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Moms Demand Action’s Shannon Watts claims that defensive gun uses don’t happen.  They’re just an urban myth.  A fantasy perpetrated by crazed gun nuts. Then again, “gaslighting” is the 2022 word of the year.

Bright and early last Friday morning, two separate neighbors with concealed carry guns in Michigan, seeing a “disturbance” turn into a home invasion of a nearby residence with a mom and two children inside, acted quickly to stop the mayhem before police eventually arrived and tok the suspect into custody.

Like most good guys with guns, the two CCW holders used good judgement and didn’t fire a shot. But they made it clear to the lunatic in question that if he continued, he’d suffer some ballistic bodily alteration. At the sight of the guns and the determined men willing to use them, the drug-addled 32-year-old home invader, according to police, experienced a sudden change of demeanor.

Saginaw County Undersheriff Miguel Gomez credited the armed neighbors with preventing any injuries to innocents, including the children in the home. “No injuries occurred due to the quick action of the two citizens that took control of the suspect shortly after him gaining entry into the home,” Gomez said.

The good people at mLive had the rest of the story . . .

Neighbors with pistols detained a 32-year-old St. Charles man during an alarming post-Thanksgiving outburst that began seemingly as a public rant and progressed into a break-in at a home where children were present, Saginaw County Sheriff’s Department officials said…

At 7:33 a.m. Friday, Nov. 25, sheriff’s deputies were dispatched to a neighborhood in St. Charles where residents reported a disorderly man was “jumping on a car and yelling,” Gomez said.

Before law enforcers arrived at the scene, the man broke into a house on Sanderson Street, officials said. Watching the outburst were two neighbors — armed and carrying concealed pistol licenses — who then “rushed to the scene to stop the home invasion,” Gomez said.

At 7:51 a.m., the two neighbors detained the man until deputies arrived two minutes later, Gomez said.

The home was occupied by a 41-year-old woman and her two children, ages 13 and 9, the undersheriff said.

Ah, but wait, there’s more. From an mLive follow-up story . . .

A St. Charles man has been charged with two felonies after armed civilians stopped him allegedly breaking into a home the morning after Thanksgiving.

Toddell Boykins, 32, on Monday, Nov. 28, appeared before Saginaw County District Judge Elian E.H. Fichtner for arraignment on single counts of first-degree home invasion and malicious destruction of personal property between $1,000 and $20,000. The former is a punishable by up to 20 years in prison and a $5,000 fine, while the latter carries a maximum penalty of five years’ imprisonment and a fine of $20,000 or three times the value of the damage property.

Like good neighbors, the gun owners were there. They kept Black Friday from being a very dark day for a mother and her children.

If you’re keeping score at home, Watts has since moved from denying the existence of defensive gun uses to now claiming that they’re “rare.” That was no doubt the result of a torrent of ridicule she got from using such an easily-proven false talking point.

But her latest claim is every bit as laughable. The largest study of American gun owners ever performed, published earlier this year, estimates that 1.6 million defensive gun uses occur in America every year. That can’t be considered “rare” even in Shannon Watts’ delusional world view.

The average American knows when they’re being lied to. They recognize when an anti-gun zealot like Watts shamelessly micturates on their leg and tells them it’s actually precipitation. Maybe that’s why Americans bought another 700,000 firearms just last week.

The average Joe and Jane can see for themselves what’s resulted from defunded police departments, zero bail laws, and criminals who aren’t prosecuted. They’ve increasingly decided that they choose not to participate in these “progressive” reindeer games. They want the ability to protect themselves and their families and they’re not buying the gun control industry’s sky-is-falling claims of guns making people less safe.

Sorry, Shannon. You have yourself a really nice holiday season, OK?



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  1. Anyone breaking a door in with such force is not kidding around therefore occupants best be fully prepared to punch some perp’s ticket numerous times. Failure to do so may leave you and yours in much worse shape than the door.

  2. Hmm. I’m certainly no fan of Shannon Watts, but this article seemed less like a journalistic report, and more like an opportunity to mention her name another *checks notes* three times.

    I’m a real fan of Dean Weingarten’s style of reporting (typically posted on another gunn site). Just sayin’. 😉

    Justdafax, please.

    • JWM,

      Yup. I know my neighbors and my neighborhood. The operative word is “my”. It is not simply the neighborhood in which I live, nor are they simply neighbors. It is my neighborhood and these are my neighbors.

  3. No cooling bodies? That makes the story a little on the sad side. There should have been one Darwin award given to the perp. Hope he doesn’t get a Soros funded DA to reduce charges and cut him loose on personal recognizance! Another homeowner may have to chill the perp to ambient temperature.

    • Toddell Boykins, is that where the name ‘Todd’ comes from?

      It might be a ‘deep south’ name…

    • Remember for those in Illinoistan after January 1, 2023. Criminals like this will not be required to post bail. As well as any criminals arrested in 2022 will be allowed to request to be released without bail under Governor Prickster and Illinois Democrats SAFE T Act.

    • “punishable by up to 20 years in prison…while the latter carries a maximum penalty of five years’ imprisonment”

      It would be interesting to find out how much time he actually serves.

  4. They didn’t shoot anyone. The MSM and gun control people wouldn’t dare want you to count this as a DGU.

    • but it most definitely IS a DGU. Had they each been holding a hamburger he likely would have continued with his original plan , saving the hamburger for after his hard work was completed.

      Hat’s off to the two REAL neighbours who saw th pickle this family were in and took immediate decisive and effective action. Da way it spozed ta be when criminals decide to criminalise.

      • “Hat’s off to the two REAL neighbours who saw th pickle this family were in and took immediate decisive and effective action.”

        Saginaw, Michigan.

        What’s the political climate there? If it’s run by Leftist Scum ™, they could make those guys wish they never stepped up… 🙁

        • Geoff PR,

          Several states, including Michigan, have Castle Doctrine codified in law which means: a home occupant has a reasonable fear that a violent home invader presents a credible imminent threat of death or great bodily harm and therefore justifies use of deadly force in self-defense. Thus, the burden of proof is on the prosecutor to establish that a home defender somehow did NOT have a reasonable belief if that prosecutor wants to convict a defender on some bogus felony charge.

          And I believe all states allow a Good Samaritan to use deadly force in defense of a victim if that victim was legally justified to use deadly force in righteous self-defense.

          Given the above facts, prosecutors virtually never attempt to prosecute home occupants in obvious violent home-invasion cases. And on the exceedingly rare occasion where a prosecutor would attempt to do so, I believe victims’ defense attorneys have a 100% success rate having judges dismiss their cases at preliminary hearings. Thus, the neighbors who defended the mom and her children should be fine.

          Disclaimer: I am not an attorney and the above is NOT legal advice.

  5. “Rare” will become an event that touches most before the pendulum swings back again. Some will not be as victorious in the current legal system in some places. We fight hard to make sure this place I live in isn’t one of those. Doesn’t matter what fight your in if it’s political, actual or legal you best be that third monkey.

  6. First of all what was the nature of the actual threat or was it just a frightening experience?
    Was anybody actually injured or other wise harmed??
    Was his perp ARMED or threatening anybody with a firearm or any other weapon ??
    If not the obvious next question is – what would have happenend if he had resisted and would it have been LAWFUL to shoot him?
    I only ask because I was taught, and as a Smallarms Instructor in the Royal Air Force, I TAUGHT my students that you never, ever threatened with a firearm unless you were prepared to use it.
    In my opinion if this perp was unarmed and he had been shot and killed the least that these ‘armed citizens’ would have got was a MANSLAUGHTER CHARGE.
    Why turn what in the greaterr scheme of things is actually a relatively minor incident commited by what appears to be a drunken idiot that probably happens 10,000 times a day anywhere in the world into an excuse to go around slotting people and pretending that’s perfectly OK.
    It happened right next door to me here in the UK and I do mean right next door. I was not in at the time but the estranged husband was restrained or ‘discouraged by a married couple andthe POlice called,. the UNAMED POLICE arrived in around ten minute and confiscated one illegal .22 Rifle. One .22 Air weapon and one also illegal shot gun. No cartridges were found and the shoit gun was found to be an in operative Wall Piece. HE awaits his day in court.
    I am 84 years old and I cannot remember ever having SEEN an unregulated firearm and certainly never a High Calibre Semi-Auto Rifle other than in the ehands of the Police or Security Services. Though maybe 40 years ago there was a shooting incident when a young lad shot his Uncle by accident when out rabbiting other and of course theere was a raid by armed Police on a ILLEGAL ARMS FACTORY IN HAILSHAM EAST SUSSEX [details on the web] and another accidental shooting with a 12 gauge other than that I cannot recall a single incidenet where criminal intent has been the cause of a shooting.
    By the way I believe the ILLEGAL arms factory was attempting to manufacture a 1920 Model Browning SLP Hand Gun. The perp involved topped himself.

    • You kick in the door you die. Don’t matter if your armed or not brit
      We have castle doctrine and stand your ground. This is America 🇺🇸

    • You’re an idiot Albert. You have multiple shootings in the U.K. every day especially in London. The gangs and criminal elements shoot each other regularly, your government doesn’t care and your media doesn’t cover it.

    • @Albert LJ Hall

      “First of all what was the nature of the actual threat or was it just a frightening experience?”

      are you serious?

      the very obvious wasn’t enough for you to understand. you can’t read?

      • Prince among kings Albert will maintain the stiff upper lip, grab his swagger stick, and dish out a damned good thrashing. Followed up by a rodgering like he would do to the cadets.

    • how long have you been trolling here ??
      your stupidity in thinking British laws matter to Americans shows that you limey clowns have not learned anything since we kicked you out after a tea party.

      • Hey now, don’t slime the rest of Britain because of this guy’s inadequacies of heart and mind. 😉

    • Was his perp ARMED or threatening anybody with a firearm or any other weapon ??
      Being armed is entirely unnecessary for the “imminent fear of death or grave bodily harm” to be reasonably present. Trust me, I’m not a big guy, but I could most likely gravely hurt, if not kill, a lot of bigger folks with just my hands and feet. At least when I was younger and less rickety.
      Also, given the damage he did to the door frame kicking in the door, it’s very likely he was going to do grave bodily harm to someone in that house.

      you never, ever threatened with a firearm unless you were prepared to use it
      Absolutely correct. At least partly because if you do pull it but are reluctant to use it, it might get taken away from you and used on you. That’s true of any weapon.

      In my opinion if this perp was unarmed and he had been shot and killed the least that these ‘armed citizens’ would have got was a MANSLAUGHTER CHARGE.
      Your opinions is wrong. It’s also horrible and awful. Just because (as explained above) he wasn’t armed with a knife or gun he isn’t dangerous? He cant pick up a frying pan or rolling pin in that mom’s kitchen and bludgeon them to death? He can’t just grab the 9yo and beat him/her to death? WTF is wrong with your heart? You don’t think someone should be able to use an appropriately overwhelming amount of force to ensure something like that doesn’t happen? That violates reason AND empathy.

      a relatively minor incident
      Your judgment is really warped. Probably living a very sheltered life.

    • A quote over on Instapundit, right up Albert’s … alley:
      Police in London recorded a quarter of a million violent crime offenses in 2021-22, a 10 percent increase from the previous year. A major driver of violence in the capital has been gang warfare.

  7. Just a reminder that Shannon Watts ran Monsanto’s PR during the RoundUp™ cancer trial and Well Point’s PR during their cancelation of benefits because of cancer trial. The “poor stay at home mom” shtick is a well crafted lie, her kids are late teens and she was well compensated as a PR executive.

    She is multi-millionaire scum hired by Bloomberg to direct the conversation towards a disarmed populace.

  8. Kudos to these neighbors. Truly neighbors in the sense of Luke chapter 10.
    And that neighborhood just got that much safer, too.

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