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“Tim McGraw announces he will headline a concert for Sandy Hook Promise on July 17, 2015 at 8 p.m. in Hartford Connecticut,” reports. “One-hundred percent of the proceeds will benefit Sandy Hook Promise, an organization founded after the shootings at Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown, Connecticut. The mission of this organization is to protect children from gun violence.” By disarming civilians? Don’t get me wrong . . .

SHP promotes some excellent non-firearms-related initiatives (e.g., Know the Signs and Say Something). And its website doesn’t place gun control front and center – other than the pledge. Which says “I promise to support common sense solutions that make my community and our country safer from acts of violence.” Which reveals SHP’s anti-gun agenda.

Digging a bit deeper there’s Why Gun Owners Should Support Background Checks:

“Every day that background checks are used, they stop more than 170 felons, some 50 domestic abusers and nearly 20 fugitives from buying a gun. However, those same criminals can currently buy identical guns at a gun show or over the Internet with no questions asked.”

That’s good enough for Country Singer Tim McGraw, apparently. His “bible and gun-clinging” country music fans? Not so much, methinks. We’ll see. [h/t Pascal]

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    • Went to the website. Complete “Common sense” propaganda. I usually listen to mostly Country Western on the radio. As for Tim McGraw, I thought his song “If your reading this” was one of the most powerful and beautiful songs that also was very respectful of the sacrifices of those in the military. It brought tears to my eyes.

      Now he goes and betrays all of those Americans, both in and out of the military, that have sacrificed their lives for freedom and protecting our G-d Given rights.

      Nice. He actually turns out to be a statist elitist that believes government should control what they see as privileges. At least based on those he supports with his money.

        • Again with the smiley face S. Tyranny. . It either makes you look a little demented, or you look like your just making a joke, like your uncertain of what you’re saying.

          Own it. Say it like you mean it.

        • ThomasR. It is the height of irony when someone expresses surprise that a person with pro-military beliefs expresses statist sentiments.

          As for the smiley face, it is me laughing at your cognitive dissonance. Nothing more, nothing less. 🙂

        • Did you like just learn that word or something? Every article you comment in you use it in every other post.

        • Sexual Saur, you’ve fallen into a vulgar linguistic trap: Cognitive Dissonance is a sociological, not psychological term. It refers to a phenomenon so powerful that once its creator came across the phenomenon, he soon gave up sociology for anthropology. Dr. Leon Festingers’ 1957 paper is usually credited as the ground document.

          So many people, perhaps given musical training, think CD refers to the phenomenon of having two beliefs in mind which are fundamentally incompatible. No. It refers to the way in which peoples beliefs are shaped by those with whom they come in close contact most frequently during their routine days.

          You might say that Tim McGraw’s pro-2a views, if he had any, would be shaped by cognitive dissonance as he came to associate increasing often with a crowd of Hollywood types, NYC agents, and vaguely lefty musicians. Gettiing up in the morning with Faith Hill might contribute. Before you know it, like a natural law of human behavior, Tim starts to think in a new way. Of course there are the ‘tough minded,’ those who deal all day with a crowd of PC thinking types, but hold their views and learn to accommodate the average around them through ruse and evasion. No group produces many of these tough minded people, though, as you can no doubt observe if you look carefully,

        • I’ll just cut to the chase S. Tyranny, what you and your smiley face shows in most of your posts that I’ve seen is contempt.

          For not just me, but for other people on this post, as well as other posts on different days.

          What that brings out in me is contempt for you.

          If that is the response you want, just continue as you have and myself and others that you insult can just keep throwing insults back and forth.

          If that is what you want. Or not.

        • @AllAmerican

          Hardly. It is seldom used. But when used, it is very effective, as you can see. 🙂


          Yes… let the hate flow through you.

        • Chilblain(e), everyone likes a troll with a rich vocabulary….if used correctly. Even Wikipedia can clear up your misunderstanding of the term-of-art “Cognitive Dissonance.”

          As for your ‘pro-military equals statist’ comment, it lacks a key distinction: There are those who do indeed simply love a big government with big powers…which they don’t want you to have. But there are millions more who support the military, meaning the ordinary soldiers doing the heavy lifting. Forty-five years ago I was there, and doing that. Such people believe that the U.S. military does provide the protection beyond its borders which representative democracy needs in order to function, to keep free speech, a government protected from its own hubris, eventual tyranny, by armed citizens willing to stop, even momentarily, outbursts of tyranny, for example the most egregious police force carelessness of citizen lives and privacy. It does occasionally work. Good.

          I am fortunate that my local politicians (PA) seem unlikely to decide a key issue based on a Tim McGraw song or comment. Aside, what gun to you prefer for concealed carry?

        • Nah, S.T. You are a good example of what happens when hate is your bread and butter. You show me what I don’t want to be.

          It was a good lesson.

        • >Such people believe that the U.S. military does provide the protection beyond its borders which representative democracy needs in order to function, to keep free speech

          That’s called self-denial and/or gullibility, bro. As in, belief in something in spite of all evidence to the contrary. And in this particular context, helped along by government propaganda dispensed by a pliant government school system.

          So instead of simply stating your belief, please explain how the conflict you were involved in forty years ago protected this nation or the first amendment in any way. Or any conflict since, for that matter.

          And what better way to protect against government tyranny by mindlessly obeying orders from that exact same government, which has been busy raping the Constitution you supposedly swore to protect and uphold. Brilliant!

        • Ok, so my rules of don’t feed the trolls aside, i looked up cognitive dissonance. Even in the Wiki, it says

          “Leon Festinger’s theory of cognitive dissonance focuses on how humans strive for internal consistency. When inconsistency (dissonance) is experienced, individuals tend to become psychologically uncomfortable and they are motivated to attempt to reduce this dissonance, as well as actively avoiding situations and information which are likely to increase it.”

          SOOO then, even if I am over the legal limit to drive around, I am able to understand that a popular entertainer and country western star is NOT mutually exclusive to being a self serving tool that will go where he thinks the money is (and it is there, bloomy has loads of the stuff). And hey, who doesn’t like money!

          On the other hand, there is still a chance that Tim McGraw is just a performer who feels bad for the 26 people who lost their lives and wants to do a concert to help fund-raise for the families. Likely, the Sandy Hook Promise people are misguided/mislead, but this is life, your allowed to screw up! Just like not guarding our children will (more then) likely result in their deaths next time a crazy person with a (gun/axe/heavy stick) gets loose in a “guns and tobacco free” school zone.

          My paycheck is not worth anyone life, and it has a crap load of more protection than the average school kid. If you want cognitive dissonance to be a legit issue, then address those problems with protecting our children while they attend school first, (don’t even mention the crap they are being taught, another issue, another time) and get back to us.

          I murder and rape as much as I want to, because the amount I want to is zero. (cognitive that and sit on it!)

          I would like to thanks auto-correct for catching most of my slab-fingered typing errors, and Coors for this long, drawn out rant (troll call?).

        • Sage: I was shocked to see that the Cognitive Dissonance entry in Wiki has been completely re-written (by whom?) since last year. Among other features it has been recast in terms psychologist terms, and has eliminated an honest representation of Festinger’s observations. Further, the thorough description of his actual most important paper, the one in which he coined the term, and which involved the study of attitudes of apartment dwellers based on proximity in the building, has been deleted.

          Festinger’s interest was in how the external environment rewarded (or not) a belief expressed by the speaker, but which she was known not to actually believe. I suppose it is natural that psychologists prefer to preserve their primary focus, what goes on in one person’s mind….but that absolutely wasn’t Festinger’s approach.

          The implications of the focus on external actions (whether provision of motivators, money, or provision of praise and ‘liking’ when for whatever reason an actor expresses a view she does not hold, one contrary to what she holds, is a much more consequential fact. The psychologists (at least the one doing the re-write) have rolled the term into so many minor psych versions that the essential result which stunned Festinger has been lost.

          Fortunately, the Wikipedia article “Leon Festiinger” still gets his work right. The several paragraphs of the section “Career” adequately convey that focus. The re-write of the separate Cognitive Dissonance article is a travesty. Compare the two for yourself.

      • Brad Paisley is another worthless Hollywood wannabe too.
        These guys are make believe Country stars anyway.

        • At least Paisley can play a guitar. The only problem is people for some absurd reason think these entertainers have opinions that are worth hearing. None of them matter beyond their ability to entertain.

        • Except….nobody died at “Sandy Hook”…it was another false flag by Obama’s bunch to try to sell the disarmament of amerika.
          Just do a little research and you will find so many questions about the procedures that were NOT FOLLOWED AT SANDY HOOK that you can’t come up with any other conclusion……it was a gross FRAUD!!!

      • You want to talk about owning a statement, why did you fail to spell out the word GOD? In G_d we trust ? EXPLETIVE DELETED’ man up and stop tip toeing around for political correctness sake! That’s how we end up empowering our enemies! Take your own advice and own what you say…no one spells it al_ah so YOU don’t get offended, do they?

    • You got that right, Red !!!

      If my wife buys another one of his damned albums I might have a new target practice item – It or her ??

    • What a total ass, next you will be wanting to take forks away cause the make you FAT, Erasers off pencils cause they make us have mistakes, Guns don’t kill people …

      People Kill People… that’s what the criminal’s want, take away our defense, that is also what all governments want.. to disarm.. the people and do what that want against them!! Look at what there doing NOW and they haven even taken the Guns yet!

      Don’t any of these nuts learn form the past lmao McGraw your Frecken hats too TIGHT!

    • Its a horrible thing that’s happened at that school. “BUT” why in the hell should the rest of us be punished. Because some old broad had a kid with mental problems. And didn’t watch him properly…
      As for Tim I’m from the same state he is.
      This just shows me he’s a fake country boy… Sales himself out & his fans. Hope he enjoys his money he’s made. Because he’ll be losing the majority of his fan club.

  1. Mainstream country singers are not much different from mainstream rappers in that they are mostly style over substance and their ‘way of life’ is mostly an act.

    • The biggest trip is Larry the Cableguy’s act, and the fact that it was actually a derogatory character in his earlier standup. He has now parlayed that character, a stereotype that he arguable dislikes, into an entire career:

      The cognitive dissonance with that guy must be strong. He despises the very people that allowed him to live a lavish lifestyle.

      • There was a great Giraldo bit on his failed bid as not Larry the Cable Guy, but as “Chris the Comedian”…

        I don’t know a soul who thinks “Larry” any more real than a ‘wrassler’…

        It’s from the Roast, so use you’re best judgement as to when and where to watch it….

    • Its actually rather surprising how many mainstream rappers support LEGAL gun ownership by the common people. Then you have to take what they say with a grain of salt because then they say how they are a felon and can’t own a gun.

      • Yeah, there’s country and then there’s pop country… A world of difference. I started using Spotify just recently and the country music I discovered through it is MUCH better than anything playing on the (dead to me) FM radio.

        • Yeah, most new country is what I like to call “sunshine bop”. It’s upbeat pop reminiscent of the crap from the late 90s.

        • “Hey, I have a HAM license, I am very worthwhile to listen to.”

          Some of your radio buddies may disagree with that… 😉

          Grounded grid is the way God intended RF amplification…

          (HF anyway…)

    • Yes, many of the people you hate and look down your nose on do.

      McGraw is too modern for me, but my favorite George Strait is the 12th best selling album artist ever. His last concert had the highest attendance of any concert in the US.

      I went to one of his concerts with 75,000 other people, and I can tell you those fans were much better mannered than the lowlifes I had to deal with at the last rock concert I went to (Rolling Stones).

      • >Yes, many of the people you hate and look down your nose on do.

        Oh my. So defensive. 🙂

        • LOL. Speak for yourself. I’m not the one making ASSumptions about people who dislike one genre of music.

        • Oh now S. Tranny, I see Juliesa as just pointing out the obvious. Why are you so “defensive” at her doing so?

        • I’m responding to the Blaine I know and love so well.

          Our pet term for each other, which he came up with, is Dummy.

          Hi Dummy!

        • >dummy

          Yet more proof pro-military fanatics have the intellectual capacity of five year old children. 🙂

        • I’m still mad about the a-holes who stole my husband’s beer and shoved their chairs into our legs (this was on the stadium floor) at the Stones concert. I’ll never go to a big rock concert again, even though I like the music.

        • “Yet more proof pro-military fanatics have the intellectual capacity of five year old children. 🙂 ”

          Yep. Kind of figured S. Tyranny, you really are a liberal/progressive posing as some kind pro-gun individual. That statement is classic Liberal/progressive boilerplate.

          It ties in with your handle, no self-respecting mature adult would use an icon based on a predator with a brain the size of a walnut that spends most of it’s time scavenging carrion.

        • What are you bloviating about? Progressives love the military. After all, the military is the ultimate expression of government force, which is the epitome of progressive politics.

          Also you sound like you need a good chew. 🙂

        • Juliesa was only making a statement about the people she was around, not an assumption about a broader group. Learn to read.

        • Yep. S. Tyranny. The brain the size of a walnut that eats dead and stinking flesh. Your Icon says it all.

          Oh, and those smiley faces, just makes you look kind of crazy.

        • @Ben

          Quote of Julie’s reply to yours truly, emphasis mine:

          “Yes, many of the people *you* hate and look down “your* nose on do.”

          Like you said, learn to read.

    • In 2014, country music was tied for 2nd place with R&B in annual album sales in the US (around 30 million), assuming you treat “rock” as a monolithic category (about 85 million albums in sales). If you break rock up into even 2 or 3 categories (classic and contemporary for example, or anything like that) country is likely to be a close 2nd to R&B or in the lead in album sales (depending who’s numbers you’re trusting). If we’re talking radio, then it is definitely the most popular in america, by a huge margin. As of 2014 (according to Nielsen Radio) there were 2200 country stations. 2nd place was News/News-Talk radio with around 1800. By comparison, here are some other formats/genres: Classic Rock – 750; Fine Arts/Classical – 300; New/Modern Rock – 350; R&B/Urban – 243. You get the picture. So if you’re going by album sales, depending on how you break it down it’s either the most popular or its one of the more popular genres. If you’re going by radio, its WAY more popular than anything else.

      So yes, people DO listen to country.

      • So let’s throw it on a Bell Curve and see where it falls vis-a-vis IQ.

        “Country” is as vile an LCD product as “Pop”. I just sells to a different flavor of stupid.

      • What sane person isn’t? He took down that despicable mass murderer Chris Kyle in court. Absolutely brilliant.

        • I was more referring to “conspiracy theory with Jesse Ventura.” That’s about all I need to know about you bro 🙂

          Also, Arnold is way cooler than Ventura ever was.

        • Actually I don’t really care, but you’re mad that your typical flame line didn’t get me going. Be careful, remember that time I got you to tweak out and you got banned. Now, please tell me more about conspiracy theory 🙂

        • Don’t think you’re out here alone, ST. I’m a Ventura fan as well. I also know what direction the wind blows in your political spectrum. You, sir, are a Libertarian, as am I. I am on the conservative end of the Libertarian spectrum. I find it interesting that many of the commenters here are so blinded by neo-con BS that they don’t know a true Constitutionalist and freedom lover when they read one. Sad. Anyway, keep punching!

        • What’s the difference between a banjo and an Uzi?

          The Uzi only repeats 40 times.

          I recently had surgery on my hand and I asked the doctor if after the surgery I would be able to play the banjo.
          He said, “I’m operating on your hand, not giving you a lobotomy.”

          How many strings does a banjo have?

          Five too many.

    • ST, that comment explains so much. You only recently got internet and a smart phone? Your parents locked you in Juliard for four years with minders to prevent everyman-type music from reaching your ears? What culture shock you must be going through! I recommend you smoke a doobie of whatever passes for fresh in your institution, then start by listening to a few Waylon Jennings and Willie Nelson albums, then try out some early Merle Haggard (who was fully pardonned by Ronald Reagan in ’72). Some familiarity with these will let you pass for American the next time TSA pulls you aside and tries to determine whether your U.S. passport is just a high-class fake.

  2. “Every day that background checks are used, they stop more than 170 felons, some 50 domestic abusers and nearly 20 fugitives from buying a gun. However, those same criminals can currently buy identical guns at a gun show or over the Internet with no questions asked.”

    Says who? What makes you think so? If that’s the case, how many of those bazillions of people are in prison, now? Where are they being held? I’d like to know so I can check for myself, mostly because I think you are a liar. Did you get that? I think you are a liar, and I demand you prove that what you stated there is the truth, or retract it.

    • Actually, they are telling a classic “half truth” with the explicit intent to deceive the masses. It is entirely true that felons no longer purchase firearms at federally licensed firearm dealers (the “truth” part of their statement). However, that does not stop felons from purchasing firearms (the “deceit part of their statement). Why? Because felons simply purchase firearms from other sources that do not require background checks — such as smugglers and other felons.

    • Considering the ATF never explicitly states to the person conducting the background check why the 4473 form was denied…..

    • How odd–I just checked their website and got a different impression. Haven’t looked at every nook and cranny but I looked at the home page, “programs”, and “about us”–and I was kind of shocked at what I didn’t see: I didn’t see “universal background checks”, didn’t see “assault weapons” at all, didn’t see anything about registering guns. What I saw was about ID’ing potentially threatening people and keeping your firearms secure when they are not being carried or used, and “modeling responsible gun-handling” for your children. I did see a blurb for a harum-scarum article about “people with anger issues and access to guns”. I’m sure if I looked thru the blog I could see some more overt anti-gun stuff. And I’m put off by the whole “protect out kids from _gun_ violence” stuff, as if other kinds of violence don’t exist. But no, I wouldn’t say “gun control” was really “front and center”.

  3. Not a fan of country music. Look for Timmy to backtrack…BREAKING NEWS-Walmart wins suit against so-called church suit trying to ban gun sales…ta da!

      • They miss a LOT Vhyrus…like the 95year old WW2 vet murdered by a cops beanbags in Park Forest,Illinois…but that’s OK. I have no wish to be an unpaid writer.

  4. I can’t help but wonder what the grandfathers of country music would say to the anti-2A crowd.
    Maybe if they came knocking on Johnny Cash’s door asking him to perform for free and raise money for their misguided disarmament movement? That may have played out differently.

  5. Can someone out there explain to me where you or criminals for that matter can buy a gun online without a background check. As far as I know when you buy online the gun gets sent to a FFL where you go through a background check. If I am not mistaken, how is it that no one calls out these anti gun groups about this lie. I have seen them talk about online purchases to evade background checks so often, that I am starting to doubt myself and believe thats true because no one ever challenges it.
    Organizations like the NRA really need to make this clear to the public because it is said so much that people just believe it to be true

    • They’re most likely referring to sites like Armslist, which is technically “online”, though the actual sales take place face-to-face. Of course, they know this, but are being intentionally misleading.

  6. Well as far as I’m concerned he is now one of them, and his anti-gun, anti 2nd Amendment, anti Constitutional Rights agenda makes him an artist I care not to support. I am sure there are many who feel the same way.

  7. Anyone surprised about McGraw has been under a rock. He’s openly prog, and talked about running for TN senator a few years back as a liberal Democrat. I disagree with him and all, but he is what he is, and he’s never in the least tried to hide it. So he gets an “A” for honesty, and any POTG who’ve bought his stuff deserve an “F” for offering aid and comfort to the enemy.

    • You’re right, McGraw and his smoking hot wife are liberals and always have been, their ties to Hollywood liberal elites is likely the reason Tim has landed a few movie roles, sure wasn’t his acting ability. Most performers in modern country music are liberals, but have enough good business sense not to openly endorse liberal causes and alienate country music fans. Apparently Mr. and Mrs. McGraw aren’t worried about who might be offended by their liberal cause.

    • Heck, Toby Keith was supposed to be such an unrepentant redneck Neanderthal (to hear the aforementioned Dixie Chicks tell it), but he was all in for Obama the first time around. Maybe the second too, I just don’t know. “Country singer” =/= “conservative”.

    • Living under a rock = Guilty as charged. I had no idea, and how disappointing it is. A lot of country is pretty filthy, but he sings about faithfulness. I’m a huge fan.

  8. Having met many of the Sandy Hook families, I can say without reservation that they firmly and repeatedly rejected simple-minded gun control efforts and instead wanted to do something meaningful to address violence.

    Meanwhile, Pres. Obama, Michael Bloomberg, and a host of other gnats descended on them all, slavering their usual palaver.

    Do spare a kind though for those families. I witnessed the jackals maneuvering around them, first hand.

    • I can’t even imagine what they go through.
      I don’t know the stance of all people that lost dear ones in this tragic event, but what I’ve seen from the few that went public is full anti-gun.
      I’m willing to change my mind if you can document to the contrary.

  9. I am hard pressed to understand why Tim McGraw would risk a lucrative career to support a group that directly offends his fan base.

    • Because who ever supports his music or doesn’t at this point wont amount to a hill of beans. Nor his personal stances.
      He has more money then sense and if he offends someone with his beliefs so what??
      I never cared for him as a musician and don’t support him as a person.
      My non support position wont change his bank account one iota.

  10. Tim McGraw might not know the first thing about Sandy Hook Promise. His background coupled with the fact that he is still a Democrat and voted for BO leads me to believe that he’s just not paying attention.

    • “McGraw was born in Delhi, LA, the son of Frank Edwin “Tug” McGraw Jr., a star pitcher for the New York Mets and the Philadelphia Phillies” (although he didn’t know it yet). “He was raised in Start, LA east of Monroe. As a child he loved to play competitive sports, including baseball, even though he did not know his natural father was a professional athlete. He was also a member of the FFA. He attended Northeast Louisiana University, now the University of Louisiana at Monroe, on a baseball scholarship.” – Abstract from Wikipedia

      My point (if I have one) is that you have to be pretty inattentive to be raised redneck, become a country music person, and support an anti-gun organization. I’m betting that he would be surprised to learn that SHP is anti 2A.

      So let’s tell him. 🙂


      • Might be time to update his Wikipedia page – “Tim, despite his country roots, is an advocate for gun control”

  11. Everything I’ve seen says Sandy Hook was a planned training exercise, a drill, not a shooting spree.

  12. This really is no suprise. This guy makes some of the most emasculating pop country ever made. Music to listen when your girl leaves you and you want to be a pussy about it.

  13. However, those same criminals can currently buy identical guns at a gun show or over the Internet with no questions asked.” OUTRIGHT LIE. Yes a PRIVATE sale is legal at a gun show. The internet statement is a lie.

  14. While this is an abomination to be sure, TM (and his wife) do not reflect the majority opinion of the ‘Country Music” world so to speak…I mean have a look at the past NRA Conventions whereby the musical entertainment is always a Country Music” artist (outside of “Uncle Ted” I am not sure of any other Rock or Pop 2A patriots…?).. Looks like old’ Tim burned that bridge and won’t be seeing an NRA invite for next year’s Convention…

    I won’t be purchasing any of his music as well (even if he pleads “ignorant” of the Anti-2A disposition of this organization). I wonder if he prefers his “security contingent” be unarmed…?

  15. Unisex t-rex, what a troll, ruin reading you do! 🙂

    Im Ex Army, love my 2A right, enjoy most music. Christian, classical, classic rock, modern rock, pop, rap, country, Classic Country, alternative… my area I wish had a old country,

  16. However, those same criminals can currently buy identical guns at a gun show or over the Internet with no questions asked.”

    Those same criminals can also steal identical guns from homeowners, police cruiser trunks, and pawnshops. They can also buy them off the black market from other criminals. They can also stab, club, brick, drown, suffocate, or poison their victims – which I don’t believe is any better than death by gun.

    The gun show Internet argument is really weak sauce.

  17. Exercises free speech and insults the sacrifices of our military and veteran’s.
    Something we should never forget.

  18. Tim McGraw and all these other whiny little liberals need to read the facts regarding gun control!
    It should be noted that there was 100 percent gun control at Sandy Hook Elementary on December 14, 2012. No guns were allowed, period. You can’t have more gun than that. Moreover, there were laws against stealing guns and possessing stolen guns as well. But none of these laws stopped or even dissuaded Adam Lanza.

    Gun control renders law-abiding citizens defenseless, but it does nothing to stop criminals from carrying out their treachery.

  19. This is evil using something that happen to a child for taking away the freedom of people the danger is not the guns, the danger now is the gouvernement…

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