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Feds move to seize machine gun from owner of Guns R US shop in Oregon – “An unusual dispute is brewing over a fully automatic Glock pistol, pitting the federal government against a Medford man who runs a Guns R Us store. Federal agents allege the business owner illegally acquired the pistol – technically a machine gun — using an outdated endorsement letter from the former Josephine County sheriff. Federal firearms agents didn’t initially notice the letter had expired, allowing the gun shop owner Jonathan Henry Purtzer to buy the firearm.” Is it unreasonably impatient at this point to wonder when the Trump administration will be making the ATF great again, too?


Oh wait. Here are a few ideas . . . How Donald Trump Can Make Second Amendment Great Again – “Pledging to protect the Second Amendment is what brought millions of beleaguered American firearms owners to the polls Nov. 8 to elect Donald J. Trump as the 45th President of the United States, and one thing Trump can do to assure them that he deserves their trust would be to instruct his attorney general early in 2017 to name a special assistant whose job would be to protect Second Amendment rights.”


And just in case you were hoping Kamala Harris’s replacement would be any better on guns, sorry, Charlie . . . Becerra leaving Congress to become Calif. attorney general – “(H)e was a prominent surrogate for Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton and traveled to 15 states over the course of the 2016 campaign cycle. Had Clinton won, Becerra likely would have been among her potential Cabinet picks. He reportedly was under consideration to be her running mate before Clinton ultimately chose Sen. Tim Kaine (D-Va.).”

What does your company have planned this holiday season? . . . Christmas Party May Have Triggered San Bernardino Terror Attack: Police – “Authorities believe the terror attack on Dec. 2, 2015 in San Bernardino may have been triggered by a mandatory training session and lunch replete with holiday decorations including a Christmas tree which shooter Syed Farook was forced to attend. Emails discovered by the FBI and police reveal Farook’s wife, Pakistani native Tashfeen Malik, objected to the Christmas setting and was upset her husband had to go.” So the pledge of allegiance to ISIS they made had nothing to do with it. The massacre was entirely due to the cultural insensitivity of Christians in the workplace. Got it.

Here’s a surefire holiday season box office hit . . . Daily Beast Applauds Hollywood Pushing Anti-Gun Agenda in New Film – “In an article for The Daily Beast on Friday, entertainment writer Matt Wilstein eagerly touted the newly released film Miss Sloane as the latest barrage in Hollywood’s crusade against gun rights. He promoted how the political thriller ‘focuses on a battle-hardened female lobbyist who gives herself the Herculean challenge of taking on the gun lobby.’ Wilstein described how the screenplay’s author, Jonathan Perera, was inspired to get the anti-gun screed in theaters after hearing left-wing movie producer ‘Harvey Weintstein’s plans to make a film starring Meryl Streep that he said would make the NRA ‘wish they weren’t alive after I’m done with them.’’ Perera recalled: ‘If the Weinstein Company thinks that the American people are going to be interested in this movie, then perhaps I should try to get mine out.’” Bummer This’ll make it hard to be as big a Jessica Chastain fan as I’ve been. But I’ll manage.

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    • Yeah, we know the joke about moving to New Zealand was just a joke.
      As long as Trump is president, Ginsberg is leaving SCOTUS on her back with a sheet over her head or not at all.

    • Boy, I hate to agree. Wishing that some old folks would just die is not what I think of as political thought. But these people are not legal scholars, they are political hacks who should have never been confirmed, and they know it. Now, it is their perceived job to see that their replacements are just as useless at the actual job.

  1. All I can offer is this:

    After unenthusiastic reviews, the movie “Truth”, the revisionist history of Dan Rather’s discredited attempt to smear the National Guard service record of George W. Bush had a weak opening weekend with a pathetic per-theater average of just $11,000 and a world wide gross of $2,541,854.

    Liberal polemics often bomb at the box office, while movies like “American Sniper”, sneered at by liberal critics, delivered $547,426,372 worldwide.

    Let’s see how much star power Jessica Chastain has. I liked her in “Zero Dark Thirty” which grossed $95,720,716.

    • If shes not naked for 10 minutes straight in that movie it will bomb. They made it thinking The Queen was going to win and this would help set the agenda.
      It will be on pay per view by January.

      • “And all them girls over there, they was all in carpets, you see, so all you had to go by was the eyes…and you sometimes might get you a girl with them real pretty eyes, but then once you get that carpet off, you just– you got yourself a tragedy.” –Ed Wuncler III (aka Charlie Murphy)

    • My thought back when that picture first came out: “USCIS should have suspected something was up when a man goes halfway around the world to find a bride who looks like Jamie Farr in a burka.”

  2. Released Nov. 25th. Domestic ticket sales total as of Nov. 30: $74,686.

    Yup. Under $75 grand. Four theaters. I’ve seen bar mitzvah movies that had more viewers and a wider release.

    And no, I won’t be reviewing it.

    • I think they called it a “limited release” to test the waters–perhaps. Ads for the movie are on all the time around here in the redneck heart of Northern California. I think you should go, Ralph, so you can tally up all the misinformation. And perhaps explain why a career lobbyist would risk her entire–and lucrative–career in taking on the NRA. Or maybe they just want to show the world that the NRA, and its 5 million members, are a bunch of bullies. Who knows. I know I won’t see it, but then I don’t remember the last time I set foot in a movie theater.

    • Well, here in TX, the advertising is pretty intense, like it is some kind of a big deal, an expose’ or whatever. Somebody is pushing it really hard, it would be fun dissecting where all the money is coming from.

  3. ‘Bummer This’ll make it hard to be as big a Jessica Chasten fan as I’ve been. But I’ll manage.’

    Nice tits have no correlation with intelligence whatsoever. It’s OK to watch Lawless and appreciate a nice set, while still abhorring vegan nitwits.

  4. Killing 14 over a Christmas party …after they throw you a baby shower. And who had a few querys after the slapdash “search” of Farooks house? Taking on the gun lobby…oh well maybe they’ll NEVER learn?

    • Sounds more like it was the mandatory training part that happened to be adjacent to some Christmas stuff. Having had too much mandatory training I can relate.

    • He can start by not handing key cabinet positions to anti-gun politicians & generals. We’ll see. And hope. Just like lots of folks did with the last guy, as I recall…

      • He’s trying to get Mad Dog Mattis as SecDef, but he’s only been out 4 years and the current law says a SecDef has to be retired for 7…

        • One wonders why there is a waiver at all. Or why there is such a law at all. One of the two is silly.

          If it really is important to maintain civilian control via a 7 year separation then there should be no waivers. If the 7 year separation is not an issue (because we can just waive it when we want to) then there should be no law.

        • The only other time a waiver has been given was shortly after WWII for General George (freakin’) Marshall to get the post. Myself I like General Mattis, but I’m not sure the current times warrant such a waiver.

      • “Just like lots of folks did with the last guy, as I recall…”

        Where was that? I not only don’t recall it, but sure as hell it wasn’t me! His intentions were clear, as were his lies and incompetence. And besides, his only expertise was (and is) as a community organizer, who most likely had an application in at Burger King.

        Worst. President. Ever.

  5. Lets just see where Hollywierd goes with all the Liberal BS in TV shows already in the can.
    Movies like this one certainly will be lead weights for all involved. I wonder who gets the next show on HBO.
    Bush years we had Miller. Then we have suffered with Bill not at all funny Maher, His career should go in the toilet Oh wait it already is,,,,,,,,,,,Next Id love to see the ATF take a dump and be abolished. I can dream cant I??

        • I’d love to select-fire a G20…full go 10mm, HELL YEAH ! A Beretta 93 would be very cool as well. Ah, to dream of freedom.

          I think Trump should abolish the ATF, DEA and the FBI. Law enforcement should be dealt with on the state level with the exception of federal corruption and crimes committed by politicians and federal employees. A simple federal police agency, NOT run by the government but by citizens would be the only way to guarantee true oversight. Federal law enforcement has lost all credibility with the public….it’s time we put it to bed.

        • Read the linked news report, they guy with the Glock knew the letter was dicey to start with, so why he did not just get a updated letter to start with. Also, love this line “As part of payment, Purtzer wrote that he expected another letter from the sheriff’s office”, So endorsement letters are now compensation for services?

        • anonymoose, If you fire it, please do is somewhere where no one can find your body if you kill yourself. The whole idea is to get rid of the NFA, not give ammo to the antis who want it to stay on the books

        • Binder says:
          “Read the linked news report, they guy with the Glock knew the letter was dicey to start with, so why he did not just get a updated letter to start with.”

          Having read about this on a few other sites, I gather that the new sheriff said his office had no use for a full auto pistol, and therefore the gun shop had no legitimate need for such a pistol (such ownership is for demonstration purposes), so no new letter was forthcoming.

      • WRT select-fire DGU, Mas Ayoob had a writeup in his regular column in American Rifleman back in… well, WAY back. I think it was called “Bring Enough Guns!” and it was about an FFL defending his gun store from a group of violent thieves. In that case he used at least 2 select fire weapons IIRC, including an M16 to stop one of the thieves from ramming him with a car.

        • The previously described incident is The Beckwith Incident:

          The second one Mas wrote about was an H&K employee who was T&E’ing a Ruger AC556 and ended up ventilating a meth head biker with a severe case of road rage.
          The Gary Fadden Incident.
          Check it out.

  6. Check out this in that Oregon gunshop article:

    “But now the federal government is trying to seize the pistol through civil forfeiture. The U.S. Supreme Court has placed limits on machine guns, saying they have no “reasonable relation” to “a well-regulated militia.””

    See what they did there?

    “…they have no “reasonable relation” to “a well-regulated militia.”

    By their own logic, the Progressives claim the “well-regulated militia” is the US military and not us, the citizens.

    Therefore, the U.S. Supreme Court has ruled machine guns are illegal for the US military to posses.


    • Read the rest of the article;, “Purtzer wrote that he expected another letter from the sheriff’s office”, So endorsement letters are now compensation for services?

      • I wasn’t commenting on Purtzer.

        I was commenting on the referenced SCOTUS ruling:

        “The U.S. Supreme Court has placed limits on machine guns, saying they have no “reasonable relation” to “a well-regulated militia.””

        Progressives claim claim the US military and National Guard are the ‘well-regulated militia’ mentioned in the text of the 2A.

        If that is the case, full-auto is prohibited for the military

        But it isn’t, the ‘National Firearms Act’ is how the common people can posses full-auto, silencers,sawn-off shotguns, etc.

        Therefore, that SCOTUS ruling states in black-and-white the well-regulated militia is indeed us common citizens, who have to pay the stamp tax to lawfully posses NFA toys.

        See what I’m getting at???

  7. Random question for the crowd not associated with any story.

    Anyone here used McMillian for aftermarket stocks? I’ve been reading that people have good luck with combining their stocks like the A5 with the short action Mossy 100ATR rifles so I’ve been considering it.

    Anyone have any experience with their custom shop?

  8. Trump has quite the pro-gun think tank. They don’t want to make too many waves too soon, but it wouldn’t surprise me to see the ATF de-funded and merged with the FBI

    • The ATF should go back to collecting the excise taxes on tobacco, alcohol and firearms. They need to go back to the IRS and return to pushing paper and doing bookkeeping. Any “enforcement actions,” like busting moonshiners, should be referred to the FBI. F-troop has no business carrying guns.

  9. “…will be making the ATF great again, too?”

    What’s with this “again” business? When was the ATF ever great? It’s been a shit-show from day one.

  10. When Christians finally get ‘triggered’, there’s going to be a F load of people forced to eat their own lower colon. JESUS can come back and ask why, and the Christians can ask for forgiveness.

    Hollywood is in that very situation now. Sucks when they can’t sell communism enough to fill expensive seats in theaters where they sell $15 buckets of popcorn. Waa, Boo FING hoo. With Trump taking over, their Chines buyout is stalled. There’s no governmental bailout or campaign monies coming in until mid-term election. That’s awesome. Totally FING awesome.

    • Don’t hold your breath. I can write a book to show that has already happened, but there is no magic, and it will never really happen. Best to get a life, and forget an afterlife.

  11. The propaganda film will do well in LA and Hollywood. It probably won’t even do too well in NYC let along any other part of the country. This NK style propaganda film will probably only play in those few cities.

    The real power behind the NRA is us, not the NRA lobbyists in DC. The NRA can count on the support of all its 4 million members plus tens of millions of other gun owns to vote. That is what scares the Bloombergs. They have tens of millions of dollars, but few voters that will vote based on gun owner control. These people are acting out against the NRA out of fear. But they aren’t scared of the NRA they are scared of us. It just wouldn’t work in their favor to continue to demonize all responsible gun owners so they use the NRA as a scapegoat goat. An evil organization that pays off politicians to enrich gun manufacturers.

  12. The teaser for Miss Sloane was very ambiguous. When I first saw it, had no idea it was anti-gun. There was just one frame of a protest and you could just barely make out the sign. Otherwise it just looks like a pro-woman film where standing up to a mysteryous powerful lobby. I would bet most people who pay to see it don’t even know what it’s about.

    • The amount being spent on TV ads in my area is astonishing, especially since the ads seem to attempt to hide the actual subject. I would love to know where the money is coming from.

  13. The San Bernandino terrorists had planned Jihad and martyrdom long before the Christmas party. They had talked about it even before they got engaged back in 2013 according the FBI Director James Comey.

    It’s bull on the part of ABC to say the office Christmas party, decorations, and mandatory meeting set them off. They had planned murdering infidels at least 2 years before.

  14. Beccera, like obama, is a typical minority case who got through school on affirmative action and lowered standards and now applies an immigrant’s misunderstanding of America and antipathy toward freedom to his own policy-making.
    He’s the poster boy for the virtual annexation of California by the socialist cesspool of Mexico and we can expect him to put the stamp of his congenital, subordinate hostility toward individual liberty on everything he does as California AG.
    He’s not at all shy about telling Americans he wants to take our guns.
    If you want to keep California, you’re going to have to fight for it.


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