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The two most common reasons for recent firearm acquisition, according to the report, was “lawlessness” and the early releases of people from California prisons.

The survey found that the fear of being attacked in one’s neighborhood was a prime driver of gun ownership among those who got a gun due to the pandemic and its fallout. Nearly 70% of respondents said they were most concerned about robbery, and 50% said their fears stemmed from police violence. Social upheaval and large-scale protests over police killings and racial violence have also fueled some of the fears survey-takers described.

The report also highlights changes in the ways people store their firearms and ammunition. Of the 110,000 Californians the survey focuses on, half have adopted “unsecure storage practice in response to the pandemic” such as keeping guns loaded and not locked in a safe.

“I’m concerned like I’ve never been before,” said Dr Rochelle Dicker, a UCLA trauma surgeon in response to the report. “Americans have a culture of turning to firearms for protection, and now like never before, people are fearing for their own safety and financial security. We’re seeing that manifested in California.”

– Abne Clayton in More than 100,000 Californians have bought a gun in response to Covid-19 crisis, report finds

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    • Make that : “…he has 3 full days to stuff the ballot box with mail-in votes :”

      • Make that: “…his team has three days to read the names on local gravestones with which to fill out the ballots…”


        • his team has three days to read the names on local gravestones

          NOT.. They’ve got an up-to-the-minute data base full, no time wasted there…

        • According to PA State records, an average of 360 people die there every day, so three additional days is an opportunity for 1100 more Democrat votes, lol…

  1. What? Roberts didn’t side with the liberals, he is one! Just another Bush screw up.

    • What? Roberts didn’t side with the liberals,

      Roberts DID side with the Liberals making it a 4v4 tie which leaves the lower court ruling intact… Roberts is the gift that keeps on giving THANKS “W”… Barrett will take care of his ass and set the court back on the right path…

  2. No problem, the Republicans will just put up some fake ‘official’ ballot drop boxes to deceive voters like they’re doing in California.

    “With more than 1.5 million votes already cast in California state Republican Party leaders on Wednesday said they will not comply with an order from the state’s chief elections official to remove unofficial ballot drop boxes from counties with competitive U.S. House races.

    Secretary of State Alex Padilla and Attorney General Xavier Becerra, both Democrats say these unofficial ballot drop boxes are illegal and have ordered Republicans to remove them by Thursday. They worry voters will confuse these Republican boxes with the official ballot drop boxes put in place and monitored by county election officials.”

    Cheating on his taxes, cheating on his wives, cheating voters is just par for the course with Typhoid Trump, no surprises here.

    • Hunter had a few emails on his laptop about how the democrats are going to manufacture a win for the Big Guy with mail in voting and vote harvesting. It was in the letter about the monthly payoff being late.

      Maybe he’ll put hunter in charge of Drug Policy before Harris takes over.

      • Just because they put a Tech Trader worth a few hundred million in an ad portraying a going out of business (“TRUMPS” WUFLU shutdown) bar owner doesn’t make Biden a BAD guy or deceitful or a lying shit…. It makes him cunning and resourceful… Trumps the bad guy for calling him out on it…

      • he is what he is…it’s all right out there….unlike the dems somewhat feminine trait of deception…

    • STFU! Those ballot boxes aren’t illegal. Dems are just pissed the GOP are taking advantage of their DUH MASS law!

      • Note that they’re not saying there *is* no voter fraud…just that there’s no evidence.

        His side absolutely would dump entire dropboxes into the river if they thought the votes were mostly for Republicans, and has been cheating under the radar for decades, so it’s only natural that he’d assume Republicans had nefarious intentions, too. Which maybe they do…what’s sauce for the goose is sauce for the gander. What good is it living in a corrupt society if only one side ever benefits?

    • Well we have to make sure the ballots get counted somehow. All of the ones that go in the government boxes or in the mail keep ending up in the trash or on the side of the road if they have an “R” code on them.

    • And they both backed down because why the republicans are doing in California is perfectly legal. Thanks to democrats here making ballot harvesting legal in an attempt to ensure they stay in power. The sword of law cuts both ways.

    • The thing is, they are not illegal. It is legal for people to go out and gather ballots. The Dems only say it is illegal because they are Dems.

    • Moron, taking advantage of the tax law is not cheating.

      Biden’s wife was distraught when she ran the stop sign that led to her death. She was distraught because she found out the Joe and Jill were a couple.

      And what ever you think about Trump’s business ethics he was not on Putin’s payroll like the Clintons and the Bidens.

    • Are you referring to the guy who put a toilet in his lawn with a sign as a joke? If so, it would be pretty hard to imagine that you actually believe this crap yourself.

    • ANd Kamala’s dad lied when he said his father used slave labor on his sugar plantation. You hate whites for supposedly owning slaves and love Kamala whose grandfather did own slaves. You liberal hypocrits make ke sick. Biden brags about blackmailing somebody on tape and it’s okay, Schiff said Trump might have done a quid pro quo and all hell breaks loose even though he released the phone call and it proved Schiff a krick whore liar. You lib hypocrits are all worthless dog shit.

  3. The Miller v Becerra decision is due out anytime now as it has been heard and adjudicated by St. Benitez,Freedom for Commiefornians is neigh.

    • “Any time” in the world of the Ninth Circuit is not an indication that an opinion will be issued in the short term, but rather is used in its strict sense of “anytime we decide to do so,” i.e., any time between now and years from now. It has held a number of cases for quite literally years after oral argument to see what the Supreme Court was going to do, so I do not anticipate a decision in this case this year despite a favorable panel.

  4. Please use this post to insert your best Dr. Dicker jokes. Lets see what we can come up with. It shouldn’t be too hard!

  5. If they are horrified at why they purchased so many wait until they start using them to defend themselves.

    • The Experts were shocked, truly shocked, to find out the rest of Kalifornia wasn’t as “woke” and “enlightened” as they are.

      • You burn up your ammo supplies

        Yet there ALWAYS seems to be big ol pile in the back closet….. Oh AND in the front closet AND in huge plastic tubs in the climate controlled garage AND the same at my neighbors house AND…. Well I’m sure you get the picture….

      • Those boys was just gettin ready for Montana man bun and his friends when they venture to the sunshine state, Patiently waiting 10,000 rds less but still waiting can’t wait to see yall..feed you socialist to the pigs nothing left…not even teeth.

        • feed you socialist to the pigs nothing left

          I’m a “Gator” fan myself… Same results, more excitement, closer to home..

  6. Imagine people buying firearms for security reasons want those firearms ready and close.

    • That comment in the article had me doing a big “huh?” I’m cautious as I have children, but I now have 3 safes that open 3 different methods, but I have wonderfully curious kids. For the first time, all safes have chambered rounds just in case.

      For the record, one Californian not buying guns or ammo. I’m comfortable and have enough to practice for a while…

  7. In ad after ad for firearm sales many say, “Will Not Ship To CA.” That omits every firearm we own and want to own if we resided there and thankfully we reside in a Free State.
    The Jim Crow Gun Control duo biden/harris wants every state to be a slave state. Stop them in their tracks in November. Vote…

    TRUMP/PENCE 2020.

      • well, some folks get tired of having to check and see if the firearm they are getting ready to ship is legal for sale in CA this week….

    • Debbie…….this is a little off-subject, but if you haven’t discovered the site ” SHE EQUIPS HERSELF “, you need to check it out. It is a very informative site…for experienced shooters, and especially for anyone just getting into guns.

      I’m sure you will enjoy her site, she gives some excellent advice.

        • I would suggest that NOT using “miserable, hate filled harpy” as a descriptor could POSSIBLY be a good start… “she equips herself” is a valid site and offers a lot of useful information for women shooters… Hell YOU might learn something there…

  8. If only Nephew Newsom told President Obrador to ban guns… then there wouldn’t be any guns coming illegally over the border along with the drugs and the children for Biden.

  9. Americans have a culture of turning to firearms for protection,,,
    Well DUH,,,
    Put some teeth back into the law & use the death penalty when appropriate & maybe real Americans wouldn’t have to take the law into their own hands…
    Besides that the U C L A trauma surgeon wouldn’t have anything to do if punks didn’t get perforated,,,
    “””FREE KYLE”””

  10. Expert
    A person who learns more and more about less and less until they know everything about very little—at which point, and in every context—they begin to give opinions and tell everyone what they should or should not do.

    • Or….. X-SPURT

      X= an unknown factor
      Spurt= a drip under pressure
      eXspurt= An unknown drip under pressure…

  11. Yet another “Duh?” moment.
    What allowed the US to reach a point that having or carrying a firearm for self defense was no longer an absolute necessity? Law and order!
    When your political agenda is to tear down law and order, while showing a glaring indifference to unlawful behavior, then people will realize that it will be up to them to protect themselves from the criminal mobs. What did these tiny tyrant, gun-grabbing tools think was going to happen?
    Interesting thing. A couple of anti-gun lib friends recently queried me about what kind of personal defense gun(s) they should buy. Uh-huh. Reality.
    All of a sudden like, I’m no longer the Right-wing gun nut. Go figure?

    • “All of a sudden like, I’m no longer the Right-wing gun nut. Go figure?”

      Yeah, I’ve recently had a few of my anti-gun acquaintances inquire, somewhat sheepishly, along the lines of, “Hey, you know about guns, if I were maybe, possibly, kinda thinking about getting a gun, you know, just-in-case, what would you say I should look for? Oh, and, would you maybe show me how to use it?”

      I’ve been nice and mostly resisting the urge to remind some of them that just a couple years ago I was a “right wing nut” who they would roll their eyes at any time I objected to their “common sense” ideas for restricting my rights.

      • a couple years ago I was a “right wing nut” who they would roll their eyes at

        News flash, you still are AND they are still the Left Wing “libtards” you’ve come to know and love… Except now they are armed and at least “acquainted” with the basics of firearms use and function….

        • True, mostly. There are a couple who have been disabused of the notion that it is “easier to buy a gun than books”, however. Even got one lefty friend, after a long discussion about the NFA, to admit that regulation of suppressors is patently ridiculous.

          Baby steps.

          • Baby steps.

            Keep at em and don’t let em fall on their ass, they might not want to get back up…

  12. ‘Experts’ Surprised and Horrified Californians Buying Guns for the Same Reasons Everyone Else Does.

    Regarding the emotional/intellectual state of the referenced “experts”, who or what determined the classification thereof leaves one curious. There is also the following. Might a more appropriate spelling be “eggspurts”?

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