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Apex Tactical Specialties Leaves California, Relocates To Arizona – “Citing the regressive business climate, particularly for companies in the firearms industry, Randy Lee and Scott Folk, co-owners of Apex Tactical Specialties, the highly regarded designer and manufacturer of aftermarket firearms parts, announced the company has fled the state of California and relocated to Peoria, Arizona and a new 50,000 sq. ft. facility.” Apex joins the general outflow of productive companies and individuals looking for greener pastures to the east.

Cocks Not Glocks coming to the People’s Republic . . . UW-Madison students lining up against bill that would allow concealed guns on campus –  Emulating the ‘Cocks Not Glocks‘ campaign that made sex toys hanging from backpacks a regular feature on the University of Texas at Austin campus after a campus carry law passed last year, activists plan to arm students with dildos ‘as a method of fighting the absurdity of guns in classrooms,’ said Katherine Kerwin, the driving force behind several of the efforts. ‘We actually have 200 sex toys on their way right now,’ she said. ‘We’re going to be breaking those out as soon as the bill gets introduced.’ Even the mayor refers to Madison as seventy-seven square miles surrounded by reality.

Moms & Armed Self-Defense – “These are the questions I and so many parents need answers to. I am not willing to be a victim as a lone female, but you can be sure that if a bad guy threatened me and my child, he would swiftly meet an epic, rage-induced, adrenaline-fueled cross between a mama Godzilla and The Hulk. I know every parent can identify with that sentiment. But the adrenaline-fueled mama bear needs to assess, think logically and react swiftly if she wants her kids to be safe.” Moms demand the right to armed self defense.

Heroin Now Kills More People Than Guns In America – “For the first time ever, deaths in America due to heroin overdose outnumber gun homicides. And before you ask, no, the number of gun homicides hasn’t been dropping. Good lord. The data, pulled from the CDC by the Washington Post, is dispiriting reminder of our nation’s worsening opiate epidemic, which was started by money-hungry drug companies and continues to claim more lives year over year. Gun homicides for 2015 were estimated at 12,979; heroin killed 12,989.” As Gizmodo sees it, drug companies are responsible for heroin in the same way that the gun lobby is responsible for gang violence.

Jaffe Report: Unrestricted Gun Ownership in DC Would Be Disaster – “But it’s quite likely our new neighbor at 1600 Pennsylvania Ave. will have to decide whether to sign Rubio’s legislation to kill D.C.’s existing gun laws and the government’s right to make and enforce new ones. For decades, the District had perhaps the nation’s most strict handgun controls until 2008, when the Supreme Court struck down the ban. Since then the District has crafted reasonable regulations that allow residents to own guns but also requires training and safety measures.” He means those good old decades when the District was consistently in the top five nationally for its murder rate.

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  1. The way that Calif seems to be going will soon leave them wih just the movie industry, illegal aliens, gang-bangers, and welfare recipients !!! DMD

    • All I can tell you is what I see with my own eyes. Everywhere in CA I go I see new construction. We’re in the top 10 economies in the world. But someone’s always predicting our doom.

      I’m not seeing it. And if it did happen the ripple effect is going to wreck a lot of dreams outside of CA.

      • How is your state’s bond rating lately? Are you still borrowing money to feed the progressive gravy train, like Illinois?

        We in Illinois like to brag that our bond rating is better than California. Which is another way of saying we’re both headed for economic disaster but you’ll get there first.

      • California is like Rio De Janeiro. Places like Silicon Valley, the Bay area and San Jose are booming. The rest of the State is an economic disaster area. Something like half the states tax revenue come from a tiny slice of tbe population, something like a thousand tax paying units. The reason that the Republican Party has been neutered is that it’s base, the middle class, has left the state along with most manufacturing plants. The state is dependent on Colorado and Nevada for water and does not generate enough electric power to keep the lights on. If it weren’t for illegal immigration the state would be losing population faster than New York and Illinois. There may be lots of fancy buildings going up but it just a facade for a crumbling state. California now resembles Latin America. A tiny kleptocracy at the top supported by a mass of poor. The middle class is has all but disappeared. Just wait until Prop 14 gets repealed and the rest of the middle class is taxed out of their homes.

        • I would be more inclined to take you seriously if you weren’t the fellow talking the Trump/Clinton conspiracy here a few months back. You know, the one where you said that Trump was going to go to the last minute as the GOP candidate and then suddenly drop out of the election. Handing the win to hillary.

          CA is in the top 10 economies of the world. Ignore that all you want. And if it does collapse, it’s going to spread the fun to the other 49 states.

        • Yes, LA takes water from the Colorado. The rest of the state gets its water from in-state resources, most of which comes from points north of Sacramento and is shipped south. San Francisco gets its water from its own dam in the Sierra Nevada mountains near Yosemite (Hetch Hetchy), that is stored up there and in a gigantic reservoir just south of the city.
          The Central Valley is the largest produce growing area in the United States, and it relies heavily on migrant farm workers for the entire growing cycle. The migrants start in the south end of the state in the spring, working their way to the north state (a nut and fruit tree area), then return to the south for harvesting, again moving their way north through the harvest. California is the largest wine grape growing region in the world. And we haven’t even gotten to the hi-tech industry.
          California’s GDP of $2.4 trillion is the largest in the country, followed by Texas at $1.6 trillion. If California were a country, it would rank seventh or eighth largest economy in the world.
          Care to recant?

        • California is not a top 10 economy for the simpre reason that it is not independent from the country. It relies on other regions for inputs and intermediate goods. It cannot maintain its current level of production without it.

          And I said that he was acting like he was working for Clinton and tanking the election. And I said we will only know I’d he drops out so misrepresenting what I said. In the Trump won by a mere 100k votes or so and he won not because who voted; he won because of who didn’t vote.

      • They were, until just recently, building like crazy in China. Building whole cities that to this day remain utterly vacant.

        Just because stuff is building doesn’t mean anything, especially if it’s all financed.


      • California has a robust economy and growth is booming ? Great, the same can be said for Merkel’s Germany ….but I wouldn’t want to live there either.

        • Except that CA is not an independent nation. It can be brought to heel. It just takes folks in DC with the will to do it.

          I for the life of me can’t figure so many POTG accepting that 2a is not the law of the land.

  2. Well according to the FBI there were 9,610 firearm related homicides in 2015. And reason would suggest that a law enforcement agency would be more accurate at tracking homicides than a disease prevention agency.

    • Actually, the CDC’s data is more accurate than the FBI’s. The CDC handles the logistics of ensuring that the identities of the dead can no longer be used, while the FBI compiles data reported by local law enforcement agencies. Guess which one is more important to the government?

      • Did you mean Centers for Disease Control (and prevention) or did you mean Social Security Administration, which handles the nation’s death database?

  3. Geez…I’ve seen the OD thing before. I’m old. I’ve been around junkies. I have the solution. Don’t do heroin…and you can keep Madison. Where I first openly saw kids smoking pot(circa 1971). Glad Wisconsin went Red…

  4. I call gender appropriation. They have no right to D waiving. But since they’re so big on animal rights in Madison, they could just take up the tag C@nts Not Hunts. Not sure what they’d hand out.

  5. Opiates, primarily heroin, killed an awful lot of people. A considerable percentage of those killed in homicides were murdered as a result of the gang-related competition over the heroin trade. Could this indicate some sort of direction for us to end “gun violence”? Could be …..

    • Now it’s primarily a synthetic opiate called Fentanyl.

      The cartels have finally figured out synthesizing the chemical precursors for the manufacture of it.

      It is estimated to be between 50 and 100 times as potent as morphine. Meaning, a very small amount is worth a *lot* of money, making it very attractive to the smugglers.

      Pandora’s box is now open. It’s much cheaper to make it compared to heroin. As it is now likely impossible to effectively control the raw ingredients, they will likely now never be able to stamp it out.

      Better living (addiction) is now is being made through chemistry…

    • Bloomberg should spend his money fighting the H epidemic and at the same time he would be saving people from gun violence. I like it. Only problem is these people don’t care about saving lives only controlling people.

    • You underestimate the scope of the problem. Much heroin addiction today is not the result of recreational use, but instead a function of the large number of persons with chronic pain syndromes who are not relieved by prescription opiates, usually as a result of injury. In the last year, the federal government, through the FDA, has made it so that physicians cannot prescribe above a certain number of pills per day of any particular medication, whether it is norco or hydrocodone or oxycontin or oxycodon, even if that is not enough to achieve the desired result. The problem with opiates is resistance: over time, patients need more and more of the same drug to achieve the same analgesia. And of course they are addicting. But when the doctors cut them off, or the pain is no longer diminished, people move on to street drugs to treat their chronic pain. Heroin is a drug of choice. It is cheap, relatively speaking, and easily available. There is of course the recreational addicts, all of whom eventually turn to begging ofr a life of crime to support their habits.

      • Mark, you sure know a lot about water and heroin. Remind me about your water, according to the news I watched for the last two yrs California has no water! Heard it was all going out into the ocean to protect a snail or frog or little fish instead of going to the growers that “used” to produce the USA’s produce. All the tree huggers out there would rather have the water go to protecting an animal than growing food to feed humans. You know us the people. The land of fruits and nuts…oh wait no water to grow the fruits and nuts! Your practiced experiment of socialism is about to collapse!!!

  6. Hey, something in the win column for smack! Go heroin! I knew you’d win something one day!

    Semi-related: Did you know that people mix heroin and LSD? I’m not sure how that works exactly, I imagine using the H after the acid kicks in, but it seems like a real waste of acid if you’ve got good doses.

    • The H reduces the clenched jaws and fingers from the strychnine in an adulterated batch of trips.

      But yeah, seems like a waste. Been decades since I “experimented,” but I can’t imagine mixing them.

  7. “seventy-seven square miles surrounded by reality.”

    Pretty much. Wisconsin is a great state, Madison and Milwaukee are its armpits. I’ll never forget how thousands of teachers called in “sick,” got on buses and mobbed the state capital building, shouting obscenities and pissing in the lobby, after Gov. Walker and the legislature passed some union reform legislation.

    • There was a “sickout” in Jefferson County, CO over the union getting a smackdown. A bright parent FOIAd the attendance records of the “sick” teachers and posted all their names on social media. “Does your child’s teacher steal from the school district by taking sick days when she’s not sick? Find out here!”
      The union had a kitten over that, of course, but the courts ruled that teacher attendance was a public record. Sickouts aren’t likely to happen again here.

  8. “Throughout history, poverty is the normal condition of man. Advances which permit this norm to be exceeded — here and there, now and then — are the work of an extremely small minority, frequently despised, often condemned, and almost always opposed by all right-thinking people. Whenever this tiny minority is kept from creating, or (as sometimes happens) is driven out of a society, the people then slip back into abject poverty.

    This is known as “bad luck.” – RAH

  9. I grew up near Madison and the U of W (even in the 60’s) was the center of wackydom to those of us living out in the “real” Wisconsin. When I got home from Vietnam in ’69, I was advised against wearing my uniform anywhere near the U of W – in 1969, Playboy Magazine awarded the U of W the title of America’s most radical campus, beating out even Berkeley. Then the city gave the U of W students the right to vote in local elections, and things really went downhill. Remember when the militant Dem state senators fled the state so the GOP senators couldn’t form a quorum and do business on a law to disempower the public service unions? Led by their leftie professors, the U of W and the city has continued this tradition and spread it out into Dane County. These days one must travel at least two counties out from Madison to get back to the way things were. As for Milwaukee, we always considered that a lost la-la land.

    • 77 square miles surrounded by the “Deplorables”, yes, I like the sound of that..Madison is a hell hole filled with liberals

  10. I can see the merit of pulling out a big rubber dick out of your backpack as a defensive weapon, but I’d still keep a firearm handy for backup. People carrying around giant artificial dongs which could be used to violate an attacker would strike fear in the hearts of would-be robbers.

  11. D.C. is already a disaster. How could legalized ownership of handguns make it any worse? As reflected int he post-Heller era, D.C. has gone out of its way to enact the most bureaucratically complex system for registering guns, maintained egregious laws on the books that define firearms as including any component of a firearm or a cartridge, including spent casings, and when forced to issue concealed carry licenses, enacted the most restrictive scheme they could conceive of that excluded pretty much, but not quite, all residents of the district. While just over the river, across unguarded bridges into and out of Virginia, licenses are shall issue. Do these idiots really think they are accomplishing anything?

    • DC is 60% minority. The Powers that Be are terrified of minorities being able to defend themselves. DC Council is really no different from Birmingham, 1963

  12. I think I know why we’re always playing from behind in public relations and crowd involvement: our slogans don’t rhyme. Heck, we barely even have slogans. Get three simple words together that make the youngsters feel hip and transgressive, make them rhyme, and the world is your oyster. It’s like catnip for the progs. They’ll do anything you want.

    Also, I think the “cocks not Glocks” symbolism is far more accurate and pro-gun than anyone realizes.

    They carry dildos around because to a lot of people, dildos are shocking and vaguely threatening — much like guns. Also, like guns, they shouldn’t be waved around in polite company. But here’s where things go off the rails. Because with dildos and guns alike, the perceived threat (or promise) of the object itself has absolutely no relationship to your likelihood of being assaulted and/or penetrated with one despite the implicit threat (or promise) of the object. No one in his right mind expects dildo-fueled orgies to break out on campus sidewalks just because a bunch of randos are carrying them around. Same goes for guns. The run-of-the-mill progressive is an incredibly stupid creature.

  13. The drug companies and their pill pushers are partly to blame for the heroin epidemic. They pushed opioid pain killers for a long time (and continue to, though to a lesser degree). When the cost of these drugs got too high on the street, they switched to heroin.

    The gangs first realized the similarities of the drugs, and began pushing it in areas with high illegal use of prescription medications, offering it up cheaper and with greater availability.

    • Ever had severe pain? Trust me, evil BIG PHARMA!!1 doesn’t need to push anything. You’ll beg for it. I remember pounding my head on the carpeted cement floor of the ER because that hurt less than my 6mm kidney stone.

      • Oh I have been there, stones are the worst pain in the world. I had gone through several rounds of 9mm, typically puking my guts out from pain in a couple of hours (literally to the point of bleeding), rapidly becoming non-functional, barely able to crawl and begging for the strongest drugs available. One incident was in Malaysia, really makes you appreciate US ER rooms as screwed up as they are.

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