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According to the web site, the city of Chicago was home to 749 homicides so far this year. With over three weeks ’til the end of the year, the annual homicide rate for Chicago should end-up around 28 per 100k residents. That falls into the rates typical for places where the rule of law has failed, such as South Africa (32), Brazil (25), the American Virgin Islands (33), Puerto Rico (24), and Jamaica(36).

Twenty-eight homicides per 100k is the overall rate for the entire city. Some neighborhoods are much more violent, while others have a very low homicide rate. No surprise there. When the rule of law breaks down, people fear the law less than they fear their enemies. Grudges, blood feuds and tribalism (or the proto-tribes known as “gangs”) flourish. It’s reasonable to fear being disarmed more than being arrested for being armed. From

But what of the trigger men and boys?

“Their greatest fear is that they’ll be caught on the street without a gun,” [Cook County Sheriff] Dart said. “They’re not worried about being caught with a gun, but without a gun. There is a certain logic to it. They know the system, but that’s not what they’re afraid of.”

In the gun culture, the saying is “It is better to be tried by 12 than carried by 6.” It was nice of Sheriff Dart to remind us of this fact. In fact, The Chicago Tribune and Sheriff Dart seems to have discovered a fundamental truth about guns. Perhaps they should follow that logic train to the next station, and promote firearms ownership amongst the City’s law-abiding population. We’ll be waiting for them there.

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  1. NO props for Dart. What a worthless POS. Anti-2A and especially CC opponent-not quotable. He can’t even dress like a cop…everyone knows what’s wrong with Chicago and Cook co.

    • Oh man, there are some terrible jokes about trains and such that you’re setting up for here… I won’t go there but I think we all know where I could go with this.

  2. So criminals fear death more than arrest in Chicago.

    Don’t most people fear death more than arrest, everywhere?

    I mean, you can get bail after an arrest, but after you’re dead your bail worthiness is pretty much shot. So to speak.

    • Well, only if someone stole your wallet after your deadness, otherwise the jail would take your money and set you free-dead. Right? RIGHT?

  3. Actually…. I’m a little surprised. Thought it was gonna be higher.
    That’s was a very astute statement…. people fear death more that jail. No kidding sherlock. Death is the one thing your life can’t really bounce back from.
    That being said….. enough country club jail time.
    Lock them up 23 hours a day.
    15 min each breakfast lunch and dinner. And 15 min for a shower. After that back to your cell. No visitors.

      • I would doubt that. I mean seriously, how long can prison rape actually take?

        At some point the guards get bored and break it up. so 15 minutes is prolly the max at this point anyway.

        • And you know this how?

          Never mind. I don’t want to know.

          Let’s just say that you saw “American History X” and let it go at that. 🙂

        • Just ask yourself how long you’d be entertained enough to let that go on.

          I mean, unless you really had it in for the victim for some reason.

    • I disagree. I suggest the polar opposite, 1 hour per day in the safety of your cell, the other 23 hours loose among all other prisoners in an open space without possibility of escape without a helicopter, unsupervised. Any medical attention requires a month notice for an appointment. Bye-bye, y’all!

  4. So John Lott was right! Laws don’t matter to criminals but armed victims do. Who would have thought it? Well John Lott for one.

  5. Homicide rates are misleading… really wish people would stop using them.

    For example, the homicide rate for the Virgin Islands for this year is approximately 44, compare to 28 for Chicago. So just looking at that, it would appear that the Virgin islands are approximately 1.5 times more violent than the city of Chicago.

    But while Chicago has had well over 700 homicides this year, there’s been less than 50 in the Virgin Islands.

    • How are the homicide rates misleading? Out of 103,000 Virgin Islanders 50 were murdered. 700 dead in Chicago, but from population of 2,720,000. Rate per 100,000 shows much better picture than raw number.

  6. Obama and Leo DeCrapio already explained this to you deplorable dolts, global warmening is making everybody hostile. Cool off the world and we will have peas. Whirled peas. Obamas plan to launch all the worlds nukes into the Sun to turn it off and cool things down is pure genius. No more nukes and whirled peas. Its in our hands. Death to the Sun! 8 more years!

  7. Based on an interview I saw with a gun buyer in Chicago, it looks like it is not just the fear of death, but a sense of certainty that if you are not armed with a gun on the street in Chicago you will be shot to death. During the interview the young man stated he had been involved in an exchange of gunfire on the street shortly before he got to the meeting place for the interview. At the end of the show, the Producer/Interviewer stated that just a few hours after he concluded the interview, that young man he interviewed was shot to death on the street.

    Others interviewed in the same report in other cities flatly stated that they “got to have a gun” in order to survive and protect themselves and their families and friends/”associates” because there was so much violence in the area they lived.

    While we can agree we have a certain “fear of death”, particularly an untimely death at the hands of another, a belief in the certainty and imminent likelihood of that untimely death looks to be a strong driver to acquire a gun by any means despite other “legal” consequences.

    Even if Legal Gun Ownership was suddenly allowed in Chicago, this situation would not be changed because so many of those seeking guns are already “prohibited persons” owing to felony convictions.

    The root driver of the violence is the gang culture and its attendant criminal activities and violent competition spawned by those criminal activities. Other reports indicate the Chicago based Black and Hispanic gangs are “working for/with” foreign drug cartels and the violent competition is more deeply fueled by the competition between the sponsoring cartels.

    The Chicago Tribune’s idea that certain imprisonment for illegal gun possession is a remedy for the violence in Chicago is either woefully naive, or deliberately misdirecting. One has to wonder how many Cartel dollars are lining the pockets of the politicians and Police officials. Maybe the officials haven’t “gone fetal” so much as having been bought-off.

    • “this situation would not be changed because so many of those seeking guns are already “prohibited persons” owing to felony convictions.”

      Well, if that is true, it is clear that there are a whole lot more problems in Chicago than anything related to guns. Maybe they should hire a Republican Mayor and see what happens!

      • Yeah there are a lot more problems in Chicago. As to “hiring a Republican Mayor”…that’s what I like about you Larryin Tx, you’re such an eternal optimist! 🙂

  8. “…the city of Chicago was home to 749 homicides so far this year. ”

    Well they are going to need to step it up to make 1,000 for the year. Come on, gangstas, you’re not trying hard enough.

  9. The decent people in these high crime Chicago neighborhoods are effectively disarmed, because the ignorant racist hick NRA types from all-white small towns south of Joliet let NRA lobbyist Todd Vandermyde leave the ban on public transportation carry in state Rep. Brandon Phelps 2013 concealed carry bill. This is the same cluster of retards that let Vandermyde put Duty to Inform w/ criminal penalties in Phelps “NRA backed” bill, because the police unions wanted it.

    Black people in Chicago like Otis McDonald are just cannon fodder for NRA, Inc. to use as face men for their lawsuits. The white racist hicks from southern Illinois don’t care if licensed black citizens in Chicago can’t carry on a CTA bus to work, they drive their monster trucks everywhere and the police are their friends.

  10. Most of those shootings are committed by the police themselves if some of these so-called reporters would spend more time on the street investigating and less time getting their news from the cops maybe they’d learn something, but maybe they have an agenda to fulfill and purposely don’t want to report the truth.


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