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In a previous post, RF was doing the Where’s Waldo thing for Shannon Watts. Here she is, getting a big wet kiss from Fortune: The Mom Who Started a Gun Control Movement With a Facebook Page – “In its four years, the group—which Watts says is is not anti-gun, but pro-gun control—has ballooned to ‘an army’ of moms across the country. It has helped stop almost 200 ‘bad gun bills’—that is, bills allowing guns on campus or expanding Stand Your Ground laws—and helped passed ‘good bills’—including ones closing the ‘background check loophole’ in six states. Plus, it partnered with Michael Bloomberg’s like-minded group to form an umbrella organization, Everytown for Gun Safety.”


The pros and cons of stun guns: An embattled matter of safety for both cops and civilians – “Until very recently, the NYPD kept all so called “conducted electrical weapons” (CEWs) out of the hands of its men and women in blue out of concern for previous scandals. As police departments across the country began embracing stun guns on a large scale roughly 15 years ago, the NYPD allowed only some sergeants and specially trained units to wield them. The reluctance stemmed from the department’s controversial use of an earlier version of the electrical weapon, perhaps most notably in 1985 when four Queens officers were arrested for torturing three prisoners with handheld stun guns.” Maybe the problem back in the day was the officers, not the stun guns.


Washington Murder Case Results In Gun Charge Under 2014 Background Check Law – “’The focus of the law enforcement officers was they wanted to get the pedigree of the gun and find the gun so that it could be used in the murder prosecution,’ (Island County Prosecutor Greg) Banks said. ‘But it occurred to us that, ‘Hey this is also a gun that was transferred illegally and our job is to prosecute crimes when they are referred to us. And so we are.’”


Los Altos Hills shooting: Wounded stalking suspect identified – “Authorities have identified a Georgia man who was wounded in a home shootout after he broke in and attacked a woman he was reportedly stalking, only to be sent away by her relative who returned fire. William Brady III, 43, remains at a local hospital and is expected to survive multiple gunshot wounds he sustained in the Friday confrontation on Oak Knoll Circle, according to the Santa Clara County Sheriff’s Office. Brady was arrested on suspicion of attempted murder and is expected to be booked into jail once he is released from the hospital.” Somehow he wasn’t stopped by a restraining order. So Santa Clara County issued another one.


How guns get into films – “The film industry as a whole has become increasingly gun-friendly, according to the Internet Movie Firearms Database; their crowd-sourced data suggests that the median number of weapon models featured in films has increased by 11% from 1995 to 2015. Researchers also found that gun violence in PG-13 films has more than tripled since 1985; in recent years, it has even exceeded the violence of R-rated films.” Friendly, maybe. Accurate, not so much.


TASER International is the self-proclaimed global leader in digital evidence management solutions. How’s that for jargon? Anyway, the hugely profitable company’s presser announced “our next generation point-of-view body camera, Axon Flex 2. The successor to TASER’s groundbreaking original Axon Flex body-worn camera, Flex 2 features a number of compelling improvements over its predecessor.” We’re talking a “120-degree field of view and unlimited HD, so you can protect truth with greater clarity.” Sounds like we need one.



StealthGear makes some of our favorite IWB holsters. Beautifully constructed, breathable, and oh-so-comfy. They’ve just announced that they’re adding to their line with a lighter more affordable offering. How cool is that? We can’t show you much more now or they’d have to kill us. A full review is in the works, though. Don’t change that dial.

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  1. Is it Shannon’s extra large mouth that makes her head look so small, or is it her extra small head that makes her mouth so large? Inquiring minds want to know!

  2. I’m so tired of hearing her every time she opens it. I wish i was a judge so I could issue a gag order.

  3. He states that they replaced all existent handguns with their own .45s model

    Is this a new caliber? .45 super?

  4. So let me get this straight. Initiative 594 didn’t stop what was probably an illegal transfer. And the guy that did it can’t be found. Probably not a lot of time will be spent looking for suspect in a misdemeanor. So, short of a headline, not very effective.

  5. They didn’t partner with anyone. They were bought out, primarily to hide how much money Bloomberg was pumping into their “grassroots organization” already.

  6. Has Shannon released her tax returns?

    If she, or any foundation that’s funding her, has taken foreign $ to overthrow our Constitution, that is Sedition.

  7. It seems to me that Glock and the Beretta 92 F are the two most popular guns on TV. My wife watches a lot of cop shows, and it seems to me that in the ones based in NY, all of the bad guys use the Beretta. It being NY, I’ve always wondered if they had only the one Beretta, so they pass it around from show to show as needed.

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