Quote of the Day: Economics of Prohibition Edition


“Typically, if somebody steals a gun in Georgia and they try to sell it in Georgia, they’ll probably get less than what it’s worth. If you steal it here and take it to New York, you get four or five times what it’s worth.” – Perry, Georgia Police Chief Stephen Lynn in NYPD cop killed with gun stolen from shop in Georgia, where gun laws are lax [at nydailynews.com]   (Auto-playing video after the jump) . . .


  1. avatar Teasers says:

    Five to six times their value? Starting to see my three hundred dollar S&W sd9 in a whole new light.

    Also, what’s the markup on ammo? I’m just asking, for a friend. That’s writing a paper for school.

    1. avatar clickboom says:


    2. avatar Jack Burton says:

      ha ha ha…

  2. avatar Shire-man says:

    No, no no. It’s Georgias weak gun laws that allow felons to steal guns and NY’s super strong common sense gun laws that keep felons from having guns.

    Or something like that.

    1. avatar Karl says:

      After watching the local news here I had to email the station. The broadcast starts out by saying the “gun” was stolen and ended by them blaming the lax “gun” laws in the Southern states.
      Then chucky schumer gets on TV and repeats the same trash.
      What they should be doing is going after the gang members who steal and traffic the firearms.
      They did a sting and actually arrested nine gang members today.

      1. avatar Burley Ole'Bear says:

        what they should do is restore constitutionally sound laws regarding firearms in all the states and THAT will very nearly eliminate this kind of story.

    2. avatar Jandrews says:

      Except isn’t the subject of this article that a LEO was killed with a *stolen* firearm?

      I can’t wait to see how the logic gets twisted on that front. You see, when the populace is allowed to have guns, more guns are available to steal, which means that New York felons intent on murder will make the round trip, so that…

      And so on. The problem isn’t that we have a thieving felon planning murder on the street, no, s/he’s just a misunderstood victim. The problem is lawful citizens owning power tools. In another state about 1000 miles away.

      They should pass a law in NY banning guns from Georgia specifically no matter how they were acquired. Surely that will fix this.

      1. avatar Jay-El says:

        I can’t wait to see how the logic gets twisted on that front. You see, when the populace is allowed to have guns, more guns are available to steal…

        That is precisely the logic of the anti-gunners. One less legally owned gun* is one less gun that can be stolen.

        * Out of a couple-hundred million or so.

      2. avatar Ed says:

        What really bothers me is that in a situation like this they (NYers’) blame *other* states on their problems and want to impose federal laws restricting the rights of other states to *solve* their problems.
        In CA a couple years back someone went on a murder spree with an AR. I remember thinking that they were gonna blame the fact that the murderer got the AR from a neighboring state and that’s why we need stronger *federal* gun bans

      3. avatar blue says:

        How ridiculous you sound about “NY banning guns from another state”. WTF is that gonna do? THE GUN WAS STOLEN. NY is already the strictest firearm state. Which is violating the lawfully abiding citizens 2nd amendment rights.

      4. avatar Bob says:

        A LEO’s life is worth much more than you and me, don’t you know.

        When a non-LEO gets shot by a stolen gun, nobody cares… about the stolen gun from a more free state.

  3. avatar actionphysicalman says:

    I thought the government could overrule the law of supply and demand.

    1. avatar Wiregrass says:

      Only if Congress passes FPAFA, the Family Protection and Affordable Firearms Act.

      Because like health care, everyone has a right to self defense.

      1. avatar LOki says:

        You win!

  4. avatar Mad Max says:

    The gun laws in Georgia have nothing to do with the problem. Robbery is robbery in both locations.

    If the bad guys ignore the anti-robbery laws, they sure won’t pay any attention to a gun law either.

    Of course, I’m preaching to the choir.

  5. avatar Colt Magnum says:

    Let’s see. Criminals break into a pawn shop and steal firearms. The guns end up in New York and Everytown blames it on Georgia’s “lax” gun laws. What nonsense!

    1. avatar Soccerchainsaw says:

      As opposed to NY’s laxative gun laws, (I.e., they ain’t worth a sh…..)

  6. avatar the ruester says:

    “Now, some New Yorkers might actually think this is our fault, for making a black market out of a legal business and encouraging a culture of lawlessness with our progressive policies, but we insist on blaming our victims in Georgia, so, yeah…”

    1. avatar Mk10108 says:

      When NY PD chokes a man to death for selling cigarettes that already had the tax paid…I submit the state of NY gives a hi-ho F&$k about stolen guns in GA.

      1. avatar tdiinva says:

        I don’t think taxes are paid on “loosies.” What would be the point of buying them?

        Eric Garner wasn’t choked to death, his diet killed him. This particularly incident was just a trigger. He could have checked out in the squad car if had gone peacefully. His wife described him as a heart attack waiting to happen.

        1. avatar LarryinTX says:

          The point of buying them is you can’t afford a full pack.

  7. avatar sarc says:

    We all know the gun ran away from the store and traveled to the big city to make it. He was then swallowed up by the despair of living in New Moscow and killed that cop

  8. avatar annoyed says:

    Interesting story…but DON’T auto-play video’s!!! I’ve had to pause the stupid thing 3 times after reading a story and then clicking on the back button!!!!

    1. avatar Mark Lloyd says:

      Don’t know what device you are using, but on a regular computer, I use Firefox with Flashblock add on.
      Nothing plays until I click on it. I know when I use my Pad…I thing, it sucks, I hate it.

  9. avatar Frank says:

    It was the lax gun laws that allowed this. If GA had UBC, the thief wouldn’t have been able to get the gun because they wouldn’t have been able to pass the BC.

    We need a law that requires gun retailers to keep a pad of 4487s on the counter at night for theifs to fill out prior to stealing a firearm. That will fix it.

    1. avatar Jeremy in AL says:


      1. avatar Simon Jester says:

        The 4487 would the the new form demanded by the bureaucracy for “low income nocturnal” non-sales. 🙂

      2. avatar Frank says:

        DOH!! Was working on my first cup of coffee. sorry.

  10. avatar Kyle in CT says:

    How ironic is it that the government in the financial capital of the world doesn’t understand market economics?

  11. avatar Will P. says:

    Dang that’s about 30 mins north of me. Supposedly there is a trade route of sorts that runs from the south up the east coast for illegal guns. But all those guns were stolen from a pawn shop, so what difference does it make if the gun laws are “lax” here or not?

  12. avatar arsh says:

    But if the law says stealing is illegal, and that owning a gun without a permit in NY is illegal, then how do they still have guns? Better pass another law that’ll ultimately be ignored, that’ll show them.

  13. avatar Frank says:

    The problem isn’t the law in GA. It’s the over abundance of criminals in NY. The rest of the equation is just simple supply and demand. Lest anyone tell you differently, guns are stolen from NY retailers too and they most certainly make their way to where all the bad guys are – NYC.

    1. avatar Karl says:

      Actually I think guns are stolen here too and then sold back when there is a “gun buy back” no questions asked program. (Which is quite frequently)

  14. avatar Mk10108 says:

    We should gave compassion for elective representatives. Where else could actionable policies contribute to enforcement failure and corrective action is limiting law abiding citizens public lawful self protection.

  15. avatar SteveInCO says:

    Another damn autoplay in the story–though at least it wasn’t in the part that shows up on the main page.

    Worse, it’s an autoplay of 0bozo.

  16. avatar RockOnHellChild says:

    Wait, you mean to tell me prohibition creates a lucrative and thriving black market…

    Yeeeaahh, I don’t think you understand how this Utopia thing works… Bad things don’t happen, mkay?

  17. avatar J E says:

    Perhaps GA should sue NY for driving crime to their state due to the artificial reduction of supply via regulation that is driving up the local prices and driving enterprising criminals to states that don’t have regulatory reduction in supply.

    Regulation and prohibition can drive crime!

  18. avatar KCK says:

    Remember, lax gun laws means,, wait for it

    You can buy a gun!

  19. avatar Derrick Pruitt says:

    We may have “lax” gun laws but we are pretty stringent on theft and that didn’t do shit to stop this.

  20. avatar Garrison Hall says:

    Despite their best efforts at control, guns keep pouring into NYC’s from southern states that are willfully ignoring the morally superior laws that are intended to save people’s lives. The heathen southern states are practicing evil and need to be made purity of thinking the right way.

    Sorta’ sounds like Muslims’ complaints about people drawing images of Allah.

  21. avatar Tex300BLK says:

    As others have pointed out, I’m pretty sure theft is 100% illegal in all states, well except in California where it has to be an expensive gun. Furthermore federal law makes it illegal to sell a handgun out of state without going through and FFL
    So no matter how lax the gun laws in Georgia, this particular transaction described above was felony illegal on two counts, and yet still happened.
    So thank you New York for creating this market.

  22. avatar Ralph says:

    Y’see, when a state makes it easier to buy guns, it encourages people to steal them.

    Wait, what?

  23. avatar Former Water Walker says:

    Well yeah…and Chiraq blames Indiana and other states for their crime. Capitalism folks…

  24. avatar Tomyironmane says:

    Next comes the federal lawsuits from that cesspool New York demanding that the rest of the country devolve into the same sort of jackbooted totalitarian state. Mark my words, they’re gonna try that, and Bloomberg is gonna spend millions smearing law abiding people and shaming them into becoming just as defenseless and helpless as his own subjects.

  25. avatar Justin_GA says:

    I live in Georgia and “lax” gun laws means freedom to purchase a firearm IF YOU ARE NOT A CRIMINAL! Georgia gun dealers can refuse to sell a gun to anyone if they suspect something isn’t right! And they DO! Dealers sell plenty of firearms to turn down suspicious sales. If a criminal STEALS a firearm that doesn’t mean our firearm laws are lax. It means a criminal is a criminal. Speaking of stealing guns….Georgia would be one of the last places I would attempt to break in a Gun Store. Chances of getting caught/killed are way higher then other states. Residence of Georgia like guns and dislike criminals. We like it when good guys shoot and kill criminals!

  26. avatar Jonathan - Houston says:

    It’s always funny, except it never is, when places like New York or Chicago blame neighboring states or even distant states and their alleged “lax” gun laws (like felony burglary and federal interstate trafficking?) as the cause of their so-called gun violence.

    If those other states are oh so lax in gun laws, and that’s the proximate cause of gun violence, then why does that violence present hundred or thousands of miles away in anti-gun pockets like Chicago and NYC, and not in those lax law states themselves? Hmmm?

    Why don’t those other states with “lax” gun laws experience that same level of gun violence? Why does the supposed source of the cause escape its effect, as do all of the other non-antigun states between Georgia and NYC and Chicago?

    It almost suggests that maybe the problem isn’t Georgia or Virginia or whomever’s “lax” gun laws, but rather NYC and Chicago’s draconian gun laws and civilian disarmament. Could it be?

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