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Another argument against the general? . . . What David Petraeus as Secretary of State Would Mean for Gun Owners – “(E)arlier this year Petraeus joined with Gabrielle Giffords’ husband, Mark Kelly, to form a gun control group, Veterans Coalition for Common Sense. That’s been widely reported. But the Secretary of State doesn’t have anything to do with gun policy, right? Wrong. The State Department interprets and enforces the International Traffic in Arms Regulations, which ‘control[s] the export and import of defense-related articles and services on the United States Munitions List (USML).’ ITAR’s regulations implement the provisions of the Arms Export Control Act.”



SIG SAUER Electro-Optics Partners with Applied Ballistics to Build the Ultimate Long-Distance Ballistic Rangefinder – SIG SAUER, Inc. and the SIG SAUER Electro-Optics Division is proud to announce the arrival of the KILO2400 ABS rangefinder. The KILO2400ABS is the world’s most advanced rangefinder, featuring an embedded Applied Ballistics calculator, onboard environmental sensors and Bluetooth for synchronizing custom profiles with a free, downloadable ballistic app for both iOS and Android smartphones.


They don’t like it when you fight back against lawfare . . . Massachusetts AG Maura Healey asks for dismissal of Remington gun suit – “Massachusetts Attorney General Maura Healey is asking a judge to dismiss a complaint by gun manufacturer Remington challenging Healey’s request for company documents. Healey filed the motion in Suffolk County Superior Court weeks after a judge ruled in her favor in a similar case. Glock and Remington had both filed lawsuits challenging Healey’s requests for documents in court. Healey has been conducting an investigation into whether the gun manufacturers are complying with the state’s consumer protection laws as they relate to gun safety.”


What If the M2 Browning Had Become a Tank Killer? – “As it would turn out, all anti-tank rifles became quickly obsolete once World War II got into gear. Tank armor increased in thickness very quickly, and by 1942 virtually all new tanks were impervious to the anti-tank rifles of the 1930s. This would relegate those rifles to use again targets like pillboxes, light vehicles, aircraft on the ground, fuel tanks, etc. New technologies like shaped-charge explosives would be developed to counter the stronger tanks. Those roles continue to exist to this day, with explosive missiles being the primary infantry weapon against armored vehicles and large-caliber rifles being used for attacking light vehicles and installations.”


Stevens Adds Four Enhanced Over-Under Shotguns to its 555 Lineup – “Stevens by Savage Arms is pleased to announce its extension of 555 over-under shotgun product line by adding four upgraded and laser engraved models priced less than $865. Shipments of these firearms are currently being delivered to dealers. Stevens has dovetailed performance and value in its new 555 over-under shotgun. Its light aluminum receiver is scaled to gauge and incorporates a steel insert that reinforces the breech, minimizing weight and maximizing strength. The fast-handling 555 Enhanced features upgrades that include Imperial walnut stock and forearm, auto shell ejector and laser-engraved Filigree ornament receiver.:


They’re scraping the bottom of the barrel to find reasons to hang onto Obamacare . . . Why Gunshot Victims Have Reason to Like the Affordable Care Act – “The three bullets have been inside Mr. Berry, 41, for more than two decades, pumped into him when he was a teenager near St. Louis. Now, after years without health coverage, besieged by untreated nerve painand hunched over a cane, he finally has the golden ticket to get the medical procedures that will bring relief: a Medicaid card. This is a surprising effect of the Affordable Care Act, the landmark health care law that now faces an uncertain future given the Republican Party’s victory in the presidential election and its control of both houses of Congress.”


Life in the Big Apple . . . Four arrested at luxe hotel after flashing BB guns on Facebook – “The Emergency Service Unit personnel responded to the posh Lexington Avenue hotel in bulletproof vests with NYPD dogs. Police entered the room, where they found six BB guns along with drug paraphernalia, and arrested those inside. The individuals had allegedly been livestreaming video of themselves on Facebook while posing with the faux weaponry. The investigation was ongoing. It was unclear what laws were broken, or if the individuals would face any charges.”

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  1. “It was unclear what laws were broken, ”

    Lack of common sense isn’t a crime.

    Pity, that.

  2. General P just went down to ZERO in my opinion–I had previously supported his career and his seeking the SOS job–but no more.
    This new alliance with Kelly shows a severe lack of judgment, and leads me to question what all of his other policies would be–so, goodbye and adios, General P, both you and the horse you rode in on, and stay out of our Trump administration–you are no longer welcome here!!!!!
    Adorable Deplorable DMD

      • Read the Vice article, author comes across as a whiny little Pointer who’s time in the Army wasn’t as inspiring as his time at the Academy.

        Petraeus has his problems, that often happens to the “smartest guy in the room”, but the Vice stuff isn’t it.

        • Petraeus has never been the smartest guy in any room. His carbon copy strategy of Iraq applied to Afghanistan proved that. His “share the road ” orders in the east and south got many servicemen killed until our local CO’s reverted back to what worked and ignored his orders. His arrogance and ignorance was a detriment the mission and to the safety of his men.

        • + ^ Patraeus ‘presided’ over the successes in Iraq and Afghanistan like Wesley Clark presided over the failures of NATO in Asia.

          P L U S

          Don’t lose sight of the ball people. Petraeus is needed by Hillary to provide the influence that world leaders bought and paid to the Clinton Foundation.

          A N D

          It’s ALL about globalization and communism. See the UN’s 2030 Sustainability Agenda.

          BING search [F Google]: SUSTAINABILITY and check out all the POS business partners of it. They all have a one-world agenda (that does nothing but make America pay for the world’s communism).

    • HAHAHAHAHHA! It unravels. Reap what you sow folks. You voted this clown in, and he’s going to clown you good. If you vote, if you think it makes an iota of difference, you are lost. 200+ years of this country sliding down the shitter since Washington took over from the Brits, and you keep thinking any of these psychopaths is on your side, or better than any other. You keep waiting to be saved, all the while continuing to participate and feed the beast. Carry on, your writhing amuses me. You are a strange breed.

      • Yes let’s just give up on hope because that will make everything better. America is screwed life is getting worse everyday. All our leaders are assholes. Everyting is too messed up. Let’s expend what ever energy we have left at the end of the day by making sure to hate what is left of said day. Also let’s have no faith because, faith is lame just like hopeful people. It much more rad to be negative.

        Brother if I shared your outlook I don’t think I could make it too far. This is a great place and we are lucky to here. It is not perfect and god knows we are being tried right now. Never the less The USA is awesome and I love it.

      • Mm yes, it all unravels over a preliminary assessment of a potential candidate. Don’t break your knee from jerking it too hard.

      • Troy, where have you been hiding? We’ve been needing your insight and wisdom now for decades. Please take up the struggle and help us poor SOB’s…

    • The trouble with “Generals” is they see the country as a massive military base and “Civilians” are unruly raw recruits who need some firm discipline.

      For modern examples Myanmar (aka Burma), any “Socialist Democratic Peoples Republic” (Communist Dictatorship), Argentina and Chile in the 1980s, or anywhere else the military has stepped in to defend democracy (aka a military coup).

      • Yes. Exactly. And yet we have commenters here on TTAG that will advocate for or condemn the military for not honoring their oath and taking action against pols like barry and the clintons.

        In one breath they condemn the soldiers and in the next they want to give the same soldiers total power.

        Some fools can’t be learned.

    • Seriously? This Kelly alliance is where his judgement rating drops to zero with you? Did you just first hear of this guy five minutes ago?

  3. Maura Healey can [insert creative expletive here]. All she wants is money from gun manufacturers to fund her inevitable campaign for governor and an excuse to say “See? Guns aren’t safe. We should ban them.” Monetary damages for consumers my @$$.

    • One thing that is particularly egregious about her records requests are that she is seeking records of accidents/incidents that did not occur in Massachusetts, but instead, for any incident anywhere in the continental U.S. Yes, she won a court battle in the trial court, but I cannot imagine that the manufacturers are not immediately appealing that decision. As to Glock, I’ve read that she is seeking information on models not even sold to consumers in that state other than police agencies.

    • I think she was hoping for a job in the Hillary administration. Now she’s made enemies out of 400k Massachusetts gun owners, two gun manufacturers, and one of the biggest and most powerful corporations in the world. Great work, Maura!

  4. Petraeus could take the job of Secretary of State, but he would need to report it to his Probation Officer.


    • He would be the first SECSTATE to not have a passport, since it was confiscated as he is a flight/security risk. He cannot even leave the western district of north carolina without permission.

      • These are non issues as nearly every person on federal supervision is granted waivers for work related requirements.

        • NOT for Security Clearances.

          He’s already proven he’s a huge personal administration systemic risk and problem.

        • That was my thought, JoeR. Like Hillary (though his security lapse was nowhere near as egregious as some of her less serious lapses), he should be disqualified from handling classified info.

    • Trump could give him a pardon. Obama should have done it for Hillary, but he really doesn’t like her that much.

      If Trump gave him a pardon AND made him SoS there are a great many Americans who would be very upset with him (them).

  5. Another reason to keep Obamacare is that it’s poor, white rural folks who have taken advantage of it the most.

    You know, the very same Republican voters who so enthusiastically rallied for the politicians and their cronies who want to kill it?

    • Actually, the percentage of white Obamacare enrollees is less than the percentage of whites in the population. Black, Hispanic and (strangely) Asians are over-represented in Obamacare.

      In a September 2015 report, 7.4 million white Americans received coverage, while 4 million Hispanics and 2.6 million black Americans gained coverage during the same period.

    • Actually, the costs of Obamacare are highest in rural areas.

      In Wyoming, we went from three carriers, down to one. My insurance (bought in the private market) went from $360/month to (now) $1500+ per month.

  6. After pleading guilty to a misdemeanor with respect to his mistress/biographer having access to his laptop that at the time contained top secret documents (owing to his being head of the CIA), I wonder of General Patraeus qualifies for the security clearance necessary to take the job as SOS.

  7. There are good reasons for keeping Obamacare, or some version of it. As this country moves to an economy dominated by services/retail sector minimum wage jobs, what ones find is that employers make sure that their employees never work enough hours (more than 30 I think) to qualify them for health insurance benefits. So what we find is that there are millions of American workers, particularly in their late teens and twenties, who have no employer sponsored health care program, and an abject inability to afford a single payor policy, policies that can cost a week or more in wages. If no affordable insurance program is available, all of these folks end up on state funded medicaid programs.

    • The 30 hour limit is one of the provisions of Obamacare. It’s an incentive for employers to fill shifts with multiple part-time workers rather than employ only the best of them full-time. Like most socialist programs, it benefits bad employees and hurts good ones.

      Not everyone needs employer-sponsored insurance, and those who don’t are being denied full-time jobs because of the Obamacare requirement to provide insurance. Yes, it really is that stupid.

      Subsidized Obamacare has not proven to be any less expensive than Medicaid. Either way, it’s the taxpayer getting hosed.

      • I’d argue that nobody would need employer sponsored health insurance if the market weren’t saturated in people having mandated employer sponsored health care.

        By removing the benefactor of the product from the direct cost of the product, the market forces that attempt to keep a lid on prices have little impact on the transaction.

        Doctors can charge whatever, since insurance pays for it, not the patient.
        Insurance can charge whatever, since the employer pays for part/most of it, not the employee.
        Patients/Employees can use it with abandon, since they only pay for a part of the actual cost.

        If health insurance worked like car insurance, we’d all be getting bigger paychecks and buying private policies instead of working for health insurance that likely fits our average (and non-existent) fellow employee.

        If health insurance worked like car insurance, we’d be able to change jobs without being worried about our health insurance coverage (which…considering Pelosi’s concern about “job lock” exactly what the ACA encourages, not ends).

        If health insurance worked like car insurance, we’d be able to buy policies and extensions that fit our exact needs, instead of drug, pregnancy, and hair loss coverages that we may not want or even be able to utilize.

        Then again….if health insurance worked like car insurance, your personal oil changes, brake jobs, and alignments would come out of your pocket, not the insurer’s, and your insurance probably wouldn’t cover that fender you bent six years before you bought their policy.

      • I’m sure one of the reasons that the 30 hour limit was put in there was to encourage the creation of many 29 hour per week jobs. This makes the unemployment and job creation stats look great! All of the left’s policies are just for appearances, it’s all smoke and mirrors……..

    • Everyone seems to have come to the idea that health care is somehow owed to the employee(s). This is far from true- it is a benefit offered as an incentive to work for a particular company, not an entitlement for working at all.

      As I recall there was a period in which the (Progressive) government froze wages across the board and employers found offering additional benefits, such as health insurance, a convenient work-around (loophole) to entice workers when they couldn’t offer higher pay.

      Franklin D, Roosevelt – Executive Order 9328 on Prices and Wages. April 8, 1943

      “…On the wage front the directions in the Order are equally clear and specific.

      There are to be no further increases in wage rates or salary scales beyond the Little Steel formula, except where clearly necessary to correct substandards of living. Reclassifications and promotions must not be permitted to affect the general level of production costs or to justify price increases or to forestall price reductions.

      The Order also makes clear the authority of the Chairman of the War Manpower Commission to forbid the employment by an employer of any new employee except in .accordance with regulations of the Chairman, the purpose being to prevent such employment at a higher wage or salary than that received by the employee in his last employment unless the change of employment will aid in the prosecution of the war.”

      • All of this.

        What once was a clever workaround to stupid federal policy (“we can’t pay you more than your current employer, but we can buy you stuff”) turned into expectation (since it was often cheaper to buy insurance for all of your employees than give them actual money), which turned into a mandate (“we’re from the government, and we’re here to help”).

        I long for the days that I get paid actual money that I can actually spend on the things I actually want, rather than handing over some part of my life to get insurance I don’t want and cant use.

  8. The fundamental problem with Obamacare is that smoking is the only bad behavior that increases your premiums. Drinkers, dopeheads, obese people, cornholers, couch potatoes, STD transmitters, et al get a free ride and pay no additional premium. The program is insolvent and will remain that way until participants pay their fair share for the additional costs of crappy lifestyles.

    • I have always believed that the big bag of shit called Obamacare was meant to fail. Then the next president (it was always supposed to be democrats. ya know) could push for single payer.

      • That’s exactly what it was all about. It has all been a setup for Hillary to ride into her glory saving us all with HillaryCare 2.0., i.e. singlepayer.

  9. “…the landmark health care law that now faces an uncertain future given the Republican Party’s victory in the presidential election and its control of both houses of Congress.”

    Do you think that maybe at least part of that uncertain future is because it has spectacularly failed to live up to any of the promises that were made when they were trying to sell it to us?

  10. The range finder is cool and moderately priced all things considered.

    Personally I like doing the math myself, it’s good practice.

  11. If he himself had anything whatsoever to do with nominating this back marker to any position higher than spitcup, Trump should just resign from his presumed future job. Or have a heart attack, or whatever. There’s ignorant, and then there’s having less of a clue than, literally, for real, an amoebae.

    Leave this clown to boink Hillary over shared emails, while Bill entertains the interns downstairs.

    But I guess it’s just more of the same. After all this hooplah, America is still a country governed substantially worse than Afghanistan under the Taliban. Pretty bloody sad.

  12. I can’t for the life of me see why Savage and S&W don’t just leave Ma. and take their jobs with them. If I owned Remington or Glock I just wouldn’t do business there and the cops could just point their finger and say bang when they needed a gun. I don’t get it.

    • If you’ve seen Smith’s factory in Springfield (I’ve toured it extensively) you’d realize what a massive undertaking it would be to shut it down and relocate it.

  13. Today the NYT had yet another editorial against national CCW reciprocity with no reader comments allowed, along with all sorts of anti-Trump opinion pieces masquerading as news articles. The Times editorial was pathetic, even for them, just stating their fear with nothing but a Violence Policy Center quote as back-up. And they have another one calling out Pat McCrory as a sore loser in the NC Governor election while Hillary and company are doing the same thing as sore losers on a national scale. The doubling down on causes that only urban liberals care about is fascinating to see. If anyone views the Trump election results as the beginning of a civil war, it is the left wing. No kidding, the rest of the country is going to have to double down on the politicians to make sure that the left gets its wings clipped all the way back.

    • The NYT has great trouble with dissenting opinions of it’s work or it’s “facts” (opinions).

  14. “Stevens has dovetailed performance and value in its new 555 over-under shotgun.” In my world $865 for a break-action shotgun is not a “value”.

  15. “It was unclear what laws were broken, or if the individuals would face any charges.”

    If there was a victim or an arrest warrant, there would be no uncertainty. Since there was no victim and no arrest warrant, this “bust” was improper and illegal.

    • Uncommon:
      The drug paraphernalia is good for the arrests.
      Criminal charges can be brought by the state, as the state (“The People”) are considered to be the victims.

      If these idiots had the common sense God gave to dogs, they wouldn’t have flashed what appeared to be guns on a Facebook livestream. Being in NYC with unregistered guns is kinda stupid; displaying them live on social media is beyond stupid, even if they are fake. It’s what’s called “reasonable suspicion.”

  16. There is no reason to keep OCare, or any portion of it. It is designed to eventually put government in full control of all individual health care.

  17. As posted yesterday, I sent the following letter to our President-Elect (via snail mail & handwritten) regarding Petraeus:-

    Dear Mr Trump,

    Firstly, let me congratulate you on your Presidential campaign, I know that you will be a great leader that takes care of the issues that the majority of Americans hold dear.
    I am writing this letter to express concern about the possibility of David Petraeus being appointed to a senior position within your cabinet. I know that the concerns I have are shared with many of your loyal supporters.
    • He is a prominent anti 2nd Amendment activist. This shows a lack of respect of the constitution and all that it stands for.
    • He has a history of being ‘careless’ with classified data. This is exactly the same thing that Mrs Clinton did and was one of the reasons that she was not elected. By appointing Mr Petraeus, you are condoning this behaviour.
    By appointing Mr Petraeus to a senior position, particularly Secretary of State, you will be alienating many of your staunchest, most loyal voters. I, and many others desperately want you to succeed and have every confidence that you will undo so much of the damage that has been done over many years.
    Many thanks for taking the time to read this letter, I hope that you will take it into consideration and wish you every success for the future.
    Yours Sincerely

  18. Why would any of the NRA members who voted for Donald Trump oppose the appointment of Petraeus? Chris Cox & Chuck Cunningham at NRA/ILA employ Todd Vandermyde as the NRA contract lobbyist for Illinois, and he made the deal with the anti-gun IL Chiefs of Police to put Duty to Inform in state Rep. Brandon Phelps “NRA backed” concealed carry bill in 2013. The IL Chiefs opposed any form of citizen carry for FORTY YEARS! The police unions wanted to execute armed citizens with legal cover, so Vandermyde fell all over himself to hand them Duty to Inform with criminal penalties. That way if you “resist” they can kill you on the spot.

    Orland Park police chief Tim McCarthy was president of the IL Chiefs when Vandermyde gave them Duty to Inform with criminal penalties in 2010/2011. That’s the same Tim McCarthy who was a Secret Service agent when President Reagan was shot, and the same Tim McCarthy who promotes gun control with Jim & Sarah Brady.

    NRA, Inc., the anti-gun police unions, gun control orgs, and lobbyists like Todd Vandermyde are all on the same side: against you and for the criminal police state. Don’t expect NRA to oppose the nomination of Petraeus. NRA is a corrupt rotten front filled with traitors and scum that sell out their own membership.

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