Wallace: Right-Wing Radicalization…Is Colliding with the Proliferation of Guns in America

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A domestic extremism threat unlike any other before in our country’s history looms over every facet of American life right now, today. It is fueled in-part by disgraced ex-president who is still lying about the fact that he lost the 2020 election fair and square…

Right-wing radicalization though is colliding with the proliferation of guns in America.

– Nicolle Wallace on MSNBC’s Deadline White House



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  1. Who gives a flying shit what Nicole Wallace, Swamprat Extraordinaire, has to say about anything? That chick looks like she fell out of a tall tree hitting every ugly branch on the way down.

    • What you say about her is correct, however you left out the part where she has never had an original thought… ever.

      So she is parroting, these are not her words.

      Do not dismiss the message because the messenger is repugnant in almost every way.

      This is a (another) warning shot across the bow.

      They live in a bubble…. This is their call to action.

    • Attention nicole wallace you silly very white rabbit…By the time the sun sets on Jim Crow Gun Control joe the Truth About Gun Control will have reached many of those you duped into surrendering their rights and were quick to label millions of decent law abiding Americans exercising a Constitutional Right as, “Racist.”

      The difference between you and I nicole is you and your ilk stooped to slandering and libeling a duly elected POTUS so you and your sneaky democRat Party could get your way by fraud and put Let’s Go Brandon in the Whitehouse. What sickos like you have done is really, really stinking America Up with your sick democRat Party marxist pollution.

      I do not have to resort to slander and libel to make my point when History Clearly Confirms YOUR sicko Gun Control in any shape, matter or form is a racist and nazi based agenda. Those who are not history illiterates can see through the knee jerk poo that flows from the hole below your nose. Same kind of poo also flowed from the holes below the noses of racists and nazis who had their way with defenseless citizens and the results were unspeakable.

      History shows your very own democRat Party savored the thought of no Second Amendment for Black Americans. Now that you and your ilk assume your party filth has been forgotten you are attempting to carry on what is a democRat Party Gun Control Family Tradition…Ain’t dat right fraulein nicole wallace?

  2. What proof does she have or is this just the way she feels.

    I’m old enough to remember last year when cities burned for months due to left wing extremism.

    Unlike her blurb, I brough actual proof.

  3. This is a classic Marxist – Communist tactic :

    Loudly accuse your enemy of doing, what you yourself are doing…

      • “Now go man your post before Pastor Skeeter starts today’s sermon.”

        That is exactly what I did, little boy, and got to sit next to a delightful woman, something you know nothing about, since all they do is laugh at you… 😉

        • Same here. Took my post on my own church’s security team, and had the privilege of sitting next to my wife and best friend, the most beautiful woman I’ve ever met. She’s a gift.

  4. 1) The only disgraced president we are dealing with is Biden. I would consider Bill Clinton to be disgraced but he has become such a minor factor that it isn’t worth it.

    2) AOC suggested that people get radicalized and your just now reporting on that?

    3) The only thing colliding with the proliferation with guns in America is left-wing radicalization. That has been happening for a very long time.

    4) Why does it matter what Trump says about the election results? He is NOT the president. Biden IS. The ONLY reason to be so concerned is a possibly reelection of Trump and if that happens (which is possible) then it only serves to prove him right. But if what Trump claims about the election is actually a lie then it is completely irrelevant because he is not the president. So much focus on this is absurd. If it’s a lie then give us the undeniable proof and move on. But he is not the president so who cares what he says. Clinton (either one) is not the president either so it doesn’t matter what they claim. This idiocy of a big part of what makes me tune them all out. TDS gets boring to listen to anymore.

    • I would consider Bill Clinton to be disgraced but he has become such a minor factor that it isn’t worth it.******** Minor factor! the Clintons are two of the most powerful political influence peddlers to ever darken the halls of government. That’s how they have made a couple of hundred million dollars since they left the White House whining about being almost broke!

      • You can bet the two biggest beneficiaries of the Clinton Foundation are William Jefferson Clinton and Hillary Rodham Clinton. After all, charity does begin at home.

        • “… the two biggest beneficiaries of the Clinton Foundation are William Jefferson Clinton and Hillary Rodham Clinton.”

          Their time remaining is short in the overall ‘scheme of things’, the ‘foundation’ is to bankroll Chelsea and her children…

  5. “Radicalization” is what has happened to the democrat media and academy. Everything they accuse YOU of doing is exactly what THEY are doing.

  6. Trump has always been wrong about why he lost. The real reason was because the extreme cabal of Left Wing/Communist propagandists who have taken over legacy media and Big Tech, together they pushed every negative angle of every possible news story, and it was enough to push a man who was seen as safe and boring over the finish line.

    That said Wallace fawns over Stacy Abrams who still claims to have won the Georgia Gubernatorial race despite having lost by more than 60 thousand votes. So much for consistency!

    • “a man who was seen as safe and boring”

      And that is the REAL Big Lie! He signs off on any radical policy they put in front of him because he stands for nothing other than money, power, and ego. He’s just happy he finally got to be the president.

      His poll numbers tanked because the sheep found out they were lied to about him being safe and boring. Imagine his poll numbers if the media treated him just like they treated Trump.

      • I think the Communists of Legacy Media have so poisoned their own brands that when they say one thing more and more Americans are assuming the opposite is true. Big Tech is still a major, though slightly reduced problem.

        Brandon’s numbers look to be trending down on a slide that won’t slow till at least next Summer, which will clobber members of the Extra Evil Party in the Mid-terms.

    • Trump lost because of abuse of authority, fraud, and manipulation at every level: https://imprimis.hillsdale.edu/zuckerbucks-2020-election/

      You’ve probably heard about the Soros-funded prosecutors peppered around the country and the harm they’re causing. The Chan Zuckerberg foundation did the same thing, but with local and county-level election boards across the country. And they weren’t the only ones.

      Look up “The Secret History of the Shadow Campaign That Saved the 2020 Election.” (I’d link it, but that’d trip the mod filter.) That’s the title of the article. It’s in Time Magazine, and they’re very open about the whole conspiracy. Yes, they even call it that: a shadow campaign and a conspiracy.

      But this isn’t actually all about Trump. This is about a self-nominated aristocracy that can’t stand the thought that we, the great unwashed, might dare to vote for somebody who isn’t one of theirs. To these people, “democracy” means that we vote only for the people *they* allow us to. Nothing more and nothing less.

      The “right-wing extremist” drumbeat is part and parcel of this same machinery. If you want every American citizen to have a single vote that’s counted honestly, you’re an extremist. If you believe that you have an inherent human right to self-defense and that the Constitution guarantees it against government interference, you’re an extremist. On and on and on…

      The only extreme we really are is extremely different from America’s “elite” kakistocracy.

  7. Wallace cannot distinguish left from right. But the left’s radicalization is normality so perhaps that’s the reason. She, as with most Democrats and some RINOs, are still attempting to ensure Trump does not make another run. They are doing it through lies and character assassination. Few Trump supporters are buying it so they’re just preaching to their own deluded choir. It’s rather like promoting human-caused climate change by jetting off to climate conferences around the world. There is proof of election fraud and in some cases charges have been filed against Democrat election officials. The courts however have refused to intervene and therein lies the real issue. And if Wallace is attempting to link gun sales to radicalization she needs to explain why leftists suddenly began buying firearms and why leftists think simply disagreeing with them grounds for use of deadly force.

    • Exactly. Never heard of her before now. I suppose I would have to first give two flying bat chits about MSNBC, CNN, NBC and the rest but I don’t. I’m not going to be spoon fed dirt and told to like it.

  8. “fair and square”

    Is that the term for loosening voting laws right before an election to favor one party (some of which was blatantly illegal) and having the media colluding with Big Tech to stifle embarrassing true stories of corruption that literally would have changed the minds of many voters (there were polls afterwards)? The intel community even lied for them (again) so they could pretend it was Russian disinformation. That’s actually called rigging the election. No we don’t have conclusive proof that the Puppet lost, but we do have conclusive proof that the election was rigged to favor him.

    Remind me again…what’s it called when Hillary and other Democrats, to this day, still claim she really won the election? Terry McAuliffe, who just lost the VA gov race, claimed as recently as a few weeks ago that Al Gore had the election stolen from him. Why isn’t that dangerous??

    • You forgot illegally blocking partisan observers from witnessing the vote count so they wouldn’t see the crates of ballots being pulled out that magically erased a 750,000 vote lead in PA (and elsewhere).

      • I’d call that cheating. Many books could be written on how much cheating went on during the election. There just isn’t conclusive proof that all of those dumped votes were fraudulent. There is however, undeniable conclusive proof that the election was rigged for the Puppet from the beginning. Let’s also not forget the money facebook poured into election efforts. Democrats love the ultra wealthy corporations. Just don’t tell widdle d. He still thinks the big corporations favor Republicans. I doubt he’s the only misinformed dem.

        • It’s somewhat amusing, in a dark sorta way, how bent out of shape people get over those accusations when it’s been a known thing all over the country for over a century.

          ““Machines politics” is a phenomenon in urban politics, especially in the 19th and 20th centuries.

          Political machines are characterized by tight organization and a strong centralized leadership, typically in the form of a “boss.” They operate by dominating the political landscape. The “machine” gets its name from its ability to reliably, even mechanically, turn out the votes needed to get its members elected and its measures passed.

        • “Tammany Hall opened its doors as a benevolent institution, and in theory the group was concerned with helping out immigrants and the needy; in fact, it acted as a vote-collecting arm of the local Democratic party, playing on ethnic divisions in the city to help get out the vote for the right candidates.”


        • ‘There just isn’t conclusive proof that all of those dumped votes were fraudulent.’

          Proof, no. But neither has a plausible explanation of why you would illegally block partisan election observers from witnessing the vote count that doesn’t involve mass voter fraud. The prisons are full of inmates convicted with less circumstantial evidence than just that.

        • Well there is always how Biden Bragged About Having The “Most Extensive…Voter Fraud Organization” In History

    • To Dud Brain

      quote—————-Remind me again…what’s it called when Hillary and other Democrats, to this day, still claim she really won the election?——–quote


      Hillary won the popular vote by 2.9 million votes. She did not claim she won the election and neither did the Democrats only that she would have won the election if the corrupt electoral college had not elected Trump against the popular vote and will of the American people.

      Republican know damn well they would be finished as a political party if the U.S. had free and fair elections by popular vote which by the way is the true definition of democracy something the U.S. has yet to achieve.

        • Still living in his pharmaceutical induced fantasy land of rainbows, unicorns, gulags, and mass graves filled with enemies of the revolution.

        • “..the true definition of democracy..”

          Even a broken clock is correct twice a day.

          You have failed to even meet that standard.

        • Is “jethropedo” supposed to mean a jethro-torpedo or is it meant to elicit thoughts of a hillbilly child molester?

          Can it be both?

        • s9. He claims to be SS/antifa. And since they recruit from the prisons and the nut houses you do the math. Kyle shot one that was a pedo.

          When duncian was doxxed I went to his facebook. Greta T. was under age at the time. Duncian had an unhealthy fascination with her.

      • Hillary’s downfall was her minions didn’t cheat hard enough. Why do you think she never went to Wisconsin (e.g.)? She thought the fix was in.

        • “..we’re a constitutional republic..”


          Democracy is two wolves and a lamb voting on what to have for lunch. Liberty is a well-armed lamb contesting the vote.”

        • “..we’re a constitutional republic..”


          Alexander Hamilton, in a speech made on June 21, 1778, stated: “It had been
          observed that a pure democracy if it were practicable would be the most perfect
          government. Experience has proved that no position is more false than this. The
          ancient democracies in which the people themselves deliberated never possessed one
          good feature of government. Their very character was tyranny; their figure

        • “..we’re a constitutional republic..”


          Ralph Waldo Emerson stated: “Democracy becomes a government of bullies
          tempered by editors.”

          Does that sound familiar?

      • Dacian: You are right, if there were no Electoral College to stop pure mob rule, HRC would have seen to the end of the GOP. Fortunately, a group of dudes some 200 odd years ago put a stop to her brand of totalitarian corruption.

        • Vahn,

          I completely disagree “Dacian: You are right”

          I disagree “HRC would have seen to the end of the GOP.” Just like Biden is making them stronger, and change the rules, change the campaign.

          And I agree “a group of dudes some 200 odd years ago put a stop to her brand of totalitarian corruption.” Wise men.

      • ” Hillary won the popular vote by 2.9 million votes ”

        Not necessarily true. The final tally showed she won by 2.9 million votes. That doesn’t, by any means, mean that she actually got those votes.

    • That’s wasteful given the current price of gas.

      You’ll actually save money if you’re more targeted and add some deck screws to the shindig.

      Call it “political intimidation on a budget”.

  9. Sowing confusion mixed with the *right* type of propaganda furthers their agenda.

    I have no idea what the final outcome of the court case with Rittenhouse will be but what I’m pretty damn confident about is that most of the USA loses regardless.

    If he’s convicted it’s essentially going to be taken as proof by many people that the mob wins no matter what. They run the country and you’re, at best, a spectator. Say something they don’t like and they’ll come after you, respond to defend yourself and they’ll find a way to fuck you in court. Either way, STFU or your life is over.

    If he’s not convicted of everything and sentenced to the max you’ll likely get more riots.

    If you get riots in the current political circumstances and with the way things have gone with the cops in the last 18 months the likelihood of a seriously bad outcome for general freedom is pretty large. There’s the argument for WoT 2.0 directed against the population and/or yet another bite at the “Rittenhouse Apple”.

    Gaslighting the ever-living-fuck out of a population as anxious as the one we have today and with the backdrop of everything else going on runs an extremely high risk that either the result is in a bloody war or a dictatorial takeover. Either one works to the Left’s advantage in their own mind.

    • “I have no idea what the final outcome of the court case with Rittenhouse will be but what I’m pretty damn confident about is that most of the USA loses regardless.”

      A Black ex-NYPD police office is now the mayor of NYC.

      The head of NYC ‘BLM’ just made this announcement :

      ” “If they think they are going back to the old ways of policing then we’re going to take to the streets again,” Newsome said to media after the meeting.

      “There will be riots. There will be fire, and there will be bloodshed,” he added.”


      The rioters may find the freezing weather an impediment to their plans…

      • “The rioters may find the freezing weather an impediment to their plans…”

        Or an excuse to liberate the North Face store from the tyrannical and patriarchal oppression known as “inventory”.

  10. I remember Nicolle Wallace from the 50 cent Tijuana donkey shows when she was the main attraction, La Gringa Sin Verguenza(The Shameless Gringa) was her stage name.

  11. The Far Right have done more to promote more gun control than any Liberals could have ever dreamed of doing. Threatening people at voting places, and at protests against police torture and murder only turned the public against gun ownership in general. The Rittenhouse murder of two men promoted and encouraged by his racist Mother was another black eye for gun owners as well. It reminded Americans of Nazi thugs beating up and killing Liberals in Germany post WWI.

    And the Jan. 6th Capitol beer hall putsch by Herr Drumpf and his Jack Booted Nazi thug followers shocked the nation when they woke up to the fact of how close the Radical Far Right Nazi’s came to taking over the government by force and establishing a dictatorship. And the mad Capitol bomber who was never caught showed just how dangerous the Far Right has become. The FBI listed the Far Right Nazi’s as the biggest danger to American and its way of life.

    The shocking Trump glorification of the Charlottesville torch light parade mimicked Hitler and his Nazi torch light parade in Germany and it was meant to be that by the Far Right Nazi’s complete with arm bands and racist chants. It again shocked all decent Americans who thought they had defeated the Nazi Pigs in WWII and never dreamed they would again start to flourish in the U.S. and would follow a reincarnation of Hitler in the person of Herr Drumpf (Drumpf was Trump’s original German family name). How ironic that history attempted to repeat itself.

      • There are a couple of things I don’t understand about the Brandon apologist:
        1. Why anyone would read his long winded bloviations.
        2. Why TTAG hasn’t banned him.

        • “Why TTAG hasn’t banned him.”

          Well one could be cynical and say he delivers “clicks”.

          But there are far better reasons not to. First and most importantly we are not the Left, we debate (and sometimes ridicule – but that’s another thread). >> We have truth on our side <<.

          But also there needs to a balance. There should always be one Leftist on Campus. And as such, dacian is an absolutely wonderful representative (Leftism IS a mental disorder) of the failed ideas of the left and their push for Marxism and Communism.


        • To Herr Hauptman Rusty

          Its called freedom of speech, something the Far Right has constantly screamed they would abolish if they were able to establish their utopian one party storm trooper government, complete with arm bands, and suppression of minorities to preserve white privilege. It was one of the first acts of Hitler and that was to destroy the free press just as Nixon and Trump attempted to do.

      • Either those are really strong meds or he is far exceeding the prescribed dosage. No wonder he wants socialized medical care.

  12. By the way, you people who live in Massachusetts – a new study indicates gun control legislation doesn’t reduce violent crime.

    A new study indicates that gun control legislation in Massachusetts hasn’t helped reduce the amount of gun violence in the state since its passing.

    The study, which appeared in Justice Quarterly, took a look at changes to the background checks and licensing policies enacted in Massachusetts from 2006 to 2016.


    • To Booger Brain

      Of course not. When the “Iron Pipe Line” (as verified by law enforcement) is allowed to exist funneling massive amounts of deadly weapons that are second hand guns into States that have tough gun laws it renders those laws totally meaningless. Even a 5th grader can understand that.

  13. Breaking News Far Right Fanatic Michel Flynn calls for establishing only one legal religion in the U.S., in other words he is talking about a Christian Protestant Caliphate.

    Obviously Herr Hauptman Flynn never read the Constitution.

    Show me the difference between an Bearded Islamic Caliphate of AK toting people in a pick up truck and a pick up truck in the U.S. full of Bearded Right Wing Christian Caliphate fanatics waving around AR 15 assault rifles. Flynn’s kind of people.

    More proof the FBI was correct when it stated the greatest danger to the American way of life are the Far Right Fanatics.


  14. Never heard of her and do not care to tune in. It’d be entirely besides the point to listen to any partisan bloviator.

    What does matter is the plain truth.

    Radicalization at the extremes of left and right wing politics has always been a threat for violence and rampant stupidity. I don’t care who you are or what side you are on, that’s the plain truth of our history.

  15. She’s awful pretty to be so damned bloody stupid. Beauty is only skin deep, eh?

    Hew mind is apparently ugly as hell. Liberalism will do that to you.


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