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The NRA Was Waging War on Facts Long Before the ‘Fake News’ Boom – “It must be said that many mainstream journalists have themselves provided the NRA with a broad opening to criticise their profession. There is a great deal of misinformed, superficial, fear-based reporting and writing about firearms, often supplied by reporters who have little familiarity with the weapons they discuss, the lingua franca of gun culture, or the conception of firearms as anything more than instruments of murder. All one has to do is observe the painful public struggles of journalists to employ terminology like ‘automatic weapon,’ ‘machine gun,’ ‘assault rifle,’ or ‘clip’ in meaningful ways not supplied by Hollywood.” A rare moment of objectivity and journalistic self-awareness from our friends at The Trace.

Military-Trained Police May Be Less Hasty To Shoot, But That Got This Vet Fired – “What Mader thinks was not justified happened a few days later: Police Chief Rob Alexander told Mader that he was being fired for putting his fellow officers’ lives in danger. ‘When the officers arrived on the scene, they seen these two in a standoff pointing guns at each other, and that officer froze,’ Alexander said at a press conference in September. But what Alexander characterizes as hesitation others may see as experience. Around the country, police chiefs who’ve hired war veterans have commented on their maturity and self-control when facing danger.”

The worry that one gun dealer will give way to two – or more –  “But the council’s decision only denies Wonsala the ability to sell antique firearms from his home; nothing stops him or any other Mount Airy resident from owning as many guns as they want and storing them and ammunition in their houses. Wonsala’s operation would likely have been far more secure as a result of the restrictions placed on him by the ordinance and a federal firearms license than the home of one of his neighbors who is legally allowed to own as many guns as he might want.” Yes, but the council members felt so good an virtuous about their anti-gun vote.

Cops Draw Guns On Black Man As Part Of A Wedding Proposal – “In a video that has since gone a viral, an unidentified man is at a gas station when two police officer in separate cars arrive arrive quickly drawing their weapons demanding he get on the ground. The unsuspecting woman, quickly jumps into action acting as a barrier between the officers and her boyfriend. She tells them he has a gun and they ask her to retrieve it for them. As he reaches for what she believes is his gun, he pulls out an engagement ring. The crowd begins to laugh and she quickly loses her composure and begins to cry.” To be fair, it looks like the cops had drawn their TASERS. But still.

David Brock’s left-wing Media Matters attacks black man for having an opinion . . . NRATV Host: Pointing Out Police Violence Disparities Faced By African Americans Is A “Negro Pity Party” – “Colion Noir, a host for the National Rifle Association’s NRATV, attacked Boston Globe columnist Renée Graham for writing a column that argued that African Americans, Latinos, and Muslims considering gun ownership ‘must also carry the sobering knowledge that constitutional guarantees tend to fall short when the hand holding a gun is black or brown.’ In a December 8 video clip released by NRATV, Noir reacted to Graham’s piece, stating that it was an example of ‘exploitation of racial tension’ and terming Graham’s argument a ‘negro pity party.’” And Colion responds.

Remember the Oregon reverend who spent eight grand to win an AR, then broke the law by violating the state’s new transfer requirements? He’s just milked the last bit of publicity he can out of the whole stunt . . . Lake Oswego reverend turns AR-15 gun into garden tools – “’I wanted to win it so that I could destroy it or turn it into something else and take it out of commission,’ Lucas said. That’s exactly what happened. Lucas called on Raw Tools, an organization out of Colorado, to help him dismantle the gun. ‘They are going to start taking those pieces, heating them up in the forge over here and hammering them down,’ he said. ‘Our mission is to disarm hearts and forge peace so we turn guns into garden tools to promote non-violent practices and lifestyles,’ said Mike Martin with Raw Tools.”

The Fort Worth Police Department needs a few good clones men:

Firearms proficiency and safe gun handling practices a plus.



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  1. I am a man of faith, but boy would I like to kick the Oregon reverend square in the nuts with my steel toed work boots. Give him something to do with his spare time other than all his anti gun bullshit.

    • My Pastor’s almost as much a gun-nut as I am. I mean, the man carries his Gock while he’s preaching. I think it’s safe to say we’re right there with you.

    • Yeah, this kind of crap is exactly why I left the Presbyterian Church, and can’t trust any of the Baptists or Episcopalians around here either.

      • Authoritative sources on Jefferson say there is no evidence he ever said any such thing, and that the earliest attribution of this to him was from a “humorist” after Jefferson was dead.

        Still, it’s a good thought.

    • “those who turn their swords into plowshares will plow for those who do not”. The “reverend” needs a good talkin’ to…

  2. Ohooo…Negro pity party. If I said that it’d be raciss. I’m only black by insinuation. Thanks Colion…dumbest proposal EVER homie. I saw this earlier on the newz.Yikes!

    • I thought it was brilliant.
      If she’ll use her own body to shield you from angry cops, she gets the ring.
      If not, you dodged a bullet and can return the ring to the jewelers.

      • Hmmm…I have a crazy ex-wife who’da pulled out the revolver she(illegally)carried and shot the po-leece-or ME?

  3. “I wanted to win it so that I could destroy it or turn it into something else and take it out of commission.”

    I bet that felt really good.

  4. COLION NOIR: The Boston Globe printed a piece this week called “More Guns, More Risk for People of Color.” Here’s a quote. “More people of color with guns will likely result in more people of color dead or in prison.” They actually printed this. And you see, the exploitation of racial tension is a big business in this country now-a-days. When you only give a platform to the far extremes, i.e. the covert, overt racists and those who believe everything is racist you only get deeper racial division. Telling me I’m a victim every chance you get doesn’t empower me, it facilitates feelings of inferiority, self-pity, hopelessness, an unhealthy dependency on a group of people who only see me as a human stepping stool to facilitate their need to bask in their own self-righteousness. This negro pity party is getting old. And if you really want to help black gun owners, how about you start changing the narrative and glorify the countless positive images of black gun owners and the non-black gun owners who embrace them and stop force feeding us inferiority. I’m not a stray dog, I don’t need you to save me so you can put a collar around my neck and then say you own me. Either power my self-sufficiency or leave me be, because I will not let you continue to make a victim out of me.

    Colion is on point. Again.

  5. Does that preacher really think he accomplished something (aside from getting a bunch of publicity)? I mean, go ahead and destroy that rifle. The company that made it already got paid for it, and used that money to build more rifles.

    Also, aren’t AR’s mostly aluminum and plastic? Those are going to be some shitty garden tools.

    • If he hands it off to those tool guys to mangle, isn’t he violating the Oregon no transfer without a background check law yet again?

  6. Question: Anybody going to stand there letting a combatant, or anybody, point a gun at you when you have him in your sights?
    I thought this was Hollywood bullshit, and I still do.
    Dumb ass should get fired.

    Drop your gun!
    No you drop yours!
    Yeah right.

  7. Hmmm.., you guys may be looking at this all wrong. Perhaps we should encourage this highly principled preacher.

    Heck, I have several old guns that I’d sell for eight-thousand bucks apiece for him to make into garden hoes, then I can use his money to buy a heck of a lot more!

  8. Speaking of fake news, why are there so many click bait / fake news links on this site? I don’t care that Harrison Ford doesn’t talk about his (obviously fake) son or what odd trick gets rid of tinnitus. These ads by Revcontent are ridiculous. Nobody actually clicks on these do they?

    • It’s annoying, but it pays the bills and keeps the TTAG lights on until ‘better quality and more relevant’ advertisers can be found…

    • Because “real” ad sources (like GoogleAds) treat gun sites like they are porn sites, and refuse to run ads there. This leaves these clickbait style ads to fill in the gap.

  9. what these brain dead supposed ministers of faith lack is the ability to understand the written by god principles of self-defense, Jesus in the bible advocates his disciples get the assault weapon of the day! most of the other religions also have similar ideas!
    what we have here is a Huckster, or Charlton proposing that he is a man of the Faith while showing anything but! After the population of Spain was totally disarmed they were put to the Inquisition where someone like this guy could get his Jollies by torturing and or killing you in the Name of — to save you! a heyday for warped individuals too have fun!

    As for the Vet how did he endanger his fellow officers when the weapon was pointed at himself! had the guy been shooting or was it a bluff, you better believe if the guy had twitched wrong the Vet would have dropped him in a heart beat!

    as for fake crap file a lawsuit, win, then make the give a public apology for disinformation, propaganda ETC

  10. “’I wanted to win it so that I could destroy it or turn it into something else and take it out of commission,’ Lucas said.

    Do it! Keep doing it! For 8 grand each – we’ll keep making them. Thank you very much for your contribution towards our labors.

  11. “The NRA Was Waging War on Facts Long Before the ‘Fake News’ Boom –

    “… There is a great deal of misinformed, superficial, fear-based reporting and writing about firearms, often supplied by reporters who have little familiarity with the weapons they discuss, the lingua franca of gun culture, or the conception of firearms as anything more than instruments of murder.”

    So, who’s engaging in ‘Fake New’ and agitprop, again?

    Of course, this is on The Trace, another Bloomie-funded astroturf exercise in his program to impose his gun regulation agenda on people living thousands of miles away. (Shame on them for having different preferences. It’s almost like they have different lifestyles, and live in different circumstances … just like Mrs. Obama commented during the 3rd-latest, 4th-latest, whatever, I lose count, gun-removal push by her husband’s administration.)

    Between that article and one on Vox(*) I”ve had my mud bath for today, so no more interwebz.

    (*) I know. I know. The Vox piece was linked to by Megan Mcardle, who is always worth reading. Also, just like the Trace piece, thoroughly agenda-bound, with every assertion and observation carefully crafted to skew on way, while managing to look barely objective-ish, if you squint real hard.

  12. Ever since the first Star Wars movie came out I’ve suspected that storm troopers – and rebels – were terrible shots. Now I have confirmation.

  13. I hope another department will snatch that guy up fast — he’s the kind of cop we need, exercising good sense and patience rather than being bloodthirsty.

    The dispatcher needs to be reprimanded if the information there was nothing in the gun was actually not passed on to the other officers.

    And BTW, it used to be that the officer first on the scene was in charge, so the other two should have followed his lead and asked for instructions. If that’s still true, they also need to be reprimanded — and if not, they’re still stupid, because if the guy on the scene saw no reason to fire they should have concluded that there was none.

    In short, they’re the kind of cops who set off the ambushes and other cop shootings: they make it clear that any “civilian” with a gun is regarded as the enemy to be gunned down. And in their case, they probably deserve to be shot, since they demonstrated they don’t have either sufficient respect for citizens or sufficient good sense to be trusted with the public’s safety.


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