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Gary Slider of writes:

Texas will now honor Ohio permits issued or renewed on or after 3/23/15. Wisconsin honors Ohio in the same way. Both Wisconsin and Texas require a NICS check for them to honor another state’s permits and Ohio just went to the NICS check with their new law on 3/23/15. That is why Wisconsin and Texas will only honor the Ohio permit issued or renewed on or after that date. You can see the Texas agreement here and Wisconsin information is here. As for Tennessee, I made an error in the date the new Tennessee Parking Lot Storage Law goes into effect. It is July 1 and not the May date I originally posted. See the bill here . . .

Arkansas: Their law takes effect July 22, 2015.  Polling places are no longer off limits to carry by law. Those with a valid permit/license from any state can keep their concealed firearm on their person while dropping off or picking up children at a school and can leave their firearm in their locked motor vehicle while on school property.  You can see the bill here.

Oklahoma: Effective November 1, 2015 Oklahoma will preempt all knife laws in the state. No local authority can have any knife laws stricter than state law. Switchblades will also be legal. is the main group behind pushing knife preemption laws in the different states. You can follow their progress at their website. You can view the Oklahoma House Bill 1460 Preemption here.

Tennessee: Effective July 1, 2015 Tennessee residents will be able to apply for a lifetime permit. Application is the same as a regular permit and the cost is $500. believes this lifetime license will cause a few states to stop honoring the Tennessee permit. Time will tell, but it has happened to other states that went to lifetime permits. Lifetime Permit Bill.

Ohio: The Ohio attorney general has updated his reciprocity page stating that Ohio now honors all other states’ permit/licenses to carry. With the addition of Texas, the only other state at this time that Ohio can obtain reciprocity with is the state of Maine. AG’s website.


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    • Simple: hubs of the greatest intellectuals of our generation. /sarc

      Cesspools of liberal ideology.

    • Urban areas. Typically they have the most crime. So of course people can’t LEGALLY carry guns, because too many people ILLEGALLY do so for criminal purposes.

      And if that makes sense to you perhaps you can run for office in California.

  1. Knife laws are important as well. In Washington local cities can ban knives over a certain length, which creates a statewide patchwork of what’s legal and where. If you want a pocket knife longer than 3″ going out to lunch in a different city could mean breaking the law.

  2. As someone who is very poorly enlightened on the matter of ccw’s (or whatever you all call them in your respective jurisdictions) is it possible to carry multiple permits to conceal carry ie get an OH permit, then get a CA permit?

    • Yes. Several states offer non-resident permits. However, some states only recognize resident permits. Additionally, other states may only allow a non-resident permit if you already have a resident permit. As an example of the former, if I as a TX resident go to FL, I need to have a TX CHL. Having a VA permit, for example, would do me no good there. An example of the latter is if I want to get a UT permit, I need to have a TX permit first. On the other hand, if I was a MD resident, I wouldn’t need the MD permit before applying for the UT.

      Complicated yet? That’s the upside to national reciprocity. Of course, what the law giveth, the law taketh. Which is why Constitutional carry would be better. Which is sad, as I generally Might be mollified enough with national shall issue. I mean, permits have historically been the purview of the states, but so has marriage (and we see how that has gone).

  3. Depends on the state. Some states allow non-resident permits. I live in KY which has reciprocity with I believe 38 other states. However I frequently visit family in upstate NY, who will not issue non-resident permits, so no carry for me even though I am traveling with a wife and small child at small interstate truckstops, frequently at night. Gotta love NY… glad I got out. Too bad I keep having to go back.

  4. Sorry if this isn’t the right place to ask this but seems like as good a place as any, I’m a CT resident (trust me I know how awful that is) and the big trend up our way is getting Utah permits as well to be able to carry in a good amount of other states. Is there any permit better than Utah I should look into?

      • Checked the site out. I was afraid that they didn’t keep it current but was wrong. Looks like up to date info.
        Very convenient. Thanks to those that maintain it.

    • I have Utah and Florida non-resident permits. I live on Long Island and can only have a “Sportsman” permit which allows CC to and from a range. (I visit Florida regularly) Utah is very good but Florida will only honor Utah resident permit.
      I believe Pennsylvania will only honor Florida resident permit.
      The best way is to go to the state’s website that you are visiting beforehand. Florida and Utah sites are very informative

  5. I know VA and FL offer non-residents that have good reciprocity. Might check those

  6. That lifetime permit in Tennessee sounds like a rip off. In my state (Iowa) that would cover 95 years worth of permits (at current rates) and since you can’t get one until your 21 you’d have to live to 117 for it to pay off. Plus in 5 or 10 years they’ll go constitutional carry anyway.

  7. Gary and whomever helps you keeping the site up, tremendous thanks! The site is done so well it’s indispensable to me. I can only guess what a PITA it is to keep up.

  8. $500 for legal permission to exercise my rights? That’s unreasonable. Of course there shouldn’t be any cost, but if there is why is it so expensive? I’m hoping the reason is that it includes hours of training, lifetime issuance of documentation and cards as needed and requested, and pays to keep a customer service line and their office open. But I expect the $500 goes toward bureaucracy and maintaining a database of gun owners, and is artificially high to discourage gun ownership. Sure, you can instead elect to get nickel-and-dimed for $40 a year instead, or whatever the cost is, substantially more than $500 in the long run.

    • Keeping the permit fees high keeps them out of the hands of really scary people (black, low income, inner-city residents). You know – the people who live in high crime areas and are most likely to need them.

      We really haven’t progressed too far from the racist roots of gun control.

    • In TN the current cost for a HCP is $105 for 4 years. I hope other states continue to recognize the 4 year permit for TN. Expiration date is clearly printed on my permit, proving that I don’t have a lifetime permit.

  9. So, if I have recreational land in SC, and am Ohio resident, have Ohio ccl license, what exactly does that mean that SC says “Ohio resident permit only”?

    • It means you have reciprocal rights to carry in SC regardless of whether or not you own property if you have an Ohio resident LTC

    • And at the same time cause Chuck Schumer’s head to explode. Great outcome.

      • And DiFi’s. I just don’t want to be within a ten mile radius of either of them when it happens; I don’t want their pus-and-blood (but little-to-no gray matter) goo all over me.

    • National reciprocity would indeed be a wondrous thing.

      You’d still have to watch out for each state’s (and locality’s, where there’s no state pre-emption) individual quirks regarding where you may or may not carry, and how you must handle law enforcement encounters. CA for instance lets you carry almost anywhere, even in some surprising places. (For CA that’s a surprise…but then again, CA allowing permit holders to carry everywhere is somewhat like exempting unicorns from speed limits.) Illinois has a ton of forbidden areas (but “graciously” permits you to store your gun in your car at these places). And on and on.

      So there’d still be plenty of nonsense, until someone in power finally acknowledges that the 2A pre-empts almost every restriction on the books.

    • By FINALLY deciding to recognize CO permits, Ohio has rendered moot my main pet peeve with their laws, that car carry is considered “concealed” and therefore no bueno for OCing. I can now conceal in OH if I wish (I am not “forced” to OC) and when I OC I don’t have to do weird things on entry and exit of a vehicle.

      Colorado is still a slightly better OC state (unless you need/want to go to the City and County of Denver, in which case it positively sucks and Ohio beats it hands down) because no permit is needed AND no car dance even without a permit, but the gap is narrowing.

  10. I live in WI…I work in IL (Rockford to top it off).
    Every single day I put up with the fact that though I can carry and have no criminal record my best shot at defending my self for the majority of my day 5 days a week is a pocket knife or throwing something heavy-ish…I hate this state. Yet no one in charge seems to notice that the worst state/city (Chicago) for gun crimes is the harshest on us law abiding individuals.

    when I read this all I see is “you have no rights, you have no say.”

    Here’s to hoping D. Trump and the REP government forces National Reciprocity.
    *Side note, any So-WI employers looking for experienced IT employee?
    reach me at [email protected]

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