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When an anti-gun screed loses the Washington Post . . . ‘Miss Sloane’ shows what happens when Hollywood abandons political common sense – “The same cannot be said for the cause she fights for; gun control advocates spout sub-Daily-Kos silliness, claiming, for example, that Texas regulates sex toys more stringently than guns with a straight face. I think part of the problem is that filmmakers didn’t consult with people heavily involved in the issue in order to see if the film made sense. ‘We didn’t offer the script to the Brady Campaign, we didn’t offer the script to any Second Amendment groups,’ director John Madden said when I asked if he had consulted with the NRA or other gun rights groups when making the film. ‘We didn’t want the film being adopted by one side or the other of the argument, because it isn’t a polemic. … I don’t think — the film is not political in its intent. It’s political in its milieu and it’s political in its, you know, the background of the story. But it’s more about political process to me.’” Why let facts or authenticity get in the way of entertainment?

Making procurement great again . . . Congress to mandate Army and Marine ammunition commonality – “The Fiscal 2017 National Defense Appropriations Act, which looks fairly certain to pass, includes a provision requiring the secretary of defense to submit a report to the House and Senate Armed Services Committees explaining two services are using different types of 5.56 mm ammunition for their rifles. The report must be submitted within 180 days after the bill, which includes the entire defense budget for the coming year, is enacted. Unless the Secretary of Defense declares an “emergency”, the Army and Marine Corps must adopt a standard round within a year after the bill is passed.”

Rationalizing a negligent discharge . . . Sheriff Blames Buckle for Accidental Discharge of Deputy’s Gun – “The Fresno County Sheriff’s Office said a buckle attached to a thigh holster (not pictured above) likely contributed to a deputy accidentally firing his gun. In early November, a Fresno County Sheriff’s Deputy was in the area of Church and Gearhart Avenues when his gun fired while still in the holster — injuring the deputy’s leg. The deputy was treated and release from the hospital the same day.”

Law enforcement in the Windy City . . . Chicago: Shoplifters Spend More Time Behind Bars Than Gun Offenders – “At a conference hosted by the City Club of Chicago on Tuesday, Chicago Police Superintendent Eddie Johnson and Cook County Sheriff Tom Dart addressed the high level of violence in the Windy City. Johnson put the blame on repeat gun offenders and echoed his previous call for tougher sentencing, as opposed to the slap on the wrist they’re currently receiving.”

Sheriff’s Office: Armed Baton Rouge man attempts to invade apartment, shoots himself – “A Baton Rouge man attempted to invade an apartment on Cezanne Drive on Saturday and fired shots at a tenant, but during the ensuing struggle ultimately shot himself in the abdomen, according to the Sheriff’s Office. … (Calvin) Edwards fired the gun at least twice, but the tenant had grabbed Edward’s hand, and Edwards shot himself in the stomach. Someone else pulled the man from the fight with Edwards, when Edwards fired at least two more shots at the man’s head, missing.” Next time, a shotgun perhaps.

Don’t look for any support for Florida campus carry coming from FSU . . . Thrasher Takes Aim At Guns On Campus – In his annual “state of the university” address on Wednesday, Florida State University President John Thrasher reiterated his strong opposition to allowing guns on university and college campuses. As a member of the Florida Senate, Thrasher helped kill a bill in 2011 that would have allowed gun owners with concealed-weapons licenses to bring their firearms to Florida’s university and state-college campuses. ‘I opposed it. I killed it. I have worked against it since then,’ Thrasher told the FSU faculty. ‘And you have my promise that I will work against it this year also.’”

Making gun carriers a protected class draws fire from business groups – “Two top Statehouse heavyweights — gun-rights supporters and business advocates — are battling over a bill that would make concealed-carry permit holders a protected class under employment discrimination. Gun-rights advocates are backing the proposal, added Tuesday to a military concealed-carry bill, that would essentially elevate concealed-carry permit holders who keep guns locked in their vehicles to the same level as race, gender, age or religious protections under the Ohio Civil Rights Act.”

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    • I am still waiting for Ralph’s review so we can see how much FUD is included. I fear that may not happen; he risks being ejected for all the load moaning and/or cackling.

      • I wouldn’t watch “Miss Sloane” if it was a porno.

        Okay, that’s not true.

        But it isn’t a porno, so I’m not going to subject myself to a propaganda film when I can see Democrat propaganda for free on CBS.

        • Propaganda masquerading as news (and entertainment) was why I dumped cable over fifteen years ago. I have used them for internet since, but If I want to watch something on the tube, I just rent a movie or watch on Netflix.

        • “I wouldn’t watch “Miss Sloane” if it was a porno….Okay, that’s not true.”

          again Ralph provides the daily chuckle.

    • Well on its way. According to Box Office Mojo, from November 25th premier through December 6th, US box office for Miss Sloane is slightly under $140,000. This is on a production budget of $13 million if Wikipedia is correct.

      That is an epic bomb.

      • The intro to the promo I saw showed overlay text full-screen, “The Movie The NRA Doesn’t Want You to See!”.

        Judge the objectivity and desperation accordingly…

        • Was this the movie a director about a year or so back was claiming “The NRA will wish they were never born” or some such crap?

      • It’s not an epic bomb yet. The early financials are from a pre-release at only four theaters.

        It goes national tonight at 1600 theaters.

      • $13 million for production only? Or do you mean $1 million for production and $12 million for promotion? It has been a long time since I have seen so many ads for a movie which seems to have no redeeming social value.

      • It definitely speaks to agenda though. Bush II in the Whitehouse you get a laundry list of protest movies, (e.g.) “Lions for Lambs” (F the whole cast including Hollywood’s “Hacksaw Ridge” darling; which is a whole other topic in itself because with (D) libs running the show you get lauded peacenik films).

        What did we get during Ohole’s tenure?

  1. “Sheriff Blames Buckle for Accidental Discharge of Deputy’s Gun.”

    When Obama heard about it he blamed George Bush.

  2. There no need to stick with a single 5.56 round. M855 is ok M856 is nice fir starting fires, Mk 318 Mod 0 and M193 are decent for CQB, M855A1 penetrates steel pretty well, and the Mk 262 has a good ballistic coefficient. For a 5.56, anyways. Which isn’t exactly a monster round.

    • The issues are procurement and logistics. Marines like their M193, and the Army is stuck on M855A1. There was a huge discussion on The Firearms Blog yesterday, and even in the private sector, the dispute is heated, and old issues are dredged up to justify one over the other, e.g. the fact that M855A1 was chewing up feed ramps until there was a design change in the magazine. There will be great cost savings if one design prevails, and I think that would be a good thing.

      • If either the Army or Marines are looking to capitalize on volume discounts, I got no problem if either goes in with me next time I place an order.

      • Cost savings? I doubt it. The military is already buying massive enough quantities of whatever it buys to maximize any economies of scale. It’s ammunition, not multi-billion dollar fighter jets.

        However, having one massive pile of X is going to be easier to manage than four fairly large piles of X1, X2, etc., regardless of scale.

        • I understand the logistics involved pretty well, and I know that the military goes through a lot of ammo. Still, if I’m stuck with 5.56, I’d still want to choose Mk 262 for long range, Mk 318 for CQB, and M855A1 for going up against high quality body armor. Plus the barrel – burning effects of M855A1 and the long range inefficiency of the other rounds vs. Mk 262 incur their own costs.

          Heck, they could keep the M855A1 for general purpose and have an enhanced polymer-tipped Mk 262 style round and cover pretty much anything that a supersonic 5.56 will ever be able to accomplish. Plus M856 tracers or similar are still needed for M249s and such.

          Heck, we use .223 at work and the 64 grain Gold Dot is a pretty good short / medium range patrol round.

          As a former 0311, I can say from first hand experience that we owe it to our troops to have the best 5.56 rounds available for our troops.

        • I have at least three versions of 5.56 on my own ammo shelf, so I understand the desire for having a round specifically designed for the job at hand.

        • The question isn’t about the efficacy of the different types of ammo, instead the question is: Are the Army and Marines on the same types of missions, or are their missions markedly different?
          If the same, there’s no reason for different ammo.
          If not, do the differences warrant the different types of ammo?

      • Well, reading the article left me wondering wtf we were talking about, the only rounds I saw mentioned were 855 and 855A1 (well, besides a casual mention of M885, which I figured was a keyboard error), which appears to be the same round except one includes lead and the other does not. All the other rounds mentioned in these comments are not even mentioned, and I cannot imagine why the flaming hell Congress would even GAS if Marines and Army desire different rounds with so little actual difference. Back in the day, the Marines wished to remain with 7.62 NATO while the Army was at 5.56, there is a problem. But if the Marines suddenly need to borrow a few million rounds from the Army, it will shoot just fine, what is the problem?

  3. Miss Sloan will not be a Christmas blockbuster, expect to see it soon on cable.

    And I thought the appropriate pronoun in liberal circles was Ms. not Miss?

  4. So, who can elaborate on the whole 5.56 ammo thing? What is the difference between what the Army and Marines are using? Are the bullets different weights? Do the barrels have different twist rates? How did we get to this point?

    Inquiring minds…

      • At what range do they lack accuracy? The Army seems to find the accuracy to be fine.
        Maybe the Marines are going up against softer targets at longer ranges?
        Hmmm… maybe we need a study.

        • I can bring my own rifle! Hell, after Xmas I can bring my own chrono, too! You just put me up and feed me, plus hand over 50-100,000 rounds of ammo, and just forget I’m there for a few weeks!

    • I gather both are 62 g, but one (M855A1) is copper and steel only, the other (M855) includes lead. Of that is the case, the A1 would have to be a bigger bullet, somehow shaped differently in order to bring the weight up.

      Maybe this hoopla is why I just got a few hundred Lake City 193 in strippers at the best price I’ve seen in a bit!

  5. You missed -SLOANE…I even see promos on FOX. That’s desperation for ya’. Timing too. What was that little thing a month ago tonight? Winning! Cop with a GLOCK?!?

    • A comment to the article makes a good point – timing was set when most figured that Clinton would win. This was timed to usher in a new era of control.

      That sort of, well, you know…

  6. The movie will 100% bomb on its own. It was made with the assumption Hillbilary won the election.
    She didnt obviously so no audience for it.
    No one will give a nickel to see this liberal propaganda
    If we are lucky this will ruin Jessicaca Chastains career.
    It should hurt it at least a bit.
    A few of the crybaby Dims might see it and who cares anyway??

  7. So if they had made a movie like this about the naacp, the world would have shit a canary. But make it about the people of the gun, no problem.

    Just more liberal insults and derusion against gun owners. This is the kind of attitude that lost you all those elections last month. Just call the liberals “Johnny and Jane Oneway”.

  8. I only had to hear one line from the movie: “you can buy an assault rifle without even showing an ID!” to know that nothing – NOTHING – about the movie will make any sense at all. Destination: oblivion and hysterical laughter at yet another lib stupidity fest like “the shoulder thing that goes up” as a description of a barrel shroud.

  9. The ads for Ms Sloane were popping up so often on my instagram feed I reported it as spam. I get a message yesterday that the account that was featuring the ads was closed due to violating their guidelines. Winning!

  10. John Thrasher was and is a scumbag. He was the Senate President and has killed any pro gun bill multiple times. He is also a Republican.

  11. To all appearances, gun control enthusiasts learned everything they need to know about guns from watching the movies. Miss Sloane = same ole same ole.

  12. Sloane was supposed to be a post election release that would help Hillary with her full on assault on gun owners. Now that she lost and done, the movie is just a bomb that will be on netflix within days. I’d also expect to see some B level movies about immigrants and dreamers and why they should stay in the U.S.

    As for Sloane bombing, it already is bombing.

  13. While the article is right, Miss Sloane didn’t lose the Post. The story is part of their guest blogger film review system, and so came from someone outside the Post, even if they did publish it.

    Further, a quick look at the writer’s background shows that he isn’t your standard Post fare anyway. With publication in the Washington Times and WSJ (among others), he’s a conservative. That he would take the position isn’t indicative of any larger failure of the film towards its choir.

  14. ’” Why let facts or authenticity get in the way of entertainment?
    Because stupid people watch crap like this film and believe the “facts” shown to be true.


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