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I can’t even count how many times I’ve heard people spout the common “wisdom” of carrying an inexpensive gun that you don’t care about. They’ll argue that if you’re ever involved in a shooting the police are going to confiscate your pistol and, if you ever see it again, it won’t be until years later.

Well…let’s play this out a little.

First, the oft-heard assertion that your firearm will be confiscated isn’t always accurate. In a clear-cut case of self-defense, which is presumably why and how you’re most likely to use your firearm, it often will not be.

Police don’t take the victim’s self-defense gun as a matter of course, they do it if they might need it as evidence in a legal case against one of the parties involved. If you aren’t going to be charged with a crime, they aren’t going to need evidence against you.

If your assailant wasn’t involved with your firearm in some odd way (e.g. you held him at gunpoint, but he then grabbed your gun and tried to gain control of it) then it likely won’t be needed as evidence against him.

Whether that’s obvious at the scene or determined within a couple of days, if everything is above board and your self-defense case is patently clear, your gun likely will not be taken or will be returned fairly quickly.

Now, your mileage may vary on this depending on where you are. But the following holds firm.

Either way — even if the gun is retained for a couple months or longer — it’s a small price to pay for having had the best tool for the job when the job was required. The dang thing just saved your life, right?

Carry the most reliable pistol that you shoot the best, can conceal comfortably enough that you’ll carry it regularly, and can afford. Full stop. The gun you trust the most and shoot the best. Period. If it’s $800 instead of $240, fine. It’s your life or that of a loved one. Don’t choose a carry gun based on how little it’ll hurt if — and it is an “if” — it’s confiscated.

If the shooting is questionable or you’ve done something wrong, yeah, that firearm is going to be taken and used as evidence against you in court and it’s going to be retained by the authorities until and unless you’re acquitted. In that scenario, where you’re headed to trial, likely accused of something very serious, is the possible loss of a nice handgun rather than a cheap pistol really something you’ll care about?

Me thinks it wouldn’t even make the top ten list of your concerns at that point. In fact, it would be so far down the list it wouldn’t even register.

Besides, do you really want to be the guy pictured next to his pink SCCY in all of the news coverage? No, no you don’t. I will see it and I will make fun of you.

Whether the headline is “Hero saves the day” or “Self-defense gone wrong?,” I’m pretty sure you want your mug seen next to a respectable pistol.

Sure, okay, maybe that’s a little silly. Maybe a little vain, too? But it’s the exception in that sort of news coverage to not have full name, headshot photo, and gun photo of the suspect or, in some cases, the “hero” or Good Samaritan.

I’d absolutely pay a few hundred extra bucks to be seen next to my optic-equipped P365XL instead of a cheapy little [insert your least favorite, bargain brand here]. In the winter months, when I’m wearing a jacket or some other outer layer, I’ll often step up a size or two with my carry gun and switch from AIWB to strong side OWB.

In that scenario, as seen in the photos here, I’m often carrying my Hudson H9 or my H&K P7. Since Hudson went belly up, my H9, of which not many were even made, is now a collector’s item. My refinished HK P7 with its true color case hardened slide, Nil grips, Trijicon sights, etc., is legitimately one of the nicest in the country.

Yes, I carry them. No, it doesn’t concern me that, in the unlikely event that I have to use one, it will be confiscated by the police. Even if that scenario plays out, it will have been worth it to have carried and used a firearm that I trust, shoot very well, and am not embarrassed to be photographed with.

So, dear TTAG readers, my advice to you is this…carry the reliable gun that you shoot best and can carry comfortably. If that’s a nice gun that costs more, then carry a nice gun. Carry a really nice gun. It’s worth it. And you’re worth it, too.

Whatever you do, don’t leave a better gun at home and carry some cheap POS just because it might be confiscated should you have to use it. I mean, it’s only your life and your reputation, right?


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  1. I agree (completely with quality, though less concerned about cosmetics). The only way it finds its way into an evidence locker is if it succeeds in helping save your life. As Jeremy said, it’s still an “if” even then, and if they do decide to pursue a murder charge, the cost delta between a cheapo and a quality gun is ~1% of what your defense is going to cost.

  2. Carry “The gun you trust the most and shoot the best. Period.” I fully concur. But in some states especially California, the return of your gat can be complicated–to the poiint of never getting it back. The SFPD was famous for requiring proof of ownership for return of a gun, notwithstanding their own chain of evidence and a letter from the DOJ telling them to return a gun, and then arguing that what ever you supplied was insufficient. They just loved sending guns to the incinerator. And ion LA there was a case where a retired police officer and gun collector was busted for an allegedly illegal transfer, so they seized his entire collection worth a couple of hundred thousand. After the charges were dropped (all he’d done was hand someone a gun for inspection), the LA DA waffled and delayed about returning his collection. While negotiations between his attorney and the DA’s Office, the DA’s Office went behind the owner’s back and got a destruction order from a friendly judge. Yes, they destroyed almost all of his collection, including rare firearms. And when he sued, they screwed him around and got the case dismissed. It took an appeal to get a reversal and finally some financial compensation–years later.

    • “But in some states especially California, the return of your gat can be complicated–to the point of never getting it back.”


      I’ve had multiple LEO buddies strongly encourage me to add a second gunn to my permit, specifically because of the high likelihood that I’ll never get my first one returned back to me after a self-defense event. No matter if no charges are pressed against me and the D.A. rules it as legitimate self-defense. At least two have told me they’ve personally seen such “good shoot” cases play out to where the Good Guy With A Gun walked free, but his gunn was kept by the Dept and it would have cost way more in court filings (and time spent) than the value of the gunn itself. They agreed it isn’t fair, but it’s the norm here.

      That being said, I fully agree with the statement(s) that you should carry a reliable model you’re familiar with. Top priority for EDC.

      • “… they’ve personally seen such “good shoot” cases play out to where the Good Guy With A Gun walked free, but his gunn was kept by the Dept and it would have cost way more in court filings (and time spent) than the value of the gunn itself.”


        I wonder if the ‘Bruen’ decision might somehow be used to remedy such abuses of power? Keeping a gun after being found innocent sounds a lot like infringement to me… 🙁

  3. I don’t think it’s a matter of if they will confiscate your gun as much as some guns are too expensive for some people. I’ve had Smith & Wesson’s that cost $8 or $900 when you can buy a Taurus that’s three or $400 I’ve had both and both are just as reliable. you can buy a Porsche for $100,000 or you can buy a Honda they will both do the job and get it done.

  4. Most definitely, carry a nice gun. Stay away from those crappy Lorcins and Jennings and all of the pot metal crap. It has to work reliably, shoot reasonably well, and all of the controls like safeties and mag releases have to work perfectly. Do not carry a walking wounded gun with stuff broken on it hoping that it won’t be needed.

    Hope is not a plan.

    While you’re at it, carry some decent factory loaded ammunition in the gun and shoot it up frequently and replenish with fresh dry ammunition.

    And also while you’re at it periodically clean and lubricate the gun. These semi-automatic pistols will shoot dirty, wet, and full of grime; but they will not shoot dry.

    And also while you’re at it evaluate how you carry your pistol. Does your holster work for you? We are coming into winter, can you get your blaster out from under your winter coat quickly? How can you pull it out while sitting in your vehicle? Is it going to get tangled up on either clothing or stuff in the car or the seatbelt? When spring and summer comes around are you still able to conceal your blaster successfully yet have reasonably quick access to it when you need it the most? Or or are you just going to say the heck with it and leave it at home and just hope that you don’t need it that day.

    Remember, hope is not a plan.

    • Walt:
      “…can you get your blaster out from under your winter coat quickly?”
      You can, if you get a sticky holster and put it with your blaster in your coat pocket.

  5. If you’re carrying a gun that costs more than a Glock 19 then it is an ego stroke. Bling-bling.

    I have a GED. Very little further education. Yet I own property in CA. I am debt free and retired the first time at 55. I have money in the bank. I could co sign your mortgage. if I wished. I drive a Toyota when I can afford a Mercedes.

    What Jeremy is espousing is typical of the in debt to their eyeballs way many Americans live. Heavy CC debt. Big car notes and living from paycheck to paycheck.

    A blinging carry gun is symbolic of that lack of logic. People like that will have to sell off their lives at pennies on the dollars to handle any legal fees associated with their DGU’s.

    There are a wide choice of reliable and suitable carry guns in the sub 600 dollar range. They will do anything you need done and more. If you’re still insisting on the grand plus carry it is ego, not suitability driving your choices.

    • I agree we sound like we’re in the same boat, I’m 66 retired house is paid for I can go buy a $3,000 gun but I wouldn’t do it. oh my guns that I do have a reasonably priced GLOCK 19, GLOCK 43, Taurus revolvers they’re all good guns. same with vehicles we have a Hyundai and a frontier pickup truck and I could go out and buy $80,000 pickup truck but that’s insane.

    • Well said jwm & samson! It’s also none of anyone’s business what or if I carry. I’ve also shot my friends Sig365 & his Glock 43x. They weren’t a damn bit better than my lowly Taurus G3. If I want to show off I’ll have my wife on my arm…

    • Exactly this!!

      I am 56, my house will be paid off in two years, my 2014 truck, in mint conditions, was paid off after 3 years and I will drive that thing into the ground before I get another. I have ZERO debt besides my house payment, a very nice savings and investments.

      I carry a bone stock Glock 48 (with OEM steel sights) and sometimes in the winter I will carry a G17, again bone stock save for the steel OEM sights. I could easily afford a Staccato C2, which I have shot a friends and it is fantastic….but it gets me nothing over my Glock’s.

    • Well aren’t you just full of judgement and recrimination. I own walthers, a glock and a couple of others. I carry a staccato c2 and am waiting on a staccato cs. With the c2 I can shoot smallish groups at 50 yards. To me that is important because irrespective of “experts” claiming most DGUs happen at 10 feet there is the guy in Texas who took out a shooter at long distance in his church and the man in Indiana who took out a shooter at 40 yards. Sometimes shooting at distance could be necessary. Can I shoot those groups with a glock? Maybe. I know I can with the c2. And besides I like nice things and can afford them.

      • I’m full of a lifetime of experience and observation. Roughly 80% of Americans live pay check to pay check. If you can afford the nice things and still have enough in the tank to weather a dgu legal storm, I’m happy for you.

        If not you’re just riding your ego.

        • What I don’t get is what makes you so special that you can pass judgement on others. Everyone here is “full of a lifetime time of experience”. Yours Is no better or worse than anybody else. Seems to me it is you who is standing on ego. Besides which you display all the markings of a born again asshole.

        • I’ll cautiously endorse his by saying personal responsibility and financial well-being (should) go hand in hand. Carry what you can reasonably afford–both in terms of gunm and possible insurance.

        • sammy. It’s the internetz. We’re all born again assholes. You must be the slow puppy in the crowd to not have figured that out.

    • Well said! I like speculative discussions as much as the next guy, but it’s pointless when this question is definitively answered hundreds of times a year in matches (and a DGU that involves actual firing is a competition for your life). If “it’s the fiddler, not the fiddle” were true, the “jiST as GUd” people would be cleaning house in upper divisions with Hi Points. Come to think of it, there would be no divisions at all if better pistols or features made no difference – but that is consistently proven to be the exact opposite of the truth.

        • Fairly small, I’m sure, but it makes little difference. It’s not as though the rest (with lesser equipment and less experience) would change the dynamics of competition significantly. Busybeef IMHO stated a valid general principle applicable to non-competitors (like me) as well, which I interpret as:

          -Certain characteristics and features make pistols objectively more effective, as demonstrated by people who test and re-test effectiveness.

          -A pistol with all those features is not only expensive, but also too bulky and snaggy for most people to carry, therefore,

          -Carry the closest approximation you can afford and conceal.

          An additional point (made several times e.g. on Forgotten Weapons) is that many Americans tend to buy lots of cheap / middling guns rather than a few good ones. I’m not arguing that people should buy more than they can afford, but that gun guys might be better off with a good defensive gun (and maybe one backup) rather than Glock + SIG + 1911 + M&P + N-frame + K-frame + J-frame etc. etc.

        • I don’t.

          I substitute competition for training sesh’s. Cost pretty well equals out and I find the 2nd and 3rd party observers much more useful for correcting bad habits and learning new tricks & evolving technique.

  6. The whole story was a complete falsehood. When the power made cops get on the scene of a shooting they are frightened out of their minds, being the abject cowards that most of them are. They are going to confiscate every firearm in sight.

    Remember too the cops know nothing about what has just transpired so it gives them another excuse to take every gun they can get their hands one and they do just that. Your chances of keeping your gun are slim to none.

    And remember when your gun is confiscated your gun will be treated not much differently than a cheap walmart hammer. I have seen cops throw confiscated guns across the room into a wire basket that had other guns already in it and of course it bounced around when it hit the other guns. Your gun will inevitable suffer catastrophic cosmetic damage and maybe mechanical damage as well. And of course you will not be reimbursed for the damage they do to your gun and if you protest you will be laughed right out of the room. They will tell you that you are lucky you got it back and of course it will often take years to get it back.

    I had a buddy that had his gun stolen in Ohio and it turned up in Florida and after 7 years of wrangling with the crooked cops they claimed they did not know what happened to it even though they admitted they had it at one time. The gun was an expensive one and probably ended up in the collection of a crooked cop.

    Lets face facts when you can buy a modern junk cheap plasticky pistol for way less money than a high quality gun and the junk plasticky pistol is lighter in weight, and more rust resistant only a fool would carry a high priced collector grade gun or even a new gun of high quality.

        • lil’d wants cops supplanted and eventually replaced by the antifa/BLM s0cial-justice police.

          Crimes considered s0cial or political committed by favored classes will be ignored. Especially if done to class enemies.

    • …..I have seen cops throw confiscated guns across the room into a wire basket that had other guns already in it…..

      You’ve seen that huh? What a lying sack of shit. And, an idiot.

    • it’s been a little while since I responded to this idiot, but I’m bored. So I will. That is the stupidest shit I’ve read lately.

  7. I’m blessed to know that if the piece on my belt becomes a guest of local law enforcement I can just pick up one of his buddies I trust just as much. It’s nice to have options!

  8. Lotsa assumptions here, based on facts not in evidence.

    A $4000 gun is not gonna make an attacker more deterred, more injured, more stopped, more deader, than most $800 guns (or even $500 guns).

    The caution, the lesson, the wisdom of the article was summed up in one sentence: “Carry the reliable pistol that you shoot the best and can conceal comfortably enough that you’ll carry it regularly. Full stop.”

    The narrative Jeremy wove made the article more interesting, more enjoyable, but the sentence above covers the entire waterfront regarding possibilities of good, or adverse, outcomes for using a gun in self-defense.

  9. “They’ll argue that if you’re ever involved in a shooting the police are going to confiscate your pistol and, if you ever see it again, it won’t be until years later.”

    I always got mine back the next day for most of my several self-defense shootings. Once It was four days, the police station had a fire in the station and the fire marshal was investigating so no one was allowed in or out of the evidence room just down the hall for four days and that’s where my gun was. Once it was two weeks. I had others though so I didn’t go without.

  10. The G29 I carry daily is reliable and accurate but CAN be replaced for about $450.00 (not big money for a good handgun) plus the cost of the Trijicon “tritium” night sights, the Lone Wolf “alphawolf” barrel and the Lasermax guide rod laser so about $1100.00… Hmmmmmmmmmmmm.

  11. Hi Jeremy,
    This article was so well written and informative, that I can even excuse you for all of the useless “Gun Meme” articles. Besides, just seeing that beautiful Walther P7 squeeze-cocker made me realize that you are a true serious collector. Notice the key word “serious”?

  12. My most expensive hand gun that I would carry cost me a tad over $800, but it came with ten mags and a range bag. On the other hand, it was one heck of a sale that cut around $400 off the MSRP, so replacing it might be a significant dent. My rifles are a different story, but they are highly unlikely to be used for self defense locked away in my safe.

  13. The only time I’ve ever had to use one in self defense I was lucky the guy had the smarts to back off when he saw my gun. Long story short I had a guy try to pick a fight with me over a gas pump and he came at me screaming. I opened my coat and put my hand on my revolver and yelled “I don’t care, leave me alone”. He looked at my gun and looked me up and down then just walked away. He squealed his tires as he left the gas station like that made him some kind of badass I guess.

    But either way the expense of the rather large revolver on my hip had little concern to me as did ending the confrontation.

  14. Is this a shit on SCCY story? I have a SCCY for carry its a great tool and shoots great have 3,000 rounds in it still works great why shit on SCCY?

    • I carry a CPX-2 in an ankle holster for backup. CPX-1 WAS crap, fell apart but they replaced it with a 2 no charge, 10 years, shoot it at least once a week no problems but not my choice for primary carry. I am old school “bigger is better” so G29 10mm and Ruger P90 45 ACP get the nod for that job. Nothing wrong with that SCCY but would YOU want your photo next to a pink one?

    • I don’t own a sccy but I thinking I should find a holster for my $100 hydrodipped c9 high point.

      Just for the off chance that someday I am the one called upon to act in a news worthy heroic act. How DEVASTATED would all the fudds and snobs be if that was the pistol used?

      In reality though, I would never trust my life to high point while I have better tools at my disposal. They simply are not that reliable due to magazine issues. I cannot claim to have shot enough rounds to make an informed opinion on reliability of the rest of the platform, but one fault is one fault too many.

      • Several years ago there was a news item from Alaska. A father, home with his kids was forced to shoot a Grizzly bear threatening his family. The father was shown holding the gun he killed the bear with.

        A Hi Point .45 acp. You use what you have. It ain’t the arrow. It’s the Indian.

  15. Man does not know what he’s talking about. The firearm is always taken as evidence if for ballistics and nothing else. Open minded departments take care not to damage it and promptly return it on conclusion of the investigation.

    • Sure played like this in my last DGU. Took a sternly worded formal letter from my lawyer to prevent them from chopping it up too.

      Apparently pissed them off too. Because they broke the elevation by torquing it past the stop on the 510C Elite, which could not possibly be done except on purpose. And was also removed it from the gunm for no valid reason and placed beside it in the box.

  16. “Besides, do you really want to be the guy pictured next to his pink SCCY in all of the news coverage? No, no you don’t. I will see it and I will make fun of you.
    Whether the headline is “Hero saves the day” or “Self-defense gone wrong?,” I’m pretty sure you want your mug seen next to a damn respectable pistol.”

    Who gives a flying crap if it’s a pink SCCY, or a black SIG???
    If it saved my life, I’d happily be pictured next to it.

  17. The best firearm you have is the one to carry. Cost be damned. The only thing that matters is who’s standing on top of the dirt when the thing is over.

  18. RobnTn, that doesn’t matter either. Stick your pistol in the best thing you can afford. My HK P7M8 rides in a pretty nice rig. Good money spent on good leather is not misspent.

    • 👍GF!

      My P7 M13 (and two spare mags) ride in a Galco Miami Classic shoulder holster.

      Super safe to carry with a loaded chamber and has the same trigger pull every time.

      Also have a NIB carbon copy safe queen M13 in the safe (with three more mags). Should the EDC M13 be taken after a DGU situ.

      Please trolls, call BS so I can post a pic to Walther Forums and provide a link here. 👍🤣

      • I call bs.
        Not really I just like looking at cool guns.
        I say carry what works best for you. if that’s a $100 hipoint or a $3500 Wilson so be it. if it saves your ass it did its job.

        • 🤣
          I’ll take a pic of the pair, post to Walther Forums and provide a link. 👍

          Just got back to Texas after two weeks in Iowa. Had five outdoor range days during the unusual warm weather there. Hope Santa brings ammo, we shot a few cases.

        • Nice ! Good looking leather to. I’ve never been able to find a shoulder rig that I really like. Always end up back on the belt. Put some rounds through a friend’s m8 a few times but haven’t ever shot a 13.

        • I’ve tried several shoulder rigs, found the early Galco wide strap versions to be the most comfortable.
          The M13 and two mags weigh around four pounds (when loaded with 50 rounds), it’s unnoticeable due to the weight being carried on the shoulders. Also maintains maximum accessibility sitting or standing. Seat belt don’t interfere with accessing the firearm either.

        • Got a Galco “Jackass” shoulder rig for my G29, a little bit heavier than that M13 but still carries comfortably all day.

  19. What a bunch of egotistical, judgmental, overly opinionated jerks–especially the ones bragging about how they could carry x, y, and z if they wanted to, but carry a more economical gun instead. They’re even egotistical about not being “egotistical.”

  20. Two handguns, a long gun, ammo, training, and all accessories(hearing, eye protection, cleaner, lube, etc.) is what you can get for one $4000 hk p7. If you’ve got it, good for you, but most of us don’t. There are better choices for those of us who have a budget.

    • Well, if anyone is considering the purchase of an HK P7 at todays prices they’re doing it wrong.

      I could sell my used EDC P7-M13 for more then I paid for it AND my NIB example back in 2018.

  21. Pink or not, I’d be impressed as hell if someone successfully defended their life with a SCCY, because it would mean they either bludgeoned an attacker to death with it, or they actually got a SCCY pistol to fire when they pulled the trigger.

  22. actually got a SCCY pistol to fire when they pulled the trigger.

    Must not know much about SCCY pistols, tell you what, you stand 30 feet in front of me and let me demonstrate the capability of my ten year old CPX-2 while aiming at you. I will give you one hundred dollars for every trigger pull that fails to send a high velocity projectile in your direction, hell I’ll give two hundred for every round that fails to impact your body. I guarantee you won’t have to wait long to realize the error of THAT ignorant statement. The only way you could “bludgeon” someone to death with a 15 oz handgun would be to duct tape it to a Louisville Slugger. I do not carry an SCCY as my primary but there are a lot worse choices and if that’s all you have when you need it, you’ll be glad you had it.

    • Pretty sure I didn’t imagine pulling a trigger on one multiple times and not getting so much as a click. I’ll see your empty threat and raise you an I DON’T CARE.

  23. Pretty sure there was no threat implied or otherwise just offering you an opportunity to see that the SCCY can be a reliable and accurate firearm. and the SCCY pistol does not “click”. You don’t like em that’s your business but to infer that all SCCY firearms are like some poorly maintained or broken gun that you experienced is pure ignorance you could have simply said you tried an SCCY, it failed to fire, and you are not interested in owning one. If you don’t care, why did you bother to inject such a broad-based uninformed opinion. I’ve had a high-end firearm fail so I got it fixed and moved on I didn’t condemn the entire brand. One hint, since it is a double action piece it will drop the hammer every time you pull the trigger but you actually must have a round in the chamber for it to fire so you need to insert a loaded magazine and physically rack the slide to chamber a round.

    • I’ve got a CPX-2 as my car gun. Have had it for several years. Lotsa rounds downrange. Goes bang every trigger pull. Oh, wait, I do recall a dud round one time. Must’ve been a faulty primer because after ejecting it there were no further issues then or since. Anyway, I have confidence in it. And, if the car SHOULD be broken into and it’s ripped off it won’t break the bank. But, ISSUES? Yeah, I’ve had ongoing issues with a CZ RAMI even after having sent it back to CZ. And, it was NIB when I acquired it. I can assure you the RAMI was much more expensive that the SCCY CPX-2 and the RAMI is pretty much a safe queen now.

      • When I bought mine they were $198.00, bought it because the factory is only about 20 miles from me in Daytona Beach, originally bought the CPX-1 and yes it was a piece of crap, litterally fell apart in my hands after about a year, took it to the plant, out of warranty but they took it back and gave me a CPX-2 to replace it, that was over 10 years ago fire it regularly even run +P ammo through it, used it to teach my wife how to operate a semi-auto but she still prefers her .38 Spec wheel gun (She’s deadly with that thing at 30 yards). I’ve got my money’s worth out of it. Carry it as a backup when I’m riding.

  24. I’ve had gunms took from me 3 times by the cops.
    One I didnt bitch about cause it wasn’t worth the trouble, number two I did bitch about and spend a lot of money spend a lot of money, bitch, and number 3 was returned by the county deputy asap.
    So, here’s the deal. Get a cheap gunm( disposable razor) or get an expensive gunm( grandpa’s straight razor).
    Theres a reason 3d printing and polymer frames are popular. Your not as apt to fight for a Right if its cheaper to give up then fighting for the Right, they know this, they also know once We The People become accustomed to giving it up it’s easier to take.
    Carry what you will.

  25. I used to be a 1911 snob. Until one day I was getting ready to send my recently purchased Colt Lightweight Officers ACP out to Wilson Combat for about $2500 worth of work.

    On that day I was cleaning my Glock 19 and it was on my bench. I dug the colt out of the safe and put it next to the Glock. I then noticed that the Colt was no smaller than the G19. In fact, its footprint was pretty close.

    It was also thicker, and heavier.

    The Glock held 16 rounds of 9mm and I shot it very well.
    The Colt held 7 rounds of .45 ACP and it was a handful to shoot well when shooting fast.

    The Glock was 100% reliable, cost $550 and could be replaced in an afternoon. Did I mention I shot it well??

    The Colt was being sent out to Wilson to make it reliable, I’d have almost $3500 into it by the time it was done and would take a year to replace.

    Holding these two guns side by side I realized that I wasn’t going to send out the Colt. Instead I sold it.

    If you want your carry gun to be a fine piece of Man-Jewelry then go for it.
    But if you just want a reliable, great shooting gun, you don’t need a “fine gun”.

    Glocks are ubiquitous, ugly and effective. The same could be said for the P365. Together these two guns represent the ultimate in handguns as tools.

    That’s all I need. I’ve got my custom 1911s as range guns. I don’t need them as carry pieces.

    Note – after this, I also sold off my Nighthawk Custom Lightweight Predator II Bobtail and my Les Baer Stinger.


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