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These are the people who distribute food stamps and unemployment checks . . . DPS: Guns, ammunition seized from Arizona government basement after director ousted – “The ousted director of Arizona’s social services agency had the department amass 45 handguns and nearly 85,000 rounds of ammunition as he planned to boost his internal security force, the agency’s interim director said Thursday. Former director Tim Jeffries also personally possessed a gun purchased by the Arizona Department of Economic Security, and a badge issued by the agency’s sworn law enforcement arm, known as the Office of Inspector General, Interim Director Henry Darwin said Thursday. State troopers confiscated the guns on Nov. 23, less than an hour after Jeffries was forced to resign by Gov. Doug Ducey’s chief of staff and escorted from the Capitol DES offices. Troopers then followed Jeffries to his Scottsdale home to confiscate his state-purchased weapon.”


Love Trumps Hate? ‘Sex’ Star Shuns Trump Voters – “Right now I want to be in the bubble. I don’t want to talk to any Trump people…My initial thoughts [after the election] was that I wanted to move to the woods and learn to shoot a gun. The fear of what is happening and how am I going to make sure that no one hurts my child, even in a subtle way, which was already a fear I had honestly, but it just became so, so heightened.” Love trumps hate all the way up until your candidate loses. Then it takes a back seat to revulsion and intolerance.


Slicing and dicing . . . Community colleges can limit guns – “Community colleges can take students’ ages into account as they decide where and when license holders can and cannot carry concealed handguns on campus, Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton said in an opinion this week. “Such rules could prohibit concealed handguns in specific classrooms and campus areas at times where there may be a congregation of minors, as well as specific rooms where child-care services are provided,” he wrote on Tuesday.”


Smith & Wesson Holding Corporation Reports Second Quarter Fiscal 2017 Financial Results

– Second Quarter Net Sales of $233.5 Million, up 63.0% Year-Over-Year
– Second Quarter GAAP Net Income Per Diluted Share of $0.57
– Second Quarter Non-GAAP Net Income Per Diluted Share of $0.68


Oops! The New York Times Just Accidentally Debunked the Gun Control Fairy Tale – “As part of its never-ending, ideologically driven campaign to undermine gun rights, the New York Times ran a big 5,000-plus word story last month about mass shootings. Creating hostility to guns was the obvious goal of this “news” report. But buried in all that verbiage was a remarkable admission. A big majority of shooters already are in violation of gun laws.”


Griffin Armaments’ MK1 rifle line which has been in development the past couple of years is complete. The MK1 series is a direct impingement line of signature rifles.

“Like most serious end users, we’ve been using and building AR’s as a hobby for the past 20 years. We wanted to ensure our rifles were a turn-key fully featured firearm, meaning the end user doesn’t have to buy 4 or more different parts and own the rifle in a semi-complete state for months before it feels mission ready. We’re proud of designing and integrating into these guns, a complete package of upgrade features.” -Austin, Lead engineer and primary owner of Griffin stated. He continued, “From a business perspective, we are also aware that the current AR market is extremely competitive, which is why we wanted to offer an unbeatable combination of quality, performance, and features at a great price. Offering value is something that Griffin customers have come to expect from us, and we are happy to deliver it in this signature line of AR’s.”


Parents Disarm Their Son Who Brought Guns to Utah School – “Two fast-acting parents disarmed their 15-year-old son at a Utah junior high school Thursday after they noticed the teenager acting peculiarly in the morning and realized he had taken the family’s shotgun and handgun, police said. The mother and father arrived shortly after the boy entered a classroom in the northern Utah city of Bountiful and fired one round into the ceiling, injuring no one but leaving a hole the size of a small plate, Bountiful Police Chief Tom Ross said.” Wonder how he managed to sneak that shotgun into class without anyone noticing.


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  1. A porn star is concerned the effect Trump getting elected is going to have on her kids?

    The left really hasn’t a clue as to their level of group insanity, have they?

    • She’s not a “porn Star”. It’s Kristin Davis from Sex and the City. Although she HAS gotten nekkid on the interwebs(so I’ve heard lol). Good to see S&W doing well…thinking about a Shield or even an AR Sport 2…

      • I’d love to win to add to the small bit of cloth diapers we currently use for our little Starbuck. We try to be friendly to the earth as well as our wallets – being young parents. Plus we love that cloth diapers mean no rash on the bum!

      • wilberfanSeptember 2, 2009When you're an old man, these will be amazingly priceless. Especially since your great grandkids will marvel at “paper” and “handwriting”–which I'm sure will be odd and mysterious to them! I was a little intrigued when you pulled this out of your pocket on #46–it's nice to have a little peek inside. Thanks for sharing!

  2. ohhh, that college article features a lovely top break python, very rare!

    I have to laugh at these cheapo airsoft guns, make a close copy, but not enough to get sued.

      • If I wanted to donate to the Democrat Party’s propaganda wing, I’d write the check straight to them. No need to filter it through the Houston papers.

  3. I’ve gotta stop reading these postings.
    Now I’m going to go order some “liquid ass”. Gotta be good for a prank sometime, somewhere, to someone.

  4. Of course the Welfare office has guns.. have you SEEN how the people in there act?!

    And if $1800 for an AR with a m-lok rail, ambi charging handle and some magpul furniture is ‘a great price’, I REALLY got get into that business.

    • In my old neighborhood, every visit to the grocery store included watching an outburst by a food stampoid demanding to buy a case of beer or cigarettes using food stamps. The clerks had to listen to an earful of cursewords and deal with a snarling puke.

      • In my youth, I was the night manager of a grocery store in PA. My number one problem overall, even more so than shoplifting, was telling welfare rats they couldn’t buy restricted items with stamps. The most infuriating thing though, was they would get one Swedish fish from bulk food, take it to the register, tear out a $1food stamp from the book, and get .99 cents back in cash. Repeat until they had enough change to buy what they were after. I threw a bunch of them out of the store one night for being loud, dirty, and profane. The welfare department called my store, I got fired.

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  5. I wouldn’t recommend that a “Bubble Person” like Davis go off into the woods and try firing guns without having at least one “Trump Person” to look after them. That would not end well.

    However, if Gersh Kuntzman went along to document the experience, it could be unintentionally hilarious.

  6. My sister lives in NYC and voted for Hillary after she promised me she was either leaving it blank or voting for crazy Stein. But I forgave her at Thanksgiving. At dinner she told me she went to yoga the morning after the election and everyone was crying! She just thinks their nuts. The thing is she said they didn’t care Hillary lost just that Trump won. Even these liby NYers didn’t like Hillary, they just watch too much CNN and bought all the fear CNN sold them.

  7. You’ve never seen that video where the guy pulls an 18″ full-stocked pump shotgun, a full-size Uzi, a 6″ .44 Mag, and a bunch of pocket pistols out of his pants to demonstrate why “baggy clothes” are against some high school’s dress code? What about the one where the dude pulls a 16″ AR-15 out of his pants to show how that “Muslim” fudgepacker could have possibly snuck a folding-stocked MCX into the Pulse nightclub?

  8. Wait, Clinton supporter suddenly wants to go to woods and shoot guns.

    I’d say Trump is already delivering on his promise to cherish the 2nd Amendment! And he is not even in office yet.

    I will be more than happy to show any Democrat the virtues of the 2nd Amendment, and I won’t even judge them. (To be honest, I was mostly against Trump at the beginning and just thought he was the lesser of two evils, although I am glad to be wrong in the sense that he is not turning into the liberal democrat Manchurian candidate people thought ).

    • Ditto. I never like Trump. But I absolutely hate hillary.

      Now, if Trump uses the weight of the federal .gov to restore civil rights in CA he will earn my undying support.

    • I have a standing offer to any of my Democrat friends to pay for an hour of range time for them. Unfortunately, I’m too close to Boulder and the superstitions surrounding firearms are unbelievable. They are constantly “going off,” and as soon as someone gets one he “is prone to snap.” Why, just this week a woman murdered her two young sons then killed herself. The official media story is that the boys were killed by “gunshots.”

      I don’t think even a 16″ naval gun is loud enough to cause death.

      • Dunno about that. I bet if you were forward of it it could throw you a few feet, perhaps over the rail! I was knocked off my seat by an 8″ from around 50′ behind me once, ended up pretty stunned, I imagine a 16″ would be a whole new game. You know, it is some-odd hundred pounds of TNT going off!

  9. Kristin Davis: “Right now I want to be in the bubble.”

    I believe Miss Davis has been living in a bubble longer than she cares to admit.

  10. A very old TV show…Before HDTV….Probably during the B&W tv era! So old no one cares….A female actor who is now just unimportant…..And for her comment about “hiding in a log cabin in the woods…And learning to shoot a gun because of those mean nasty Trump supporters, republicans, and conservatives…” Is just a bunch of infantile Liberal Progressive Lib-Tard triggering moments…She could better serve the psychology community…If she and her daughter just curled up in a ball crying on their state captials stairs!!! Then we would all have a first rate example of how Democratic Liberal Progressive Lib-Tardation is a Nationwide Mental health care illness!!! She and her family should immediately be subject to “Universal background and mental healthcare checks…Possibly, institutionalized !!!”

  11. Arizona issue: Now talk about paramilitarization! I guesshe was going full bore Empire !!! Personal Police, maybe a private AZ Shadow state gov Death Squad of Sandinista black beret police commandos…Oh, wait! Sounds like 90% of the Gun control SAFETY police in my draconian Anti-2nd amendment state! Hmmm, Sandinista Police commandos + Death squads -government jobs x civilian deaths + organized crime = MS-13 from South America!!!!

  12. “Wonder how he managed to sneak that shotgun into class without anyone noticing.”

    I don’t think walking into a class room and shooting the ceiling qualifies as sneaking.

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