A Korean man carries a rifle to prevent looters from entering a grocery store .
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While Korean Americans have a long and storied history of exercising their natural, civil, and Constitutionally-protected right to keep and bear arms, the same cannot be said for Korean Koreans. In fact, when asked for this Variety article about firearm safety on set, the creator of gun-intensive hit Netflix show Squid Game said something that really caught my eye:

[writer and director Hwang Dong-hyuk] said, “in my life, I have never seen a real bullet. I have only seen them in the movies.”

That’s wild.

…in Korea, we’re not really a gun-owning country, so only the police can have and own a gun,” he said. “Because of that, bullets are not really as easily distributed as they are maybe here, so there’s a very low, low possibility of any safety issues happening on set.”

Well here in the U.S. obviously the police are racist murderers so that’s why only the police should be able to own firearms. Errr…I may have watched too much MSNBC last night.

At any rate, I vote to start a crowdfunding campaign to move Alec Baldwin to Korea. We just need to figure out if that’ll be North or South.


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  1. North please. Any anti gun POS should never be allowed to touch one let alone bitch about taking mine.

      • Fair certain Lil’ Un would put him up against the wall inside of 3 days of his insufferable ramblings, & pop him with the finest AA they have to offer. He has a soft spot for the red mist approach as I understand it.

    • I thought he and his bride were to to have left the United States of America when one of the Bush Presidents were elected. As well as others later. Yet, they never go away.

    • You don’t have to I’ll happily pitch in. It really is rich that an anti gun POS who wants to stomp on my 2nd Amendment right to bear arms ends up taking the life of a young mother. I hated the bastard before but Damn!

      • She was 42, hardly a young mother and I would be shocked if she didn’t have the same politics as Baldwin, including disdain for the Second Amendment.

        • I’m in my sixties, she was a young mother. Not sure what her political views have to do with her death. It’s a tragic situation for her husband and son.

    • Nathan, let’s send the pencil neck idiot too. And definitely North Korea. They love Socialism? Let ’em get some!

    • Got a hankering to try an Emmu ‘ripening’ in a ditch somewhere, Possum? 😉

      • After watching that KR trial a guys gotta be careful how you post and what words you use. Wasn’t to long ago here on ttag a guy was trying to get me to type gunms instead of gunms.
        What’s a gunm? ,,,,,

    • the current generation in Korea has little memory of the Korean war….when bullets were plentiful….

      • Korea was ruled by dictators and military juntas for over a century, same as China. No freedoms allowed.

  2. Alex Baldwin was the secondary antagonist in ‘Team America World Police’ and that took place in North Korea so he should definitely go to North Korea as he already has a history there.

  3. Time to watch Team America again & see Alec Baldwin “the greatest actor of all time” as the president of the FAG way (that stands for Film Actors Guild)

  4. Every person in the chain of custody of that gun is responsible for the death and injury that happened that day.

    These people are, at a minimum, the Armorer, the Assistant Director, the Prop Master and the Actor. Each and every one of them had to fail in fundamentals of safe gun handling to get to the end result.

    Now I am NOT watering down Baldwin’s responsibility. He pointed the gun at another human being and pulled the trigger. That’s massively verboten, stupid and reckless under any rules anyone can name. Loads of movie makers, actors, stunt people have stated they use camera placement to make it look like a gun is pointed at someone. In reality a safe point to aim at was pre-determined even if the gun is intended to be empty.

    There may be others with lesser fault in this. Especially so if it can be documented that the armorer brought no real ammo to the set. But the three people who handled that gun that day all deserve to be charged just as a getaway driver in a stick-up is charged if his partner shoots the liquor store clerk. All persons active in the criminal act are 100% responsible for the bad things the crime caused to happen.

    I am real curious about claims the production was operating light on crew and procedures? The claim the armorer had too many non-armorer duties to execute her job with her eyes constantly on the firearms?

    But if that’s true, the proper response is to decline the job or quit the production and take all the guns home with her.

    • “There may be others with lesser fault in this.”

      The final, *ultimate*, responsibility was Baldwin, and his alone. He couldn’t be bothered to check each individual round himself for the tell-tale ‘rattle’ (a ball-bearing inside instead of gunpowder), and couldn’t be bothered to point it at a bucket of sand and attempt to fire it 7 times (one more than the 6-round cylinder). He couldn’t be BOTHERED, because he’s an important movie producer trying to make a damn movie that was running over-budget, and it cost a woman her life.

      It will never happen, but I’d *love* to hear Baldwin on the witness stand trying to explain why it wasn’t his fault…

      • YES! Geoff!
        This all day long! I said it before but if you hand me a firearm and the sole intent is for me to point it at another human being and pull the trigger I am checking the weapon for myself and if anyone has a problem with that then they are more than welcome to watch as I check for myself. There is no excuse for this death PERIOD! Also any anti gun POS such as Baldwin should never be allowed near a firearm let alone use one in a movie, fucking hypocrite.

        • Recently while out shootzing with a friend he handed me his gunm to try, he said ” Its not loaded.” I worked the click clack and a round flew out.

    • Watch,
      If I’m the armorer those guns are locked up until needed and nobody gets to use them for “plinking”. Absolutely no reason for live ammo to be on the set. So many fuck ups here it’s crazy!

    • Why was the armorer performing “other duties” which resulted in the guns being left unattended?

      Because Baldwin was a cheap a$$ who didn’t want to pay for proper staffing.

  5. “At any rate, I vote to start a crowdfunding campaign to move Alec Baldwin to Korea. We just need to figure out if that’ll be North or South.” He’ll definitely fit in better in North Korea. and he can take Baldwins rules with him.

    1. I couldn’t know the gun was loaded.

    2. I didn’t muzzle anybody, it must have ricocheted.

    3. I never touched the trigger, the gun just went off by itself.

    4. My target was the camera.

  6. I too am inclined to believe that the korean author is jumping on the bandwagon of politically correct anti gun rethoric.
    Even in countries where firearms for civilians are made of unobtanium, as long as you have military services all able bodied males have a firearms instruction. So, even if he’s a draft dodger, the majority of south koreans know how to handle a firearm.
    So, he is basically saying a lot of bullshit. Bit, as long as it fits the narrative, i am not holding my breath for the CNN’s fact checkers to step in.

  7. You can tell nobody on the set understands real guns because the action scenes with guns are uniformly ridiculous.

    Apples new show Foundation is even worse. They have spaceships but their guns only work at bad breath distance.

  8. in my life, I have never seen a real bullet. I have only seen them in the movies.

    That’s hard for me to believe. Korea has conscription, and darned few exemptions other than the customary mentally or physically unfit. Wikipedia says that the director, Hwang Dong-hyuk, is a 50 year old man and would certainly have been subject to service.

    • Yup, he is either lying or had some kind of exemption. It’s pretty frowned upon in South Korea for men to skip out on military service. People were actually jailed for refusing to serve. That’s why it was a big deal over there when BTS was given a extension on doing their military service.

  9. Like others have commented all able bodied South Korean men are required to serve in the military. So almost half the South Korea population has fired a firearm, you can’t say that about American population.

    Also the Korean Americans during the LA Riots used their military service to organize the Korean community to protect themselves from the looters. Many of the them were veterans of the Korean or Vietnam War.

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