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How does your life change when your father’s elected president? Here’s how . . . Big Guns Come Out for Play Date – “Barron Trump’s going to have seriously high caliber play dates from here on out … courtesy of the Secret Service and the U.S. Coast Guard. The 10-year-old and his friends were hanging at Mar-a-Lago over the Thanksgiving weekend, and the lawn was fully covered by several badasses with BIG guns — by sea, ground and, we’re guessing, air.”


After OSU Attack, Ohio Legislature Rethinking Guns on Campus – “After Ohio State University was dealt with an attack on its campus, leaving 11 students hospitalized and the attacker killed, the Ohio legislature may pass a bill reducing the penalty for carrying a gun on campus. HB 48 reduces the penalty for bringing a gun to campus grounds from a felony to a misdemeanor and would allow universities to make their own policies regarding concealed handguns on campus. It also permits concealed-carry licensees to carry guns inside certain public areas such as day-care centers and designated areas in airports and police stations. State Rep. Ron Maag is the bill’s sponsor.” – How about cutting out the middle man and legalize campus carry like 30 other states have done?

A crowd of shoppers browse at Target on Black Friday.

Were you expecting a post-Trump slump? . . . Black Friday 2016’s big seller? Guns – “Guns were apparently on the list of many Black Friday shoppers. The National Instant Criminal Background Check System processed a record-setting 185,713 transactions the day after Thanksgiving, according to the FBI. That number tops the 180,000 background checks forecast by the FBI and the previous record of 185,345 set during Black Friday 2015. Before that, the previous record for single-day background checks was 177,170 conducted on Dec. 21, 2012.” Go figure.


Here’s a match made in heaven . . . David Petraeus, Mark Kelly launch gun control group – “Retired U.S. Army Gen. David Petraeus, who has long resisted calls to run for political office, is teaming up with retired NASA astronaut Mark Kelly to create a new group urging greater gun control. The two announced on Friday that they were launching Veterans Coalition for Common Sense to encourage elected leaders to ‘do more to prevent gun tragedies.’ The group will feature veterans from every branch of the military who are urging lawmakers to toughen gun laws, the organization said in a news release.”


Why the M-60 ‘Pig’ remains one of the best US machine guns ever  –  “Other than the M-16 rifle, perhaps no firearm is as closely associated with the Vietnam War as the M-60. Portrayals of the M-60 in the hands of Vietnam War soldiers range from the sublime dignity expressed by the “Three Soldiers” statue to the over-the-top destruction of the fictional town of Hope, Washington, by Sylvester Stallone’s character John Rambo in the film ‘First Blood.'”



Kansas State And Federal Government Agencies Deliberate Over Constitutional Right To Homemade Silencers – “This case brings forth many questions. Can the Internal Revenue use their taxing authorities to regulate firearms that stay within state borders? Advocates contend such guns do not fall under Congress’ power to regulate interstate commerce. Kettler says that he bought the unregistered silencer “because of a piece of paper signed by the governor saying it was legal.” He says Kansas is “setting up its citizens to be prosecuted” by the federal government.”


They weren’t prepared for that! Burglars steal grenades, body armor, 12 machetes, five shotguns, a pellet gun and a sniper rifle that can shoot through CARS from Ohio doomsday preppers – “Teena Brayen and her family were prepared for a military invasion and the end of the world – but they weren’t prepared for burglars. The Brayens are doomsday preppers who hoarded weapons, armor and food to fend off anything from an invading army to full-on Armageddon. But last week their arsenal and survival gear was taken when unknown criminals broke into their Cleveland home. ‘These guys are prepared for war now,’ Brayen told Fox 8. ‘They have seven guns, seven.'”


Men who left shotgun shell at French consulate won’t face charges – “Montreal police have met with the two suspects who left a shotgun shell at the French consulate last October, but Crown prosecutors won’t file criminal charges in the matter. ‘We can’t discuss specifics but there was no danger posed by their action,’ said police spokesperon Benoit Boisselle. ‘Other than that, all we can say is investigators met with the men.’ It’s unclear why the men left an unused 12-gauge shotgun shell at the consulate on McGill College Ave. But police had been trying, for weeks, to identify them.”


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    • Ya, but Trump better waive him off. He’s as guilty as Hillary, or I should say, Hillary’s as criminal-guilty as Petraeus, times 12, but neither of them should work in/for any future U.S. Administration.

      Hillary cannot provide the influence that she’s peddled and been paid for, Hillary floated Chelsea in an attempt to retain toe hold on the company store, and now Petraeus has to try to come in to scrounge around to salvage and make payments because the world won’t wait for Jimmy Carter-esque book tours [and yearly trips to French Guyana to pay homage to the late Jim Jones]. The world of Clinton Foundation donors is likely going to go mob collections on Hillary if she can’t squeeze out some pre-paid quid pro quo.

      Trump better keep that sh_t on the street where it’s made its own bed.

      • There’s a chance this still goes sideways for gun lovers. I can easily see Trump signing more gun laws after the next mass shooting, despite anything he’s said. You feel it too. I know you do. He’s a phony who got elected only because of who he was running against, not because of any principle. Look to who he puts in the cabinet positions and so forth. Big money, big bureaucracy people.

        • Ralph,

          You wouldn’t be the first one to be surprised by a politician once he’s gotten into office.

          And yes, by definition, he’s a politician.

        • I fear (more) the insular aholes [way fing aholes] who MAY keep him from ascertaining public opinion.

          F them all in the eye. They all better watch their asses.

  1. Wait a second, grenades? Um… I’m pretty sure those are illegal. Not like silencer illegal, but like… cocaine illegal.

    Edit: just read the article. SMOKE GRENADES. This is low even for the daily mail.

    • Grenades are exactly like silencers(more properly; suppressors) in that they are both NFA items, both need to be federally registered and a transfer fee paid, and then they are legal.
      “(7) any silencer (as defined in section 921 of title 18, United States Code); and

      (8) a destructive device.” -
      FYI, grenades are classed as destructive devices.


    If they walked out with your year’s supply of ammo, you really only had enough for a day at the range, lady.

    • This may be a good time to start another thread about the moral (not to say “legal”) obligation of a gun owner to have a gun safe and to secure any firearm not actually being used at that moment.
      Annnnd… GO!

      • And, don’t let the neighbors know you have weapons. And lock the doors.

        I bet everyone in town knew they had guns. Glass front brag cabinets? Did the kids ever have friends over? Did she run her mouth at the grocery checkout?

  3. Ohio State is no more guilty of binding the hands of the innocent (and victim) than the Federal [and some POS State’s] Government.

    Can’t we all be honest? Your government is made up of your stupid ahole neighbors who needed a job and your government just doesn’t trust some of you.

    They’re beginning to convince us too, btw.

  4. Woowho! I helped set a record on Black Friday. Glad to oblige…I had no idea Betrayus was an anti-gun azzwhole. Just that he liked to screw around on his honely wife? I hate all of Donnies reportedSOS nominees…

    • FWW,I may have been misinformed, but a politically connected friend told me The Donald is trying to answer one question in the Secretary of State matter….”Which of these guys would I really like to see out of the country most of the time for the next four-eight years?”

      And those on the short list really do suggest my friend is correct.

      • Oh I’m aware SoS is not the be-all end-all of foreign policym(unless you’re Kissinger pulling the strings). It was ‘splained to me by my Arabic speaking DoD employed son. It’s just that as mentioned in that blurb above the Hildebeast used her failed sec. tenure as a j umping off point…and Betrayus just scored a big zero on my shitemeter. As in being a leftwing POS.

    • I hear that!

      I also got a chance to use the M60E3 (skeletonized/lightweight version) when I was “in”, and it was a far better choice for patrolling and other man-portable taskings. However, it had significantly more beaten-zone dispersion when fired from the bipod due to the lighter weight and “springy” bipod legs, which were also located farther to the rear than on the original (bipod was moved from the barrel to the front of the receiver tube on the E3).

      A “good” (reliable) M60 was a thing of beauty that ran like a top, and turned a lot of cover into concealment. A “bad” M60 was a source of constant frustration and was often dangerous to the user, so we would work hard to get it swapped-out at the first opportunity.

  5. I try not to rejoice in other people’s misfortune, but the story of the doomsday preppers’ failure to secure their essential zombie apocalypse survival gear honestly made me chuckle.

      • From the picture, it looks like they were taken from a glass front display case. Suitable for great-grandpa’s antique, not for anything you would _rely_ on in a doomsday scenario. I mean, the antique will serve, but, 3 rounds a minute is not going to stop the zombies.

  6. My opinion of General P just dropped to ZERO after reading about his partnership with Kelly–now he is just another “guns for me, but not for thee” politician !!! DMD

  7. An interesting little tid-bit on that Kansas homemade silencer case.

    Kansas Attorney General Derek Schmidt is the one defending it for the accused, Mr. Kettler…

    • Incorrect. Cox and Kettler had their own attorneys, and they have already been convicted of NFA violations. They are waiting for sentencing at this point.

      Kansas Attorney General Derek Schmidt filed a Motion to Intervene a week before they were convicted, but solely to prevent the Federal court from ruling on the constitutionality of the Kansas SAPA. That does not help Messrs Cox and Kettler. Furthermore, Schmidt specifically says in his motion that the SAPA doesn’t actually cover silencers. Quote: ” it logically follows that the Kansas Legislature did not consider the provisions of the National Firearms Act governing silencers to be within the scope of the Kansas Second Amendment Protection Act.”

      You can read his motion at

      As has been explained by better legal minds than mine, this was settled by SCOTUS decades ago. It says more about cynical Kansas politicians prepared to sign a bill like that that provides zero protection from ten years in Club Fed, and throw gun owners under the bus.

  8. I ride a Washington State Ferry for my commute. The USCG accompanies the vessels fairly regularly, and it always warms my heart to see the sheep absolutely panic at the sight of a patrol boat with an M240 on the bow.

    Kudos to the folks in the USCG boats – it’s no fun being out in the open bouncing around at 18 knots in Puget Sound riding the waves at 7AM in the rain hanging on to the 240.

    For the record, it’s effing cold and wet. Just sayin’

    Semper Paratus and thank you…

    • @TheOtherDavid

      It’s been a long time since I rode a ferry. No really! Last time was over to Bainbridge Island.
      I don’t get over there from the east side that often anymore. That being said, I would be pretty disgusted being around people that were acting all appalled at seeing a gun boat. I’d have to roll my eyes at them, give a real disgusted OBVIOUS look and walk away. I’d be thinking what a bunch of bi—-s they are.
      Seeing that would be the same way I feel seeing the F35s and Harriers flying around my winter home in Yuma.
      Their right base turn is right over my place. I feel proud. Me like guns, tanks, airplanes and boy stuff and I’m happy and proud to say so.

    • Used to live below the turn of Harriers coming in and out of Cherry Point. A thing of beauty, albeit rather loud. Same for the daily helicopter shuttle among the bases along the SE coast and the Navy/Marine exercises just off the coast. Armed USCG patrols should make one proud. I say that as a non-veteran. If disgust is what the Left Coast feels seeing a patrol boat, then really it should be kicked out. Problem is, it would immediately be bought up by Chinese government-owned companies and then we would have that nightmare right on top of us.

    • And I think, but cannot be certain (because I’ve not had all three broken apart on a bench, side-by-side) that the ’42 took several ideas from the Mg-39, which was an intermediate refinement of the Mg-34.

      Given the German’s success with Maxim machine guns in WWI, it is hardly surprising that they refined the heck out of that class of weapons in WWII. We, at the least, were smart enough after WWII to recognize that with our prior firearms design genius (JMB, cue the Tabernacle Choir here) gone, we’d better crib our next gun design off someone who seemed to know something about the issue.

  9. Petraeus and McChrystal are two anti-gun, anti-freedom military careerists. I want nothing to do with either of those two despicable brass hats.

  10. “Kettler says that he bought the unregistered silencer “because of a piece of paper signed by the governor saying it was legal.”

    Well that’s certainly Kansas’s problem for passing these stupid meaningless laws- which is exactly what that was. I wonder if he read the comments sections here where he could have learned the same thing. And selling them falls under the commerce clause based on decades (heck, almost a century now) of caselaw- whether we like it or not.

    Basic point to remember: a state cannot nullify federal law. Says the Civil War.

  11. “the Ohio legislature may pass a bill reducing the penalty for carrying a gun on campus. HB 48 reduces the penalty for bringing a gun to campus grounds from a felony to a misdemeanor..”

    This is stupid. You’re basically inviting people to become LESSER criminals to defend themselves? If it’s worth dropping the severity it’s worth making it legal entirely, because most good citizens don’t want to break the law at all.

  12. I note that Petraeus and Kelly have been lifetime military, with their meals, housing, and medicine provided free, meaning at our expense. It’s practically socialism. And they never lived among free people until they retired, because the EM aren’t free. I was one at age 18-20, and remember that fact well. They were always given indentured labor forces, EM, that could.not.quit. Officers can resign. EM? No. In other words, neither former officer has really acclimated to the real America again…or yet. I suggest they take a direct run at the urban poor murders-and-beatings problem. It isn’t a gun problem. But I’ll bet it’s one they can’t solve, like the other left-of-center pols. Which is why they perform the gun control charade. It’s the Potemkin Village of second-rate leaders. To many voters it looks like they’re doing something, but nah….its just about visibility and name-recognition.

    Petraus has just embarrassed himself. Kelly did several years ago. They may win the non-profit for profit game, but politically they’re toast.

  13. Prepared for war with seven guns, one a “sniper rifle” that can “shoot through cars”?

    OK, three things here.

    1) Any rifle can shoot through cars. Cars are sheet metal and plastic. Other than an engine block, differential, axle, structural pylon or maybe a wheel a bullet from even a .22LR pistol will go through a car. Hell, some high end air guns can go through two car doors. You wanna drop a few large on an air rifle you can get one that is fully capable of killing people at 800+ yards without much problem.

    2) Seven guns and you think you’re prepared for war? WTF is this hyperbole? Is this guy retarded? A FUDD? Both? Shit son, you got into one of my safes and you’d have more than three times that many guns. If their little collection constitutes hording a lot of us here on TTAG will be on “Hoarders” in the coming seasons.

    3) I have no idea what their security setup was but the truth is that this can happen to just about anyone who doesn’t have 24/7 armed security. Safes, locks, security systems and even dogs only deter thieves who are not hell bent on getting your stuff and merely slow down the ones who are good at their chosen trade and resolved to get your stuff come hell or high water.

    • According to the article, their security setup was “the kids left the side door unlocked”. From the photo, it seems the guns were just in an unlocked glass-front cabinet.

      If you’re gonna be a “doomsday prepper”, lock your shit up. And get a better arsenal than five shotties, a pellet gun, and a hunting rifle.

      • Shouldn’t preppers have a stash of firearms, maybe buried next to the barn, that are safe from folks without inside knowledge?

  14. This site…First I have to disable Flash or the page locks up. I got pop ups coming up from the bottom. And if I forget to mute, some ad will play music that wakes up the whole house. Now, I was reading comments and something called go go ads or something completely blanked the page to show the ad, said it would return, and now hasn’t. You really are trying to push us away? I subscribe to about ten gun blogs, and not a single one of them treat their readers like shit. Not supporting you any longer.

    • Ghostery and AdBlock+ and your problem is solved.

      They’re both free too.

      Freaking interwebz noobs. Like babes in the damn woods they are.

      • I’ve had both installed for about as long as they’ve been around. RIght now, Ghost is blocking 15 trackers and ABP is blocking 75 ads.

        • My ABP icon is counting up through the mid-300s right now, at the rate of about one per second.

          I couldn’t (and wouldn’t) be here without ABP.

  15. Well, to paraphrase a comment I made the other day, if you’ve ever built a silencer for your .50 BMG with an old glass pack and a roll of duct tape, you might be from Kansas.

  16. Why would any self respecting “prepper” come out and say things like “they’re prepared for war”, or “they can kill cops in body armor with one shot”?
    Those reactive statements I would expect if someone broke into and robbed the CERT or SWAT team armory…. maybe.
    Either this is a very poor setup, or this woman is a total idiot.

    How can someone belong to the 3% group and not be up to date enough to lock a gun up in something that isn’t a freaking glass display case?!

    The list of materials screams that Bloombergs lackies scripted it.

    5 shotguns, smoke grenades, pellet gun and $1000 supply of ammo. ready for war.

    yup, sounds like the cache of someone who has done ZERO research into “prepping”

    Just as a 550 round brick of 22LR would be considered enough to start WW3

    I smell bull crap, and its all over the place……..

  17. “Veterans Coalition for Common Sense”

    Why am I envisioning them writing all the buzzwords on little slips of paper and dropping them in a bucket. A quick shake and they each pull one slip of paper and try to arrange them into a name for the group.

  18. Re Petraeus, I actually wrote the below (in a real letter no less & sent via snail mail!) to DT:-

    Dear Mr Trump,

    Firstly, let me congratulate you on your Presidential campaign, I know that you will be a great leader that takes care of the issues that the majority of Americans hold dear.

    I am writing this letter to express concern about the possibility of David Petraeus being appointed to a senior position within your cabinet. I know that the concerns I have are shared with many of your loyal supporters.
    • He is a prominent anti 2nd Amendment activist. This shows a lack of respect of the constitution and all that it stands for.
    • He has a history of being ‘careless’ with classified data. This is exactly the same thing that Mrs Clinton did and was one of the reasons that she was not elected. By appointing Mr Petraeus, you are condoning this behaviour.

    By appointing Mr Petraeus to a senior position, particularly Secretary of State, you will be alienating many of your staunchest, most loyal voters. I, and many others desperately want you to succeed and have every confidence that you will undo so much of the damage that has been done over many years.

    Many thanks for taking the time to read this letter, I hope that you will take it into consideration and wish you every success for the future.

    Yours Sincerely

  19. To get a handle on how teh intertubz works lately, read “Chaos Monkeys.” You’ll never use TwitBookChat the same again. Entertaining also for the inside look at the “Valley Culture”, and our betters who would mediate our info, as well as our health and work.

    Then, if you want to go deeper, dig through the founders’ presentations re the “Brave Browser.” (The product is very not ready for prime time.)

    Net, “ad supported content” is an arms race among ad networks smaller sites must subscribe to / integrate, for the same reason phone manufacturers don’t make their own chips. The good result is you don’t need a blocker for each site’s unique vectors, just for the major ad networks’ strategies.

    I’d add “noscript” n some browser configuration to the blockers named above.

    Lapsing into ethics, since I block aggressively, I directly pay curated sites I frequent.

    I speculate that general ad serving is a losing game, long term. Prices suck, n for all the surveillance n “targeting” their hit rate is terrible.

    Their approach is backwards. For enthusiasts, well-curated ads count as valuable content. Nobody’s offering that as a service, yet. Even the folks with the platforms n data to do it are still enthralled with the aggregate size of their – er – audience.


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