Daily Digest: Another General Problem, Maura Healey Isn’t Happy, and Finding a Reason Not to Kill Obamacare

Another argument against the general? . . . What David Petraeus as Secretary of State Would Mean for Gun Owners – “(E)arlier this year Petraeus joined with Gabrielle Giffords’ husband, Mark Kelly, to form a gun control group, Veterans Coalition for Common Sense. That’s been widely reported. But the Secretary of State doesn’t have anything to do with […]

A Modest Proposal in South Dakota.

When I was in grade school they made us read Gulliver’s Travels. Now understand, I’m an avid reader. But for some reason, this book didn’t grab me. (Then again, I’m not a Jack Black fan, so I had no trouble passing on the movie version, either.) But I did love one thing Jonathan Swift wrote: […]