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Robbing someone on the street is an iffy proposition in any situation. In a country with over 400 million firearms, the chances of your intended victim being armed is getting better every day. That’s a good part of the reason why — until the Pandemic, Black Lives Matter/Antifa riots, and civil unrest combined with the defund-the-police movement — America was experiencing record low violent crime rates.

When two teens looking for some easy cash approached a man in Houston early Friday morning who had just pulled into an apartment complex, they apparently thought they’d intimidate him by carrying a toy AR-15.

They chose…poorly


Deputies arrived and found one teen on top of the wounded one giving CPR. Deputies assisted with CPR and paramedics also came to the scene, but the teenager did not survive.

Deputies later determined the weapon the teens had was actually a toy rifle made to resemble an AR-15.

Oops. That didn’t really go as well as the two teens envisioned.

Texas has about 1.4 million people with concealed carry permits. Oh, and you don’t even need a permission slip in the Lone Star State to carry a gun in your car. So approaching random people with fake firearms hoping to intimidate them into giving up their wallet is a risky business…a business being now conducted by one less young d-bag than last week.

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  1. Thank you John Deacon, bassist for Queen for your eloquent words:

    But I’m ready, yes, I’m ready for you
    I’m standing on my own two feet
    Out of the doorway the bullets rip
    Repeating to the sound of the beat

    Another one bites the dust
    Another one bites the dust
    And another one gone, and another one gone
    Another one bites the dust
    Hey, I’m gonna get you, too
    Another one bites the dust

  2. Play stupid games…
    Teens? gang members? minority?
    Victim’s ethnicity? Same or different from “teens”?
    Not that it matters…but did they target the guy because of his “race”? Or maybe his car? His clothes?

    • The ethnicity doesn’t matter. Several years ago, a group of white teenagers a block away from where I live were playing airsoft with some higher end, realistic versions of the air guns. Threw local neighbors into a tizzy, and a retired LEO actually armed himself and approached the teens to verify, then walked to each of their homes to scold the parents for allowing the scare.

      • Yes, cause those white kids in your dumb story were not also going around and trying to rob people with their airport guns, unlike the “teens” in the post, dolt.

        • “I hate auto correct.”

          Looks like we can see who the real ‘dolt’ is… 🙂

        • I was wondering when Haz’s fluffed Geoff the Good was going to weight in. What a 🤡 and buster!

        • “Geoff the Good”?

          “…going to weight in…”?

          You are need to go back to your ESL class for so you can able to talk the Engrish smarterly.

        • Please address you dipshit comment and don’t worry about my autocorrect issues. This deflection reminds me of when pwrserge powned your ass back in May…

        • Still waiting – this is not my first time asking you – for an explanation of how Serge “owned” me. And for why it’s so important to you.

          You started out sardonically singing my praises to everyone, then devolved over time into insults. What happened? What ticked you off so much to start all this, and at what point?

        • Giess I think hail told U haz much well! Pwrsurge much pwned haz ass wel in Mai! 🤣
          Trump/Pence 2020…….for bringing English classes into the trollfarms.

      • There’s a difference between playing airsoft/paintball and pointing ‘guns’ at people who aren’t part of the game. And either is a long way from armed robbery.

        I used to hear about 8 year olds pulling cap guns on cops and thinking if I’d done that when I was 8, I wouldn’t want to sit down for a week and I wouldn’t own another cap gun until I moved out of my dad’s house.

      • I hope they told that blowhard where to shove his scolding. Nobody should have to live according to the neuroses of pearl-clutching Karens.

      • I would have told both the LEO and the neighbor to stop being so nosey and paranoid. Playing a game isn’t doing any harm.

        Being a gangbanger and robbing people, as minorities have a greater tendency to do, does actually do harm.

      • Sounds like the white teens were using their toys/hobby as intended, while these mystery race teens weren’t. Typical, white people are policing their own, minorities let them cause trouble at all hours.

        Demographics are destiny.

      • An insult is what you deserve when you bring up some ridiculous story that has nothing to do with the post, because, somehow and someway, you have to show that “white kids do bad stuff too”.

      • you’re telling me 10-30 seconds of causal observation couldn’t have determined it was a bunch of kids playing with toys? It required breathless Karen’s calling the cops and some guy doing parent shaming? I could almost see it if it were mil-sim paintball guns cause at least they have a sound report that could be mistaken for gunfire by someone who isn’t familiar with it.

        • Right? Even high end, hand tuned airsoft rifles don’t sound anything even remotely like firearms, more like an angry sewing machine. Worst case, they had some HPA guns (which sound more like paintball markers) with mock suppressors, and even then the lack of blood or screaming when someone got hit would be a dead giveaway that they were not in fact firearms

  3. i always have mixed feelings about stories like this. the thoughts “that sucks”, and “justice served” both come to mind almost simultaneously.

    “that sucks” because i really do value life, and a person (who made a really stupid decision) is dead. Also, because the man who took that life has to live with pulling the plug on another life. Not to mention all the legal, and political drama that will inevitably follow.

    “justice served” because stealing from other people should be a high risk profession. In this case, the ultimate price has been paid.

    • i didn’t click on the link initially…. Sounds more like all involved were playing stupid games to me. 2am hookup robbery eh? wonder why the teens thought he would be worth robbing…..

      My internal conflict has been settled. “justice served”

        • “Tryin to get a lil stank on your hang-down isn’t a “stupid game”.”

          An internet hook-up at 2 A.M. fully qualifies as a stupid time…

  4. Toy guns should be illegal. They teach people from an early age to stick their fingers inside trigger guards and then point muzzles at humans. This is the opposite of firearm safety rules.

    • what a joke….

      we don’t need more dumb laws meant to protect stupid people from themselves. how about we focus instead on restoring the family structure that puts fathers back in their children’s’ lives and let those dads teach their kids not to play stupid games?

      • I’m with joel on this one. We had these things when I was a kid on the farm. They had a long trigger pull that actuated some kind of rattle thing inside. I’m surprised we didn’t take one of them apart to see what made them tick, considering all the other things we tinkered with over the years. Looked realistic, were even black, but were still pretty cheesy. We wore them out. Dad taught us the difference between toy guns and real guns, and today we are all responsible, contributing members of society. Much better than video games, because we were outside running around. It’s the parenting.

    • A tear comes to my eye every time I see my seven year old running around the house with his Nerf gun, finger pointed straight forward alongside the frame, outside the trigger guard.

      All you gotta do is take the time to teach them. My kids have better trigger discipline and muzzle control than most adults I’ve come across, including my rather rambunctious 7yo.

      • Love it! When ours were little we would have nerf wars. My kids never knew they were learning tactics that might save their life one day. 😉

        • Remember those toy guns that shot a skinny plastic nickel sized disc? They actually came out fairly fast. My buddy and I would build forts in his basement and spend hours in wars. The belly crawl to scavenge more ammo is what usually got you killed.

      • This. Then more this. Not just because he’s a 10′ tall skeletal monster we saw during the conjuring of my darkest hour, but because this is what the US is is missing.

    • Toy guns don’t teach bad gun safety. If a parent wanted to teach gun safety with a toy gun it is entirely doable. You can’t blame the toy/tool.

    • When I was a kid I played war with toy guns, made rifles out of broomsticks and used pine cones for grenades to reenact Clint Eastwood and John Wayne movies. By the age of fourteen I was hunting live game with a real rifle, independently I might add. Later I joined the military and have lived a law abiding life well into retirement. When we ban toy guns do we also ban broomsticks, pine cones, and silver screen war movies?

      • You live in a state where pine cones are not restricted? At least requiring a wait period?

        Seriously though, I had the same experience. Our small neighborhood witnessed several reenactments of the latest movie and we won/lost WW2 so many times there should be a memorial in our park.

    • Hmmmm, grew up in the 60’s. We played Cowboys and Indians, Civil War, Cops & Robbers, World War Battles, Man From Uncle, etc.. Used cap guns, cork guns, water pistols. Not a single one of the people I grew up with and played these scenarios with, grew up to be a gang banger, murderer, or has shot and killed anyone because of how we grew up. There is no doubt about there being serious issues within our society, but it is not Firearm ownership. Until the people in powerful places begin to admit and confront the TRUTH, the sickness will continue to spread.

    • I suppose toy cars need to go, for similar reasons. Also toy kitchen sets with stoves and ovens, since they don’t actually get hot and might teach small children that the real thing is safe to touch. The same thing goes with toy versions of any dangerous animal – scratch that, any animal whatsoever, since we don’t want a 4 year-old to think he can toss a live puppy in a toy chest and forget it there without food or water.

      Of maybe – I know this sounds crazy, but try to follow me here – maybe we should raise small children to recognize a distinction between toys or representations of a thing, and the thing itself. That might be a useful skill to have as an adult.

    • You should see a large scale milsim (military simulation) airsoft event. Even though most players are lifelong civilians you will observe nearly impeccable weapons safety; excellent trigger discipline and a high degree of muzzle awareness. Frankly, if approached as such, I would argue that replicas firearms, used under simulated force on force scenarios, can actually be a PHENOMENAL tool for teaching weapon safety. It’s super easy to maintain safe handling while on a static range, far more difficult to do when you’re moving, shooting, and have to maintain 360 degree awareness. By the way, the rule of weapon safety you’re referencing is NOT “never point your firearm at another person”, it’s “never let the muzzle cross anything you’re not willing to shoot”. Critical distinction, and the basic concept of it is to always be deliberate about where your weapon is pointing. Approached correctly, airsoft is a great way to learn that.

      Also, I just wanna say that you must be a Democrat. You’re clearly a statist, who thinks a hobby others enjoy should be illegal because you don’t like it or understand its value

    • That’s right!

      Also, ‘first-person-shooter’ video games teach children to be homicidal maniacs and vicious warmongers. And flight-simulator video games teach children to intentionally crash aircraft. And driving-simulator video games teach children to drive unsafely, go through stop signs, and fail to signal turns while not wearing their seat-belts.

      Not only that, but baby dolls teach young girls to drag their children around by one leg, force-feed them mud, and generally neglect their personal hygiene. Cooking playsets encourage children to serve unsafe food, some of which is not even remotely edible and may in fact be hazardous. Playing cops-and-robbers leads to some 50% of all male children becoming robbers.

      Oh, the horror! Think of the children!

  5. The news anchor is calling the victim “the gunman” and said he’s in custody.
    Not good.

    • Ain’t no thang. In Houston, probably half the grand jury will be pistol packers and no bill the case in about 2 minutes.

    • Duh. Remember a few years ago when some 14 year old wannabe thugs, armed with knives and brass knuckles, broke into a mans home and he shot some of them with an AR-15? The “news” called the thugs victims and “uninvited houseguests”

  6. From the link:
    The shooting happened at about 2 a.m. “The gentlemen stated he had come here to meet a girl that he had met online,” said Shannon. “When he arrived, two gentlemen tried to rob him

    It sounds like the teens lured that guy there to rob him. By teens, are these kids 13 or 19? If they’re young teens, then what are they doing out at 2 in the morning? Where are their parents? Did their parents ever explain to them that stealing is wrong? I’m interested in hearing the family situation, which is usually the root cause of these problems.

    It isn’t the gun, but that won’t stop pols from using this situation to call for gun control. If the pols wanted to actually solve a problem, instead of causing more, they would take a scientific approach, and address the root of the problem. Oh, and meeting a stranger for a hookup at 2 a.m. is sketchy at best. Next time meet her in a public place during the day.

  7. Cue the “he was just turning his life around / heading to a bright future as an aspiring (whatever) / didn’t deserve to get shot / etc.” caterwauling, and associated lawsuits against the victim, from the perp’s family.

    • Texas law does not allow law suits by people who are shot by people defending themselves. Makes the ambulance chasers really, really mad.

        • @No one of Consequence says: “But this didn’t happen in Texas, Tex” . Last time I checked, Houston was still in Texas…..

      • …and my apologies, Tex. I got this mentally mixed up with the leaflet thing in Kansas City, trying to focus on too many other things at once.

        • @No one of Consequence: My apologies, my browser web page refresh didn’t pick up your second post until I posted my reply… DUH, that will teach me to refresh pages more often when I come back to computer….LOL

  8. There are thousands of your d-bags at this moment queuing up to take his place. There shall be no shortage.

  9. Darwin winner! “Even a child is known by his doings”…I hope the young reprobate didn’t reproduce.

    • If by “teen” the news here means to say “18-19 year old man” like they usually do, then unfortunately odds are he sired two or three illegitimate children already. They’ll be raised by single mothers under the welfare state, and the cycle will repeat itself.

  10. Good guy with a gun – – – 1
    D – Bag with a toy gun – – – 0 – ⚰️

    “””FREE KYLE”””

  11. “Concealed Carrier Shoots, Kills One of Two Teens Who Tried to Rob Him With a Toy AR-15”

    And in some states, the surviving assailant would be charged with murder in the death of his/her partner, lets hope Texas is one of those states…Hunstville awaits you…

    • Texas is. It will depend on a lot of factors. For example if the surviving “teen” was a minor and the dead teen an adult , the DA may feel he can claim he was intimidated into action by the older criminal. There is a good chance he will get some sort of punishment but may be able to take a much lower plea.

  12. Unless the guy is being held on unrelated charges, he’s probably been let go. Every other week we see these in and around Houston, so often I wonder why these idiots don’t find a safer way to steal.

    Many of the people I know here in Houston are armed and carry daily. My neighborhood is quite peaceful, the worst we typically have is kids playing ding dong ditch or rifling through unlocked cars but with how many cameras are up now, neither is very smart.

  13. Actually, I’m impressed the one ne’er-do-well knows CPR. Most kids don’t have any useful skills, unless you can build a house or grow food with Snapchat.

  14. Armed robbery is a crime regardless of the instrument used. Shooting armed robber is proper response for any and all occasions. The robber chose his fate.

    • Yup. The self-defender doesn’t have to “live with” the robber’s decision to place his life in jeopardy by threatening another’s life. The robber’s actions prompted the outcome albeit somewhat different than he expected.

  15. I have to say that I was pleasantly surprised to read about the second attempted thief giving CPR to his friend. Usually the animals just dump their friends in the parking lot of a hospital. Maybe there is some humanity left.

    • @John Memoli Maybe he was smart enough to know that if his friend dies, he most likely face murder charges, here in Texas, that’s most likely a life sentence….

  16. There is something not quite right about this story. Certaily don’t know, but I sense a drug deal gone bad.

  17. It didn’t go so well for a victim here in Spokane last Sunday. I know the victims father. The victim, a 19 year old thought he could make some money selling some vape pens off Craigs List. So a couple of D. B kids, 16 and 17 respectively, show up and try to rob him. The guy thinking the gun was fake starts to drive off. It wasn’t a fake gun as one of the yoots blasted him through the spine with the slug ending up in a lung. With with a spine shot in half and no longer a connection to the legs, he couldn’t stop the car and had to grab his leg and take it off the gas. That would suck. The POPO quickly figure out who the pukes are, serve a warrant at their house, find the gun and take them in. They must have talked to someone though as they refused to make a statement or talk to the cops. Unusual for a 16 and 17 year old. The victim however was in the hospital not doing well with a slug in lung and a severed spine.

  18. In the news video did she report the “gunman” and the teen were taken into custody. How about the “victim” and the teen since he has not been convicted yet.

  19. I’ve always felt that it is the absolute height of stupidity to threaten someone’s life if you are unable, either psychologically or physically (such as if you’re armed with a replica, unloaded, or otherwise non functional firearm), to make good on it. You take your life in your hands when you choose to threaten someone else’s, and if they choose not to comply you’re FVCKED. That said, I’d call this a result! A a scumbag died threatening someone else, and hopefully before he was able to pass on his clearly VERY stupid genes

  20. OK –
    – Was DirtBag-1 was trying to rob Peaceful-Citizen?
    – Yes

    – Did Peaceful-Citizen believe he was justified in defending himself from an aggravated robbery?

    – Did DirtBag-1 assume room (street) temperature because he was attempting an aggravated robbery?
    – Yes

    – Is DirtBag-1 still dead?
    – Yes

    – Will DirtBag-1 ever try to rob Peaceful-Citizen-2?

    I’ve always loved stories with happy endings.

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