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Never get between a shopper and a once-a-year bargain . . . 1 Shot Dead, Another Wounded Outside of South Jersey Mall On Black Friday – “‘It’s sad,’ said one shopper on the scene of the shooting.’ We’ve been doing this, me and my girls for probably about ten years now, just for the fun of going out–a girls night and trying to get some special sales and it’s getting scary now.’ ‘It’s a tragedy…It’s very scary you know, you’re starting off the holiday season and you’re excited about the upcoming times with family and now there’s going to be family who are missing people and their holidays will never be the same,’ said another shopper.”


Wouldn’t have bet on this ruling . . . Dylann Roof found competent to stand trial in church shootings – “Dylann Roof is competent to stand trial in the murders of nine worshipers at a Charleston church last summer, U.S. District Judge Richard Gergel ruled Friday. The ruling came after two days of closed-door hearings this week at which Roof was present. Gergel issued his three-page order but sealed his finding of facts and conclusions of law because he said ‘the public disclosure of that document at this time would prejudice defendant’s rights under the Fifth and Sixth Amendment of the United States Constitution and place in jeopardy the defendant’s right to select a fair and impartial jury and to a fair trial.'” Good. South Carolina is a death penalty state.


Need something else to do in New York after catching a performance of Madison? . . .  Playing with guns: Percussion group makes music with rifle parts – “The show combines musical stretches with two spoken word segments, one in which the band member share their thoughts when they first heard about the Sandy Hook shooting in 2012, and another that also uses projected text, graphs, and photographs to convey information about guns in the United States. But the most powerful moments of the show, said Quillen, may be the moments of silence. Those quiet interludes correspond to blacked-out images of elementary school classrooms in the state of Connecticut’s official report on the Sandy Hook shooting.”


Convicted felon shot by police while going for his gun, community outraged . . .  Brother: ‘Community wants change’ after Durham man is shot – “Frank Nathaniel Clark, 34, died after being shot during a struggle with three officers. Durham Police Chief C.J. Davis said the officers – Charles Barkley, Monte Southerland and Christopher Goss – stopped to talk to Clark when he reached for a gun in his waistband and they heard a shot. About a dozen demonstrators marched a little over a mile from Fayetteville Road, near the McDougald Terrace community where Clark was shot, to Durham Police Headquarters, voicing their concerns about what they describe as a broken relationship between Durham police officers and the community.”


Campbell police department raffles guns to raise funds for police dog – An upcoming fundraiser by the Campbell Police Department has raised some eyebrows. The department is hosting a gun raffle Dec. 4 to raise money for a new police dog. It also selling clothing with Campbell Police Department insignias. Officer Eric Manning and the department’s existing dog “Storm” (not pictured above) suffered injuries after a vehicle rammed into their cruiser in July. Manning has largely recovered after extensive physical therapy, but Storm, an 81/2-year-old Belgian Malinois, has been out of commission due to spinal injuries. The department hopes to raise $15,000 for a new police dog, along with additional funds for a new cruiser. To learn more, visit the “Campbell K-9 Fundraiser” Facebook page. For tickets, contact 330-755-1411, or [email protected].


Remington rifle settlement is a ‘sham,’ critics say – “Remington has steadfastly denied the allegations, even though it has agreed to replace the triggers free of charge on most of the guns. Under language in the proposed settlement, the company continues to maintain that the guns are safe and free of defects. That provision of the deal is particularly irksome to critics, who say it is designed to convince owners not to submit their guns for repair, reducing the cost to Remington.”


Mount Airy resident hopes to quell fears on residential gun sales – “Mark Ruocco, who started the petition with his wife, Ashley, said if it were up to him, there would be no businesses at all in town run out of homes. “This is a cultural change which has the potential to make all residential property parallel to commercial property,” Ruocco said. “For example, instead of welcome to our ‘neighborhood,’ we will be saying welcome to our ‘business park.’ This ordinance is also specific to firearms businesses that can be run from residences, which is a safety concern for residents of Mount Airy.”



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    • Yup:
      FID Card Application>fingerprinting>questionnaires mailed to references>pay various fees>many months waiting>pick up card at PD>finally, go buy a long gun. For handguns, repeat entire process plus more paperwork, bureaucracy, and waiting. CCW permit in NJ? Forget it, impossible unless you’re a retired cop. Something tells me this shooter wasn’t exactly an FID card holder.

      • You can also add in “Interview with chief of police” in some municipalities.

        All that does a great job of keeping Newark, Paterson, Trenton, Camden, and Atlantic City safe.

    • Yeah, surely the shooter underwent the arduous process of procuring his pistol permit, and no doubt the authorities will be pulling it and confiscating his guns. They need to make it harder for people in New Jersey to acquire guns, clearly. This is all the NRA’s fault.

    • My store, big outdoors company, selling guns, 650 people in line, gun giveaway, guns in the doorbuster, in a state allowing open and concealed carry, no shootings. Go figure.

  1. I remember feeling pretty good when Ted Bundy rode the lightning back in ’89. I’m going to feel the same way when Dylan Roof gets his.

    • At the time when Bundy was awaiting his ‘zap’ here in Florida, lawmakers were pushing a mandatory seatbelt law.

      A popular bumper-sticker read: “Ill buckle-up when Bundy buckles-up.”


    • I did a lot of services in AME churches in South Carolina. Funerals, color postings, weddings, whatever. They were always the warmest, most welcoming, accepting people, and they never let you leave hungry. It never mattered what race you were, what you believed in; when you were there, you were one of them. Roof’s attack felt personal.

      Let’s just say, whatever happens to him, it won’t be enough.

      • Whatever WE can do to him here may not be enough, but your considerations of what most likely will happen to him after that may give you some consolation.

        • I absolutely agree. I don’t know what the condition of his spirit is, but actions speak pretty loudly for themselves. That being said, I hope the State of SC helps arrange the meeting between Mr. Roof and his Maker so they can discuss why he’s there and where he goes next. I expect it’ll be quite a short conversation…

  2. “Madison got the sniper rifle parts online.”

    Any other good deals?

    But hey, it is a semi-free country so say what you feel. Just don’t tell me how _I_ should feel, m’kay?

  3. Gee I was out and about at some Black Friday stores (in Illinois &Indiana). Picked up a gun,went to BestBuy and Target. No violence, no mayhem and no shooting… is there something about Joisey? Hey I’m with you all in wishing for a happy trip to hell for young bowl head boy. Cowardly POS…

  4. I want to what goofy look he has when they take Dylann Roof to the death chamber for execution…the little piece of sh–

  5. I’ve always liked the idea of a gun raffle, it’s the only form of charity that I’d actually donate to. I’d gladly give $20 or whatever the amount is if I could potentially win a cool gun and if I don’t, I know my money went somewhere it was needed more.

    As for Remington, I’ll never let an opportunity to bash that company go by. Just the way they’re reacting to the trigger safety issue… “Oh, there’s absolutely nothing wrong with the safety or trigger of the rifles, but you know what? Even though it goes against every bit of business logic, we’re going to spend our time and money looking at those rifles if you really want us to and be without those nice, awesome rifles for a few months. We’re just such a great company, aren’t we?”

    I wish I could find a Remington logo so I couldn’t vomit all over the thing.

  6. At my local Walmart here in AZ black Friday went smoothly. just from what I saw there was at least a dozen or so open carriers and who knows how many concealed (myself included) and no fights, shootings or anything even remotely violent happened

  7. “Hi! I’m a hipster who uses drafting tools to part my hair, and I bought Russian sniper ri fle parts for my drum circle. Isn’t that ridiculous? Anyone can buy a Russian sniper ri fle online!”
    Well, aren’t you worried you’re going to get hurt?
    “No, it’s just parts, parts aren’t dangerous, n00b!”
    Oh. Then why is it ridiculous?
    “Because you can make a Russian sniper ri fle out of parts you buy legally online!”
    Really? Where is the serialized upper?
    “The what?”

    Just, uh, go back to your drum circle. Nice plaid!

  8. “describe as a broken relationship between Durham police officers and the community.””

    Yeah I believe the felonious Frank Clark made a substantial contribution to that the other night.

  9. For those who missed it, that Mt Airy story takes place in MD. Here’s hoping he is successful.

    It sounds like he is looking to restore Garands and older arms. I’m curious to see the impact to those who may run their legal, IT, and lemonade stand businesses out of homes in the city.

  10. Well, it’s surprisingly on point for those gun-banging performance artists to demonstrate guns neither shooting on their own nor posessing people with the need to shoot, to end on the different results from a crazy person.

    It’s almost like the guns do nothing on their own; its all about what some person does.

    That’s their point, right?

  11. I’m from SC and was shocked and appalled when we couldn’t execute Susan Smith back in the day. I sincerely hope Mr. Roof gets a chance to square things with his Maker and that the State of SC helps arrange the meeting. It’ll be loads more merciful than leaving his @ss in Gen. Pop.


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