Constitutional Carry Update: South Dakota Edges Closer

CCW permit? We won’t need no stinkin’ permit! Last Friday a South Dakota senate committee approved a measure that moves The Mt. Rushmore State one step closer to constitutional carry. An earlier bill died in a House committee after committee members were allegedly threatened with smear campaigns if they didn’t support it. No such threats are associated with the current measure, though . . .

The bill, which now heads to the full senate, would allow all South Dakotans to carry concealed firearms without any permitting requirements as long as they have a driver’s license and are otherwise permitted to possess firearms. Several states recognize South Dakota’s currently-issued permits, and that system would stay in place for residents who wish to carry concealed in those reciprocity states.



  1. avatar spymyeyes says:

    It is about damn time the states let the federal gubbermint know that the STATES rights cannot be superseded.

    It should be the law of the land in EVERY state in this union that if you are a citizen with no wants, warrants, or pervious convictions, then you have the right to carry any damn firearm you want to for personal protection and that right is GOD given, you don’t need anyone’s permission to protect your loved ones the way you see fit to do it.

    1. avatar APBTFan says:

      I’d like to add that self defense is an innate right that supersedes even the “God given” argument. Every human being, religious or not, has a basic right to defend themselves.

    2. avatar Guywithagun says:

      “It is about damn time the states let the federal gubbermint know that the STATES rights cannot be superseded.”

      Yeah, good luck with that. State laws are superceded by Federal law. Also, both state and federal law is superceded by the constitution. The fact that the latter isn’t enforced is the real problem.

      Technically, the states don’t have any rights when it comes to arms:

      “The powers not delegated to the United States by the Constitution, nor prohibited by it to the States, are reserved to the States respectively, or to the people.” -10th Amendment.

      The 10th amendment is invalidated when concerning the “right to keep and bear arms” since it has been previously “delegated to the United States” in the 2nd Amendment. Neither the states nor the federal government can infringe this right. The problem is that neither jurisdiction is respecting this right. We feel you, but you’re barking up the wrong tree here.

  2. avatar Pale Horse says:

    Good news for them, hope it passes into law.

  3. avatar Jason says:

    Come on in, folks. The water’s fine.

    In Christ’s love,

    1. avatar Matt in FL says:

      This made me smile.

  4. avatar JOE MATAFOME says:

    I hope it passes, but what if you don’t have or want a drivers license. I would think that any form of legal ID should be accepted, but some may compare showing any ID as “SHOW ME YOUR PAPERS”. I still believe it’s better than nothing, because we’ll never make it a perfect system.

    1. avatar MadDawg J says:

      It’s probably writen as State ID. It sounds like the point is an ID to prove you are a state resident.

  5. avatar mike says:

    who knows what could happen if us dumb simpletons were allowed to carry without a permit. the whole permit system is just another way for the state to squeeze more money out of us.

    1. avatar ST says:

      All of $10 up here for a CCW fee in South Dakota.

      Save the conspiracy theories for the Illinois news stories . 🙂

      1. avatar Chris Dumm says:


    2. avatar APBTFan says:

      +1 on the squeezing. Four States have Constitutional Carry and not even a hint of the the typically predicted bloodbaths or “idiot with a gun making it harder for the cops” or “getting shot for throwing spaghetti” scenarios.

      If a person can pass the background check I see no reason they can’t carry concealed. The folks that whine about “untrained” people carrying guns should pony up funds for free handgun training courses if it’ll them feel better. I shouldn’t be saddled with a financial burden because some paranoid moron can’t wrap his head around a law-abiding person choosing not to be a victim.

  6. avatar Jamie in ND says:

    I hope the so called “conservative” politicians here in North Dakota take notice. Lets get after it my fellow Nodaks!!!

    1. avatar DJ says:

      Heck, I’d be happy if we could just get MN to honor our ND permits; it’s a pain to get a MN or UT permit just so I can cross the Red River two or three times a month without potential problems.

      1. avatar Jamie in ND says:

        I hear that.

  7. avatar John Fritz says:

    Pennsylvania is introducing HB 2176 / Constitutional (two-tiered) Carry of Firearms in the House of Representatives this past week. Very exciting stuff.

    1. avatar Javier says:

      Good luck with that. Can you send some of that common sence over to us in Joisy? Our corrupt politicians could really use it.

  8. avatar SD Anon says:

    If they really wanted to fix an issue up here, figure out a way to convince the Sioux to recognize South Dakota CCW permits. If there is one place in SD that you really need a gun, it’s on the reservation.

  9. avatar Joel says:

    yeah. Pro-gun’s on a roll. I wonder when it’s gonna make it’s way to the Golden State, and damn it better be soon. this “assault weapon ban” is bullshit.

    1. avatar Guywithagun says:

      It won’t. Anti-gun is on a roll here.

    2. avatar Sanchanim says:

      SWB, no concealed carry, no 50 cal, bullet buttons, nothing over ten rounds in a magazine! WTF!!!!
      I like the California sports, and weather but that’s about it!

  10. avatar XDSTEEL says:

    As a resident of South Dakota this is a great step for us. It is also a more logical step if you think about it. You see, it is already legal to Open Carry(OC) without a Conceal permit. I do have one so I may travel to other states, one which is not MN or NE. I hope this gets the ball rolling for other states as well.

  11. avatar Azman says:

    Ditto for the reservations here. Only place that would make me more nervous is Phoenix at night.

  12. avatar MikeSilver says:

    I wish Georgia had South Dakotas gun laws. I’d even take the no carrying while on a snow mobile restriction.

    What’s a snow ?

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