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Clinton’s Missed Opportunity on Guns – “Compared with the rest of the third presidential debate Wednesday night, the opening conversation about the Constitution was practically Lincoln-Douglas-like as the candidates answered questions and didn’t interrupt each other. But the discussion of the seminal gun control case D.C. v. Heller was borderline incomprehensible unless you’ve recently taken constitutional law. And in giving an answer intended to express moderation on gun rights, Hillary Clinton missed a chance to express support for the original meaning of the Constitution.” Support for the original meaning of the Constitution has never been particularly high on Hillary’s priority list.


Guns at polling places worry Virginia election officials – “The Prince William County electoral board, wary of the heated atmosphere of the coming Election Day, considered seeking a one-day ban on weapons at polling places located on private property but was rebuked by a gun-friendly state legislator. Late last week, Del. Robert G. Marshall (R-Prince William) sent a letter to the board pointing out that it has no power to ban guns from polling places except for schools and courthouses, where weapons are prohibited by state law.” A temporary suspension of an enumerated civil right…what could possibly go wrong?


West Akron woman describes holding burglar at gunpoint until police arrive, credits Second Amendment for keeping her safe – “The couple could not be reached for comment, but the woman took to Facebook following the incident to express appreciation for the Second Amendment, which gives Americans the right to bear arms.
‘This is why gun control is a bad idea,’ she wrote. ‘We held him at bay until police arrived about 10 after 7. Did anyone die? No. Could anyone have died? Most certainly. Our guns saved our lives today. Responsible gun ownership should never be revoked. If it was, our situation today could have cost both of us our lives.’” And yet the Bloombergs, Watts, Everitts, Giffords, and Kellys of the world are had at work every day trying to exactly bring that about.

Violence Across America Weighs on Voters’ Minds – “Mathew Downing used to view firearms with fear.
Then, a fellow student walked into their Umpqua Community College classroom armed with six guns, including pistols and an assault rifle. He killed nine people but spared Downing. To Downing, guns now symbolize safety. ‘I don’t blame anyone in the classroom for not having a gun, but if somebody had had one, things probably would have gone down a lot differently,’ Downing, 19, said over pancakes on a recent morning in Roseburg, Oregon. ‘It wasn’t a gun that went in there and killed people. It was a person that needed mental help.’” They’ve obviously teaching something worthwhile at Umpqua CC.


Repeat after me: the only thing that stops a bad guy with a gun… Island County sheriff was inside mall during shooting — without a gun – “Since that night, Sheriff Brown has replayed what happened and questioned if he should have done something different. ‘It’s an awkward situation. I hindsight I wish that I had been armed and proactively done something in approaching the direction where the shots were fired.,’ he said. He says he was embarrassed after the shootings that he wasn’t armed. But now after talking to fellow officers, he stands by his decision not to carry a gun while out of Island County and off duty.”


Hornady Announces William B. Ruger Commemorative Ammunition – “100 years ago, Ruger founder and firearms legend, William B. Ruger was born. In honor of the man who created one of the most iconic firearms brands in American history, Hornady has partnered with Ruger to offer commemorative ammunition in limited-edition packaging. These collector’s items include the popular 204 32 gr V-Max® load and the 480 Ruger, big-bore hunting favorite. Packaged in soft-touch, suede-like packaging with embossed foil logos and a woodcut-effect image of Mr. Ruger, these packages are sure to grace the shelves and display cases of collectors the world over.”

California man listened to Guns N’ Roses song, then killed girlfriend, prosecutor says – “Minutes before he shot and killed his live-in girlfriend, a prosecutor said, a Costa Mesa man was drunk and listening to a Guns N’ Roses song with the lyrics: ‘I used to love her, but I had to kill her.’ Trial began Wednesday in Orange County Superior Court for Thomas Michael Wilhelm, 52, who is accused of shooting his girlfriend, 45-year-old Christine Marie Murray, in 2012 after their relationship and business partnership soured.”

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  1. How soon we forget… practically nothing about Umpqua shooting a year later. Could it be because the town and region is not overwhelmed by leftards? Or the loser shooter wasn’t an evil white boy…?

  2. Is the guy in the last picture wearing a painter’s smock for airbrushing cars or is that some sort of evidence thing the cops use?

    • Actually, that could very well be for evidence gathering, if they took his clothes for evidence and put him in that Tyvek jumpsuit…

      • Ah ha! That would make sense.

        It’s like when my buddy had a DGU and they put his hands in paper bags but instead they took this guy’s clothing for evidence and didn’t want him nude so they gave him a suit.

        Good call!

  3. A cop deciding NOT to carry off duty?–he should feel even more embarrassed now than he did before–those damn ‘no weapons signs’ are just pieces of paper

  4. On Tuesday this week the Manchester [NH] Union Leader had an article titled “Lawmaker seeks gun ban at polls” in their print edition on the first page above the fold. It was no where to be found in their on-line edition. Many towns use school gyms for voting. FTA: “If the individual possessing the firearm is licensed by the state to possess the firearm and law enforcement authorities have verified that the person is qualified to receive the license, then that individual can carry a firearm onto school property,” the AG’s Office said in a recent statement. …Burton said that many of the University of New Hampshire’s 15,000 undergraduate and graduate students use the local high school to cast their votes. He said he is concerned for their safety, as well as the safety of residents.

    As usual a Democrat lawmaker wants to abridge our rights “for the children.”

  5. He should have been armed. Carry off duty when you go passed your county line is not the point. Your training kicks in and can save lives including your own.

    Two mall shootings were stopped by off duty officers outside of there jurisdiction. One was in Ogden UT and the other was in Washington State.

    • Tom: “Two mall shootings were stopped by off duty officers outside of there jurisdiction.” Do you know when their disciplinary actions end? (No Good Deed Should Ever Go Unpunished – A Progressive Old Saying) Wonderful they were there, but they didn’t follow progressive-frightened rules and lives were saved?

  6. Having a law degree, thus having studied Constitutional law in depth, I can say that HRC’s answer on gun control was not even close to moderate. She actually came out in opposition to the Heller ruling and it’s application of the 2nd Amendment, but couched that opposition in legal, hair-splitting terms.

    • She doesn’t need to publicly claim she supports the 2A, the SCOTUS associates she appoints will do that dirty work for her in due time…

    • You need to read the linked news article. was giving her a hard time for not asserting that the 2nd amendment is NOT and individual right. The anti-gunners are bitching her out for saying the words “individual right to bear arms”

    • Not only does she not understand Heller (I think she really does but doesn’t think the low-information voters do), but if you listen to her (ARRGH) through the debate you will notice that she has absolutely no clue of the proper Constitutional function of the Supreme Court. Scary stuff – scary person.

      • She understands exactly, but in the “real world” you can’t get elected by defending flag burners. To here base that is exactly what the “pro gunner” are. Read the linked option piece.

  7. The water is swirling down the drain, I just hope Her Rising Calumny (HRC), finally flushes down to where she is meant to be, and all those “I’m with her” supporters can gladly join her; thus by definition will America be made great again.

    My aphoristic tendencies often start rhyming, and it makes me nervous. Guess this means I should start writing kids books?

    TTAG for POTUS 2016-2024

  8. “Minutes before he shot and killed his live-in girlfriend, a prosecutor said, a Costa Mesa man was drunk and listening to a Guns N’ Roses song with the lyrics: ‘I used to love her, but I had to kill her.”

    “I used to love her,but I had to kill her
    I used to love her,but I had to kill her
    I had to put her
    Six feet under
    And I can still hear her complain

    I used to love her,but i had to kill her
    I used to leve her,but I had to kill her
    I knew I miss her
    So I had to keep her
    She´s buried right in my back yard

    I used to love her,but I had to kill her
    I used to love her,but I had to kill her
    She bitched so much
    She drove me nuts
    And now I´m happier this way

    I used to love her,but I had to kill her
    I used to love her,but I had to kill her
    I had to put her
    Six feet under
    And I can still hear her complain…”

  9. Mrs. Bill Clinton doesn’t talk about o”original intent” because she doesn’t support the Constitution. Bye bye Bill of rights…

    • Read the linked article, the anti-gunners are the ones attacking her. Here is a quote
      “At the very least, she should not have conceded that the Constitution properly interpreted requires an individual right to bear arms. It protects the collective right to a state-run, state-regulated militia. And sincerely original justices would overturn the Heller case.”

      • Yeah, because a bunch of guys who had just finished overthrowing their government wanted to make sure only the government could have weapons…

        That idiotic liberal argument falls flat on several levels, not the least of which is the fact that none of the other rights protected in the Constitution are “collective” rights, nor is that asinine concept even mentioned in the document. The right to keep and bear arms is protected so that the people can, if necessary, form a militia as was done in 1776. Anyone who claims other meanings to the Second Amendment is either lying or ignorant.

      • I should like to point at here, and this will not be news to regular readers of TTAG, that The Constitution of the United States of America, in its body, establishes the form of the federal government and enumerates the things that the three branches of that government can and are expected to do.

        The first ten amendments to that Constitution, the Bill of Rights, specifically enumerates, by original intent, those things the federal government MAY NOT DO. It is ludicrous that anyone with even a public high school education could not understand that the men who wrote those prohibitions and amended the Constitution would have included the phrase “A well regulated militia being necessary to the security of a free state…” amongst all those prohibitions and intended it to be something the government was expected to do rather than something the government was specifically prohibited from preventing the people from doing.

        Therefore, she’s lying (again, still) and all the ProgLibs who repeat that argument are also lying or complete Kool-Aid drinking morons.

      • There are two distinguishing characteristics of progressives;

        1) Their insatiable need to virtue-signal drives them to one-up their authoritarian position, marching them further and further towards an extremist position.

        2) Anyone that lags too far behind the front of that march gets eaten by the others, because eating the weak position also signals their virtue.

        That progressives so readily eat their own for not embodying the current accepted group-think is why they will always self-destruct. The only problem is the amount of collateral damage they cause along the way.

  10. Bill Ruger sucks and is the reason I won’t buy anything from them still to this day even though they have done a lot since to not suck so bad.

    • They have done some stuff since his passing.
      -The LCP is a great example of how to not make a 380.
      -The RPR is how to sell an entry level bolt gun for $1k by putting it in a third party chassis system.
      -The AR 556 makes Del Tons and PSAs look less cheap.

      In all honesty though I cant hate Ruger, my suppressed 10/22 takedown SBR is my favorite gun in the collection… by far.

  11. You want borderline incomprehensible?
    “Well the D.C. versus Heller decision was very strongly and she was extremely angry about it I watched and she was very very angry when upheld and Justice Scalia was so involved and it was a well-crafted decision. But Hillary was extremely upset, extremely angry, and people that believe in the Second Amendment and believe in it very strongly were very upset with what she had to say.” –Donald Trump


  12. The Island County sheriff made a personal decision to be unarmed but it’s not really a “jurisdictional” issue. In Washington State at least, if you are a law enforcement officer with statutory powers of arrest, your jurisdiction is the entire state if in “fresh pursuit” of a person believed to have violated criminal law. E.g., an active shooter at a mall. He might be employed by a particular county, but his law enforcement commission is a state commission.

    It’s appalling to me, how many law enforcement officers choose to be unarmed off duty unless required by their employer to be armed. Unsurprising, but appalling.

    • I thought the ‘pursuit exception’ required the pursuit to begin within the worker’s professional jurisdiction?

      One would think that the sheriff was just another OFWG shopping at the mall, albeit one who could carry in ‘gun free’ zones if the mall was such…

      • Washington law enforcement officers can issue citations and make arrests anywhere in the state. I’ve seen a Seattle motorcycle officer issue a HOV violation in Snohomish County. Seattle’s located in King County.

  13. Re collectors edition ammo….

    If it’s being sold as a collector’s edition anything it won’t be worth much in later years because people will actually save it. Sigh.

  14. I don’t get it. In NJ, one of the most backwards states when it comes to gun rights (at least in many of the municipalities I have lived in) require off duty police to carry at all times. Is this not the case in free America?

    • Nah. NJ just wants their jack booted minions of the state to be armed lest the populace get uppity trying to exercise their ‘rights’.

  15. The answer to Hillary (and her supporters) when she brings up Heller is as follows:

    “The ONLY thing Heller upheld is that American citizens have the right to own a firearm in their own home for self defense. Period. Stop. End of decision. What part of that decision do you think is incorrect?

    Then hammer them on their inevitably weak answer or deflection.

  16. “stands by his decision”?

    Sorry, I’d feel more like ‘accepting my fatal mistake’ for not having what I usually always, and generally SHOULD ALWAYS have on me. A means of effective self-defense that fits in the palm of my hand, and keeps the assailant well away from me.

  17. He should have been carrying, unless he was out on the town and having a drink. LEOs do that, too. Some do it too excess, which is why I did not own firearms for years. If that was the reason, I applaud him for not carrying.


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