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Four years ago, Pennsylvania’s rabidly anti-gun Democrat Attorney General Kathleen Kane was the darling of the Democrat party and just as cocky as could be. She was an up and coming star destined for big things, despite her staunch anti-gun beliefs. Yesterday she got a big slice of humble pie with her conviction on a slew of felony charges of perjury and obstruction of justice relating to a vendetta against a political opponent.

Today she resigned. Gun owners should rejoice as her replacement might not abdicate the job of enforcing the Keystone State’s laws protecting the state’s law-abiding gun owners as she did.

We remember her best for her refusal to represent the state against municipalities that overstepped their authority under Pennsylvania State pre-emption laws. It wasn’t the first time she chose to ignore the state’s laws and her oath of office.

She unilaterally and unlawfully severed the state’s concealed carry reciprocity agreement with Utah. She also changed similar agreements with Florida, Arizona and Virginia as well as ending reciprocity with Idaho.

As of yesterday, she won’t be eligible to own a firearm for the rest of her life, absent a pardon or other executive restoration of her firearm rights by partisan President Barack Obama or Pennsylvania’s governor.

Now she gets to live the gun control she tried to impose upon the rest of us “little people”.



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  1. “On Monday night, a Montgomery County jury convicted Kane of all nine counts against her, including perjury, obstruction and official oppression. Jail time is possible. After hearing days of testimony about petty feuds, political intrigue and “cloak-and-dagger” machinations, Judge Wendy Demchick-Alloy ordered Kane to surrender her passport and threatened to jail her if she retaliated against the once-trusted aides who testified against her.”

    Only possible? There is chance she will not be going to jail? WTF? This is why people hate government employees, even AFTER they are convicted they can just walk away. She lost her law license, but so what? She is a Democrat she will just run for office someplace since Democrats have no issue electing felons.

    • She is now eligible to be come Hillary’s Supreme Court nominee. They do not need a law license, or even to be a lawyer, her political activism needs to further reference and being outside the law is a given for a Democrat. Perfect candidate.

  2. In this case justice was served due to the fact that she flagrantly broke multiple laws.

    That said, I derive no pleasure from seeing someone’s life utterly and completely destroyed due to their own stupidity and arrogance.

    • I do feel good about it.

      You trample civil rights, you get what you deserve.

      In fvcking spades.


      Mr. Nice…

      • IF anyone from PA supports this female, they are of the same ilk that would elect a criminal and a traitorous felon named CLINTON. When public officials are criminal, they should get double the time in jail!

    • Evil people like her always seem to get off scot-free. I hope she’s actually held accountable.

      • Hoping she is held accountable is different from actually enjoying watching her burn.

        I don’t really care how harsh the sentence is (if it is indeed harsh which it may not be) and I can understand people wanting to see justice done.

        What I mean is that I wouldn’t watch a hanging and feel good about about it regardless of what the person being hanged had done. It was what it was but it’s no cause for celebration. To me the folks who actually like seeing another person destroyed are just a less disturbing form of the people who jerk off to snuff flicks.

        • Oh PUH LEEZ – some people actually DESERVE To get the most horrendous punishment as their crimes are so heinous and awful that we should take joy in removing this scum from society. When I see fathers who scald to death a three month old baby, in a tub of hot water, or mothers who drown their children, or the absolute scum bag who kidnapped, raped and then buried alive a young girl, I feel great joy that they are given the injections that take their lives. Our society is better off without them. If YOU do NOT take enjoyment or at least a feeling of satisfaction at their removal, then you show a lack in the range of your your emotions.

    • I feel good about the fact that she took everybody else down with her that she could. Two dirty supreme court justices is a pretty impressive piece of collateral damage.

      • There’s a difference between being satisfied with the outcome in terms of cleaning up corruption and getting your rocks off to the destruction of another person’s life.

    • Every 20 years or so, Pennsylvania has to send their attorney general to jail for various felonies. Last time was Ernie Preate, a Republican. This time a Democrat. You shouldn’t feel bad about Kane. She brought this all on herself. Given her flagrant disregard for the PA constitution and laws, I almost feel justice was served. We’ll have to wait till the sentencing in October to be sure.

      The only thing sweeter would be Hillary as her cellmate.

  3. My screen name here probably gives it away, but I couldn’t be happier with this outcome.

    Bitch got what she deserved. I don’t rightly care how crass that sounds.

      • Probably too subtle for the state that would vote this felon into office in the first place.

        I think you are making a very oblique reference to a certain public official with the current President’s endorsement, practising an abomination of the law in a certain far western bankrupt state, and whose aversion to firearms is only exceeded by her willingness to bend the law into a parody of its proper shape.

        For Pennsylvanians, her last name is Harris.

  4. About time. If we can just get rid of our ass hat governor who crippled the coal and natural gas industry while trying to strip us of our 2A rights, things will be looking up in PA.

  5. That’s my gal! Don’t let the door hit you on the way out. Trouble is, Wolf will replace her with someone just as bad. As far as the Dems are concerned, I’m pretty sure Kane’s only sin was getting caught.

  6. “She was an up and coming star destined for big things, despite her staunch anti-gun beliefs.”

    Actually, she was an up and coming star destined for big things, because of her staunch anti-gun beliefs.

    Anyway, to quote an immortal song, “Ding dong . . . .”

    • Wow. A Democrat AG held accountable. Only in the age of the Internet. Hundreds have flagrantly violated the law and had nothing done.

      May this be the beginning of a new age.

    • “Now, only if we could get the ball moving on AG Pam Bondi here in Fla…”

      What has Bondi done that warrants that?

      Has she changed political parties?

  7. Great news! But even better, Obama can’t pardon her for state crimes, only Pennsylvania’s governor can do that.

  8. I’m glad to see that there are still judges and juries that enforce our laws. Hopefully, if Kane’s name was Clinton, the outcome would have been the same. I guess if Kane had worked for the Obama administration she would still retain her job and/or have received a promotion.

    On another note, how can H. Clinton be leading Trump so big in Pennsylvania? I am not from the Keystone state but know some great conservative folks from there. I didn’t realize, until recently, that Pennsylvania hadn’t voted republican in a presidential election since 1988. Come on my keystone comrades, reject Hillary the should be felon or folks like Kane will be the norm.

  9. She came after my friend’s dad, trying to frame him for sending porn. I dont remember the exact circumstances. Mind you, this guy was a decorated LEO in a pretty high position in state government. and the nicest guy you’d ever meet. Drove him to retirement. He wrote a pretty scathing public letter about her too.

    So pretty much, screw her.

    • Ah yesss. The Porngate scandal. A bunch of PA government bureaucrats got in trouble for sending the same mostly tame and lame emails that have been floating around for years. It was mainly an attempt to exact revenge.

  10. Funny, as a Democrat she didn’t get a free pass like Hillery! Must have went after the wrong ranking Democrat!
    Good riddance! may she make good friends in jail! probably get probation! no time served!!
    Not much left except back work, wonder how high the corruption goes State cops must be blind when it comes too checking out the money tree!

  11. “…absent a pardon or other executive restoration of her firearm rights by partisan President Barack Obama or Pennsylvania’s governor.

    Now she gets to live the gun control she tried to impose upon the rest of us “little people”.”

    “Punch back twice as hard.” Didn’t somebody say that, once?

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