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Are we to assume that this video is for shizzle? To do that, we’d have to set aside the mismatched audio and ignore the fact that World Star is to journalism what karaoke is to opera. And then we’d have to assume that the driver repelled the machete-wielding clown with a gun. He doesn’t show his heater but does remark that “a forty knock your ass out of anything.” So there is that.

All that said, would you draw on a machete-wielding clown? In this particular example, my first reaction would be the same one when I saw Ferg get ambushed by the Irish mob on a lonely road in Wyoming (Longmire): drive the F away. If I was on a road at night, well, what else are you going to do? I’d sure hate to be the first guy to shoot a killer clown, but that’s preferable to being a victim, n’est-ce-pas (as we say in my ‘hood)?



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    • Driving a car in reverse is not a good idea, can’t keep an eye on them and you are likely to hit something, and driving a car towards someone with a machete not a good idea. So what exactly do you recommend in this situation.

  1. I’m still suspicious as to whether this is an actual phenomenon or just another Internet-spawned hoax, since every news piece on this seems to come from a secondhand source.

    That said, whether or not this video is real, it should serve as a nice “teachable moment” for anyone stupid enough to think dressing as a clown and attacking strangers is a great idea for a prank.

    • No, it’s real. Cops have arrested people in Michigan for terrorizing people with these creepy clowns masks and suits. Some clowns have robbed banks, stores, and hotels. One cop got in a shootout with some Michigan cops (Livonia, if I remember correctly).

      If I were on a jury, I’d acquit someone icing a clown, even if he was a crack dealer who shot the clown because he was on his turf. Jury nullification. #ClownLivesDon’tMatter

  2. Combine 2 of my greatest phobias. Clowns and edged weapons. I get emotional at either or. Put them together and I’m gonna shoot someone. Repeatedly. Them I’m filing for a disability based on emotional trauma.

    • I’m not fluent, but I know enough to know that Robert meant “fo rizzle” not “shizzle”. Also that he was screaming it from 1993.

  3. Where I live, there have been reports of jackasses in clown suits frightening people. At least one has been caught and arrested. However, I am very suspicious that this video is a hoax. In the same situation, I would just drive away and call 911. If I were on foot or the clown broke into my home, my reaction would be much more forceful.

  4. The only good clown is a dead clown, and if they’re zombie clowns we’ll just have to kill them harder.

  5. I’m in my truck? Well then clown meet grill… Then I’d hit reverse, and drive, then reverse, then drive again. Then I’d get out, take a piss, put one in its dome, and head to the bar.

  6. This is Darwinism at its finest; dumb ass wants to dress as a clown and wave around a machete, dumb ass can get his dumb ass killed.

  7. Yeah, Ferg definitely lacked situational awareness that time! And yes, I’d draw on a clown, or non-clown, coming at me with a machete.

    • Anyone waving a machete at me is, by my definition, a clown and is therefore considered a threat like any other clown.

      If it acts a clown, it gets drawn down.

      I should write a song.

    • I don’t know of any, but I won’t be the first. Michigan has had a few delinquents running around threatening people with both real and fake weapons. heard of 1 clown being executed. Some more fools are going to get ventilated then this will likely stop.

  8. Copycats, spawned by some kind of occult activity….See after school “Satanism clubs.”

  9. More “Evil clown” news from Massachusetts…(re: Thank God Massachusetts AG. Maura “The Sheriff of Nottingham” Healey saved all Massachusetts residents by Banning anything deamed a “so called assault weapon!” Thanks a bunch for the civil rights infringement ! Glad tyrants still prosper ! AG is someone else who should be in jail with Hillary “AOL” Clinton…Along with any killer clowns from outer space !!!)

  10. Really TTAG !!! ” Marked for Moderation”! Are you planning on turning your readership over to the thought police if the election is one by Hillary “Benghazi” Klinton ?!!

  11. Whether the video is real or not, reality is that one of these clowns is gonna mess with the wrong person and break out in holes.

  12. The video looks to be a fake. If you freeze the video when the driver holds the weapon out the window, you can see he is holding only on the grip of the weapon. The finger is not on the trigger. Not buying it.

  13. The previous news from Massachusetts is real….Actually a response to the nationwide dumb@$$ YouTube craze…I agree if your menacing someone at night/day in an evil looking clown outfit armed with what looks like a weapon…You reap what you sow…

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