

      • IMO we still need an Article V convention to propose Constitutional Amendments. One amendment that is desperately needed is to place an absolute limit on the number of federal laws that can be actively on the books and enforced. Once that limit is reached Congress must pick one law already on the books to be repealed before they are allowed to pass the next law. Also, the number allowed should be fairly low, say 10,000? And every regulation passed by a federal agency that has the force of law must be counted as one of those laws.

        • 10,000? I was thinking 500. And if under *any* circumstances a man with a gun can force you to comply, then it is a law.

        • I would take it a step further and say that if any type of penalty can be assessed, it’s a law. They don’t need to send men with guns when they can just withhold your tax refund, for example.

        • Hell, I’d take it a step further and implement a mandatory expiration on all laws. Say, 10 years? 5, if we really wanna ensure Congress doesn’t have time to screw much else up. They’d be so busy renewing and re-debating laws and penalties for the things that should ACTUALLY be laws (such as the prohibition on rape or murder) that they wouldn’t have the time, inclination, or consensus to pass stupid bullshit like 922(r).

  1. “What are we going to do if an active shooter breaks in?” he asked. “Are we going to run, hide or make a call? We need everyone to be aware of safety procedures.”

    I guess this guy forgot there is at least one other option. Shoot the bad guy(s).

    • They have every reason to be afraid. Between the Baptist jihadis and their mass shootings, the radicalized Lutherans driving trucks through crowds and those evil Roman Catholics beheading people, the world just isn’t safe anymore.

      • Yeah… The way they are talking, you’d think the Pope had found his balls and called another Crusade against the heathen Turks… Wait? That didn’t happen? Ok…

        What do you mean at least one prominent muslim cleric declares Jihad against the infidels every week?

        So… It is apparently reasonable for muslims to fear christians when christians haven’t done anything to them in centuries, while it is unreasonable for christians to fear muslims despite the fact that muslims are responsible for 95% of terror attacks in 2016… (The other 5% is communists.)

        • Your comment about “Christians haven’t done anything to Muslims in centuries” made me think about that for a minute. It’s basically forgotten that the Holy Land was held by “Christians” before the Muslims took it in the first place. I know the Crusades were a complicated mess of Religion, politics and economics, but boiled down the Europeans were trying to take back land that had been taken from the Byzantines. So while it may be beside the point (and painfully obvious) I’m just saying Islam has never been the religion of peace, they are always aggressors.

        • Not a scholar on the subject, but I think Jerusalem was held by Christians before islam was invented.

    • “… there is at least one other option. Shoot the bad guy(s).”

      But Tom, haven’t you heard the pearl clutchers? If the good guy(s) are armed, other armed good guys and the police will not be able to distinguish the good guys from the bad guys.

      Never mind the instantly obvious fact that the bad guys are the armed people walking around executing UNARMED people and the good guys are the ARMED people who are NOT executing UNARMED people.

      Granted, once the armed good guys engage the bad guys in a firefight, it will require some effort to distinguish “friend or foe”. Nevertheless, that is a much better problem to have than armed bad guys walking around executing unarmed victims without any opposition.

      • We’ve been an armed society for nearly 250 years now, and I can’t find a single time that armed response to killers produced a situation that was confusing and dangerous to police response.

        Probably because by the time police have arrived it’s already been over for 10-30 minutes.

      • So the question to be answered actually is: Is it better to die helplessly groveling on the floor begging for mercy or to be able to fight back (successfully or not) and accept the risk that Second Responders may or may not mistake you for a bad guy and shoot you?

        I am reminded of the Kenyan Mall massacre where one victim lay helpless and dying on the floor and was shot, I think, eight separate times. Also, when the good guys finally responded into the mall they ended up shooting each other. Life is full of risks.

        • “life is full of risks”

          Exactly. You can’t eliminate risk any more than you can control every external factor. Sometimes an ideal option just doesn’t exist. What’s that saying? Something about not letting perfect be the enemy of good?

      • I’ll point out that cops these days are now taught to engage active shooters with whatever the cops happen to have with them. Often that means only a pistol. Personally I’d much rather take a pistol round than a rifle round.

        Secondly, when cops do bother to tactical-up for one of these shootings that means some significant time has elapsed since the first boom went off. You’re either dead, the BG or BG’s is/are dead, you’ve escaped or you’re successfully hiding. I rate the chances of the police actually walking into a raging gun battle and having to determine friend from foe as just about 0.0%.

        Third, realistically it’s not that hard to figure this out if the low, low probability event of a raging gunfight does occur. San Bernardino, Texas (multiple events), Orlando, Paris etc all have a common thread: bad guys with rifles. Defenders are generally going to be CCW types and they’re going to have handguns. At the risk of coming off as a stereotypical asshole here: the guys who have rifles and are yelling “Allahu Akbar!!” are probably the bad guys and the folks with pistols who are most likely pinned down due to facing superior firepower are probably the good guys. However, even if both sides have rifles a moment’s observation should make it fairly clear who’s who because mass shooters like the guy at VT generally prefer to be rocking tactical gear and also tend to shoot targets of opportunity that are unarmed/fleeing/cowering etc. The guys and gals who respond positively to your commands are almost certainly not BG’s but can, because they’re following your commands, be taken into custody and sorted out later. That moment’s observation should also tell you who’s scared shitless and who’s not. BG’s won’t be scared as they planned this and likely intend to die. Defenders on the other hand will be scared and likely will make better use of cover. As per the usual, the motherfucker shooting at you is probably the BG.

        Is it possible some GG with a rifle is present? Yeah, but the probability of that is low. Most people don’t roll with a tactical kit in their truck and most of those that do will shit themselves when something actually goes down. The number of people who are prepared, capable of accessing their gear and willing to go back into the shitstorm is going to be pretty damn low. The folks willing to do that also already know the risks their running by doing it. The flip side is that they’re also probably running plates and that means, sorry cops, that the cops probably won’t kill them if the cops even manage to hit the GG in the first place.

    • Because they thought it worked then.
      Now, when it takes the cops 15+ minutes to get there and stand around with their thumbs up their asses for another 2 hours it’ll be because America is racist and that’s all Trump’s fault. Not because that’s the reality of police response time or anything.

      • To serve & protect is really to serve themselves and protect their pensions, while giving you time to die.

        Meanwhile CA legislators are disarming law abiders at every opportunity.

        GO Left Coast GO.

        Do you like my gun?

        I do not said CA legislators while laughing at NRA, GOA, and every other gun right organization.

  2. ‘They fear that Trump’s administration will restrict Muslims from obtaining firearms. “They might put us on watch list or have a special mark on us,” said Yusuf.’

    What!? You mean they can’t already just make up a secret list of suspected terrorists and strip them of their civil liberties without due process? I thought the Democrats had been pushing for that for a while now. Now that there’s a Republican in office it doesn’t sound like such a good idea?

    • Pretty sure we can just limit it to muslims in general. No secret list needed. You follow the “religion of peace”… no guns for you, as you are a voluntary member of a conspiracy to overthrow the CotUS.

    • Say, I know of another people that had a special mark put on them. In fact, I don’t think their persecution has stopped to this very day by a certain other people that routinely frequents mosques. Just who could they be?


    • All the mooooslems can/should go back to sandland and they can have all the POS AKs desired. But STAY there. GO NOW and you an take your assets with you. Or deport without their assets.

      • I’m sure that Saudi Arabia will be more than willing to welcome Muzrat “refugees” from the western world? Right? Surely they get all the sharia and other bullshit they want there?

  3. Why, oh, why the booger hook on the bang switch?

    Illustrating an article about advantages of gun ownership? On a gun blog?

    Come on! Really!

  4. I am cautiously optimistic about this. Muslim American who have been here for generations that have integrated with American culture that will stand up and say “we are with you, and willing to protect our fellow citizens from those who will do evil against us and any one else in this country.”

    But then again I haven’t read the attached article. For all I know it’s the “all white people everywhere want to kill our men, rape our women, and cannibalize our children because Trump got elected” flavor of the week…

    • “Muslim American who have been here for generations that have integrated with American culture “

      All 8 of them???

    • We have basically two kinds of Muslims in the US, unlike Muslim migrants in Europe. Our Muslims are either “moderate”, which means they are not as devout as the majority of Muslims around the world, or terrorists.
      The majority outside the US are neither moderate nor terroristic. They are simply practicing Islam which means they live by sharia. Not good but not outright terrorism.
      The mistake we make is when we believe that the moderate Muslims living in the US represent the majority of the ideology that is Islam. It is also wrong to assume that the majority are prone to violence.
      There are extreme Muslims on two ends. Moderates on one end and murderers on the other with the overwhelming majority in the center whose ideology is still incompatible with Western civilization.

  5. So a community leader wisens up and comes to the conclusion that “we” already had that 2a is there to protect you from a possibly corrupt government and ya’ll are tearing it apart because he’s a Somali Muslim???

    That’s the damn problem. Should be welcoming the born again to our flock rather than pinpricking the politics. He has every reason to be as afraid of Trump as you were of Obama and the reality being you should be afraid of both.

    The more people exercise their right to bear arms the less likely it’ll come up as an issue. 2A shouldn’t be a liberal or conservative issue, and maybe a Trump presidency is what’s needed for liberals to understand that.

    • Yeah… Maybe next we should be welcoming the local chapter of ISIS? After all, they are all about civilian ownership of machine-guns.

      • I’ll let Hillary know you’re planning on donating to her 2020 campaign and you guys can make fear mongering generalizations to restrict gun ownership together.

        • Yeah… There are some “allies” that we don’t want to have. Inviting muslims into the fold is about as silly as inviting communists. You’re picking up some short-term gains at the expense of long term survival.

        • “Those who would give up essential Liberty, to purchase a little temporary Safety, deserve neither Liberty nor Safety.”

          Isn’t that the line we push out after a school shooting or whatnot? You either believe in protectionist bullshit or you believe in the inherent risks associated with a free society. 2A gives muslims the right to be armed as much as it gives you the right to v defend yourself against them should they try to harm you.

        • The commies can at least understand. All about maximizing personal wealth while screwing everyone else (the proletariat). Who can understand precivilized barbarians.

    • We all know the Second Amendment applies to everyone, including Muslims.

      The problem is that Muslims don’t believe the rest of the Bill of Rights apply to anyone who isn’t a heterosexual male Muslim.

      • Yes, but that’s a fight best fought on a homosexual Christian forum….I certainly have drastically different political beliefs than most people on this forum but this place should be about celebrating and promoting second amendment rights. Another group of people coming around should be viewed as a positive regardless.

        • Yes the second amendment is for everyone. But not everyone really appreciates that.
          That is why people of the gun question the motives of new gun owning liberals.

        • They’re being confronted with an authoritarian president from “the other side” for the first time. No different than someone moving to the inner city realizing they should get a home defense shotgun or getting a better paying job might change your view on taxes.

          You don’t realize how important 2A is until you’re confronted with what you hold dear being taken away. As a recovering Democrat for me it was the Patriot act that woke me up….Trump might finally bring this country togther in realising we all have a common enemy in the grand scheme of things.

      • NO. Muslims believe NOTHING in the Constitution. The Constitution is Antiethical to everything Muuuuhaaaamad vomited and his cult believes. They DO believe in the sword (power, conquest etc) so firearms are acceptable. There is NOTHING in Western enlightened civilization that is acceptable under Islam or Sharia. Day/night or heaven/hell.

        • I’m assuming in anticipation of Obamacare being overturned you’ve stopped taking your medication?…

          Fundamentalists from every religion can’t exist in a truly free society. Christians Fundamentalists just try and destroy freedom through legislation instead of bomb vests. It’s less flashy but arguably more dangerous.

        • ” Christians Fundamentalists just try and destroy freedom through legislation…”

          Well, that would be the Constitutional way to go about it. Because Christian fundamentalists, generally, respect our Constitution. Said Constitution provides ways to stop legislation that destroys freedom, which sometimes works. Abortion would be flat-out illegal in a majority of the states if this were not the case.

        • Which is ironic given that the idea of the modern abortion industrial complex would have made the founding fathers puke. Roe v Wade was based on a legal fiction.

        • I don’t want the government making medical decisions for me or my family. If people use that freedom to have abortions that’s on their conscience, not mine.

          If you think more government regulation and oversight would fix abortion than I’d love to chat with you about the War on Drugs and Chicago’s gun laws.

        • Yeah… That would be true if it was actually a medical decision. The reality is that 99.99% of abortions have jack shit to do with medicine. The way I see it, murder is murder. The fact that it does not involve me or mine does not make it ok.

          As for outlawing abortions not stopping them? Sure. But by that logic we shouldn’t outlaw other forms of murder either. As for botched abortions killing both people involved… That’s a feature, not a bug.

        • I’m not here to debate the morality of abortion because odds are our feelings about the morality of it are the same as yours….but just like “we” argue that banning guns just leads to only criminals having them, it’s no different with abortions. When abortions WERE illegal, doctors that performed them just altered medical records or made up medical reasons the pregnancy failed. That’s not including clandestine abortions via chemical and mechanical means. Thus, unless you want agents of the government inside the OB/GYN watching your wife and daughter get a pelvic exam to ensure that an abortion isn’t performed, you’re not going to make any kind of dent in the equation.

          So like I tell my liberal friends, unless you’re prepared to physically confiscate 300 million firearms via door to door search and seizure, you can’t just ban guns….the same applies to abortion. All you’re doing is making yourself feel better while making no difference while drastically increasing the reach of the government to impinge on your privacy. Useless laws that make people feel warm and fuzzy at the cost of personal freedoms….you know, like how we prevented all those bayonet killings thanks to the AWB.

    • Or just don’t let anymore in that is all. To be exact, Trump (while campaigning) did not say ban all Muslims or deport them. He stated that we should temporarily not let anymore in from active war zones; nothing about the ones already here. If that is too bigoted a thing for a nation to do to ensure its own survival then that is nation that is already doomed. I am not disagreeing w/ you just stating that what Trump actually advocated for was fairly mild.

    • “It recommends that Presbyterians “consider destroying their assault weapons”

      I have a better idea! Tool steel is difficult to destroy, you should give them to me, let me destroy them! A few thousand rounds of ammo would be appreciated, too, to assist in that destruction. I. WILL. melt those suckers DOWN!

  6. If these guys are taking the time and making the effort to go about becoming gun owners and carriers in the legal fashion, and, apparently, even getting educated on the topic, it seems to me they are far more likely than not to be good allies in the gun rights scope. Legal concealed carriers are still, by far, the most law abiding group of citizens; what makes anyone think these guys will be any different?

    I think we can pretty much all agree with the final sentence of the article: “It’s a matter of saving my life and my family’s life.”

    • Arming muslims and leftists… what could possibly go wrong? These are not potential allies, these are our enemies tooling up. Both groups are violent, dangerous and fundamentally enemies of our republic.

      • Well, it’s a good thing the founders of the country took that into the equation and you can arm and defend yourself from these folks if need be.

      • And yet, by arming up in the way that they are, they are, perforce, making themselves allies of the second amendment. They may not be allies of other aspects of my politics, but they are, certainly, allies of the right to keep and bear arms.

        Of course my personal experience with muslims has been quite different than yours, apparently. I have not met one that was violent, nor particularly leftist. None have been “moderate” in the way that has been described in this thread (ie not practicing); they have been strongly religious and, guided by their view of their religion, quite peace loving, people. I know there are those that see their religious mandate as being one of violence toward unbelievers, but I haven’t encountered those. Most probably, though, those ones would be focused more on acquisition of weapons to cause mayhem, and not very concerned with legalities, whereas the ones in this article were very concerned with legalities, and focused on self defense. To me, this indicates that the ones in the article are most certainly either “moderate” muslims (non practicing) or actually religious, peaceful types. In either case, they are likely to act as a buffer against the more violent types, since they will often be the first to encounter them.

        The second amendment is a lot like the first (and the rest of the individual rights): if you don’t think it applies to those you disagree with, then you are actually an opponent, not a supporter. The only way to keep individual rights strong is for them to be universal; those you agree with and those you don’t.

  7. Donald Trump is an Alpha male. That frightens atheists, socialist, libertarians, progressives, etc.
    I think Theodore Roosevelt was our last Alpha male president.
    Trump is not a politician. Just a business man who put up buildings, in some of the most politically corrupt cities in america. He is a billionaire who is also street smart. It makes sense that the status quo hate his guts.
    I think he is the only republican or democrat who really believes in protecting the bill of rights, dispute his eminent domain problems.
    The ACLU and others don’t support 2A, nor do they support the 1st amendment for people they don’t like.


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