Firecracker Gun Proves You Can’t Stop the Signal: Just Thought I’d Leave This Here

The above gun isn’t exactly what I’d call lethal. But you’ve got to give YouTuber North Bank credit for his (?) ballistic handiwork. I’m a big fan of home-built guns, especially potato guns (which can be lethal). Especially for [supervised] young ‘uns. Manufacturing a home-brew gun is an excellent way to go-hands-on with science. They also prove the point that you can’t stop the signal. Given the simplicity of firearms construction — updated with 3D printing — gun control legislation can’t stop bad people keeping and bearing arms any more than the War on Drugs can stop drug dealers dealing drugs. When you hold a home-build gun of any stripe, you know that’s right.


  1. avatar Anonymous says:

    Is it legal? Smoothbore?

    1. avatar Noishkel says:

      Yeah that’s probably a ‘cop didn’t see it, I didn’t do it’ kind of situation. Although by that set of rules a flare gun would probably be smooth bore too.

      Could go either way given just by what state your in.

    2. avatar VaqueroJustice says:

      Uses an air gun barrel, so it could be rifled.

  2. avatar Rick in NH says:

    I was expecting a primer in the cartridge that would ignite the fuse and propel the firecracker out the barrel. Perfect for keeping squirrels off the bird feeder.

  3. avatar Cliff H says:

    Seems like a couple of hose clamps would be easier than all those nails.

    1. avatar uncle_pickle says:

      If you are very quick with your pause button, you can see his first shot blow the barrel forward and his .30-.30 cartridge fly off.

      You called it.

      1. avatar mk101008 says:

        Teach young ones about JB Weld and give room to create. A mind is a terrible thing to waste.

      2. avatar Mike B in WI says:

        Pause the video when he shoots the water bottles on his trash can. “Firecracker Gun version 2” is using plastic wire staples to hold the barrel on. BIG improvement. Good catch Uncle P!

  4. avatar Pantera Vazquez says:

    Gotta give it to the guy for his ingenuity. Now let’s see about the trouble he would “fire up” for himself were he in certain select locations…..Say…..New Jersey or New York City……

    1- A handgun CHECK
    2- using air gun ammo CHECK
    3-using a firework as a propellant. CHECK

    For the Children ™

  5. for more #CantStopTheSignal :

    Also has insights into the election.

  6. avatar AD says:

    So you’re saying that black powder is not a new thing and that we still use many cartridges designed for powder.?.? Gotcha. God, science is hard.

    1. avatar Geoff PR says:

      The stuff in firecrackers is usually a metal based flash powder.

      It has a very *fast* burn / combustion, compared to a slower burning smokeless gunpowder.

      You do *NOT* want to use that as a substitute for gunpowder.

      You may very well get a detonation and a mangled hand or worse…

  7. avatar derfel cadarn says:

    We used to build guns like this when we were kids. Used a 8 inch long 1/2 pipe nipple and cap as barrel slotted to accept fuse, cloth patched 45 cal balls would penetrate both sides of a galvanized trash can. It is advised to add a 3 inch long 3/4 inch nipple to the chamber end of “gun”, some minor filing will allow this to fit over the 1/2 inch, then slot and align with existing slot cap with 3/4 cap. this greatly reduces any chance of catastrophic failures. Live large, remain safe. This was in the sixties, no we did not wear safety glasses nor hearing protection and we are still all here.

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